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NBI Clearance Quality Control Interview

Recently, I was fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to experience NBI Clearance Quality Control Interview.

It was really annoying because (1) the NBI Clearance Personnel asked me to go to NBI Clearance Main Office where Quality Control Interview is held and (2) it delays the releasing of my NBI Clearance.

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I’ve been asking myself what the heck is this Quality Control Interview? I have encountered five years of having a HIT status, what’s in it this time?

What is NBI Clearance Quality Control Interview?

In my own understanding, NBI Clearance Quality Control Interview is a process by which an NBI Personnel reviews or verify the true identity of the NBI Clearance applicant. This results from receiving a HIT Status in Database verification process. The derogatory record can be his or her own criminal case or under his namesake. In short, your name has been tagged as critical and NBI wants to make sure that they’ll be giving out NBI Clearances to “clean” persons.

Why is this Happening?

The disappointment of not having my NBI Clearance really bugs me while sitting on the cab going to the NBI Main Office. Why did NBI Clearance Main office doing this Quality Control Interview? Then I realize few things that might be a good reason why applicants is suffering this.


  • You have a pending or ongoing case.
  • You are under for arrest and needs to be identified in relation to a crime by the Police Authorities
  • Your Namesake has a pending or ongoing case or
  • Your namesake are under for arrest and needs to be identified in relation to a crime by the Police Authorities

What to do if asked to attend Quality Control Interview?

It’s really a no brainer this time, if you are asked by the NBI Clearance Personnel to attend the Quality Control Interview then you have to.

If you have a clean conscience and have a clean record and as innocent as a child, then you should go. You don’t have to be afraid, it’s not that you did anything illegal that violates our laws, are you?

    Few advice that I can give you (since I already experienced doing this) are:

  • Bring at least two (2) valid supporting documentation that proves your identity. I suggest you should bring Valid IDs accepted and recognized by NBI.
  • Be on time. The NBI Personnel asked me to go there the next day at 9AM. I arrived in the place with a lot of people waiting for their turn. The person I was talking to said that the Quality Control Interviewers starts interviewing at around 8AM.
  • Wear the proper dress code. I can still see few ignorant applicants that was denied to enter the vicinity of NBI Clearance Office because they are wearing slippers and short. You are going inside a Government Building; therefore, everyone is required to wear proper and decent attire. When I say proper and decent, you don’t have to wear your Barong or your Necktie and Suit.
  • In case you have a criminal case, and the decision has been made. Bring the original and a photocopy of it. This will really help you to clear your record.
  • Don’t forget to bring your NBI Clearance Receipt.

The Quality Control Interview

While waiting for my turn, I realized that the Quality control interview is not that scary at all. I’ve seen many smiling people going out of the enclosed office where the interview is being held. I didn’t see anyone being arrested! Maybe because applicants with criminal case don’t bother to come to the scheduled interview because they really know that they will be instantly arrested because of the crime they have done.

The interview lasted for about 5 to 10 minutes. The NBI Clearance Quality Control Interviewer asked simple questions, most of the time answerable by a Yes or a No. I guess she really knows that I’m not the one they been looking for (I mean my namesake).

    Some questions asked was:

  • Are you Mr. Juan Dela Cruz?
  • Are you living in (your present address)?
  • How long have you been living in your (present address)?
  • Have you been to Palawan? It was the place where my namesake committed the crime.
  • Do you have a criminal case (such as) Rape, Theft, Serious Physical Injury, Attempted Murder, Plunder, Arson or Treason?

Once you easily denied all their allegations,[lol] you are directed to the NBI Clearance Resident Lawyer to take an oath.

The interviewer will give you a piece of paper, an Affidavit of Denial. You just need to fill out the form. You will be then ask to leave the room and fill out the Affidavit of Denial in the waiting area.

    In working with the Affidavit of Denial, there are things you need to remember:

  • It is for FREE! So avoid the oh-so-Filipino-scheme fixers waiting for unsuspecting victims outside offering their services for a fee.
  • Fill out the necessary fields: the date of your NBI application and your reference number found in the receipt your NBI Clearance Payment. The NBI Clearance QC Interviewer will check all the required details you need to fill out.

Once done, wait for the NBI Clearance Personnel to get your Affidavit of Denial. You will then be in queue for taking an oath. Just be patient in waiting.

When it’s your turn, you will be then ask to stand in front of the NBI Clearance Resident Lawyer.

He will ask you to raise your right hand and be ready to recite “Panatang Makabayan” lol! He will (again) ask few question which is answerable by Yes or No. Sometimes, he would ask you to say your Complete Name and Address or any Personal Details he might think of. In a few seconds, you’ll notice that it’s already finished.

The oath taking is finished! Hoooray! You’re not done yet.

Wait for your Affidavit of Denial to be notarized. This is also for free and no need to shell out some dough.

After receiving your Affidavit of Denial back, hand it over to the person who interviewed you. He or She will write the time of release of your NBI Clearance. You can now leave the room and proceed to the Printing and Releasing Section of NBI Clearance.

When the scheduled time arrives, you can easily get your NBI Clearance. Head down to the Exit door and leave the entire building of NBI Main Office and GO HOME!

When I was walking down the exit path of NBI Main Office, I decided to share my own experience so that many people can find help on the internet with their questions. Do you have one? I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts on this. I’m sure there are a stories you’ve heard that’s worth sharing? Your experience or a friend’s experience doing the Quality Control Interview? I am happy to hear ALL of them! Just leave a message in the comments section.

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  1. bien says:

    i had encountered problem because my nbi clearance was hit..thre is a possibility of having pending payment for my credit card.please nid help

  2. Angel Lokreng says:

    Hello Guys, 5 Years ago i was 13 years old po nun, nagbebenta po ako online dati, reseller lang po ako nun may bumili po kasi sakin then pinadala nya napo yung pera sakin nung buyer ko tapos po kinuha ko lang yung tubo ko dun then yung pera po pinadala ko na sa supplier ko.. after an hour po pag check ko ng fb ko block na ako sa supplier ko. hindi ko alam yung gagawin ko dati dinelete ko nalang yung online store ko, pero bago yun sabi sakin ng Buyer ko i-rereport nya daw ako sa NBI.

    if na-report po ako magiging valid po ba yun sa NBI? or what should i do?
    salamat po.

