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The primary purpose of the site is to educate and aid to the reader's needs on their application dilemmas. The site will share practical tips for faster and more processing, provide a complete list of the NBI Clearance Outlets and its location Information and share processing application experiences that would help you in your own application. Topics will range from the basic Frequently Asked Questions such as How to apply, Where to apply and How much is the NBI Clearance Cost and everything else in between.

How to apply NBI Clearance Online

Updated: January 11, 2015

NBI Clearance has become an important part of our lives. A few years ago, we had only one way to obtain a copy of the Clearance but everything changes for the better. Our Government, through the National Bureau of Investigation opened the opportunity for its applicants to for an online application which makes the entire process more efficient.

The big problem with the manual processing of NBI Clearance is that it is too slow (a perfect venue for Red Tape). The majority of the applicants is ranting about the long queue lines and it’s driving them crazy!

NBI Clearance can be easily done online and skip a few steps of the old manual way. It also eliminates the manual filling out of application forms since it can be done online. No more long queue lines. No more wasted time waiting for your turn. The NBI clearance online application eliminates 3 steps of the process, namely: Data Verification, Payment to the Cashier and Filling out the Application Form!

The only disadvantage or draw back from the new system is it delays you for a day because of the Scheduling Task as to when to visit your selected NBI Clearance Outlet where you process your online application.

Let’s start our NBI Clearance Application journey.

In this tutorial, I assume you are a first time user and you don’t have an NBI Clearance account.

1. NBI Clearance Online Application Website

The first thing to do is go to NBI Clearance Online Application Website (http://clearance.nbi.gov.ph).

How to apply NBI Clearance Online

2. Fill up the registration form

After arriving at the NBI Clearance Online Application Website, Fill up the “First Timer or New Applicant Application Form. You can see it in the images below.

How to apply NBI Clearance Online


Make sure to input your correct Email address because the NBI Clearance website will be sending you email instructions on the payment process. Assign a strong password and (please) don’t forget it.

Correctly fill out the information needed. Once completed, tick the “I ACCEPT TERM OF SERVICE” and click the “Sign up” Button. After clicking the Sign up button, a window will prompt. You have the option to read it or just skip it by clicking the “I Agree” button.

How to apply NBI Clearance Online

The page will direct you to the next page of the application form. This time, additional information is needed. Again, fill this out correctly, then click the “SAVE INFORMATION” button to save your Application Information.

How to apply NBI Clearance Online

You’re done with your NBI CLEARANCE Application Form. You may EDIT your NBI Clearance Application form if you find an erroneous information by clicking the “EDIT INFORMATION” button.

If you’re satisfied with your NBI Clearance Application form, click the “APPLY FOR CLEARANCE” button to proceed to the next step. The buttons for APPLY FOR CLEARANCE and EDIT INFORMATION can be found in the upper right portion of the screen.

How to apply NBI Clearance Online

After clicking the button, a window will appear asking your NBI Clearance Application Type. You just have to select from the drop down if this is a NEW application or RENEWAL. After assigning the Application Type, write the Valid ID that you will be presenting when you will process your NBI Clearance. This is a requirement before they accept your NBI Clearance Application. You may see the list of the valid ids accepted in NBI Clearance.

Click the I Agree button after completing the fields required.

How to apply NBI Clearance Online

How to apply NBI Clearance Online

After submitting your Application Type and Presented ID for NBI Clearance. An important reminder will be shown.

Please read it!

How to apply NBI Clearance Online

How to apply NBI Clearance Online

It says:

“Your REGISTRATION CODE or REFERENCE NUMBER will be provided after you select your PAYMENT OPTION.

Your REFERENCE NUMBER shall be your GATE PASS when you enter NBI Clearance Centers.

To avoid inconvenience and long lines, please pay your NBI CLEARANCE FEE using your REFERENCE NUMBER at the selected PAYMENT OPTION. If you wish to pay over-the-counter at NBI, please bring your unpaid REFERENCE NUMBER for auto-encoding.

Thank you!”

After reading the important reminder, press the “OKAY” button.

3. Schedule an Appointment for your NBI Clearance

After you successfully filled out your NBI Clearance Application form, you must schedule an appointment with NBI Clearance. This way, you can select the date when you will be processing your NBI Clearance. I believe that this method is copied from Philippine Passport processing wherein you need to wait for your scheduled time and day before processing your Passport.

Going back to the tutorial, select the NBI Clearance Branch where you want to process your NBI Clearance. In my case, I prefer the NBI Clearance Main located on Taft Avenue. Just select the name of the NBI Branch from the drop down list.

How to apply NBI Clearance Online

Then after selecting the NBI Clearance branch, choose the date and time (AM or PM) when you want to process your NBI Clearance. For this example, I chose January 30, 2015. You can schedule your NBI Clearance Application processing in the future (ex. 2 months from now) for your convenience.

How to apply NBI Clearance Online

After scheduling your appointment with NBI Clearance, Click on the Purpose of your NBI Clearance Application. There’s only two purpose in the list, that is for LOCAL and ABROAD.

How to apply NBI Clearance Online

Next is to provide the PURPOSE DETAIL. Select the NBI Clearance purpose, according to your needs. In this example, I’m selecting the “LOCAL EMPLOYMENT” because I need an NBI Clearance for my Employment.

How to apply NBI Clearance Online

Notice now, after selecting the Purpose and Purpose detail of your NBI Clearance, the amount will automatically appear. Take note that this amount is not yet final because there are service fees to be charged when you pay outside of NBI Clearance Office.

How to apply NBI Clearance Online
This means, if you pay your NBI Clearance in the Bank (whether Online or Over the counter), using GCASH, Globe Payment Centers or Bayad centers, they will be charging you additional service fees.

NBI Clearance Fees – How much do we need to pay?

Applicants must pay the exact amount of NBI Clearance Fees according to their purpose of application.

You don’t have to worry about the prices, it will automatically appear when you select the purpose of your application.

But for the purpose of your reference, you can see the list of NBI Clearance Prices according to their purposes.

NBI Clearance for Abroad Purposes
For Deportation 115.00
Immigration Requirement 115.00
Passport Renewal 115.00
School Visa 115.00
Self Deportation 115.00
Travel Abroad 115.00
Travel Africa 115.00
Travel Asia 115.00
Travel Australia 115.00
Travel Canada 115.00
Travel Central America 115.00
Travel Diego Garcia 115.00
Travel Dubai 115.00
Travel Europe 115.00
Travel Hong Kong 115.00
Travel Libya 115.00
Travel Micronesia 115.00
Travel Middle East 115.00
Travel New Zealand 115.00
Travel North America 115.00
Travel Palau 115.00
Travel Papua New Guinea 115.00
Travel Qatar 115.00
Travel Saipan 115.00
Travel Singapore 115.00
Travel South America 115.00
Travel Taiwan 115.00
Travel USA 115.00
VISA Australia 115.00
VISA Canada 115.00
VISA China 115.00
VISA New Zealand 115.00
VISA Seaman 115.00
VISA Seawoman 115.00
VISA USA 115.00
NBI Clearance for Local Purposes
ACR Requirement 415.00
Adoption 165.00
BID Requirement 115.00
Business Requirement 165.00
CA Requirement 115.00
Cancellation of ACR 415.00
Change of Gender 115.00
Change of Name 165.00
Correction of Birthdate 115.00
DOT Requirement 115.00
Enlistment AFP 115.00
Enlistment PNP 115.00
Firearms License 165.00
For Probation 115.00
For Promotion 115.00
ID Purposes 115.00
Lateral Entry 115.00
Local Employment 115.00
LTO Requirement 115.00
Marriage Requirement 115.00
Naturalization 415.00
NFA Requirement 165.00
NSO Requirement 115.00
NTC Requirement 165.00
Other Requirement 115.00
Permit to Carry Firearms 165.00
PNP Requirement 115.00
POEA Requirement 165.00
PRA Requirement 165.00
PRC Requirement 115.00
Repatriation 415.00
Seman’s Book 115.00
Seawoman’s Book 115.00
SEC Requirement 165.00
Special Investor Residence Visa 165.00
SSS Requirement 415.00
Student VISA 415.00

4. NBI Clearance Payment Methods

As an NBI Clearance Applicant, you have five (5) options how you can pay your NBI Clearance. These are through:

  • Banks (Over the Counter)
  • Banks (Online)
  • Mobile (Payment through GCASH)
  • Bayad Centers
  • Pay directly to NBI Clearance Branch

How to apply NBI Clearance Online

For Over the Counter Payment in Banks – you need to go to accredited banks such as BDO, Metrobank, BPI, Landbank, RCBC, Chinabank, Eastwest bank, Union Bank, Security Bank, PNB, DBP and others to pay your NBI Clearance. In this type of Payment method for NBI Clearance, a service fee will be charged to your NBI Clearance. The amount varies from P40 to P100 depending on the Bank where you are transacting.

For Bank Online Payment – you can pay online using your Online Banking app such as BDO Internet Banking, BPI Express Online, Chinabank Online, Metrobank Direct, RCBC Access one, Unionbank EON/Internet Banking & UCPB Connect. Just like over the counter payment, a service fee will be charged to your NBI Clearance. The amount varies from P40 to P100 depending on the Bank where you are transacting.

Mobile Payment – you can also pay in any Globe Business Centers, Globelines Payment and Services Centers or any GCASH Outlets. A service fee will be charged accordingly.

Bayad Centers – you can proceed and pay to any BAYAD CENTER outlets or to their partners like LBC, Robinsons, eBiz. A service fee will be charged accordingly.

Going back to the tutorial, click on the payment method you prefer. For this scenario, I will pay my NBI Clearance using the BANK OVER THE COUNTER method.
This window will appear, please read it carefully and click PROCEED TO PAYMENT button.

How to apply NBI Clearance Online

After clicking the Proceed to payment button, this will redirect you to the payment DragonPay Online Payment System, In the source, choose BPI Over the Counter Bills Payment then click the SELECT button.

How to apply NBI Clearance Online

A reference number and final amount that you need to pay will be shown. They will also send an email instruction on how to pay your NBI Clearance using BPI Banks.

How to apply NBI Clearance Online

Here’s an example of the email instruction:

How to apply NBI Clearance Online

Please read their email instruction to guide you in paying your NBI Clearance in BPI.

