You’ve been HIT: Reasons why you can’t afford a One Day Processing NBI Clearance!

It’s supposed to be easy and should be a one day job. It should be a get-in-get-off-and-get-out kind of thing. You were half smiling when you approached the Releasing window when suddenly, the woman from the other side of the counter deliberately stamp a date on the back of the receipt and hand it back to you. You looked at it and it says “HIT” then a Date of Release is written which is on the next eight (8) working days.

What the F*** just happened?

Well… My precious little young one, you’ve just been HIT!




What’s the deal with this HIT?

“HIT” is the term used by NBI Clearance Outlets if the applicant has a namesake. There are 104 Million (and counting) breathing individuals in the Philippines. With that size of population, there’s a chance that you have a namesake who already applied for their NBI Clearance.

You?ve been HIT: Reasons why you can?t afford a One Day Processing NBI Clearance!

Once a HIT status appears, NBI Personnel needs to perform further verification on the applicant’s identity. Applicants are instructed to return after eight (8) to ten (10) working days to claim their NBI Clearance.

What to do when you were HIT?

Nothing! As long as you don’t have a criminal record then you’re good to go. You just need to wait for the date of release of your NBI Clearance and claim it or ask someone to pick your NBI Clearance for you. You just need to be patient.

You might be aware of stories about having a namesake with criminal records, right? This is the time when the NBI Personnel do a further investigation about you.

The time has come (After Several Days of Waiting!)

When the assigned date of release of your NBI Clearance arrives, come early as possible. Claiming your NBI Clearance should be a quick business for you since they already did what they want to do.
The thing that can make you stay much longer and delays you to get your NBI Clearance is due to:

  1. Long queue lines because of high volume of NBI Clearance applicants and the people who also want to claim their NBI Clearance scheduled on the same day as yours.
  2. NBI Clearance Quality Control Interview (to know more about this, refer to this separate article.)

We advise you to bring at least two (2) Government Issued Identification Cards and especially your NBI Clearance Receipt. The valid IDs will prove your identity whenever they require you to undergo an on the spot NBI Clearance Quality Control Interview.

Best of luck with your NBI Clearance application! If you’ve got a great NBI Clearance HIT experience or valuable tips to add (or a question to ask), just leave a comment below.

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  1. johanna flotildes williams says:

    Hi! I went to NBI office Robinsons Place to get my clearance today. The last time I experienced getting a clearance was last June 2010 and I was single during that time. Nakuha ko agad ang nbi clearance. Now that I am married, pinababalik ako after 4 days for the release. Na- hit ba ako? Pag hit ba may nakasulat na hit at the back of the receipt? Sa akin kc date of release lang. Pangatlong beses ko ng kumuha ng clearance and ngaun lang ako pinabalik for the release. Dati lagi kong nakukuha agad. Why is that? Just curious…

  2. kenneth says:

    If I got HIT last time is there posibility during the renewal of my certificate will be HIT again? Or its just means that every time when i renew my n.b.i certificate/clearance will be HIT.

  3. PG says:

    Hi, would you know if ok lang ba kung more than once ka nag submit ng NBI Clearance application online? Ksi sa 1st application ko nung ipapaprint na yung application at ipapakeep yung track number nag crash yung PC ko so I had to do it again.. Ok lang ba yun?

  4. dami niyong reklamo says:

    daming reklamo ng mga tao dito. relax lang kayo. if you got a hit then relax, the nbi is just trying to make sure you have no criminal records whatsoever. Wouldn’t all of you would want to know if you have a record too?
    taking too long? you guys should have expected this in the first place. this is the philippines, where red-tape processing will always exist.
    Relax brothers and sisters! you’re done with the first step of paying and doing the biometrics. going back for the releasing will not take more than hour. I got mine in less than 10 minutes.


  5. Naome Pepito Cortuna says:

    dati naman po ako kumuha ng N.B.I Clearance ,bakit hit po ako ngayon?

  6. Ginia Pasian says:

    Just got hit! Why? I just dont know. As long as i know my name is unique. Darn this day. Such a bad day. Dati naman akong nangunguha ng nbi haist.

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  8. TuballaJay says:

    i’ve got hit too, and base on my recepit babalik ako 1week after, not exactly 1 week. then nung bumalik ako, hopefully nakuha ko na, kaya lang after a few hours napansin ko na mali ung middle name ko . and that was so irritating, nag bigay naman ako ng nso then magkakamali pa sila ? Kamangmangan talaga


    Bakit po ba lage nalang na hi-hit po yong pangalan ko po pag nag rerenew po ako ng NBI CLEARANCE ko po. Bakit po ganun? di po ba iyon maaayos? Lage nalang po ba talagang pag mag re-renew ako ng NBI CLEARANCE ko po hit lage? Hirap po kasi ng ganito lage po.