  3. Tere says:

    meron akong hit, tapos pinababalik ako after 3 days.. then, nung bumalik ako sabi for quality control pa daw.. bakit ganun? yung iba pag pinabalik ok na, releasing na lang… may online ba na quality control para hindi na ko pumila? kasi yung ibang mga nakapila 9am pa lang daw andun na sila pero 4pm na hindi pa sila natatawag…


    Sir, my case was a bit different from yours in that I have a criminal record that keeps on making a “hit”, a Malicious Mischief, which was occured the last time I try to get an NBI clearance, if I am not mistaken, around 1984 – 1985. But the actual commitment of the crime actually happened in 1982 (my 3rd cousin intentionally broke the windshield of a car with a big stone). I just get involved in this case and I didn’t even know what happened when I came by, my 3rd cousin is having like a brawl with the car owner so I helped him without even knowing the cause of the trouble. To shorten the story, police came and brought us to Precinct 4 in Balic-balic, Sampaloc.

    But, seems everything’s ok after some conversation with the police, we just signed to their logbook and we went home. After a month or so, I received a subpoena for Malicious Mischief. We did have gone to court but we did not reach the verdict. And, that maybe the reason why I got a criminal record since I have a pending case. If I could remember it right, I think the complainant now is around 60 years old. My cousin died quite a long time ago anyway, I think, in the year 1996.

    When I applied for a job in 1989, of course I need a current NBI clearance. Since I am already aware that I have an existing record, instead of renewing my expired NBI clearance, I applied for one as new. I’m thinking that I have a better chance of getting clean NBI clearance by applying a new one since they don’t need to ask for the old one (in which they can see my record instantly). But, they said there’s a hit so a clerk told me to come back after two weeks. They refer me to go to NBI Clearance Quality Control’s office for an interview when I get back. You’re right. I couldn’t see any people coming out of said office that looks worried or bothered instead they are thankful and smiling. When my turn finally came, the interviewer ask me my name, my address (during the crime was committed), if I am aware of the crime. I answered all of the questions admitting that it is really me who is involved in that crime without hesitations. The interviewer in fact is so kind that she even instructed me things that I have to do to clean my record. He told me to go to City Hall to secure a copy my offense to get the case number, that I have to reinstate the case and proceed to hearing. I realized that it will take time for me to secure a clean NBI clearance since I already have started to work on my new job that time. So, I just made an alibi to the company that I worked with and they are so complacent that I am telling the truth. I never did submitted any NBI clearance for a four years of stay in the company anyway. Honestly, almost six companies that I worked with follows and I do not submit any NBI clearance (only the receipt– it’s easy to say that there’s a “hit” so I did not get the clearance outright, and they forget it later on).

    But now that I am planning to work abroad, I really need to secure one. Do you have any idea what other way, that does not require the case to be reinstated and proceed to hearing? It’s already 2015, so my case is more than 30 years now! And during that long period, I was not convicted for that petty crime. Or is there a law that says, if you are not convicted for the crime that you have found guilty for a specific period, you are free already or you shouldn’t have a criminal record?

    It seems you are an expert on this matter so will you kindly give me some advise ( I hope it’s free– lol!).

    Thank you and God bless.

    Rikk Venzuela Landingin

  5. kiko sienna says:

    how are these ‘hits’ determined? I worked for a financial institution that requires us to renew our NBI Clearance annually and for years I was able to get mine hassle-free, last year was a different story. I’m sure as hell it wasn’t me. Seemed to me something changed in their system and that they are just using the first and last name to determine a hit. I have two names a unique middle initial and a very common last name and my family has never lived or used any other address for the past 20 years. bottom line of this comment is, the system to determine the hits needs to be revamped to include other factors that would make taking the clearance more refined and precise. they should keep track of previous clearance application and other government issued IDs. seriously, what are those for? Time’s a-wasting, people, and time is money.

  6. chibi says:

    pag civil cases ba lalabas din as a hit?

  7. Nameless says:

    nag-apply po ako ng NBI clearance pero na-HIT ako… first time ko lang kasi kumuha… ang alam ko ung jaywalking ung HIT sakin.. panu po maClear sa NBI? at anu po mangyayari sakin kung un nga ang lalabas? salamat po

  8. gina villanueva says:

    ask k lng yun fren ko my on going case na criminal case BP22 posible ba siyang makakuha ng nbi clearance pr makapag abroad siya

    1. james says:

      its been a useful blog for me….

      ask ko lang nakulong ako pero nakalaya ako dahil sa minor de edad pa ako nun 17 lang ako nun nakulong ako sa loob ng isang taon 2 buwan at 3 araw.. pero sabi nila kung inamin ko daw yun 6 months lang ang bubunuuin ko sa loob.

      pero nung lumaya ako umatend din ako ng hearing pero dahil nga kelangan ko magtrabaho hindi na ako naka attend ng mga hearing. tapos nakakuha naman ako ng nbi clearance noon, pero ngayon may hit na.

      papaano po ba para maclear yung record ko?

  9. Ricky says:

    Hi good afternoon puh
    ask ko lng kng Ung 15yrs old na naBlotter Sa kasong Pagnanakaw dhil po sa nabarkada amo dati ehh…pwd po ba Ma-Clear yun….salamat puh..

  10. ryan says:

    Panu pu bng proceso ang gagawin pg QUALITY CONTROL ang nbi . kelangan daw kc dun kunin sa MAIN OFFICE . Tx po sa nkaka alam 09477001433 , slamat

  11. grace says:

    hihintayin ko pa sagot nyu..about credit card..

  12. grace says:

    ang utang ba sa credit card qualified as case?

  13. Donnabel Dalo says:

    bayad na po ako .. pero wala padin confirmation..
    anung gagawin ko

  14. Kamotemarsh says:

    Hi po ask ko lang po kung pwedeng lumampas ako sa date na nakasked ako sa nbi. last jan 8 po ako nanguha ng nbi clearance pero nag Hit so kelangan ko sya balikan ng Jan.13.. pero balak ko sana sa Jan 14 nalang.. makukuha ko pa rin po kaya yun? Thanks.

  15. tagapagligtas says:

    Sino po ang may kakilala sa NBI?
    Kasi, ganito..
    Yung lalaking naka-contact lens at braces
    At lalaking FELIX ang pangalan.