NBI Clearance Transaction Confirmation

After paying your NBI Clearance in BPI, make sure that you have your deposit slips.

Now, go back to the NBI Clearance Online application and log in to your account using your registered email address and password.

Then go to Transactions (can be found at the left side of your screen). This will show your recent NBI Clearance Transaction and its status. In this scenario, my recent transaction is still unpaid since I haven’t paid it yet. To confirm the payment, click the “[Confirm Payment]” link.

How to apply NBI Clearance Online

The Confirm Payment Link will open a new window (image below). This will require you to fill out the necessary details of your deposit such as the branch code which can be found in the deposit slip, the date and time and the amount that you deposited. Once done, click confirm.

How to apply NBI Clearance Online

Process your NBI Clearance

You may now process your NBI Clearance in their NBI Clerance Office.

Some useful advice:

  • Bring Two (2) Valid Identification Cards.
  • Make sure to follow the appropriate dress code allowed in the NBI Clearance Outlets so that they will let you in without any problem.
  • Bring the printed NBI Clearance Application Reference code, the one you filled out in the NBI Clearance Website. Make sure that the QR code is included in your printout.
  • OR, if you don’t have a print out of the NBI Clearance Online Application form, just make sure that you copied the Registration Code and present it there.

When you arrive in the gate of NBI Main, or any of its satellite offices, don’t waste your time. Ask an NBI Personnel currently stationed to assist the NBI Clearance Applicants right away. Ask them that you are an NBI Clearance ONLINE applicant. He or she will give you some directions where to proceed so listen carefully.

Have your picture taken then the Biometrics will be the next step. The two steps will be too easy for you, right? No need for a thorough explanation for this! :)

The last step would be the issuance of your NBI Clearance. This is where you go to the printing facilities of NBI Clearance and receive your fresh-from-the-printer NBI Clearance!

Congratulations! You just successfully applied for your NBI Clearance! Do you have anything to say to us? Let us know in the comments!

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    gud am. paano ba makapasok ?eh kanina pa ako hanap ng form ala me nkita..hirap kya mkapasok…ask ko lng f ano ba tlga website na dali mpasukan sa pgkuha o pg register online sa nbi? tnx… mae

  86. Rowena Quirante says:

    maraming eche bureche p pinahirapan neo ung d marunong magbasa ska mas malaki p gastos, dapat ung makakatipid nlng.

  87. Mel says:

    Nakapag fill up na ko pero di ko alam yung branch code para sa confirmation ng payment. Sino po yung nakaka alam kung pano yun pls

  88. Christian Lawrence says:

    pls send me a link on nbi application ,, to my email add pls,, thanks

  89. dianna escobar says:

    excuse me, why i couldn’t find the right button for applying a nbi clearance

  90. elvie says:

    excuse me, i couldn’t find the button for Apply for clearance or edit info.
    please help me for this.. Godbless

  91. RAV says:

    Para po sa magrerenew, click niyo po yung sign up tapos select niyo po sa application type “RENEW”. Type niyo po dun yung NBI ID NUMBER (which is makikita sa top left part ng clearance along with other details. 2014-2015 lang po yung allowed na clearance di ko po sure sa mas nauna pang years) if ever di niyo po makita yung NBI ID NO, click nyo lang po yung WHAT’S THIS sa may right top side, ituturo din po nun kung saan makikita yung ID NO. after niyo po itype yung NBI ID NUMBER nyo, click niyo po yung RENEW. Lalabas na po dun yung details na inilagay niyo sa dati ninyong clearance. TAKE NOTE po na di na iaaccept yung dati ninyong email address na inilagay niyo nung nag apply kayo online, ibang email address na po. After lumabas nung details, same as dati po. APPLY FOR CLEARANCE tapos yung PURPOSE ganun. If ever may questions pa po kayo, comment lang kayo sa post ko. :)

  92. Leody says:

    walang option para sa mga NBI renewal? Bakit kailangan pa mag pa biometric ulit?

  93. Ian says:

    this site is not user friendly. I’ve been trying to apply online and yet having the difficulty to apply online. after the registration i’m lost although there is already a guideline on how to do it. I’ve been having a hard time to look for the form to download and even the application form online. Been doing it and yet until now hanggang registration lang ako. It says activate first but there’s no instruction how and where to activate. hmmmmmp….

  94. Jun says:

    How about steps for NBI renewal ? Is this shorter than new application pls. show steps

  95. muwah zee says:

    bakit ganoon,., dapat automatic na agad no need to check again the email that you send. pagkatapos mabayaran alangan mag online ulit para ma check ulit yong email ko na kung ano yong send ng NBI.

  96. tae says:

    nbi-clearance.com po ung site

  97. USELESS!!!! says:

    nababasa po ba talaga itong mga comments! kung nakikita niyo po, bakit walang positive action towards THESE problems?! naglagay pa kayo ng “leave a reply” wala rin namang silbi!!!!

  98. mapapadali daw?? argh! says:

    ai grabe po.. 3 hours ko na dito, wala pa rin!

  99. grace says:

    pag mag babayad po ba ng renewal wala na bang reference no. na kelangan ?? ang gulo ksi ng site ;-(

  100. Lanielyn says:

    white page lang naman po ang nagpapakita. asan na po ung form? PLEASE!

  101. Lanielyn says:

    wala naman pong nagpapakitang form???? kanina pa q dito.. paulit ulit.. please Im in a rush.

  102. mitch says:

    bakit hnd maopen yung email ko i activate daw. kailangan ko kc sa mon. yon

  103. BRYAN says:


  104. imie caburobias says:

    paanu po plamg register n nbi for online ang hrap po ksi..pls help me!

  105. Manzanashub says:

    Good day!

    Paano po kung hindi ka makapunta sa araw na nai-schedule mo para kumuha ng NBI clearance?
    Pwede ka pa po ba mag follow up? Since may ilang araw/weeks pa namang palugit yung form bago mag expire.

  106. benmar caranay says:

    pano magregester

  107. radz says:

    hello, pano po ba makafill up ng application form??

  108. rubelyn ubas perez says:

    hello,ask lang po san mag fill up ng form para sa renew ng NBI clearance?

  109. Mhie says:

    Hello. Tatanungin ko lang po if pwedeng i-consider ang Student permit kung hindi pa available ang Driver’s license? Salamat.

    And renewal na po ako pero kailangan pa ring magfill-up ng form kung may account na dito?

  110. Pink says:

    BLANK PAGE ano ba yan..

  111. Isabelita says:

    panu makakuha ng online registration for renewal?

  112. geneva santoral says:

    hindi na po ako makagawa ng nbi.. hindi nmn naactivate.. maiinis nlng. paulit-ulit..
    bakit ganun..?

  113. jeason says:

    what is wrong to your website? I’ve been accessing it for almost three hours and until now i cant access it. Hoping for your immediate action regarding this matter.

  114. Geaorge Gia says:

    putang ina nyo mga gag0

  115. wag ka!!!! pu|!!!! says:

    bakit puro white page lang yung nakikita ko? asan na yung sitea t yung form???

  116. jhun says:

    ask ko lang po kung pwede po ba dumeritso padin sa head sa may UN ng kahit la na appointment online

  117. kim says:

    ask ko lang po qng pwed po ba ung id sa work valid po ba un …..ung pasport ko po kc asa agency na

  118. Jet Asher says:

    the site isn’t working. LOL XD

  119. mark vergel d. austria says:

    ask lang p pano kung isa lang valid I.D.?

  120. Jimson says:

    bakit ganun? activate your account first pag nag log in ako. pero activated na account ko.

  121. Jimson says:

    bakit ganun? activate your account first pag na log in ako. pero activated na account ko.

  122. Reynaldo P. Nitro says:

    renewal of nbi clearance

  123. Angeli says:

    Hi paano if 2013 pa ung nbi clearance ko? yung renewal is 2014-2015 clearance lang daw.. considered as NEW na ba un? hindi for RENEWAL? thank you!

  124. Paul says:

    Shit. Blank page

  125. anj says:

    pano ba i aactivate yung account mo?

  126. Nelson says:

    Napakahirap pumasok pabalik balik lang,sign up tapos sign in ,balik ulit walang nangyari sa pag online ko.

  127. judy ann says:

    asan ung nxt page ????

  128. aceaceace says:

    crash ba website nyo ? please fixed your website

  129. Deeji says:

    Same ng comment ni Magfifill up si Janah. The website doesn’t work. It’s frustrating. Could we still apply manually instead? Tapos parang wala namang tumitingin ng comments. Hindi po nagwowork ang website.

  130. Magfifill up si Janah says:

    Ano po nangyari sa online application website niyo? Puro white lang ang nakikita, saan na yung form? Mag-aaply po ako. 😒

  131. hdghxdfgf says:

    nag crash down yata yun nbi site…

  132. marilou says:

    panu po ako makkapag online aplication ng nbi ..? wala po akong middle name ? panu po

  133. lydia says:

    Mas pinabilis ang pagkuha ngayonng NBI

  134. wag kang puta!!!! says:

    ayusin nyo muna ang website nato. magulo,hassle, at nakakainit nang ulo. pls lang .pakidalian

  135. romano rosales says:

    how to get online form

  136. BLC says:

    How to remove my 2nd account to NBI??? Before I was never having HIT! Last yr I forgot my password in my 1st account so I decided to create my new account to get NBI clearance then after that my clearance was processing then suddenly HIT appeared.

  137. Iyvonne says:

    Guys super dali lang mag open ng website. All you need is a very good internet connection. Super helpful. All you need is to fill out all the required information.

  138. john ronillio ong says:

    ibng iba ung website na nakalagay dto sa bagong website ng nbi wla dn tulong

  139. rolly laureta says:

    Good Day,
    Ang alam q po nun mas mppadali ang pagkuha ng NBI clearance pero bkit po gnun, ang hirap nman po hanapin ung FORM, mas mdali p nuon kesa ngaun…

  140. jomar says:

    is there a way I can get my nbi clearance abroad?

  141. Juvani Dionaldo says:

    Good day!

    Sir/ maam,

    Can i renew my nbi clearance by just presenting my old personal nbi copy without doing biometrics? Because i am an overseas worker and i need to apply for a new work visa. My wife will apply that for me. Thank you.