  10. 3 times a hit says:

    Ako 3 po yung original name ko plus middle name and last name bakit nagka hit? And besides unique naman name ko anu ba talaga basis ng hit nila?

    1. Mister Yunik says:

      Sobrang babaw ng conditions sa coding. ganyan nakikita ko diyan. mukhang sobrang kaunti ng triggers para mag on yung HIT flag. baka 3 fields lang ang conditions na ginamit, LOL.

      i.e. Middle name, surname, birthday, birthplace all informations.

      nagkaroon ng similar field values with a criminal for example
      BDAY mo
      Middle Initial mo
      Place of Birth

      In short, mali ang logic and execution ng codes.

      Makikipagpustahan ako sa iyo, mas unique ang pangalan ko sa iyo dahil foreign ang surname ko, dalawa ang first name ko, from a US state pero mali pa ang spelling, yes from a US state na mali pa ang spelling. Wala akong kaso dahil kung meron akong kaso dapat hindi ako nakakuha ng Clearance 2 years ago, since then naman freelance work ko sa internet. I’m very sure palpak ang conditions and execution ng codes. Hindi ako maniniwalang may kapangalan ako. Parang scientific name na nga name ko eh.

      1. Hahaha says:

        A true programmer never reveal itself directly or indirectly unless being asked.

  11. Mister Yunik says:

    Just got hit.
    Nakaka-asar, kaisang-isang pangit na pangalan nagkaroon pa ng kaparehas?
    Actually, hindi lang ako naasar sa hit pero sa process ng pag check ng hit. There are thousand ways to check this at process time. From B-day, place of birth, parents, parents’ infos, spouse, spouse’s infos, spouse parent’s info, Valid IDs etc.

    Ang nakakabuwisit pa ay yung sa tagal mo na ngang naghintay dahil wala silang system. ang gulo ng mga tao, walang nag aassist, puro masusungit. Nagtatanong ako kung saan ang form, ayaw akong kausapin, walang sumasagot. Itong NBI na napuntahan ko, walang line for Disabled, Pregnant, Senior. And guess what? meron silang break. NO NOONTIME BREAK Policy na ngayon.
    Hindi nila alam ay nirerecord ko na ang mga kapalpakan nila, even yung disabled na inassist ko pa dahil (*&@*@&#^*) kitang kitang pilay nakapila? may buntis din naka pila!!! caught it all on video!!! yung cashier, wala pang noon nag break sinarado yung cashier naghihintay yung mga tao!!! also caught on video!!! Yung mga nakakatawang signs nila, caught on camera!!!! hindi nila pwedeng sabihin na namatay lang yung pc kaya nagbreak yung cashier kasi 2x ko nirecord and lahat more than 3 minutes. no excuses. Inaayos ko lang yung copies. I will upload it on youtube.

    Kailangan matuto itong mga ito ng disiplina.
    Dahil karamihan ng nagaapply diyan ng NBI ay gagamitin sa trabaho. Yung mga sweldo nung mga NBI applicants ang ipapasweldo sa mga panginoon sa NBI.
    Dapat matuto silang gumalang sa mga applicants.
    Dapat mas pabilisin nila yung trabaho nila.
    Nakalagay sa Anti-redtape law na naka paskil duon “Mamamayan ang boss.”

    Will post the youtube link soon. madami lang akong inaasikaso ngayon.
    Mabuubuwisit kayo sa mapapanood nyo, iyon ang siguradong hit sa inyo.

    1. Bonnie says:

      Hi Mister Yunik, pinakamaganda pong gawin jan sa video nyo eh mag file kayo ng FORMAL COMPLAINT. Mas magandang ganon. Kasi kung yung video na yun, ang chance lang nun eh maging viral bago mapansin. pero kung magfa file kayo ng formal complaint na may back up na video, mas matibay ang evidence at maaaksyonan talaga.

      1. Mister Yunik says:

        Formal Complaint + spread it to Social Media + Tv networks.

        Kung formal complaint lang itatago nila yung kaso.
        Kung makikita ng buong bansa sa internet and tv yung “TAX” nila mas maganda :)

        Actually social media palang enough na para mapansin. Wala akong tiwala sa maghahandle ng kaso, sila sila mismo sigurado magtatakipan.
        Shame campaign. Nanduon yung mukha ng mga involved, yung NBI office. I’m not sure how they’ll deny it. Photoshop? lol

        1. Krishna says:

          Tama kayo mga Sir, patingin naman ng video. post mo naman po dito. Asahan ko po na maipahatid sa mga ikinauukulan yang mga concerns nyo dahil yan din po ang problema namin. ikaw na po ang may hawak ng video. sana po magawan po ng solusyon yan. naawa din po ako sa mga tao na napila ng mahaba.