    Sa Step 3, Biometrics at Photo..
    No Hit naman.
    Pero, ang release nung sa kasama ko, sa January 14 pa.
    Ako nga nakuha ko na agad kanina.

    Feeling ko kasi pinag-tripan lang kami na ganun.


  16. dennis says:

    Hello thanks sa blog ask ko lang sana kung kasama ba sa criminal casrs ang utang na di pa nababayarani mean nag ka qualify ba eto para sa q.c ibterview? :)

  17. rhen says:

    Hi po, ask q lng po,.
    Pano po ba ma’ clear ang record sa n.b.i?
    May kaso po kasi kami, na dismissed na po, ngaun po kukuha kami ng nbi, may record daw po yun sa pangalan namen, papaano po ba yun ma’clear? Yung maging “no record on file” kasi po .dismmissed nman na po ang kaso eh…
    Paki’sagot nman po, need lng po namen yung nbi sa work!
    Thank you po…..

    1. shiela says:

      actually yan din ang case ko…paano nga ba?

  18. sonny thomas s arenas says:

    bkt kalangan puumunta ako main ano
    b kaso nung kapangalan?

  19. Mae says:

    Maraming salamat sa article.makakatulong sa dapat paghandaan….mayroon akong katanungan sana po matulungan po ninyo ako sa may experience na…malaking bagay po para sa akin ang sagot nyo po…my kapamilya po ako na nag mamayari ng moto .sinauli nya ang motor sa pinagbilhan.may nakabili na uli na bago at nakasagasa po sya ng bata.nag file po ng kaso ang parents ng bata hit and run po gamit po ang plate number ng motor dahil d kilala ang tao.ngaun po ang nag appear na name eh ung name ng kapamilya ko po dahil d pa nalipat ng may ari ang pangalan sa bagong nakabili.ngaun po ang kapamilya ko po ung may kaso .inayos namin dati pero hanggang quality control interview lang natapos namin.pinayuhan kami na kumin lahat ng evidensya na nagpapatunay na naibenta na ang motor bago ang accident at lahat completo na mga documents namin.ang kulang nalang ay ano ano po ang mga hakbang na gagawin po namin..magkano po magagastos para po mapaglaan ng pera.makukulong po ba ang kapamilya ko.kaya po sya natatakot.wala po syang pera at wala din po syang trabaho dahil d sya makakuha ng nbi…sana po matulungan nyo po ako

  20. Ronna Jane Nisperos says:

    wait ko po yung reply nyo. thanks.

  21. Ronna Jane Nisperos says:

    kelangan pa po ba yung release paper nya para makakuha ng nbi?nawala na po kasi yun eh,makakakuha pa po ba sya ulit ng releasepapaer kung kelangan po yun

  22. Ronna Jane Nisperos says:

    hello tanong ko lang po ko if makakakuha ba ng nbi ang isang tao na nakulong sa city jail dahil sa kasong physical injury pero nadismiss naman po sya?lalabas po ba sa nbi ung kaso nya at kung sya man po yung nasa hit huhulihin po ba sya at makukulong?

  23. pourya fayazi says:

    Greetings of Peace!
    I will share to all of you my experience when i’m getting my NBI CLEARANCE and need it for my job documents,i was interviewing in the quality control,and they found out that i have a case in MMDA a violation of MMDA because my real name is like names of one of a bus company who travelling around the EDSA so i was schocked that i haved a case,however for the sake of my family on how to lived and our daily needs for our life and for no more arguments i was charged a 500 pesos for that violation and i paid it,because i need a NBI CLEARANCE using for my job documents after all my names is clean…’parang isa akong BIKTIMA ng maling panghuhusga’ but i do believed that in the EYES of ALMIGHTY GOD that i’am INNOCENT and CLEAN….

    1. Shawee says:

      hi sir, mejo magulo po ang pagkakakwento nyo. ang hirap po intindihin. ok po sana kung tinagalog mo nalang pra po maintindihan ng mga ibang babasa pa.

  24. Marie says:

    Hi, ang awol ba mag aappear sa nbi? thank you

  25. anjo says:

    kaya nga poh pano pag may kaso na makoa pa kaya un?

  26. ai says:

    pwede po ba ako magkarecord if nagfile kame ng police blotter?


  27. Dianne says:

    Hi po! I sincerely thank you for sharing this very very helpful blog!

  28. Anony says:

    Pinapunta ako sa main office for Quality Control Interview after ko mabigay yung receipt ko pinababalik naman ako bukas pero marami din namang hindi pinababalik kinabukasan. Ano ibig sabihin kapag pinababalik kinabukasan?

  29. Anna says:

    DOST Scholars sometimes also gets a hit, so for all DOST scholars, make sure to bring your DOST Clearance with you if your asked for a quality control interview.

  30. nino says:

    Gud day poh.kumuha po ako Ng nbi at na hit po ako.dati po kinasuhan ako Ng theft last 2011.nireklamo po ako Sa di ko ginawa at dinamay Lang po ako.ngayon pag ka released ko dapat Ng nbi pumunta po ako Sa quality control for,interview now lumabas po na wanted ako.dati po pinadalhan ako mg subpoena then pumunta po,ako Sa RTC ang kaso po wala naman doon ung nagrereklamo..at wala nadin po ako natatanggap na subpoena or warrant of arrest.malilinis ko pa po BA ung pangalan ko Sa nbi kapag kumukuha ako Ng nbi.kc last 2012 and 2013 nakakuha naman po ako mg nbi.ano po maganda gawin ko Para makakuha po ako Ng nbi.
    Sana po matulungan nyo ako.

  31. johnrick says:

    Nakakuha aku ng nbi last year,peru ngaun dna. .

  32. rone john says:

    hi ito po problem ko.. naku antagal na po ng case ko.. di parin po natatapos wala paring hearing o ano pa man… reckless imprudence resulting to damage in property.. wla naman pong damage yung sasakyan..tapos sinisingil ako… ewan ba.. lalabas po ba yun sa record ko?2 years na ata on file panay subpoena tapos sinasagot ko din ayon wala parin

  33. lia says:

    Hi ung fren ko nghit sya nung friday blik dw s 16 pra mkuha pro dti nmn hndi xa nahihit…my posible b n mdetect nila ung blotter ng fren ko kc pinagbbyad xa ng 29k pnablotter xa kso d n dw xa ngprmdm dw pno un..pag hndi ba b cia bmlik s nbi s 16 hahanpin p dn xa

  34. its says:

    I have pending cases but on bail.. will it show up on my clearance? if so.. what would the “remark” be? will it be bad enough to let me lose my job if I submit the NBI clearance to my employer? will I not be able to find work till my cases are resolved? will I not be given a fair chance in life now, just because of the NEGATIVE remark written on my NBI clearance cause me to lose my job? will the law, stating that a person is innocent unless proven guilty, take effect?