  142. erwin says:

    good day.. ask ko lang po kung panu kung walang middle name.. i mean illegitimate kasi ung birth cert. ko… so walang middle name na nakalagay sa BC ko… pano po ba un?kasi di ako makapag save ng information ko… thanks in advance po sa mag rereply…

  143. johnpaul says:

    maam sir bakit ganito na ung nbi clearance na form sa online mas madali pa po ung dati eh
    hindi ko 2loy alam san magbabayad

    1. johnpaul says:

      panu po i active ung account parang mas pinahirap pa po ngaun eh
      mas ok pa yung dating form ditalyado eh pero po ngaun hindi eh basta lng may lalabas na sign in tpos pag pumasok ung account mo wla namng lalabas anu kaya un

    2. floreme says:

      i paid at LBC :)

  144. Ana says:

    Puro white page lang dun sa link nung nbi clearance online. What to do now?

  145. jomarclinares says:

    mam,sir .. panu po ba gumawa ng onlineNBI ..??.

  146. ghudzmumu23 says:

    cant see the online registration for nbi.. what to do???:(

  147. alex alcoran says:

    panu b mg online ng nbi d ko mahanp

  148. Rolando E. Empedrado says:

    Thanks for the detailed information..

  149. Charlyn says:

    Good Job! Excellent Service! Bravo NBI Online…less than 20minutes i have my printed clearance..no lines..God Bless!

  150. john erick says:

    last year mas maganda yung service….
    ang dali lang kumuha….
    pero ngayon……
    kelangan pa mag pa activate ng account….
    yun ang nag pa hirap

    1. steph says:

      ano pong ginawa niyo ? ganyan din po kasi yung nangyayari sakin. nakapag sign up na ko. tas nung mag sign in na ko kailangan pang i activate yung account. salamat po.

    2. oscar says:

      mam sir san po mahahanap ung activation ng account mo ang hirap ehhh

  151. Anon says:

    Bakit di po makasign in? Under maitenance po ba ang site niyo? Please inform us maramin po kasing nagtatanong.

  152. MD says:

    Sa kukuha po ng NBI clearance, I do not recommend Robinson’s Imus. Bukod sa napakahaba ng pila, pababalikin ka pa after 2 weeks para makuha ang clearance mo. Sayang ang dalawang beses na pagpunta at sa pamasaheng nasayang. Pagbalik ko after 2 weeks, wala namang hassle sa pag-print ng clearance.

  153. Harold says:

    We are currently updating our website. Please try again later.

    Puro ganito nalang po yung nakikita namin.

  154. AILYN says:

    Mabisa nga ang e-services ng NBI ngayon. Medyo matagal lang ang biniyahe ko papunta sa designated branch ng NBI na ini-schedule ko. Wala pang 20 minutes nakuha ko na ang NBI Clearance ko.

    Dati madaling araw pa lang need ko ng pumila para makahabol sa cut off. Ngayon in less than 20 minutes lang na pagpila para sa picture at biometrics, released agad.

    Good work po para sa mas mabilis na transaction. May PAGBABAGO!

  155. AILYN says:


    1. james says:

      bkit gnun has already taken lumalabas hnd nmn gnito dti one click mo lng may form n kaagad…?kala q mas madali ang online….

  156. Rose Jean says:

    Bakit po ganun, ndi ko ma open ang account ko? Mali daw yung email at password na yun nman ang gamit ko sa pag apply online.

  157. Ana Soriano says:

    The online application is very but now we are in line at the Muntinlupa NBI branch and we’ve been standing here for an hour already with the looooong line not moving!!!

  158. angelo says:

    pag mag sa-sign in ako may nakalagay na activate your account first. pano ba i-activate?

  159. gao says:

    wala akong narereceive na confirmation email pano ako makakapagsign in?

  160. Juliene says:

    How would I apply if I currently live abroad? Thank you!

  161. jayr says:

    Naibigay nga yung mga ways kung paano mag apply ng clearance..hindi naman mapasok yung pag fill out ng form.buong araw na ko nagsesearch hindi 9 din ako nakakapagfill out…mainam pa yung dati na kahit pumila ka ng matagal atleast hindi nasasayang yung time sa pagsesearch

  162. joan says:

    ano bang nangyari sa website nyo?..Bakit white screen lang makikita ko..

  163. Michael says:

    Paano po ba nag tamang proseso ng pag-apply ng NBI clearance kung nasa abroad. Required kasi dito sa pinapasukan ko dito sa Cambodia as OFW. Ngayon lang kaming mga expat hinahanapan nito sa almost 9 years kong pagtratrabaho dito. Nag-inquire na ako sa Philippines Embassy dito, pinag-sign lang ako sa NBI form, pinag-submit ng 2×2 with white background picture at pinag-finger prints. Tapos ipadala ko daw sa kamag-anak ko dyan sa Pilipinas para i-submit sa NBI office at pag nakuha na ang NBI cearance ko ay i-send pabalik sa a kin dito. Meron po bang mas madaling way o talagang ganun po?

    Maraming salamat, sana po ay matugunan nyo ang aking katanungan sa lalong madaling panahon.

  164. manilyn says:

    d q po maopen ininstall kong forms po..anhirap.. patulong naman po..ynx.

  165. JD says:

    Down po ba system for nbi clearance?

  166. Gelai says:

    nakaka-init ng ulo… bakit ano sense ng renewal kung puro “new ” ang dapat i-apply… sabi sa nbi online… kc hindi na daw tatanggapin ang previews e-mail address…”the email has already been taken” syempre yun ang ginagamit ko… please explain naman po! hirap din tumawag sa help desk dapat po may mga sumasagot naman… nag-apply ako uli for new application wala din… paki ayos naman systema ng nbi…

  167. MARY ANN says:


  168. Abby says:

    I think they need to upgrade their systems memory bank. I waited two weeks for their reply on my online application but unfortunately nothing happen. So I decided to pay them a visit and fill my online application at their office. First thing you need is to get a stub number right on the information booth. Then just wait for your number to be called. There are plenty of staff( I think 7-8 staff) that will assist in encoding your data so it will take just a couple of minutes before you go to cashier for payment then to photo capture. Just bring your old NBI Clearance as valid ID requirement.

  169. ruben alemania says:

    hellow po sir tanong lang po sana kong anu pa po ang mga kailangan na requirement pag mag apply ng nbi clearance ..yong availlable lang po kasi dito na requirements ko,,authenticated livebirth,sedula,voters certificate!!!yan lang po ok na po ba yan thanks po

  170. ghrayze perez says:

    san po mkikita ung registration code????????

  171. Kharla Canta says:

    HI link to the site is not working.

  172. Cheng says:

    Why is it so hard to apply for the nbi this time??
    always says that my PW is invalid eventhough i just created.

  173. Jerm says:

    kakaregister ko lng online and paid it online pero ayaw ma validate ng payment ko khit ilang ulet ko ng ginawa. hayyy, i only knew, khit pumila n lng ako sana. decided to make a refund na lang.

  174. chloue says:

    still no reply in my email for the confirmation from the nbi online..i need it tomorrow.. to the admin please i need ur response… hanggang kelan po ba mag iintay sa reply nyo?.. parang sa pgiintay ng sagot mgtatagal imbes na mapapabilis.. thanks po

    1. Bryan says:

      hi chloue, na encounter ko din un ganyan problem, try mo lagyan ng .ph un email add na gagamitin mo, halimbawa, juandelacruz@yahoo.com.ph, minsan kasi un mga email add natin especially pag dito sa pinas nilalagyan ng .ph try mo, sana makatulong, :)

  175. Jay Lor says:

    i already paid my nbi clearance and they confirmed right away. thanks for this it was very helpful.

  176. Ruby says:

    Ang hirap naman masyado mag process ng nbi …

  177. Love Manuel says:

    I have been trying to access your website but it’s only showing a white screen. please help. https://www.nbi-clearance.com/

  178. rowel pintuan says:

    hey cant find the website ! help please

  179. Abby says:

    Last wik p aq nag aantay ng reply s email q from nbi 4 confirmation until now wala p. How long does it takes for you guys to reply? It doesn’t matter how it will take as long as we know when. Thx

  180. lala says:

    pinabilis b ung proseso??? e pagkahirap hirap p nga eh .. sign up ng sign up di naman makapasok…nakakainit lang po ng ulo e

  181. chivas says:

    Please respect my post: Eto po ba ung real website nang NBI? kasi galing ako kanina dun yung ibinigay nila is clearance.nbi.gov.ph pero hindi ko rin ma open. Bukas ko na kailangan nang NBI clearance at until now di ko pa alam kung ano talaga ung real website nila. To the admin, I need an immediate response. Thanks and Godbless.

  182. Phoebe Ann Timbang says:

    Hi. Is there something wrong with the website? Everytime I try log-in for my NBI Renewal, it always shows that my session has already expired? I have tried calling the HELPDESK contact nos., but only the Globe one is working, and nobody is even answering. Can somebody please help. Thanks.

  183. percival says:

    i tried to look for the reason why i can’t open the nbi website “www.nbi-clearance.com”. every time i click on it, it will just appeared white. can anyone encounter the same problem that i had? pls. help.

  184. casandra says:

    paano po mag online sa n.b i

  185. quindy says:

    paano po b mang apply nga nbi clearance online….wala nan pong lumalabas na application form… tnx

  186. Sarah says:

    Is there something wrong with the website? I can’t find the apply button. Please help. Thanks!

  187. veregl dela pena says:

    good afternoon… ako po si vergel m dela pena.. ask ko lang po kung paano kumuha ng nbi kapaga ng kukuha ay nasa ibang bansa… ung nanay ko nasa canada.. kailangan nia ng nbi para sa proseso ng permanent residences sa canada.. ako po ang anak nia.. representative nia para makakuha ng nbi.. anu pong need dalhin requirement .. thank you

  188. daniel says:

    pano ba mg apply ng nbi clearance ung new

  189. Bora Aslan says:

    Hi.. I am a foreigner who got nbi clearence last year. Now I need to renew it. Should I go the main office again or I can go to the setalite offices. And what is the procedure for that

  190. Paul Anthony says:

    Good day.
    Posible po ba na makakuha ako ng clearance for abroad and local purpose at the same time?