  12. big bang says:

    I just got HIT when I went to NBI for clearance. though we waited for a short period of time coz the guy/ fixer, who sitted at the information desk offered us his service to expedite the processing. After a few minutes, my name was called for picture and biometrics. As soon as I turn my back, they called me again because my name was HIT. I dont have known criminal case and my name is so unique that you can’t see when you search the web. How is that? is NBI making it up with the word HIT?I never had a HIT in my entire nbi clearance request, just now! It is so disappointing thinking that I really need my clearance for employment.

  13. Joy Acosta says:

    last time, i got hit on my nbi sa rob manila ako kumuha. is it possible na kung sa main ako kumuha walang hit or just the same? TIa!

    1. Cenvrinne Lontoc says:

      yes, same lang yun kahit saan ka kumuha. since integrated naman sila sa iisang database

  14. marian rose fudolin pinili says:

    what if kung nawala po ung resibo pero may date na po kung kailan ma rerelease.? Panibago byad and process po ba ulit un salamat po

  15. Jessica says:

    Hi! ask ko lang kung pwede bang makuha sa ibang araw yung NBI Clearance kahit yung releasing date neto ay nung March 24 pa??? nagka-conflict lang kasi nung araw na yun kaya hindi nakuha agad.

  16. Busymom says:

    Got Hit today. I don’t mind the “getting to know procedure” but for me to wait for 5 hours after completing the online registration is ridiculous. Plus I think there is something wrong with the database that they are using. After 5 hours of waiting, I go home with NOTHING. Seriously!!NBI needs to improve the process, it is very inefficient + some of the officers are arrogant. I don’t see the point of the online registration if the process is getting worst….

  17. wayne says:

    Got hit today! pero releasing sa friday (March 28) so i assume na lng na ang daming pending for print out. Last year nakakuha ako wala namang HIT. :)

  18. Esmeril Guerzo says:

    Sir ako din po, kakukuha ko lang ng nbi clearance kanina sa galleria. Hit din po ako, i need to come back on 27. Before po kc, dalaga pa ako nung kumuha ako ng clearance, around 2006 po, them married nako ngaun. Nag apply ako online as new applicant, then ginamit kn ung new surname ko. Nung nasa biometrics nko, binago ng staff ung surname ko, ginawa nya nung sa dalaga pako, yun cguro ang reason kaya ako na hit. What do you think?? I should have renewed it instead of applying for new clearance. Pero kc wala na po yung dati kong clearance.

  19. welter says:

    Sir, pag may kaso po ang isang menor edad hnd niya makukuha ang nbi clearance niya?

  20. Lea says:

    until now hindi ko pa nakukuha ang NBI Clearance ko. bumalik ako after 15 days ang sabi hindi daw nila ma print kasi it was handled by NBI Quezon City then need pa daw ng interview. I left my contact number but until now hindi parin ako tinatawagan.

  21. Flerence Lapira Garcia says:

    Good day sir/mam,ask ko lang po kasi noon pa po ako kumuha ng nbi clearance since 1990 kaya simula po noon wala po akong na experience na nahit ako maliban lang nung kumuha ako ng online application at na iprocessed kahapon march 17,2014 at laking gulat ko po na meron po akong hit e ang name ko po ay walang katulad kaya bigla po ako nag alala kasi wala naman po akong naging criminal records since noon,kaya kung meron po na nagsampa ng kaso sa akin ay wala din po akong idea.kaya sa march 24 pa ang result,Question po ulit saan ko po ba makikita kung may nag kaso sa akin para di ko na aantayin ang march 24. Maraming salamat po sana meron po kayong sagot sa aking tanong

    1. Joel Madrio Uson says:

      Hi florence,
      Hindi ibig sabihin n kapag na hit k eh may kaso kn, either may kapangalan
      Or meron k ngang kaso, pero sa kaso mo ngayon i think meron kang
      Ngang kapangalan, its better n maghintay k nlng ng 8 working
      Days bago mo kunin yung nbi mo.

  22. aileen says:

    kuha po me s monday ngg NBI alam ko po may kapangalan ako,puwede ko po b makuha ng same day kse need ko po agad .rush po kse pra makaalis me urgent po kse.

  23. sadako says:

    I got HIT today.