    1. Shawee says:

      yes, there will be a remark. it says “with derogatory record”. not really sure, actually. wala pa kasi akong nakikita talaga na ganon. sa tanong mo na kung mawawalan k ng work, employer mo ang magdedesisyon nyan. pagkapasa mo ng nbi clearance sa kanila, ang makikita lang nila eh yung remark na “with derogatory records”. dyan na sila magsisimulang tanungin ka kung ano yung kaso mo. tama ang sinabi mo na “person is innocent unless proven guilty” kaya lang may mga company na natuturn off o ayaw nila na ang kanilang employee ay sangkot sa isang kaso.

  35. samantha says:

    Im trying to get a NBI today,but I got HIT ,,last 2011 kumuha ako wala nman problema ,actually naoffload ako twice by the immigration tourist papunta thailand thats why they did it ,pwed ba maging kaso un?

  36. yeye says:

    Hello po. 6yrs ago, nahuli po ako ng guard ng isang grocery store na nagshoplift ng maliit na cologne, I was 13years old that time. Nirerecord po ba sa NBI yun kapag minor po ang gumawa? 19years old na po ako ngayon. Kumuha po ako ng NBI clearance kanina kaso po biglang lumabas yung WITH HIT. maari po bang yung case na yun ung narecord? Paano po ako maki-clear sa NBI? HELP PO. PLEASE.

    1. Shawee says:

      Nope. Hanggat walang naifile na kaso sa iyo. Wala un.

  37. Kiko says:

    Does anyone attends the concern of below comments?

  38. wanderer says:

    i have the same problem with nbi. my name is not common. i am innocent as a child. im a professional working in a hospital. my surname is definitely uncommon, except if you’ll pertain to a place or location (Sta.Cruz), have no drivers license so no way i could have hit n run someone without me knowing.

    this is really inconvenient for individuals like me. im thinking that all of these has something to do with the system of nbi, especially it has gone thru so many revisions. i was able to get my nbi clearance last yr from the same branch pero wla nmang problem. now, they have a whole new process again. after a year! so yeah, sistema din cguro nila may problema! tsk. ayoko p nman ung para kang tuta na pasusunurin gawin ang isang bagay na dapat nman in the first place eh hassle free pero it keeps surfacing and making pa-importante. maayos sana ang sistema nila nang tama, nang walang naaabalang tao. we have our prints, our father’s and mother’s and husband’s name. ilang parents ba meron ang isang tao, lima? para mgkaron ka ng same first name last name and middle name? para san ung biometrics sa finger prints? isnt it logical enough to think na may mgkakaiba tayong finger prints? abala masyado. hahanapin ko tlga yang kapangalan ko na yan! kakapikon.

  39. Rodolfo manalo says:

    Ask ko lang po kung 12 years ago napadalhan po ako ng sopeana ngpasa po ako umatend po ako pagtapos nung di ko na alam ang nangyare.pero may nakulong po na kasabay ko na pinadalhan ng sopeana pero ngayon after 2 years napalaya po sila..closed na po ba ung kaso na un…pwd na po ba ako kumuha ng nbi.?

  40. sophie says:

    Ngayon po pati same address or kung may taong may hit sa 201 ay pwede na ding magka-hit sa nbi. Napakaunfair hindi po ba? Paano kung yung bahay ay paupahan at marami nang tumira doon? Ang hirap ay kapag may pasok ka aabsent ka pa talaga.

  41. Marc says:

    Good day. Nung Na Encode Na Po Ung Application ko. na “HIT” po ako. soo, pinababali ako ng 1week. Sa pagkakaalala ko , my pending case ako sa DAVAO CITY na CITY Ordinance No. 0367-12 or yung “BINABAWAL NA SA DAVAO ANG PANINIGARILYO” pag nahuli may multang 5hundred pesos for first offense at aatend ng seminar, pero pag hindi naseatle for 1week, magging kaso na ito. Ang Nangyari naman saakin hindi ko sya na seattle ng 1week, 1st offense.
    Soo, ang tanong KO.. may posibilidad ba, itong paglabag ko sa batas sa DAVAO ay posibling ito ang naging rason kung bakit ako na HIT ?

  42. James says:

    may administrative case po ako ay na desisyunan na. ang mga administrative cases po ba lumalabas sa NBI records?

  43. Dada Fernandez says:

    Tanong ko lang po… Pinapupunta kasi ako sa nbi for interview daw. It was a week ago pa, sept.5.
    Is there a chance na I get the clearance the same day after the ‘ interview’ thing, or they set another schedule to claim it..?

  44. annie says:

    What if you got arrested once and you were able to settle it. Does it have something to do about getting a “HIT”?

  45. anthony says:

    maari po banq malaman o makita anq isanq tao kunq nakakuha sya nq nbi???

    unq iisearch po unq name nq kumuha makikita po ba un website nq nbi??

    tenks my hinahanap lanq po kci akonq tao!!!

    1. wilma says:

      hi po tanung ko lang po,kc kumoha ako nung 18 nang nbi clearance tpos na hit po ako sbi balikan 26 binalikan ko tpos sbi punta ako sa mean office for interview quality control dpat kahapon un.dpo ako pumonta kc ntakot ako, my inutangan kc ako pera tpos dko nbayaran kc umowi po ako province for emergyncy tpos wla nman ako natangap na knasohan ako or sumon anu po ba dpat kung gwin,sbi nmn nang hniraman ko d daw nya ako pnakasohan tpos maraming beses na ako kumoha nbi ngaun lng ako na hit,sna masagot nyo po ung problema ko

      1. wilma says:

        pki sagot nman po nang tanung ko

    2. grace alagban says:

      good morning po, pwede po magtanong? Pag apply mo po at hit yung name mo, o my pending ka pala na case, sa araw din ba na pagkuha mo ng NBI ipatatawag ka nila ba nila agad? what if kung mayron ka talagang case huhulihin at posasan kba nila agad? kasi ng resign po ako sa dati kung company kasi pinagbibintangan ako n nagnakaw ng stock namin, sabi po kasi ng kasama ko na yung mukha ko raw at linagyan ng wanted pinadikit po raw dun sa labas ng NBI, natatkot po ako ngayon magkuha ng clearance dahil diyan. sana po matulungan nyo po ako, mag aantay po ako sa sagot niyo, maraming salamat po.