  191. Joyce says:

    Bakit ganun kanina pa aq nag sign up eh Tapos mag sign in na aq nde ko naman mabuksan.. panu ba yan nid oo ngayon kumuha ng nbi eh panu ba mag punta sa application na yan kanina ko pa hinahanap! At pede bang gmail ang ilagay ko sa email? Pls reply po asap….

    1. rose says:

      i-confirm mo ung confirmation galing nbi na senend sau sa email tapos pg na-confirm mo magbubukas ung bagong window kng saan ka nag sign up tapos mag sign in ka gamit ang email mo

  192. chen says:

    I cant open the nbi website. why ???!!!!! I did evrything!!!! Plz fix this!!!!

  193. Alda Celada says:

    Hi there,

    How can i obtain NBI clearance , i am in Canada right now. The last time i went home was Dec., 2012 and stayed only for a month vacation.I need the NBI clearance for immigration purposes here in Canada.Please tell me what to do.

    1. Jhay says:

      ISANG MALAKING KAPALPAKAN NANAMAN PO!!! (Mahiya naman kayo!)

  194. Joanna says:

    Ano bang klaseng programmer/developer/analyst/tester ang gumawa ng website nila? Yung Purpose Detail dropdown, hindi alphabetical ang order. Wala ring button para sa payment sa NBI Clearance center mismo. Isa pa, mali-mali yung error message na pinapakita.

  195. angelie mae says:

    i cant see the apply button on the right side.

  196. Janine Eve says:

    I only have one valid ID.. can i still use my sss paper? or philhealth? what are the other options?

  197. Sheila says:

    Where can I find the application form online?

  198. Jovencio Ogana says:

    This is awesome way to apply on line.For so many years I’ve been on a long long que,sometimes we started on to que at 4am so hard looking back the old system.But this time so easy.More power to all officials who planned this new generation system.MABUHAY KAYO

  199. juliet says:

    Hndi po ma open online yong application.

  200. Shelie Joy P. Catuday says:

    how to use this kind of website?

  201. sheryl says:

    paano ba tlaga yun fill up online d ko magawa eh

  202. rosamina L Millena says:

    panu po po mg p appointmet at kumuha ng NBI

  203. jeson patay says:

    Is there any site or way on how to get appointment with nbi? I’ve tried several times already but it’s not working.

  204. bennett says:

    may problema po ba ang site nyo kasi hindi ko makita ung apply clearance button,walang option na move sa right ang screen. salamat po.

  205. Katherine Nieves Y. Medina says:

    Under what category will correction of spelling of my first name fall? your list of local purposes did not include it, only correction of name. Pls. advise.

  206. jonie says:

    bakit ndi maopen and website nio https://www.nbi-clearance.com/ advise me nmn panu gagawin ?i need feedback as soon as possible! thanks

  207. Nahla says:

    Can I apply my NBI clearance for travel abroad and 1 for local? Thanks!

  208. jayson says:

    panu po pagNSO certificate lang ang meron at wala pang valid I.D ok lang ba yun?thanks sa concerns.

  209. fraz says:

    paanu n po.nkafillup na koat wla nman hanggang dun lng.pgbnuksan q nmn activate wla rin useless..the best way po anu?

  210. enelrahc says:

    .can’t open the said website…clearance.nbi.gov.ph….somebody knows how to open it, please share..thank!

    1. Jawo says:

      Their website is not compatible with all types of browsers. It should run on Chrome or Safari.

  211. samarth kaushik says:

    my name is samarth kaushik
    i want to obtain this NBI certificate for employment purpose.
    but i live in India.
    if i apply for the NBI online do i also need to visit NBI to obtain my certificate

  212. Rochelle Mell SM. Tibay says:

    ang hirap mag open ng nbi clearance

  213. analyn dote says:

    bkit ang hrap n mag online phirap nman oh

  214. ariel says:

    ibalik niyo nalang kaya sa dati, pinapahirapan niyo yong kumukuha ng nbi. last month lang madali lang naman …

  215. ROGEL P. ESPIRITU says:


  216. Val says:


  217. steph says:

    it’s not working. i just want to pay online and get a reference number for my convenience. apparently you’re not ready for this kind of thing. i’ve tried like 6 times already to no avail. remove this info if it’s not working. it misleads the public. good day.

  218. Jer says:

    salamat ng marami sa info, wala lang qr code pero may reference. ngayon punta nlng ako nyan sa NBI.

  219. Jhean says:

    Wala ako n receive n rwg code pero successful ung application q, done making the online payment ok lng b n reference no ipresent ko

  220. Jerrylaida magpatoc says:

    …..paano po pag nasa ibang bansa..tapos mag renew po ng nbi..pwd po bang I authorised ang pag paparenew..?

  221. rtan says:

    Thank you NBI, Great Improvement .!!!

  222. rosalie d. labitag says:

    waaa… d ko talga mkuha kung panu…

  223. Danielle says:

    Ayusing niyo tong onilne niyo!!!!!! Hindi ako maka sign in. Nagtry na ko ichange password. yung email niyo naman sakin walang change password button!!!!!! Lakas niyong mambwisit!!!! hindi nakakatulong tong online niyo kung di niyo aayusin!!!

  224. Romel Waña says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam
    Im Mr. Romel Waña , currently working abroad . I want to apply for renew my NBI permit my expiration will be on May 16 2016 but the Government here need only six month after the date printed . Is there any option how can I apply for my renewal ?
    Thank you

  225. wilson rojas says:

    for immigrant visa to USA, do the NBI require children age 8 and below to get also an NBI clearance?

  226. queenie says:

    wahhhhh bat ang hirap. >.<

  227. ma.leonora G sta.teresa says:

    sir how can i get a form?

  228. arnel says:

    …. sa wakas, ok na rin … :) ty

  229. evelyn sarceda says:

    Pano po ba makapag online sa nbi clerance po.

  230. Jeffrey Gualba says:

    Up to what time po pwede magpaschedule for photo and biometrics?

  231. annie uy says:

    Hi. Since saturday pa ko nagtratry mag apply ng NBI clearance online. pero blank page lang ang lumalabas. System Maintainance po ba? If yes, when magiging available ? Thanks

  232. jennifer says:


  233. Alan D. Cogswell says:

    I appreciated the orderliness and detail of this online NBI process. It is much better than most that I have encountered previously, very helpful!

  234. angel says:

    ask ku lang po..since si makapag register online PWDE PO BA MAGMANUAL sa monday??ung ppunta sa nearest NBI center para mag fill up ng form at dun na iprocess??pwede p po ba yun??salamat po sa ssagot!

  235. angel says:

    kanina pa po aku nagreregister online..bakit po di ku maopen ung account ku??nka 4 na akung gawa ng gmail!!!10x nakung nag sisign up ng reg.form pra sa account!!but still I can’t log in!!!!!!!!!!!mas hassle ung sistema nyo ngaun!!mabuti pa ung MANUAL kahit na hassle wlang CONFUSION!!!!ilang comp.shops na pinunthan ku para mag try mag register same result pdin!sana naman i-NOTIFY nyo kmi if down ung system nyo!!!!or bigyan nyo kmi ng OPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. karrie says:

      hi ako din di ako makapag sign in nag walk in ka na ba? wala ako natatangap sa email na nilagay ko. please message me naman sa email ko kung nakapag walk in ka and kung puwede mag manual. thank you :}

  236. Ana Andres says:

    Hello po,may tanong poh ako kasi may nbi form na poh ako dito sa Macau kaya lng d ako pwede magprocess jan sa pinas pwede po bang ung kaibigan ko bigyan ko ng authorization letter para poh xa magproces on my behalf?thanks poh.at ano poh need na requirements.

  237. Sansu says:

    Gusto ko sanang mag process online pero sa nakita kong negative comments ng mga tao wag na lang. Sana wag nyo i-push ang system kung hindi nag wo -work. It is a total waste of time ng mga tao. I test po muna ninyo ng maayos bago ninyo implement. Kawawa naman mga users. Mga taxpayers din po yan. Salamat po.

  238. merry grace antique says:

    anub dpt itype para mkta q agd paikot ikot nq goegle ayaw ang hrap

    1. shin says:

      check the #1 step and click the link

  239. ryan says:

    pa help naman po kung pano mag register ng nbi ? ang hirap po hanapen ng link? bago napo ba ang paggawa ng nbi clearance?

  240. cate beni says:

    please po pa help naman po

  241. cate beni says:

    ano po bang tamang link? di ko po maload yung clearance.nbi.gov.ph ano po bang gagawin ko?

  242. Mutya David says:

    Nakapag-process na po ako ng application ko for nbi.. kaso nun illog-in ko ulit,”invalid email address&password” na ang lumalabas.. what seems to be the problem kaya?

  243. Daphne says:

    Hi! Baket po pag pinoprocess ko na po yung sa last part, yung i-confirm mo nalang ang payment mo, ayaw niya po. Transaction cannot be found po. Ano pong nangyayari? Nagbayad ho ako at tama rin po anv nilagay ko na information.

  244. analie molina says:

    ang hirap nmn po hanapin ang application form nyo ngaun..dati ang dali lng pumasok s site nyo..ngaun dami ng nkalink qng anu ano po nlabas..nkakasakit ng ulo.

  245. Justiis says:

    GOVERNMENT Talaga lang ah…

  246. Eric says:

    Paki-send naman po refference number ko para diretso na ako payment bukas. Salamat!

  247. thine says:

    pki ayos po ung site plssssss……………. need lng po tlaga ng kapatid ko ung nbi or else mawawala po ung work offer skanya.. 3days npo kmeng na aaply online and sys error prin…haizzzzzztttt…. =((

  248. Emman I says:

    pede ko pa po ba makuha yung NBI clearance kahit nawala ko yung resibo ko? sa releasing na po ako

  249. jun Javillonar says:

    for two straight days na ko nag aapply online pero sa pag ssign in lang di pa ko maka sign in. laging invalid email or password or activate your account first. Pwede po ba kahit wala ng online application? can we go directly to NBI satellites to apply for clearance?

  250. prince abdul says:

    hi and SALAM.. once again im Prince abdul from taguig city maharlika. i just want to ask to all of you who know`s how to apply or register and this emportant matter Ma`am & sir becouse i dont know po how to use this..! just call or text me 09358479995. thank you and wassalam!!!!