    Mga 15 years ago ang first time ko. First time ko na kumuha ng NBI clearance for local employment nun. Naulit pa yun ng isang beses. Pagkatapos nun hindi na kahit abroad ang application ko hanggang ngayong araw!

    Kasi naman first time ko mag apply online. Sa aga ba naman ng pag punta ko naubusan pa rin ng form! Grabe. Sabi ng taga NBI, online application na lang. Nirekomenda ng taga NBI ang isang malapit na internet cafe. Eh yung babae doon na “me alam” kuno ang sabi dapat NEW application. Totoo ba ito? Dapat renewal na ako. Siguro kung hindi ako nakinig sa babaeng yun malamang hindi ako na HIT. Anak ng mahal ang singil sa printing nila ha, 30 pesos.

    Ang kina ganda sa pagkaka alala ko dati sa manual NBI, 15 days bago makukuha yung clearance ng may hit. Pinababalik nila ako sa susunod na Biyernes. Tapos bago ako lumabas nag tanong uli ako sa information counter kung ilang araw sabi balik sa Biyernes. Sana okay to.

    Isa pang tanong, bakit ma HIT ka kung magkaiba naman ang mga fingerprints mo at nung taong kapareho mo lang ng pangalan? HMMM…

    1. The Ring says:


      QUESTION:Eh yung babae doon na “me alam” kuno ang sabi dapat NEW application. Totoo ba ito? Dapat renewal na ako.
      OO totoo ung sinabi ng babae na yun. Lahat ng application, NEW APPLICATION na… Wala ng renewal. Nagpalit ng contractor/provider ang NBI Clearance, lahat ng records ng applicant eh dinala nila.
      Siguro kung hindi ako nakinig sa babaeng yun malamang hindi ako na HIT.
      Hindi totoo yang assumption mong yan.Gaya nga ng sinabi ko, lahat ng records ng nbiclearance applicant eh dala nung contractor. Meaning, ung luma mong records sa NBI ay wala na. Ibig sabihin, parang 1st time mo magkakaron ng records sa kanila kaya kailangan mong iprove muli na malinis ang pangalan mo kung may kapangalan ka mang mayroong kriminal na kaso or simpleng may kapangalan lang.
      Anak ng mahal ang singil sa printing nila ha, 30 pesos.
      WELCOME to the FEE-LIPPHINES, hahahaha.
      QUESTION:Isa pang tanong, bakit ma HIT ka kung magkaiba naman ang mga fingerprints mo at nung taong kapareho mo lang ng pangalan? HMMM…
      Alam mo bang yung finger prints na naiiscan from biometrics ay manually ikinocompare ng mga NBI Clearance officers? ibig sabihin, kapag ka scan ng finger print mo, isasave lang muna un sa computer. saka lang nila un icocompare pag nagkaron ka ng hit. Yan din ang isang reason baket ka pinapabalik. Para imbestigahan at icompare ang records mo against sa kapangalan mo.
      Ang rule ng HIT eh, kapag may 2 tao na magkapangalan. pansamantalang ihohold ang nbi clearance mo para gumawa ng simpleng imbestigasyon sa pamamagitan ng pag compare muna ng middle initials, date at place of birth, father’s name at mother’s name at syempre ung finger prints. Once naprove nilang magka ibang tao naman pala yun, eh di release na NBI Clearance mo..

      1. Alchemist says:

        bkit hndi nila tingnan o i-compare agad habang nandun p ung tao sa mismong NBI building? lalo pa tuloy tumatagal ung proseso at gnun din nmn khit magpabalik o hindi ung applicant doble trabaho p rin un pra sa kanila, bat p ba cla nang-aabala ng tao? dpat isang minsanan lng ang pagkuha. pinapahirapan p nila sarili nila, kung kulang cla ng worker bat ndi cla mag recruit ei government nmn yan pde cla mag dagdag ng worker nang hindi gnun matagal.

  24. Dang says:

    I have been getting NBI clearances since 2003. It was my first time to apply online, and I got HIT. I wonder if their online system is really that efficient since getting HIT has never happened to me before when I process my application manually…

    1. Debbrie says:

      We have same issue dang…sobrang unique ng name ko tpos 12 yrs nko kumukuha nbi clearance ngaun lng ngka hit feeling ko sa online registration twice ko kc nai-submit ung info ko.ung first time kc nasira ung printer.ung pngalawa na try inulit ko ulit ung pag register.