  46. justification says:

    Ask ko lang po kasi when i applied for a job a year ago lumabas po sa medical ko positive but did not disclose to me the kind of substance which i filed a complaint with the clinic coz its just so impossible. Then when i applied for my license renewal lumabas po sa record nila about dun and advised me to go to DOH to settle it but i did not comply knowing that i have nothing to settle. The 2nd time i renewd my license i was advised to go to main LTO so i went there and paid 4,500 just for that record to be erased coz i really needed my license. Now i applied for nbi and had a hit for the first time. Does that got something to do with my record at DOH? I need a reply pls.

  47. Elvin says:

    “You are going inside a Government Building; therefore, everyone is required to wear proper and decent attire.”

    This is wrong on so many levels. In a democracy existing in a tropical country, it is perfectly reasonable to wear flip flops and shorts.

  48. darlene says:

    Hi I was just wondering if they would immediately tell you that you will need to proceed to NBI CLEARANCE QUALITY CONTROL INTERVIEW” after getting “HIT”? I’m planning to ask someone to claim my NBI clearance. I just don’t know if that’s a good idea since maybe there’s a chance of that interview. I already got HIT last 2011 but I didn’t undergo any interview.

  49. lim joey says:

    can i apply for NBI CLEARANCE

  50. alfredo binghoy says:

    can i apply an NBI clearance?

  51. alfredo binghoy says:

    i joey lim regarding this one i have of what we call the cycle of concept, regarding the annumalities…. thank you and more power i hope your management give this kind of attention…..

  52. alfredo binghoy says:

    give an attention to this complaint i would like to ask an apology to this management if i send a wrong way of informing this kind of complaint but i am will to settle all of this, and i am willing to have an interview for this coz i am just only telling the truth.
    and i would like also to give protection to the person inside the jail, most specially (cell-F) this is probably a big problem that i am facing but i am sure that i can give you an statement based on my experience and knowledge regarding the situation inside the jail. furthermore i can give you a list of names to be my witness regarding this complaint of mine.

    1. Shawee says:

      Hindi po dito yan. Sa pulis k magpunta hindi dito.

  53. alfredo binghoy says:

    in behalf of my friend alfredo binghoy i am willing to have an interview for this kind of situation inside the jail premises , i am joey lim a former paralegal officer of BSL 22 in connection to this, i would like to complaint to the one person inside the jail premises named FRANCIS the paralegal officer of BCJ32 INTERNATIONAL, who is manipulating the illegal transaction inside the jail premises related to his father they are the one supplies the composition of the bad elements which we call BATO/DRUGS. coz according to my source his father is the one supply/stock holder of this kind of elements….

    1. Shawee says:

      Sa pulis k magpunta at dun k magsalita. Hindi po dito ang tamang lugar pra magbigay k ng statement.

  54. alfredo binghoy says:

    i would like to comment regarding this drug addiction in our country coz i have also an idea regarding to this annumalist here in our country specially inside the jail premises. Like the conveniences, illegalities that they conducted.

  55. lyrrehc says:

    Hi ask ko lang nagkaron kasi ung sister ko ng case before pero naiurong na ung kaso.Ano ang kailangan dalhin sa nbi para ma clear ang name.Need ba muna pumunta sa nbi at dalhin ung documents or dalhin na ung documents pagkuha ng clearance?Ano ung magreflect sa nbi clearance cleared na ba?

  56. dan says:

    dati po kc kumukuha ako ng nbi wala naman pong criminal case. pero after 5 year nagka hit po ako sa nbi .civil status ko po noon is single .ngayon po ay married posible po kaya na something eror yon .thank please help me

  57. Mar says:

    Hi gdmorning po ask ko lng po. Nagkarun po kc ako ng case last 3yrs minor pa po ako nun nagkarun po kme ng hearing hangang sa nagbaba ng judge ng decisyon na sa mediation na kmi ipunta un po ung pagkakasunduin po kme at nagkaron ng aregluhan pero hangang ngayon dko pa po nbi2gay ung areglo. Kung kukuha po bko ng nbi my hit po bko?thanks.

  58. karen says:

    Nag hit ako sa nbi.. balik ako ng Friday.. kung may pending case ako lalabas ba dun kung saang RTC branch ung case ko?

  59. Meh says:

    Thank you it really helps…. God bless

  60. Ton says:

    Thank you,,,, for giving a information about Quality Control…..

  61. Ash says:

    i got hit, and its buggin me for two days now.. what are the odds na i have a namesake? if you can look closely, yes, Aloe Vera Tandang Vitug is my fullname, i keep thinking to myself if i had committed any crime for the past few days but i couldnt think of any.. theft? murder? rape? as far as i am concerened hindi pa nmn po ako naki pag engage sa illegal activities.. wala din nmn po ako natanggap na subpoena so far in my 29 years of existence.. so i keep on thinking.. waht could it be? urgh.

  62. noel says:

    Ask ko lang kung saan nkikita yung pangalan ng mga may case gusto ko sanang malaman kung may case si (melinda mandi pangilinan)

    1. Shawee says:

      Hindi po yun shinishare sa public. Kung may kakilala ka sa nbi pwede mo ipasilip..

      1. karen says:

        It is possible to get hit if you have case abroad?

  63. karen says:

    Hindi nmn na dismissed ung case. Binalewala na lang nung nag file. Pending case pa rin UN?

