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NBI Clearance Application Form

Updated: January 23, 2016

An NBI Clearance Application form is an essential part of the NBI Clearance Application. Every day, there are thousands of applicants lining up to get their NBI Clearance.

The NBI Clearance Application form document is the very first step you need to finish before moving to the other processes such as data check/verification, payment, image capture and so on.

Filling out the NBI Clearance application form deserves your full attention, whether it’s completed on site or online. Many of our fellowmen gets rejected or delayed because of simple mistakes.

To familiarize the applicants with the NBI Clearance Application form, we decided to post the actual image of the Application form that every applicant should accomplish.

This guide gives you information to help you fill out your NBI clearance application form correctly.

NBI Clearance Application Form

You don’t have to download the NBI Clearance Application Form (2016), as I’ve mentioned, you can get a copy of this application form in every NBI Clearance Outlets.

What do they cover?

The NBI Clearance Application form is easy to accomplish.

  • Valid ID presented
  • Personal Information
    • Complete Name
    • Husband’s Surname for Married Woman
    • Nickname
    • Other Name / AKA
    • Present Address
    • Date of Birth
    • Place of Birth
    • Highest Educational Attainment (Elementary, High School or College)
    • Contact Numbers
    • Email Address
    • Gender
    • Citizenship
    • Complexion
    • Scars/Marks/Peculiarities
    • Religion
    • Height and Weight
    • Name of Husband or Wife for Married Applicants
    • Name of Father and Mother
    • Their Place of Birth

The bottom right of the application is only applicable to foreign citizens who wants to apply for NBI Clearance. If you don’t fall on the said category, you can just skip this part.

  • Applicant is Alien (if applicable)
  • Passport or ACR name
  • Address Abroad
  • Passport Number
  • The date and place issued
  • ACR Number
  • The date and place issued

Important!  For the second time around, You don’t have to download or print the application on your own. It for free and given to all NBI Clearance applicants when you arrive at the NBI Clearance Outlets.

Make sure to write the required information clearly and accurately. Check your spellings and the correct dates. The information you’ve written in your NBI Clearance application form are the same information that will appear on your NBI Clearance. The application form will serve as a guide for the NBI Clearance personnel who encodes all your information on their database.

While your information is being encoded, a monitor will be provided for your counter checking while the NBI Personnel is typing the information. Double check and confirm all the details are correct.

Now it’s your turn: in the comments, tell us which area of your NBI Clearance Application Form you had a hard time filling out?

Have a great day!

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