  25. bogart says:

    madami na ngang tao na kumukuha ng NBI Clearance tapos late pa kung dumating ang mga empleyado ng NBI.. Buset! pampatagal kayo! (Quezon City Hall NBI Satellite ang tinutukoy ko) ewan ko lang sa ibang branches. Nakikita na sa glass window na napakahaba na ng pila, ayun sa opisina pa nagpapaganda.. Buset! Maawa kayo sa madaling araw pa nakapila.. peace!

  26. pink says:

    Since 2003 of been getting NBI, i’ve never been “hit”, and its only now that its my first time to try their online registration that i got “hit”, my last name is not common so I was so surprised. Its such a hassle of waiting & going back after 1 week. Some people who has common last names like dela cruz, salazar, delos santos, etc may be getting used to beimg “hit” ever since they applied for nbi but me??! Never and this is just the first time, and i wonder if after experiencing this “hit” crap if ever i will try to apply for another nbi, if i will get “hit” again, i will try to do that just to check if from now on I will always get “hit” so that i could set my expectation from now on in getting my nbi. Uuuuugggh!

  27. LouieBOY says:

    is it possible to have a criminal record on your nbi clearance without knowing it?

    1. sadako says:

      bat ka magkakaroon ng criminal record na di mo alam? dba ang criminal un yung guilty ang hatol?

  28. jose marco valencia says:

    It’s my 4th times to renew my NBI clearance,and everytime i renew same problem it will appear, and that is the term HIT,why is that happen? So everytime i renew my NBI clearance i will wait again for 15 working days?Is there any other solution of this kind of problem that i encountered?

  29. glenn abarquez says:

    Gud am po, pg sa nbi main k kmuha at my hit ang name mu ilang araw po ang hntayin bgo mkuha un? Kmuha lng kc aq ng nbi q last yr pro ku2ha ulit aq sbi ng agency ng bgo ilang arw po bgo mkuha ung nbi clearance na my hit ang name.. pede po b ang rush kc sna within 1wk q kailangan ung nbi clearance e…

  30. epi says:

    Dec 4,2013 kp dpt kkunin un nbi k kaso d kp xa nkkha. pwd kpb mkha un?my resibo nmn aq e. tnx!

  31. jc says:

    may requirements po ba na dadalin sa nbi main pag may hit ka or yung resibo lang?

  32. grace says:

    nakakaasar ung na hit kana then the day na irelease na xa quality control na naman! grabe naman yan! nakakaabala na talaga lalo na pag my work.. wala nabang magagawa ang nbi para naman mabawasan ng konti ung pag kahassle ng pagkuha ng NBI Clearance!

  33. renny says:

    Hi… i got a “hit” in my nbi application 2014. I’m wondering if their system has improve so that next year my name will not have “hit” again. If they already cleared it in 8 working days.Its inconvenient if every year you apply for a nbi clearance it will always have hits.

  34. Basilio jr. S. SUERO says:


    1. diosep says:

      ask ko lng po panu kung nwla ko pa ung resibo ng akin..dpat po dec 16 ko pa po kukunin ung NBI kaso nwla po ung resibo eh!!!pahelp po

  35. Basilio jr. S. SUERO says:

    I GOT HIT ! >..<

  36. airjimhaane says:

    paano po aaakapag naaakapag fiallup ako ang faorm aapagapunta ko apo sa main apwede na aapo aba sa monday yun feb 1o?

  37. diane rachelle trocio says:

    how about i have a namesake but without criminal records is it still considered a hit?

  38. Jolapuz says:

    Last 2009 pa ako kumuha ng “NEW” NBI clearance. Tapos, Kumuha na naman ako ng “NEW” application sa NBI last January 27, 2014. Na “HIT” ako. Possible ba na aga probable cause ba nung hit k eh name na ako din mismo? kasi dapat “RENEW” yung na-check ko. Posibleng old records ko ba yung nakita sa hit which is ako din yung same people?

    1. jeric says:

      My dalawang stamp ba nakalagay sa likod isang hit and release date

  39. Christine says:

    Hi! Kaka-aapply lag ng bf ko for NBI clearance (new and local employment). Unfortunately, may HIT name niya. Nagtataka lang ako kasi separate yun siningil sa kanya– for new AND local employment. So 230 in total. Bakit po ganon yun nangyari? Di ba isa lang naman resulta nun if ever. Thanks.

  40. Geno says:

    Hi guys, goodafternoon. Question lang. Pano pag nawala yung receipt for nbi. Pano gagawin? Salamat..

  41. Callen says:

    Haba haba ng pinila ko.. Sa u.n nbi..tapos hit lng…nkailang kuha na ako ng clearance s knila tapos ngyon p n hit

  42. Seth Leis says:

    Yung isang IT Consultant namin is may Hit yung name and need pa daw ayusin sa Lanao kasi dun daw may file na case yung kapangalan niya. Wala bang way para maayos yun dito sa manila? please help us.