  64. karen says:

    Hi nagkaroon ako ng case nun 1999 may hearing mga ilang beses then nawala na kasi di na umatend ung nagfile ng case.. mag hit kaya nbi ko? Thanks

  65. Ricardo Rivera says:

    15 years n ako sa saudi at taon 2x ako ng bakasyun at every bakasyun ko talagang n incounter ko iting kapangan kung my kaso pag kukuha ako ng OEC kesyo my clearance ako wala nmng problema itung April taon ng kasalukuan
    Ng resign n ako at umuwi and after 4months ng pinababalok ako ng employer ko so kyalangan kung dumaan ng agency uli at surpresang kukuha uli ako ng NBI at ayun may kapngalan talaga ako n my kaso
    Tanung kulng ok n b po ang passport at oec owwa medecare certifacate at driving linternational license
    Ang ipakita kasi sad to say ang mga paper ko at ibang id eh nkalimutan ko sa saudi ng apply nmn ako d2 its take time bago makakakuha uli ,,,,,,, Salamat

  66. mari7 says:

    posible bang magka hit ka kse ang husban mo has a common name?
    and posible ba na magka hit ka ng d mo alam kse if ever man may nagsampa ng kaso wala ka naman narerecieve na summon or subpoena?
    thank you

  67. jem ramos says:

    Hi po, question lang…recently kumuha po ako ng NBI clearance, then nag undergo na din po ako sa quality control and cleared na, pag kukuha ba ulit ako ng clearance mag undergo ulit ako sa quality control?…or cleared na un?…thnx po

  68. vicky says:

    Im so glad to read your article..im abt to go to nbi main because of d same reason..my kapngalan dw ako..pero last 2011 i was able to get my nbi w/o any hassle..im even afraid coz first time to be sent for interview s nbi pa…i hope it wud be as easy as ur experience..im planning to go there nxt wk…

    1. vicky says:

      Gaano po b kaaga dpt pumunta dun..galing p ako ng bulacan…sobra bang haba ng pila dun..o iba ang pila pag s quality control review…sana mag improve ang sistema ng nbi..sa mga profeasionals n tulad nmin npklalking abala pag gnitong my kapangalan ka…in d first place my scannwd finger prints nmn, my pictures, ibaba nmn cguro tayo ng magulang bday at address

      1. Shawee says:

        Hi vicky.. sa experience ko, inagahan ko tlga kasi inassume ko n na mahaba pila. 6am plang andun n ako. Iba ang pila ng quality control.. tatanungin k lng ng kung ano aning questions. D ka dapat kabahan.. kung inisente k nmn wala k dpat ikatakot.

  69. jasper rubio says:

    sir pano kung wala pang VOTE’S ID pero meron na akong voters registration kc dipa na approban ung voters ID ko 1year bago makukuha

  70. Pia Arquita Alcantara says:

    Everytime po pagkumuha ako ng nbi clearance ok naman po pero Kanina po nagrenew ako using the surename of my husband na HIT po. Meron po akong hindi binabayaran na credit card, is it possible na may case po ako kaya na HIT? Need your help. Thanks and GOD Bless.

  71. mark says:

    mag apply kase ako ng seamans book para makapag barko ma issuehan ba ako ng nbi para makapag work abroad kahit may pending case ako?

  72. mark says:

    may ongoing case ako na alarm and scandal tapos may lumabas saakin na warrant dahil hnd ako naka attend ng isang hearing ko then na pa lift ko na yung warrant dahil un intentional naman. pero ongoing padin yung case lalabas ba to sa nbi ko. kahit wala pa namang decition ang court?

  73. Charmelle says:

    Nag porcess ako ng nbi 14 yrs ago at nakita yun civil case about estafa (wherein nag gearantor lng ako sa sister ko). Anyways, na clear lahat yun. Nakakuha ako ng nbi at passport. For 14 yrs nakalabas at nakabalik na ako sa bansa natin ng maraming beses. Ngaun i decided dito mag renew ng passport (paalis na ako sa aug 13). Nag process ako ulit ng nbi para magkaron ng id kc wala na akong id dito sa bansa natin, ngaun pag process ko may hit ang pangalan ko. Ibig bang sabihin nun lumabas ulit yun civil case na yun? Will they require me to get the same clearance for that case? Ano yun, d nila na save yun record ko na cleared na ako 14yrs ago? Pwede ko bang d na lng kunin ang nbi ko just in case?

    1. Shawee says:

      Oo. Same process pa din. Kelangan mo lang iclear ang name mo. Nasa sa iyo yan kung ayaw mo kunin ang nbi mo kung nag hit.

      1. pia says:

        Hi.. pno kng about sa credit card na d p ntatapos byaran. Considered b un civil case? Nag fafile b ang bpi ng civil case against sa credit card na d p tapos byaran? And aarestuhin b ng nbi pg may civil case nga? Thanks

  74. Jaque says:

    Hi :)
    Ask ko lang po kasi nag hit ako sa pag kuha ng nbi clearance ko, possible po ba na dahil un sa nai-file na case against me? Pero ang sabi kasi sakin nka file lang daw ung case, wala naman akong narerecieve na subpoena o warrant of arrest, o kahit anu pa man! Anu po kaya sa tingin nyo? Sana po masagot nyo tong problema ko .. Salamat po

    1. Shawee says:

      D ko dn ako sigurado pero malamang yun nga yun. Nasilip nila yung kaso mo. Try mo kunin ang nbi clearance mo pra malaman mo…

  75. Marilou Abella says:

    Tanong ko lang po kumuha ako ng NBI ko last july 4 ngayon july 11 ang realising na gulat na lang po ako noong sabihin sa akin na magpainterview po ako sa quality Control Section my aminado po ako na marami po akong kapangalan at isa pa my error po sa pangalan ko

  76. Eyron Delos Reyes says:


    I just want to ask bakit need ko pa mag undergo ng Quality Control Interview? bali Feb 11, 2014 release ng nbi clearance ko, then di ko nkuha nung exact date at 5 months after ko plng kukunin? I mean ngayon ko icaclaim pero need ko daw mag quality control interview why?

  77. jeng says:

    I was terminated from work abroad due to” theft” but no evidence found only “doubts” no case filed and no warrant of arrest lilitaw po ba sa record sa nbi yun? ano po ang worst case scenario?

    1. Shawee says:

      No. As long as walang kaso na naifile. You’re cleared.

  78. Mr. R says:

    diba ang nag hit lang eh yung may files na case sa NBI or warrant of arrest?

    1. Shawee says:

      Nope. Posible n may kapangalan k.

  79. shoturday says:

    paano poh kung may naka binbin kang kaso tapoz hanggang naun wlah pah din linaw mhuhuli pah poh vah aq pag kmuha aq ng nbi clearance??

  80. daphne18 says:

    Hi, i have a credit card debt. Will it be reflected in my nbi clearance? Thanks in advance!