  251. arnel says:


    1. prince abdul says:

      Sir how many hours na po ako dto pero hnd ma click ang form nten kaya po hnd ako mka regester..

  252. 12345 says:

    di naman gumagana ng maayos. forgot password di na maclick sa email. anong klasing pagmomodern to puro palpak. hay naku!

  253. pedrojuan says:

    Maganda sana hangarin nio pabilisin ang processo! pero sana bago nio ni required na i-online eh cguraduhin nio userfriendly na naiintndhan ng lahat ung direction and at least 99% n walang bug up and running ung website, sa pag locate p lng ng tamang website sablay na andaming website links n misleading, sna inoption n lng ung online at d tinanggal ung walk in – just saying.

  254. Sly Manuel says:

    kaka process kulang ng nbi para sa kapatid ko… I think ok naman server ng NBI… internet connection lang siguro may problem sa iba…


  255. maribel domirez says:

    i can do my own nbi clearance???

  256. Rudy C. Dimasuhid says:

    i want to renew my nbi clearance

  257. arnel says:

    … down yata nbi clearance, walang natatanggap na verification email galing nbi kanina pag ako nagfill up … :( pa-tsek naman po mga admin … thanks

    1. mARIMAR says:

      very nice,,, the website already upgraded and more secured,..tnx nbi

  258. Ciara says:

    Kaka-create ko lang ng account sa site. After ko matangap ung letter na pang activate ng account. Pag mag sisign in ako with the same email and password na ginamit ko for registration. Ayaw mag sign in kasi “Invalid email or password” lumalabas.

  259. Julie Ann Consolacion says:

    Hello, sadly I cannot access the link to the website :(

  260. Jam says:

    MAy problem sa website nyo! ng register ako for renewal taz nilagay ko email ko at password ko ng tama. tapos check ko daw ung email ko for verification.. pisti ayaw mag log in sa verification .. eamil or password daw mali eh tama naman ung email at password ko nilagay. i try to reset the password yaw naman sa nbi… shockssss

  261. Mylyn fuentes says:

    Good morning po! Hindi ko pa po nakuha ung NBI q.December 9 pa daw kc my ka HIT aq.Tapos q po sanang palitan ung
    purpose detailed q na FOR PNP REQUIREMENT. Pwd pa po yun.? Kung pwd po paano.?Thank you GODbless!!

  262. Aileen grace gajardo says:

    Bakit po ganun natangap ko na po yung activation ng nbi sa email ko pero pag pinipindot ko na po yun puros nalang sign up nakalagay paulit ulit po,,, thank you…

  263. noel Alba Sebetero says:

    kailangan ko ng guidance para makpag apply ng clearance. salamat po

  264. Jan Rey Provido says:

    hi di po ako maka log in sa account ko…ano po ang problema…? di ako makapag check ng appointment ko at makapag print ng application ko..

  265. MARY ANN MURILLO says:

    bakit hindi po ako makarating sa application form nakapagregister na ako paulit ulit lumalabas aang registration?

  266. rey says:

    pa help po, di ko po makita ung APPLY FOR CLEARANCE

  267. MAVIS says:

    HI. Guys help nmn po kaka register ko lang po ng nbi then nung mag schedule na aq ng nbi.. hnd ko mapindot ang am/pm sa mga date kung kelan ko kukunin.. ni refresh ko na ng ilang beses and hnd nmn mahina ang net ko.. pls help ..

  268. MAVIS says:

    HI. Guys help nmn po kaka register ko lang po ng nbi then nung mag schedule na aq ng nbi.. hnd ko mapindot ang am/pm sa mga date kung kelan aq kukunin.. ni refresh ko na ng ilang beses and hnd nmn mahina ang net ko.. pls help ..

  269. joan says:

    I forgot to my NBI reference number. How can I get it back?

  270. angelica says:

    bakit hndi na po lumalabas ang old nbi clearance ??

  271. Sheen Ismhael Lim says:

    I just created my account but I cant login with my account using the password I set on the registration.

    I tried using the reset password, it did send me an email notification but with no password or temporary password.

    And i now, i cant login.

  272. JONATHAN BASA says:

    salamat at madali na ang kumuha kahit pasok ka pa

  273. rhon says:

    panu ba gumawa ng nbi yung old application form??

  274. jeffrey mendoza. mella says:

    ask lng po,, dismissed na po ang kaso ko nung 2009 at nakakuha na po ako ng certification sa DOJ na patunay na Dismissed na po,, pwede po ba ako kumuha ng NBI clearance ko sa Online? salamat

  275. lyka says:

    how can i proceed with my application if i don’t want to pay choose any from the payment option because i want to pay it in the nbi cashier personally?

  276. vivian perez says:

    I need to change the date of my application. I am not yet pay the amount. I forget my password but my email is still the same. What will i do? Thank you!

  277. Tarhata B. Dimaraw says:

    Good Day.. Paano po print ng application form or do I need to print application form to fill out para dalhin sa NBI office?

  278. Joy says:

    Bakit hindi po lumalabas yung “APPLY FOR CLEARANCE” and “Edit Information” Button?

  279. DANICA says:


    1. kaye says:

      Danica. log in to your email address na ginamit mo sa pagsignup. makikita mo dun yung email coming from NBI mismo. click mo then may message dun makikita mo ACTIVATE ACCOUNT

  280. GERALD R PARAS says:


    1. GERALD R PARAS says:


  281. Edwina A. Saquitan says:

    I need renewal of NBI clearance for PRC requirement. Asap

  282. bobilyn flores lamela says:

    panu ba maka apply ng nbi clearance sa website nila???


    I have a question and I hope you can respond asap. I have already paid for my clearance at one of the Bayad centers just recently something came up so I need to change my appointment schedule. Will it be possible to do so? Thank you

  284. Serrice says:

    Paano po pag hindi makapunta sa appointment schedule?

  285. Claire says:

    Panu po un forgot ko po password ko pero i already paid over the counter sa bdo ngaun po d ako makalog in kasi invalid email daw…what po gagawin ko? Hope u can help me..thank you

    1. share says:

      if hindi mo na ma open account mo sa nbi site, try mo po open email account mo (email add yung ginamit mo sa nbi site) if nag email na sayo ang dragonpay, confirm yun na nagbayad ka sa bdo then nakalagay din dun yung reference no mo sa nbi copy mo na lng yun, bale yang reference no ang importante at yan papakita mo pagpunta mo sa nbi, sabi nga don sa post sa taas parang gatepass mo yan. i also used bdo for payment.

      1. Tryx says:

        Do we have to confim pyment sa nbi after navalidate na ung payment sa dragonpay? Nagforget password kai ako pero defective naman ung sinend ng nbi. Walang link for new password. So hnd ko maopen ang account ko toconfirm payment. Ok lng ba kung ung confirmation n lng from draonpay along with the reference number ang dadalhin?

  286. Rovee M. says:

    There is an email activation at hindi ako makapag activate, “invalid email or password” daw, eh shure ako na naitype ko ng tama. anu ba yan!

  287. Yolanda gamez says:

    Ulitin ko lng po ung tnong ko,pno po kng local ang naisulat s halip n abroad,mppalitan p po un kng naisubmit na,tnx po!

  288. Yolanda gamez says:

    Pno po kng ang nailagay eh local s halip n travel abroad,pno po un mppalitan kng nasubmit n

  289. maricel banks says:

    Tanong lng po san po ba puwedeng mag report para po d makalabas ng bansa ang isang taong may utang ..slamat po

    1. kenneth says:

      pag ganyan po kailangan mo kumuha ng court order

  290. Nhej says:

    open parin ba ang mga sattelites offices, i mean yung sa mga malls, pwede parin ba kumuha ng NBI dun??
    tapos pwde ba un kunin if online and how many days? need badly!!
    tnx to those who response

  291. yeng says:

    if isa lng valid id ko po? pwede ba magprocess?

  292. SHIREEN says:


  293. Rommel Manampan says:

    The Email address I entered always declined. Why? I am using my Gmail emial ID but still declined. Please advise.

  294. Rommel Manampan says:

    I am OFW and processing online from abroad. I’d like to pay via credit or debit card? How possible?

    1. Janet says:

      Hello po ask q lng po about s renewal ng NBI q nasa abroad po aq pwede po ba sister q yung pakuhanin q at ano po ba requirements..thanks po

  295. leonardo c. andoque says:

    how to confirm my payment i connot open the payment post of draon pay

  296. fritz says:

    what’s happening to tha nbi clearance application site? sira ba? whole morning na ako nagtatry mag-apply online, once i press the application/ registration form, laging “HELLO!!” ung nalabas..

    1. fritz says:

      for those who are having problem with the online application form you can go to this site directly..
      goodluck! ;)

  297. Carlo Asperilla Ibarreta says:

    Magpa renew ako ng nbi for abroad

  298. lindon says:

    paano makafill up ng nbi form

  299. mark says:

    good guidance but note that for all foreigners you need to go to their main office not a satellite one

  300. christopher co says:

    i need the nbi for good working.

  301. Jesusito Ciruelas says:

    Good eve mam/sir, kindly ask what to do if my application for nbi is renewal and i want it new because under your requirements i need to show my old one since my old nbi was 1995 and already gone.

  302. Edwin caluscusao says:

    How can I make a request of re-scheduking my appointment at the nbi satellitr office due to conflict on my work
    Ref no. 76UMQYE0

  303. Suzy says:

    How can I print the application form? I followed everything here and I can’t see any print button in Application and Transaction page. There was also no pop out box that appeared that I can press for me to print the application. Can you just print the application form once you already paid the transaction? Thank you

  304. Vaden M. Ruiz says:

    I badly needed NBI clearance as work requirementy



  306. peter says:

    how to write enye in this stupid website

    1. shane says:

      Stupid daw ang website? eh ikaw nga di mo alam shortcut key ng ñ.. alt 164 po!


    Please help me, I don’t know what to do about online renewal of Driver’s License.
    Thank you.

  308. Cherelyn V. Lubang says:

    i am a new applicant for NBI clearance hope i can get it.