  43. jho says:

    hit po ako at pinababalik ako nung dec 26, 2013 pero di ako nkapunta, until now di ko pa din nakukuha, paano kaya un? mababalewala po ba yung binayad ko?

    1. jhe says:

      gnyn dn skn pnapblik ako s satellte nla pro dhl new systm s mismong nbi n last jan.13 pro sobrang busy ako.pwd p kya un!?plss help po thanks

  44. de leon says:

    hi,nagrenew ako ng nbi noong september but until now hindi ko pa rin nakukuha dahil nakakalimutanko.pwede pa kaya yung kunin?or may penalty pagkaganun????salamat

  45. mar says:

    ako laging hit na ngayon. pangalawang taon ko pa lang tong kumuha ng nbi na may hit. previous 3 ko ay wala namang hit.
    pero ngayun na may biometrics na,hit na ako lagi. kaya gawa ko early ako magapply preparing for the hit and come back 15 days after.
    Tulungan na lang natin ang government natin,ganagawa nmn nila ang work nila,mabagal man,pero umuusad naman kahit papaano, i’ve been in other country,mas malala ang problema doon compare sa atin.
    Pahabain na lang natin ang pasensiya natin pagpumunta tayo sa mga government agency.tao din ang mga yan. trabaho lang din ang gawa nila para mabuhay.tayo din gusto magtrabaho para mabuhay. Kahit masakit man sa kalooban na makita na may mga tao sa loob na tamad, will hindi nmn lahat.parang tayo lang in yan,minsan tinatamad, minsan sinisipag.

    1. Romabart says:

      Yung HIT mo, habang buhay mo na un Mar. Wag ka na umasa na mawawala un. Hangga’t may kapangalan ka, may HIT. Not unless burahin mo silang lahat sa mundo. hahaha No choice ka. dadaan ka sa napaka bagal at napaka tagal na verification process ng NBI..

      Mabuti naman at naiintindihan mo sila, tama ka sa mga sinabi mo. Mabuhay ka kababayan at naiintindihan mo ang ating GObyerno. Ung iba, parang di na nasanay sa gobyerno natin. maaaaabaaaaaaaaaaagal.

  46. jaja says:

    kumuha ako ngaung araw nbi clearance ko(oct.30,2013) bale renewal na taz sabi hit daw den tinanong ako kng gs2 ko daw rush at makuha ko daw agad ngaun din?pwede ba un?dba pg hit hihintayin tlga?pro sabi ko cge rush na lng kc nagmamadali nman dn ako tz ang siningil 600…ganun na ba tlga kalaki babayaran?

    1. jme says:

      wala ka naman dapat bayaran. Just go to nbi main office, kakausapin mo lang ung director dun, dadaan ka sa quality control.. and they can process your NBI clearance in just one day. Like what I did. Kapag nagexpire na ung NBI mo, dun kana mismo sa Main kumuha..para di kana mahihit ulit.

  47. joyce says:

    nangyari sakin hit ang nbi sa robinson sta.lucia super bagal ang sistema october 21 ,2013 ako kumuha then tatakan lang pla receipt ko ng hit tentative on nov.10 pa pinapabalik super bagal tlgamy appointment on dfa ay nov.7 ano ba yan nakakastressed

  48. Jim Francisco says:

    Na experience ko na magkaroon ng HIT sa isang NBI satellite and i try to get to other satellite dahil kaylangan na talaga.. at the same day, nakakuha agad ako sa ibang satellite.. why this happen??? gawa-gawa lang ba ang HIT??

    1. janross ramirez says:

      same case nung saken. kumuha ako ng nbi sa alabang last year Oct 21. then HIT ako, at Nov.7 pa ko pinababalik, pero since kailangang kailangan ko na for work purpose tinry ko kumuha sa nbi Sta,rosa tapos nakuha ko agad.

      1. OC says:

        Guys san ba ang NBI dito sa Laguna? Madali lang ba ang process nila sa Sta rosa? Pls answer, thanks!

  49. kentot says:

    -dito sa CEBU, 3wks mong aantayin. tapos patatawagin ka pa sa manila office nila, own expense mo pa. deym!

  50. Aaron eleazar robles says:

    ask ko lang… Kapag di pah expire yun nbi mu… Mag kaka hint ka… Unang beses sa akin nangyari toh…. Nawala ko kasi un kalahati ng nbi ko… Yun natira sa akin ay un personal copy… Kinuha ko yun nbi ko sa las pinas nung april 2013… At okie naman siya walang hint…. 7 months palang un nbi ko,,,, kaya ako kumuha ng nbi ngayon oct. 2013 kasi kailanga ko ipah red ribbon yun sa dfa.. Di naman pwede yun personal copy lang…..