  81. Pedro says:

    Nung 17 po ako nadala ako sa police station dahil napagbintangan ako na nambastos ng babae tapos naareglo din naman kase parang sabi saken ibigay ko nalang lahat ng pera ko tapos ginawa ko. Kinaha sa police yung ID ko. Makakakuha po ba ako ng NBI clearance? Or may lilitaw ba na record if ever? Ask ko din kung makakakuha ako ng police clearance? Salamat!

    1. mrmeiji says:

      hindi ito mag appear as hit sa NBI. No legal case naman na-i-file so do not worry. Sake menor de edad ka then dinala ka sa pulis? dapat idemanda mo iyun nagdala sa iyo sa pulis kasi minor ka palang nun… para sila naman magka hit sa nbi clearance nila…

      1. Shawee says:

        I agree with u mr. Meiji.

        1. Pedro says:

          so pwede ka magka-hit kahit minor ka palang? How about po yung police record ko? Posible ba na wala nacarecord dun?

  82. pedro dela cruz says:

    Curious lang po? HIT tapos me Quality Control review? eh dba kahit me kapangalan ka pa eh mg kakaiba naman tau ng finger print? so para saan p ung ng finger print scan cla? eh dun pa lang kita na dapat…

    1. Shawee says:

      Wala! Sinisave lang nila ung fingerprints natin sa database. Chinicheck lang nila yung finger prints kung kinakailangan. Sayang lang oras sa paag scan nila ng finger prints… wala din.

  83. MrMeiji says:

    iyun pila to get the number in the quality control section start early around 530am… two to four persons ang nag i-interview, and the interview is around 5 min only. After the interview, pila uli sa releasing section which will take around 10min. Iyun initial na pila lang talaga ang matagal to get the number.

  84. Michael viloria says:

    I just wanna share lang.
    Masyado mbagal ang
    ang quality control,
    Ngpunta ako ng around 8am
    Guess what,
    Ngbgay ng #1 to 200
    My number is 157.
    Nghintay aq almost 3 hours
    ang sabi ng isa sa mga office worker
    Bumalik na lang daw ung may nmber
    150 to 200. Sobra nkakainis npakbagal.

  85. JHEYZ says:


    1. MrMeiji says:

      malalaman mo pag nandun ka na sa NBI… usually if meron kang pending case sa court or arrest warrant, makikita sa database ng NBI. If hindi naman umabot sa court mo ang case and no warrant is issued, then wala pa iyan. If meron kang case with a standing warrant, of course it is crazy to go to NBI to get a clearance…. usually mga nagpupunta roon ay iyun dismissed na ang case or iyun same name…

  86. mr. secret says:

    ask ko lng po ngkkso po kasi aq dati pinadalhan po aq ng subpuena last 5 years ago pero binalewala ko,posible bang nadesisyonan na ung kaso? at makakakuha pa ba ako ng Nbi clearance?

    1. Shawee says:

      HIndi ko po alam pero ang maipapayo ko muna sa inyo ay wag kumuha muna ng NBI Clearance. Alamin nyo muna ung nangyari dun sa kaso nyo, baka kasi nasa wanted list kayo. Kapag nangyari yun, may karapatan po ang NBI na arestuhin ka mismo habang nagaapply ka ng NBI Clearance.

      Kung hindi man kayo aarestuhin ng NBI dun, possible naman na pag kuha nyo ng NBI Clearance nyo ay magaappear mismo dun ang kaso nyo as a Derogatory Record. Hindi po magandang tingnan ang NBI Clearance na may mantsa ng criminal record.

      1. Len Cortez says:

        pano mo malalaman kung nasa wanted list ka?

        1. Shawee says:

          Ask mo sarili mo kung may masama kang gnwa. Nag reklamo b sa pulis ang nireklamo mo? Nag sampa ba ng kaso? Yan ung mga tanong na possibleng sumagot kung nasa wanted list ka. Haha

      2. Jaque says:

        Hi :)
        Ask ko lang po kasi nag hit ako sa pag kuha ng nbi clearance ko, possible po ba na dahil un sa nai-file na case against me? Pero ang sabi kasi sakin nka file lang daw ung case, wala naman akong narerecieve na subpoena o warrant of arrest, o kahit anu pa man! Anu po kaya sa tingin nyo? Sana po masagot nyo tong problema ko .. Salamat

  87. nelson says:

    ng shop lift po ako, ung amount ng shop lift item is 500 pesos. kinuha nila ung item sa ken at hndi pinabayaran pero kinulong po nila ako ng 8 hours. makakakuha padin po ba ako ng nbi clearance pls reply naman po kayo

    1. Shawee says:

      Hi nelson, lalabas lang sa nbi clearance mo yung kaso mo kung nagkaron ng pormal na kaso laban sa iyo. Kung nagkaron ka ng kaso at nakulong, nagkaron ba ng paglilitis? Kung nagkaron ng paglilitis, nagkaron b ng desisyon ang korte? Kung ng sagot mo sa 2 tanong ko ay hndi, maaring walang lumabas na kaso sa nbi clearance mo.

      Kung sumagot k ng oo sa unang tanong at hndi sa pangalawa, may possibilidad na may kasong lumabas yun sa records mo. Pero hndi ako cgurado.

      Kung sumagot ka ng oo sa 2 kong tanong.. sigurado akong merong lalabas na “derogatory record” sa nbi clearancr mo.

  88. junrey lamoste curias says:

    na hit po ako one time dahil napasali po ako sa cased na slight physical injury kahit umawat lang po ako,kaso ako po yung nakilala ng biktima kasi friend kami,pero dismissed na ang case kasi na settled na,laking gulat ko ng kumuha ako ng nbi clearance eh na hit po ako,kaya pinabalik po ako sa surigao city,tapos kinuha ko po yung dismissal of the case(if i’m not mistaken).tapos binalik ko sa butuan nbi office,binigyan na po nila ako ng nbi clearance,thank god,ngayon kukuha po ako ulit ng nbi clearance,ang tanung ma”hit” po ba ako ulit kahit nakakuha na ako noon ng nbi clearance?