  309. Flora May Lobaton says:

    kaloka ang website! Hindi nagreresponse. When I click on the “Agree”, dedma! And I keep on repeating it pero wala parin. Haaaaay Please fix your site. God bless

  310. IYUDYIN says:


  311. Migos Sagrado says:

    I would just like to thank you for making this extremely helpful guide for people like me! I really can’t thank you enough for how much easier this has made the process for me, and evidently to a lot of other applicants as well. Thank you so much!

  312. Michelle Viene Rivera says:

    Hello, i would like to ask if its possible if I could process online and I’ll let someone pick it up on my selected office since Im in Canada right now. And I need the clearance for processing some documents here. I need a clearance that is valid for 1 year since mine was last 2014. Thank you.

  313. Michelle Viene Rivera says:

    Hello, i would like to ask if its possible if I could process online and I’ll let someone pick it up on my selected office since Im in Canada right now. And I need the clearance for processing some documents. I need a clearance that is valid for 1 year since mine was last 2014. Thank you.

  314. erlinda cortez says:

    bukas po ba nbi bukas..meron po b bukas???

  315. RHODA S. MARINO says:

    Good pm. Just went to NBI Quezon City Hall Branch and was advised that NBI Server in the main office is Down and all requests with HITS will be released by NOV 26/ after APEC… Is this true? Need the clearance ASAP for employment purposes.

  316. kc2jags says:

    take note guys you are need to go personally to the nbi branch office for your picture and finger print

  317. kc2jags says:

    just got my nbi clearance within just 10 minutes here in isabela…what i did? uhm…just registered here online…
    1st step- feel-up the application form
    2nd- for the confirmation just click new/renew and for the presented id, just type your valid id (for me i used postal id)
    3rd- schedule an appointment (i preferred PM or afternoon-para wla ng madaming tao:)
    4th- purpose (abroad) and purpose detail (travel abroad), if for abroad purpose; if local aman choose local&local employment
    5th-payment option – since wla sa option ang pay directly to nbi branch, pinili q nlng ang “bank over the counter” then proceed payment (even the total amount to be paid was P190.00) and there they provided me my reference number..next, i copied/wrote my ref# to a piece of paper together with my name and FINISH (the online process).
    6th- i didn’t pay my nbi clearance to the bank , i directly went to nbi branch w/ that piece of paper(@step5) and presented it to them and paid the amount of Php115.00 only..
    7th- next, picture taking and finger printing
    8th-Finish! :)

    Thank you guys for reading:)
    and hope this will help you a lot:)

    1. Elvira Agapito says:

      Hi.. Did you print your application?

    2. kim De mesa says:

      hi. pwede ba na kahit BAYAD CENTER pinili, sa NBI Branch nalang mismo mag bayad? Thank you

  318. Kimberly Rose Daitol says:

    Please read this article carefully. I tried this, paid through bayad center (LBC) and followed all the instructions. Dont forget to copy/ write down your Registration Code/ Reference Number. Go to your appointment (time and place you indicated). Of course, bring I.D, wear the proper dress code and BE PUNCTUAL. You will skip Steps 1,2 (di ko alam kasi nga nilagpasan ko na) and Step 3 (payment- sobrang thankful ako sa LBC ako nagbayad kaya i skipped the long line on payment as well). You will proceed on 2nd floor for Step 4 (Encoding) for verification, picture and thumb print. Then go down again on 1st floor for releasing. DONE! :) Today I got my NBI Clearance within 45 minutes only. Kudos NBI for this new and easier way! :)

  319. ruby says:

    nais ko po sanang kumuha ng nbi clearance for employment purposes,nago online po ako las oct.5 pero nd po ako makaonline, ang herap nd ko masign up at maisubmit,ang lumalabas po ay “the website is still updated,plz try again after an our etc” tapos after how many hrs. i try again pero wla p dn eh..ang tanung po bkit po ganun my problema po b website nyo on that time or?.how bout ngaun pwdi n po b?slamat po

  320. Haysel says:

    Pwede po ba mag renew ng nbi clearance branch kasi po wala po ako sa pinas ipapadala ko lang po documents ko sa mama ko para ma renew. Maraming salamat po :-)

  321. reymar adresa ascaño says:

    di ba pwedeng araw lang itagal ng release ng clearance

  322. zerish erpe casero says:

    i already has a nbi clearnce with my regestration number i just want to get another one…how is it?

  323. sheila says:

    WALA PO eto….
    Pay directly to NBI Clearance Branch

  324. Will says:

    Nasa abroad po kapatid kailangan ko daw pong kumuha ng NBI clearance nya kasi kailangan sa pagcorrect ng birthday nya dito sa pinas pano po gagawin ko,pwede ko po ba syang kuhanan,Ano po ang kailangan,pls reply ASAP,thank you po,Gb

  325. John says:

    Paano po kapg ikukuhanan ko ung kapatid Kong Nasa abroad ng NBI clearance kasirequirements po sa pagbago ng birthday nya eh Nasa abroad po sya,please help,thanks

  326. deborah sue quinto says:

    pano po kung dun nlng po kmi magbyad sa nbi branch (ali mall) pede po ba un?

  327. john paul r medina says:

    panu po kung hindi nakapunta sa schedule ng appointment anu pong mangyayari nun kase po ako ngaun huwebes yung sakin kaso walng magbabantay sa pamangkin ko kya hindi po ako nkaalix anu po ba mangyayari dun at bayad nadin po kase ako sa bayad center

  328. Mary Jane says:

    Paano po makapag renew ng NBI Clearance kung nasa Qatar po?
    Applicable pa din po ba itong online application tapos i collect at bayaran po ng relative diyan?

  329. Luce says:

    Hi Po!

    Filipino Citizen po ako, Nakagawa na po ako ng Biometrics sa Philippine Consulate of Milan for NBI Clearance 1 month ago, kasi po mag-aapply sana ako ng Italian Citizenship.

    Ang Consulate General of the Philippines does not process applications po for NBI clearance. The Consulate General only facilitates the affixing of my fingerprints in the NBI Fingerprint Card Form which must be sent to the NBI in the Philippines.

    In the next days, Ipapadala ko na yung NBI Fingerprint Card Form with some documents including my special power of attorney or authorization.

    My relatives will process the documents which must be sent IN THE PHILIPPINES on my behalf.

    My hometown in the Philippines is in Ormoc Albuera Leyte.

    Ang tanong ko po: MAARI po bang maiprocess sa NBI tacloban or sa NBI ORMOC? THANKS PO

  330. OWEN says:

    panu mgbayad s nbi office mismo? wala nmn option dun n s nbi mismo mgbabayad.. pede ng ung ref. number ng bayad center and dalahin s nbi office?

    1. jozelle says:

      paano po mgbayad sa mismong office? wala po s option.

    2. kc2jags says:

      just got my nbi clearance within just 10 minutes here in isabela…what i did? uhm…just registered here online…
      1st step- feel-up the application form
      2nd- for the confirmation just click new/renew and for the presented id, just type your valid id (for me i used postal id)
      3rd- schedule an appointment (i preferred PM or afternoon-para wla ng madaming tao:)
      4th- purpose (abroad) and purpose detail (travel abroad), if for abroad purpose; if local aman choose local&local employment
      5th-payment option – since wla sa option ang pay directly to nbi branch, pinili q nlng ang “bank over the counter” then proceed payment (even the total amount to be paid was P190.00) and there they provided me my reference number..next, i copied/wrote my ref# to a piece of paper together with my name and FINISH (the online process).
      6th- i didn’t pay my nbi clearance to the bank , i directly went to nbi branch w/ that piece of paper(@step5) and presented it to them and paid the amount of Php115.00 only..
      7th- next, picture taking and finger printing
      8th-Finish! :)

      Thank you guys for reading:)
      and hope this will help you a lot:)

  331. Regie says:

    Thank you very much po! God bless

  332. Barth Labing says:

    How can i print my application and also i want to pay over the counter.thank you!

  333. norly says:

    hello po! may mali po kc sa birthcert.ko po. mali po yung gender ko. tas pinapa ayos ko p ngayon at isa sa requirements ang NBI. kaya lng po wala po ako valid I.D. anu po gagawin ko ngayon?
    paano po ako makakkuha ng NBI nito? anu po pwede ko dalhin na ibang requirements?

  334. Renela says:

    Hi. I forgot to print the application form. I registered yesterday and made my payment today and now I’m logging back to see if I can print it but I’m totally lost. Pls assist.

  335. Jason Dayan says:

    This process is much easier compare before. But they need to update the list of the NBI branches. NBI in San Pablo City is no longer there. We need to go to Calamba to process the Clearance. I hope they can update the list to avoid confusion.

  336. Rose says:

    I am wondering how an appointment will work with people applying for an NBI clearance renewal from abroad?

  337. rozel says:

    pano pag di nakapunta sa date na naka schedule?



  339. Lai says:

    Hi! I have set an appointment for tomorrow and the option i chose is “PM”. What time is the cut off? Just in case i wont make it on time, is there a possibilty for a reschedule? Thanks!

  340. denvher says:

    how can i print the application?

  341. jeeseca mae says:

    how to print nbi clearance?

  342. Pugyao, Flordeliza Ayabo says:

    How can change my NBI clearance i apply for travel abroad but the result is nit valid to tarvel abroad. How can i know what the wrong why im not avalid to travel abroad

  343. alvyn says:

    how can i print the form?

  344. Denzel says:

    why cant i see the payment through nbi branch??

  345. Cait says:

    How come I can’t open the transactions page?

  346. TJ says:

    Masusubukan ko to bukas, since nag online ako today (Oct.27,2015 4:37PM) at nag-pa aappointment ako sa NBI Mandaluyong City hall branch bukas ng hapon (Oct.28,2015 PM). Try ko bukas din ng umaga mag-bayad sa Bayad Center since yun napili ko na mode of Payment. Balitaan ko kayo kung successful naman :) Good Luck for me since sa Friday ko na need ang NBI Clearance ko para sa DFA.

    1. Karen says:

      boss, kamusta? successful ba?

  347. jessica jauco says:

    how tto print this form?

  348. judy says:

    I cannot connect to the website registration. what will I do? kindly send the exact website for registration.

  349. matthew says:

    ngayon pa nag update -_- anong oras matatapos or kelan? if im gonna go any branches of nbi pakukuhanin ba nila ako kahit hindi ako mag process sa online? anyone?