  51. Vicky says:

    NBI is in dire need of updating its system. Reasons cited above are no longer relevant in this day and age. Biometrics should uniquely identify a person, regardless of whether he/she has a namesake or not, in seconds, not in days! Once you’ve been cleared, the manual process of reinterviewing and reevaluating a person every time he/she gets a new clearance is an utter waste of time, effort and money.

  52. confusedone says:

    Kapag ba “change of name” nagkaka-hit din ba or because need ma-interview ng nbi ang applicant why ang purpose ng pagkuha ng NBI Clearance ay change of name?

  53. Iamtotallydisappointed says:

    bakit ang kukupad niyong mga nasa gobyerno???!!! kaya tayo di umuusad dahil sa mga kabagalan niyo!! kung na HIT ang tao bakit hindi niyo magawang iverify agad?? sana gawin niyo naman ng maayos mga trabaho niyo wag ‘yong pakupad-kupad.

  54. Christine Garcia says:

    same prob here, just arrived 9:30am last Sept. 09 at Rob Galleria from Taguig, pang #280 ako, sabi ko “OK na rin”, by 10:15 open na ang Mall at dumiretso na kami ng friend ko sa loob, sinabihan kme na after lunch pa yung number namin, we went to the food court and took our lunch after some rest. By 12:30 bumalik na kme, mga 2pm na tinawag number namin , bayad sa Step 1, encode sa Step 2, Biometrics sa Step 3 together with my friend but in different monitor,,,, we felt relieved after what we have gone throughout the lone line but the guy said to us that we got a Hit and have to go back on Sept. 30, bat ganun sobrang tagal namn ata, I applied for travel abroad coz i’ll be going to Dubai by last week of Sept. or first week of Oct. , and I plan to have it red ribbon by the DFA. haiz sobra sobra namn ung releasing date nila. Please namn we woke up early just to be there,,, kalaban namin yung traffic, usok ng sasakyan, ulan, init, uhaw, gutom at nagbabayad namn kmi ng maayos at sumusunod din sa patakaran nyo, sana namn bilisan nyo rin ang trabaho nyo. Kaya di asensado Pilipinas eh kasi yung mga sa inatasan ng Gobyerno tatamad tamad din kasi malakas kapit nila pero kaming mga madlang pipol na piniperahan nyo kami pa ang kawawa. Pano kaya kung maisispan naming lahat na mangibang bansa at kayo nalng dito, tingin nyo magkakapera kaya. Huwag nyo ng dagdagan ang kahihiyan ng Pilipinas dahil sa Pork Barrel na yan. so disappointed about this.

  55. Mikey says:

    i arrived 630 here at galle the nbi closes at 700pm. They told me that they are already closed as they can only entertain first 500 applicants. I insisted to get one because the website said theres no cutoff as to the number of applicants. They accommodated me… To my surprise the last step said that i got a hit. I saw the computer’s monitor when they are processing my clearance and wala naman akong napansin na kakaiba. The guy just stamped my receipt with a hit and i have to go back sep 30 pa daw. Do u think napagtripan ako? Btw, i have the most unique first name and lastname in the world.

  56. Leo says:

    At sa huli.. hit ako… WTF talagah I paid for two clearances para sa local employement and travel abroad.. and nakaka.ini pa ung attendant is friend ko pa shiiiit naman talaga paano ako na hit ehhh last summer kumuha ako sa ibang lungsod saba ok naman kung d ko lang nawala yung clearanace na yun.. WTF system ng NBI ngaun hintay na naman ako 1 month….

  57. Vince says:

    It was also my first time to apply for an NBI clearance at Robinsons Galleria today. Grabe lang! I went there as early as 6 in the morning just to get a HIT status at 2PM. Mabagal and hindi systematized yung buong process. The more irking part is that my scheduled release date is on Sept. 23 pa! Kalokohan tong NBI.

  58. nbi online hit applicant says:

    Gaano na po katagal ngayon ang antayan sit kapag online application at may hot namesake?
    kailangan ko po ito as prc requirement for board exam eh kailangan po
    umabot sa prc deadline by sep16. abot po kaya ang release ng clearance ko
    mamaya pa lang po ako pa-process sa nbi satellite officd.

  59. Ernie says:

    I got a hit before but that was 20 years ago. Since then, it is only now that I am going to request for the clearance. Can I bring that print out and will it help for a quick process?