    1. Shawee says:

      Pareng junrey, may possibilidad na mahit ka ulit. Ang dahilan ay yung dati mong kaso. Isang paraan para malinis ang pangalan mo ay ipasa ang mga kaukulang dokumento na wala kang sala sa kaso at ikaw ay inosente. Dapat mong ipaupdate ang record mo sa nbi. Hindi ko dn alam ang proseso kung paano pero magtanong ka nalang.

  89. rickier says:

    hi po,tanong kolang po may posobilidad poba na mahit ako., kase po may nagawang mali po ako nagamit ko kase yung pera sa tindahan, inamin ko naman po sa employer ko ang pagkakamali ko almost 2 years na po sabi niya ipafile niya daw sa pulis station at sa nbi?.,kinakabahan po kase ako pag kumuha ako ng nbi clearance?.thanks

    1. Shawee says:

      Rickier, gaya nga ng sabi ko sa itaas n comments. Kung wala pormal na kaso na naifile sayo, wala dn lalabas na kaso sa nbi clearance mo. Kung wala k nmng natanggap galing sa pulis, wag k magalala.

      1. Lala says:

        Ask ko lng Halimbawa na hit ka Dba may picture nmn cila don so bkt di nila ung tingnn at mga fingerprint pls reply

  90. Janice Ingrid M. Fernandez says:

    It’s my first time to get a hit. So much for having a unique name…I can’t think of any crime of commission of omission that I committed.

  91. jenny says:

    Good day…what if may hit ung name ko, then schedule for interview, tapos hindi po ako pumunta sa interview? ano po mangyari sa application ko? waiting for your relply….

  92. cyrilako says:

    may posibilidad ba na magkaroon ako ng HIT? 1 year ago na po,nang mangyari ang nagawa kung mali noon,i was a cashier and i was caught na ng punch ako ng maraming item and kunti lang nabayaran ng friend ko..then after that ng kausap nmn kami ng employer ko,kina-usap ako binigyan ng chance hindi nmn umabot sa puntong ipa pulis ako..kaso naidawit ko ang co-employee ko.at binantaan ako linisin ko daw panglan nya..pwede rin ba siyang mg reklamo sa police??
    please lang po need ko po advice nyo,
    kukuha kasi ako ng nbi clearance next week..at kinakabahan ako na baka my HIT ako..
    thank po

  93. Kim Rabaya says:

    First time kong kumuha ng nbi clearance sa main office nila sa UN after that i got “hit”. They tell me to come back on may 2, 2014. Do i still to get interviewed on QC or direcho na ako para kunin yung nbi clearance ko?

  94. Kim Rabaya says:

    First time kong kumuha ng NBI clearance, i got hit and then

  95. rodel c. rapsing says:

    it is possible that after 14 years of acquittal still my name is not clear in NBI?

    does blotter and confrontation in fiscal office is not a guarantee for nbi on hit?

  96. paul says:

    what happened to billions or millions budget for NBI????

  97. Paul Tan says:

    thanks for the info.! Its a big help.. :)

  98. Melanie says:

    thanks for the info. great page!

  99. Dave says:

    Will this Quality Control Interview clear one from being HIT again the next time we apply for an NBI Clearance?

    My experience over twenty years, once you are HIT, you are forever HIT every time you apply for a clearance.

  100. edward magno j. says:

    tnx!!! for the info.

  101. Carlo says:

    is there a possibility that they want you for an interview to verify your real name because you didn’t put your complete name on the nbi clearance form?

  102. Veronica Mendoza says:

    If I may ask, what if I have my receipt yet did not continue with the processing? I really felt sick that day. How many days is it still valid? Thank you.

  103. mark says:

    ilang days after ng interview bago makuha yung nbi

  104. Eduardo G. Geronimo says:

    I always get problems at the Immigration regarding having a namesake, is the new NBI Clearance enough to get through Immigration this time? Or do I need clearance still from the Department of Foreign Affairs as I used to?

  105. Marc says:

    Whats with the name “dela cruz”? Either surname or middle name you have to go back to vtify?i have been renewing my clearance yearly and all of a sudden my name is on the hit list? And someone from nbi asked me in order to fast forward the process i have to pay him? Rediculous!

  106. Joel Ventura says:

    ask ko lng po pano ko ipa procees ang affidavit of denial ko kailangan daw po sabi ng wife ko since nandito po ko sa new zealand to work?

  107. peter arcilla says:

    ask ko lang i got a hit,will i be arrested?wala akong alam na ginawa kong crime.pero there are some people trying to harrass me.isa na yung di nagbabayad sakin ng payment sa lupa.nagbanta na sila pa mgreklamo sa nbi.

  108. Michael Gallardo says:

    Thank you so much for this article.

  109. mi165ke says:


  110. kitkat says:

    I only have 1 valid id. can i show them my birth certificate?

  111. Arlene M. Magno says:

    Thanks for this very comprehensive info. I have a hit on my name also, and I was asked to go to NBI Main for QC interview. I got a little annoyed, because everytime I renew my NBI, I always have to go to their main office for an interview. I hope that this will be the last time.

  112. MOMI JEAN M MOHAMAD says:

    sir im aressted case is rabery oldap but im not guilty and improve to be inocent my complenat was off that case becouse im not tha sospect.

    1. chris says:

      You have a criminal case for bad english.

      1. chibi says:

        that’s just mean!

  113. Ryan says:

    I have a problem, my scheduled interview was way back in March 19, i’m not able to come because I left for the province to fix something in the family 2days before the date. Am i goin to repeat the same process? (sigh)

  114. ernest joseph cruz says:

    thank you so much for these tips… now i can relax and wait patiently for the day of my interview ^_^

  115. tim says:

    Thanks for the tips! Yur blog is a great BIG help! :)

  116. Mark says:

    Thanks a lot. I’m scheduled for an interview tomorrow. Sigh, I waited 2 weeks for my NBI clearance and when I went today to claim it, I was notified that I’m slated for an interview. How long will it take for me receive my clearance afterwards.

  117. Jonathan de leon says:

    Thanks for this post for it has been very helpful.

    1. Lemon says:

      Super thank you for this article.
      I have two questions.
      1. My niece had stolen things in one known dept. store. He was caught and brought to security office. He was asked to pay for those stolen items and he did. His finger print was taken as well as his some personal info and his picture. He was informed that it was just their record and nothing to be worry about. He was then set free an asked not to do it again. This incident happened 5-6 years ago. Will this record appear on his NBI? If so, what should we do? Please we need a help. Thank you.