  350. marlon says:

    matatapos po ba ang updating ngayon?

  351. sara says:

    kht b hndi n mgpa print nung form ok lng? sinulat ko lng ung reference number.. anu po ung QR?? ok lng b kung ung reference number ang ippkita pg pnta s nbi office? tnx

  352. roziel calvo says:

    Mabagal din sa robinson

  353. kris joy san pascual says:

    hi. gud pm. wla pi kac lumabas na registration code . ska po un form na iprint ? anu po ang ggawin ? tnx

  354. Faye Begino says:

    Hi, good afternoon! Wala pong lumabas na registration code nung nagfill-up ako. Ano pong dapat gawin? Thank you!

    1. kris joy san pascual says:

      gud pm po. san po mkikta un registration #. ska po un form pano po ggawin ? tnx po

  355. Sheena says:

    Hi Good Day

    Paanu po pag hindi makapunta sa date ng appointment at nakapagbayad na.

    Pwede pa rin po ba sa ibang araw..thanks you

  356. Sheena says:

    Hi Good Day

    Paanu po pag hindi makapunta sa date ng appointment at nakapagbayad na due to emergency

    Pwede pa rin po ba sa ibang araw..thanks you

  357. RACHEL G. DELA TORRE says:

    So easy and fast. THANKS NBI :) GODBLESS

  358. jessele says:

    same question how to print the registration form?
    ung reference number ba is same as registration code?

  359. brian millares says:

    pano po mag register thru online

  360. queenie says:

    pano iprint yung application form?

    1. Raymund6901 says:

      Kahit hindi na po iprint yung application form, icopy nyo lng refernce number nyo after nyo mg online sched.

  361. Joanne villardar says:

    ilang araw po bago makuha ang nbi kapag may kapangalan?

  362. Ruel Arañez Jr. says:

    Thank you for the information :) i do really appreciate it :)

  363. SILVER_RION says:

    Thanks for the information. Newbie here yet madali lang pala. God Bless

  364. Alexis says:

    Hi, Thanks for the info in this website. I just wanted to ask if need pa ba ng appearance ko sa pag claim ng NBI clearance. New applicant lang po ako. Thanks.

    PS. Newbie lang po ako. Wag po kayo mainis HAHAHA.

    1. Joanne villardar says:

      yes ate need pa po ng appearance mo kasi may mga itatanong pa po tungkol sayo tska i.iscan pa po yung fingers mo left and right..kaya need pa po tlga.. :)

  365. jelie G. delima says:

    tnung ko lang po panu po mag renew ng NBI dko po kc mkita ung application form ng renewal kc dti na po kong my nbi tnx po …

  366. Edward Bonganay says:

    I want to pay directly to NBI Clearance Branch but there is no option in the Payment Information.
    What should I do?

  367. Daisuke says:

    Stumbled on this page. It is indeed a very informative for a newbie adopting the system, but still when I’m reading the comment section I am overwhelmed sa dami pa din ng questions regarding about sa the same topic kahit na it was explained on a detailed as possible. It’s like they are still having questions on their mind that I cannot comprehend. Seriously this kind of situation should be done personally or maybe they will be satisfied if a person explains it well in words while talking to them personally. Ok para po sa mga may tanong pa and concerns ang page po na ito ay napakadetalye na para sakin for example (in my own view). Kung may mga doubts o duda sa nakasulat sa mga direksiyon, turo, o habilin maaari po lamang na sumadya mismo sa opisina ng NBI na malapit sa inyo at magtanong mismo sa mga tao sa loob, kung may duda pa po sa page na ito. Iwasan na po nating maging “spoon fed” dahil habang binabasa ko ang ibang kumento sa page na ito ganun ang tingin ko sa aking pananaw po lamang. Matuto po sana tayong maghanap pa ng mga paraan sa pamamagitan ng unting pagsaliksik at pag unawa maigi sa sitwasyon… Maraming Salamat po.

  368. Manuelito Langcauon says:

    Wonder full, it show that we are now responding speedily with our duty and responsibility to the need of our people, keep up the good work. We salute you!!

  369. benilda abud says:

    hello po paano ba ma retrieve yong application ko sa nbi yesterday

  370. junior engle says:

    how do i print my aplication form??

  371. Nana Hauwa Muhammad says:


  372. Nana Hauwa Muhammad says:


  373. Nana Hauwa Muhammad says:


  374. jess says:

    ask ko lng op.. panu po ung photo at tsaka ung finger prient ng applicant?

  375. yolanda montero says:

    i already had my local NBI clearance 3 mos.ago.But I need one for abroad.what i’m going to do? I need your help please? thanks.

  376. BENJIE says:

    ask ko lang po hindi ko po kasi ma iclick yung save imformation? paano po ba gagawin hindi po kasi ako makapunta sa susunod na step.

  377. amor says:

    i just want to ask to any NBI personnel out there!
    “Where we can see & click the fifth (5th) option Pay directly to NBI Clearance Branch?”

  378. Dave banaag says:

    Hello gud Eve I already pay for my n.b.I this morning. How to confirm if its okay. Ready to PICk up Tom.tnk u

  379. NEL says:

    how to print NBI Clearance?

  380. Jenn says:

    Paano pag isa lang ID? At hindi nakapunta sa appointment dapat. Thanks.

  381. venus says:

    pag po b d nakapunta s unang date n ngpaschedule pde b pumunta n lng s ibang araw kht nakapayment n?

  382. assej says:

    kapag po ba nag-online applicant tapos ung in-set mo po bang date na pagkuha nun sa mismong NBI eh mkukuha mo n agad kahit n may kapangalan ka?.. o same process sia tulad nung sa walk-in n babalikan mu n lng after a week pra makuha?..

  383. alvin louie lojera aniaga says:

    asan na yung nbi form ko ?

  384. Jerric says:

    paano mag print hehehe

  385. rick says:

    tanong ko lang po kung meron pa renewal lang ng nbi clearance at online din po apply. salamat po

    1. Ljmoore says:

      Kung ang huling clearance mo ee yung may QR CODE na, renewal nalang nga yun pero same procedure pa din since kelangan pa din ang photo and fingerprint mo..

  386. Arthur says:

    Wala Kasi Akong Any I.D’s
    Makakakuha Pa Din Ba Ako Ng NBI Clearance Kahit Wala Akong I.D. ?
    Hindi Kasi Ako Makaregister Sa COMELEC, Kasi Wala Akong ID Pero Pwede Naman Daw Ang NBI Clearance

  387. keneth says:

    nasan po ang payment option na Pay directly to NBI Clearance Branch para po makakuha ako ng RC

  388. Concepacion R Camayang says:

    Ask q lng po,Pano pag d aq nka punta dun sa date na pina sched.valid p rin po b the next day po un…

  389. Dave says:

    After i sign up, i can’t log in my account.
    What should i do?

  390. Lala Jane says:

    itatanong ko po kung pwede ipa red ribbon ung personal copy ng nbi clearance?

  391. philip edralin says:

    pwede po ba mag walk-in sa pagkuha ng clearance?sayang kasi yung 25 pesos malapit lang naman ako sa taft walking distance lang..,,

  392. Joan Molina says:

    Kailangan ko po kasi i-change muna ang status ko then apply for another for my passport naman tapos apply to abroad. Tig iisa po bang payment yun kasi tatlo po ang purpose ko eh. Papano po ba un? salamat po!

  393. Arlene Ayuban says:

    paano po kmi nasa abroad gusto kukuha ng nbi pwd po ba authorization para mkuha nbi namin

    1. des says:

      Hi po,
      Pano po process ng nasa abroad na gusto kumuha ng Nbi.Mag authorize na lang po sana.

      1. Ljmoore says:

        Hindi po pwede, kailangan po ang presensya ninyo para po sa photo and fingerprint capture.

  394. michael madamba says:

    can’t proceed to the second page to apply clearance keep’s on repeating on save information page

  395. yna says:

    I was able to get a code and paid it via LBC ut i didnt reciv any confirmation via email…i checked my nbi login (transaction link) says no transaction…bakit ganun?

  396. rio galang says:

    pag ba pinindot ko ung transaction at may nakita akong transaction no. dun un naba un ksi firstym ko kumha ng nbi di po kasi ako sigirado kung un naba ung nakalagay na transaction ok naba un makkuha ko naba sa scadule ko? asap po? pls

  397. jason says:

    kakanuset paano ba mag print out nito

  398. katkat says:

    hi please help… kase im here in malaysia pano kumuha nbi clearance renewal po kapag abroad? thank you

  399. Jhen Princess says:

    the example yung sa last part hindi ganyan ang lumalabas sakin.. how to fix it?

  400. Jhen Princess says:

    hi. ask ko lang po if pwedeng magpunta sa NBI kahit walang application form na naprint pero meron ako nung reference number?
    di ko kasi ma confirm at maprint yung application ko kasi sa may transaction walang choices na confirm payment ang meron lang na lumalabs sakin is payment instruction at cancel lang..

  401. Anonymous says:

    Hindi ba pwedeng apply online lang, print form and pay directly at NBI centers… 25php is still 25php. Sa mga gaya kong sobrang nagtitipid dapat may online application then pay at NBI center….

    1. ton says:

      ung ibibigay pong reference number may choice po kayo kung magbabayad kayo sa:

      1. banks
      2. banks OTC
      3. Mobile
      4. Bayad center

      pipili po kayo ng isa jan, ngayon KAHIT PO NAKAPILI KAYO NG ISA. sa huli may choice pa rin po kayo na dalhin na lang ung reference number nyo sa NBI Clearance Center at dun magbayad.

      halimbawa pinili nyo po ay #4 Bayad Center, nasasa inyo po kung itutuloy nyo ang pagbayad sa BAYAD CENTER or kung magbago at isip nyo at manghinayang sa additional na 25php e sa NBI Clearance Center na po kayo magbayad. un po ang pagkakaintindi ko.

  402. EVA PAGPAGUITAN says:

    Hi, today is my appointment in getting the NBI Clearance I applied valid to travel abroad for Visa China. I paid already and when I’m ready to print my form it came out there that its a VISA for Australia. What is the best remedy for this error? I’ll be waiting for your reply. Thanks

  403. Robert Fernandez says:

    I am an OFW, i went on vacation last month and applied for an NBI clearance. Since my name is very common so my name has a “Hit”. NBI personnel advise me to come back after more than 2 weeks to claim my clearance. Because my holiday is short its already time for me to go back abroad with able to collect the clearance.