  60. kitkat says:

    potek talaga! dati 3 weeks yung pag aantay kapag ma hit. tapos ngayon 1 MONTH na!
    dapat mas madali diba kasi nga meron nang “BAGO”..

  61. Annoyed Taxpayer says:

    Either there is something wrong with your process or the government’s databases are completely useless.

    The government already collects biometric data when a taxpayer applies for a passport and a drivers license. The biometric data in one should be sufficient to establish unique identity especially since all government documents ask for other supporting identifiers such as TIN, SSS etc.

    The fact your procedures cannot establish unique identity immediately shows that the load of data collected in numerous government forms and the biometrics obtained are not helpful in supporting governance and improving government services.

    1. ert says:

      “HIT” exactly to the point…Government offices should be linked to minimize the length & time of processing documents.

  62. hitter says:

    First time din nangyare sakin namahit ako…badtrip talaga system ng gobyerno natin… I thought it’s a lot easier kmuha ng any govt.clearance and i.d yun pala same sh#& pa din. 8-10 working days pero yung sked na binigay sakin almost a month. F@c&*n! @$$h&*3s!!!!!!

  63. nickz says:

    First, muntik na kong ma imbyerna dahil hindi ko ma-iregister yung e-clearance using the reference number na nakuha ko after paying Gcash. kahit paulit ulit kong iregister. Payment validation error ang lagi lumalabas even im sure na tama naman lahat ng input ko. It took the following day pa bago na validate. then when i went to NBI robgalleria. na HIT pa ko for the first time. Ito na lang kulang ko to comply with the requirements sa inaapplyan ko. sad to say hindi na ko makakaabot sa duedate dahil 2 weeks pa ko mag aantay and by that time closing na ang job application.. :(((

    I just wished that NBI system will be more accurate and modernize, pati online application nila pumapalya pa din.

  64. Issa Tuason says:

    Hays. Yan nalang need ko para sa visa ko, tapos halos isang buwan ko pa hihintayin.m

  65. lei says:

    Oo nga eh. First time lng ngyari sa kin to. An tagal ko n kmukuha ng nbi clearance. Ngaun lng na hit un sa nbi clearance ko.

  66. jeff says:

    what if i have a criminial record? i cant get a nbi clearance?

  67. Rubie says:

    Paanu po dati kumuha n po ako ng NBI tapos po,hindi ko totoong pangalan,kasi po nd q alam name ko pero kelangan q ng NBI clearance para po s ID tapos po mga 10year’s n ata nakalipas pinalakad ko po ung Birth tsaka q lng nalaman totoong name ko.kaya kumuha po aq new NBI clearance para po matama ko yung maling name ko.anu po ang maging kaso ko? Salamt po

  68. Steven says:

    Finally ived reached the releasing counter the guy officer Declaired that i need to come back on the date he said because of NBI clearance Issue called “HIT”

  69. Ralph S. Alcid says:

    Oo nga eh wala naman ako magagawa.. Nakakapang hinayang lng kasi minamadali na rin ako ng company na pinag applyan ko na mag start.. Kaso ayun next month pa nga.. Nga nga na lng muna ako sa bahay..

  70. Lalainejane says:

    I go to ormoc city to get my nbi clearance.,, and the saddest thing is when i already there they tell me that my name was hit.,, so they tel me i have to wait 1 month to go back and get my clearance, is this fair to everyone?., 1 month ang tagal naman.,, wala bang mas mabilis na process kasi pag government ang bagal., at pag close ka naman sa mga empleyado nila inuuna ka talaga., ganyan vah ang democratic country???ganyan vah talaga ang ugali nang pinoy.??

    1. NBI Clearance Applicant says:

      Actually, dito sa manila, parang 8 to 10 working days. Parang ang nangyayari dyan eh need pa magrequest ng Ormoc branch sa NBI Main office nila to verify yung HIT mo. Possible kasi na may kaso ung kapangalan mo.

      Ganon talaga eh. Ikaw naman, parang bago ng bago sa Pilipinas.

      Wlang mas mabilis na proseso. Kung meron, ginawa ko na din yan nung nagaapply ako ng NBI Clearance. hehe

      1. Ralph S. Alcid says:

        I thought it was 10 working days? Kasi ung sa akin eh galing ako ngayon June 7 and pinapabalik ako ng July 2.. Anyways thanks for the info..

        1. Sparky says:

          This days, mejo bumabagal. marami din akong naririnig about dito. Napakatagal daw. Halos one month na yung sayo eh.

          Badtrip! Anyway, parang ala nman magagawa ung mga tao kundi maghintay talaga. Patience nalang pre.

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