    My question is can i authorize a relative to get my clearance on my behalf? If yes what are the documents needed by my representative to bring or present to NBI.

    Thank you and Regards,

    1. Renato Salorsano says:

      Isa po akong OFW sa Bahrain, pwede po ba magrenew ng NBI Clearance online? Thanks…

  404. Robert Fernandez says:

    I am an OFW, i went on vacation last month and applied for an NBI clearance. Since my name is very common so my name has a “Hit”. NBI personnel advise me to come back after more than 2 weeks to claim my clearance. Because my holiday is short its already time for me to go back abroad with able to collect the clearance.

    My question is can i authorize a relative to get my clearance on my behalf? If yes what are the documents needed by my representative to bring or present to NBI.

    Thank you and Regards,
    Robert Fernandez

  405. weng says:

    Gulo naman anu ba yung QR code? Nakikita ko lang eh reference number.. pakisagot naman po pls

  406. Paolo says:

    Inquire ko Lang po what if nasa abroad po kami and we need NBI clearance paano po iyon

  407. jestone asuncion says:

    hi pano po iprirint iyong application form, hindi ko po nsave ung,
    ung referene no lang po sa bayad centeriyong nakuha, need pa po pala ng I print ung form, pano kopo marerecover?

  408. Stella Rafferty says:

    HI! Paano po ipprint yung online application? Ala pong option.
    Tsaka, dati sa main nila pnag-apply ng nbi ung husband ko kasi foreigner. way back 2011 pa. ngaun po ba pwede na kami sa quezon city hall since dun kami malapit?? need answer ASAP. Thank you!

  409. Geralyn says:

    Sir,mam gud am po.ask ko lng po ano ggawin ko kc nkapag fillup npo ako s online pero dko po nkuha ung regstration code ko at hindi ko n e save ung form ko.nag fillup uli ako kso hindi n yngapin ung email ko kc 1 applicant 1 email lng po.plss..ano po ggawin ko.?

  410. Ivy says:

    Pwede po ba d2 sa abroad mag apply online? At kng pwede ano po ang mga steps?

  411. Cyvalla Catalan Arique says:

    what about if I dont have printer in the house and was not able to save the details I gave, can I still continue processing clearance in the Nbi branch?

  412. VIC U. GAMANA says:

    I have erroneously entered in my email address my username in FB. When i go to Edit Information the email address can not be changed. What should I do?

  413. Bryt says:

    Hello. What should I put in the Identifying Marks section? Thank you.

    1. Ljmoore says:

      Birthmark/balat or
      Kunware meron ka malaking nunal sa mukha, indicate mo san banda yung nunal, mga ganung bagay..

  414. Raj says:

    Why is that my Reference number in Bayad Center is different from Reference number in Transactions?

  415. mark anthony afundar says:

    thanks for usefull info.

  416. Ann Cardenas says:

    Can I reschedule my appoinment?

  417. Jenkat28 says:

    Excuse me po, ask ko lang po kung ano po dapat ko ilagay sa PURPOSE DETAIL if ever hinihingian ako ng nbi clearance abroad? pero hindi yung immigration ang may kelangan, bale yung employer yung may gusto makita yung nbi clearance ko. Pwede na po ba magapply nalang ako ng LOCAL tapos PURPOSE DETAIL ko is OTHER REQUIREMENT? Thank you po.

  418. Renante Peña says:

    Pano po pag walang middle name ang isang tao katulad ko?

  419. Jesus Gatan Tarun says:

    Good day!

  420. Dana Sapid says:


    ask lang po ako kung hanggang kelan pwede kunin ang nbi clearance kase nakakuha po ako ng aug 26 po ata yun
    hindi ko pa papo nakukuha kase



    1. Ljmoore says:

      Dapat makuha mo na soon, dalhin mo lang receipt mo

  421. marinel mijares says:

    pwede po bang nso birth certificate ang ipakita kasi walang id?

  422. divina marquez says:

    bakit walang option on paying on nbi site/office?

  423. Ramel Juanga says:

    thanks for this site its help me a lot thanks :)
    and by the way my friend say also its really helpful .

  424. Ramel Juanga says:

    thanks for this site its help me a lot thanks :)

  425. Nadine says:

    I have 2 purposes in applying for an NBI Clearance renewal which are 1) To change from my maiden name to my present married name and for 2) Local employment. Please advise if I can simply choose for local employment or apply separately for both.

    Will appreciate your response so much prior to filing my on-line application. Thank you.

  426. Irene A. De Los Reyes says:

    Can i let my son apply for a renewal of my NBI clearance with an authorization letter coming from me. Im presently working in Oman and i need the document urgent for my visa interview in going to U. S. A.

    Do i have any options as i could not go home to file for it as im due for vacation this coming December.

    Can i apply it from the Phil. Embasst here in Oman?

    Respectfully yours,

    Irene A. De Los Reyes



  428. Alvin Macabanti says:

    ano po ang isasagot ko sa purpose kung ang purpose ko ay gagamitin para sa pagpapamedical at complete physical examination namin para sa Philippine Military academy?thanks

  429. Alejandro De Guzman says:

    Ask ko lang kung sa BPI Online Banking ako mag babayad, anong company ko po iaaddress ung payment ko. Wala po kasi sa options ng mga affiliated company ng BPI ang National Bureau of Investigations o NBI and ung 3rd party nyo na Dragonpay Corporations. Hoping your immediate response. Thank you.

  430. Leizel says:

    Tnong q lng po sna kc po kmuha na aq dati ng nbi clerance ndicated po ung bday q dun january 30,1989,pwd po bang june 30,1989 ilagay bali ung bday month po ang magcha2xnge d po ba aq magkaroon ng conflict once po papalitan q ung bday month q,kng skali po anu pong rquirments need kng e comply pra mpalitan lng bday month q,kc un po nkalagay sa nso livebirth q june 30,1989 nstead of january. Thank you po.

    1. Ljmoore says:

      Hi! Same requirements, para nasa safe zone ka dalhin mo nalang din nso mo.. Piliin mo purpose detail CORRECTION OF BIRTHDATE

  431. Nina says:

    Pano po yan nag online application ako pero yung Niña na nym ko Nina na lang pagktapos di kaya maquequestioned ako pag ipresent ko po itong form?

    1. Ayen says:

      type mo po Alt 164 nka hold ka po sa ALT tas type mo yung number ñ yan po. para naman po sa capital . ALT 165 naman po. Ñ :)

  432. Jane says:

    the page is weird, the very first part of the page is very helpful but when i’m already on the page wherein i have to choose a payment method, the option for Pay directly to NBI Clearance Branch IS NOT SHOWING! the instructions is so incomplete. please fix that,. thanks

  433. Rampu Shaharti says:

    Yun ibang nag comment naman dyan. yun mga tanong niyo na doon na po sa instructions. ang gagawin niyo na lang ay basahin at intindihin ninyo. please lang.

  434. arlane mascarinas says:

    Ilang days po bago makuha nbi

  435. Rhe says:

    Where can I found the “registration code”?

  436. santiago m. marteja jr says:

    super good, sana lahat ng government agencies magkaroon ng ganitong system. A Big Salute sa nakaisip nito!

  437. Patrick Jerome De Vera says:

    hello po pag nagbayad po ba sa bayad center panu po makukuha ung print out ung NBI form????

  438. Wandaly Lumawag Nullen says:

    apply NBI clearance for renewal…wlang form n lumalabas…tnx

  439. Nacia D Lovino says:

    Bkit poh ala lomalabas n form? Pwdi po b sa cellphon? Tnx

  440. ma.aurora sarmiento says:

    hi good eve guys pkihelp nman po ako wat if ngfill up aq ng online form nprint ska nbyadan ko n nkpgppic n dn aq nid n lng ung release tpos npnsin ko mali pala ung civil status ko wat po kaya ggawin ko pls pkisagot po slamat

  441. jho says:

    di aq favor sa ganitong transaction,dhil pgpnta mu ng nbi office,pipila kp rin nmn,maganda pa un last yr.na online application,mapiprint mu na ng deretso un nafill up-an mung application form,mas madali un para samin at para sa office na rin mgbbyad para walang addit’l charges.

  442. gerald deasis says:

    pag mag babayad ba sa bayad center ano ipapakita . ? at pano ko ma pprint yung NBI Form ??

  443. catherine v de villa says:

    pano po makakuha kung asa ibang bansa at malayo ang location ng embahada pwede parin po ba makakuha satin sa pilipinas

  444. Puto Laruan says:

    Ganun pa din, may kahabaan pa din ang pila kahit nagbayad ka na online. Sa Robinson’s Galleria branch tong tinutukoy ko.

  445. Erwin M. Reganit says:

    Ok lang po ba kung sa personal computer mag online para po sa NBI Clearance?
    Ok lang po ba sa Barangay kami mag online? Salamat.

  446. venus malou delantar says:

    hello tapos na ako maka apply for a NBI clearance last 2012. 1st time ko po mag apply online. ano po dapat new applicant or renewal? at kapag naka register na sa nbi in online paano ako makakapasok sa nbi for payment doon. thanks

    1. razel says:

      san po makikita ung registration code?

  447. Lerio Neña Selendron says:

    Hi,i had applied for an an NBI clearance many times before and it is my first time to apply online.Will i choose the New applicant Button or the Renewal?Thank you.

  448. Chris jay engracio says:

    Kpag po nka pagregister na po ako sa nbi in online papano ko po makukuwa at papano ako mkakapasok sa nbi pra makapagbayad po doon ?

  449. JEN moran says:

    Kapag nag-apply po ba ng NBI clearance for abroad, when po ito makukuha? tnx

  450. Henry G. Lagasca says:

    I was not able to print my NBI Clearance Application Reference code during the time I apply on-line. How can I get the said NBI Clearance Application Reference code? Can you email it to my email address? Thanks.

  451. Kris says:

    Paano po kung ang nbi clearance form ko ay ipapa process ko po sa tita ko dahil nasa abroad ako at kailangan ko ng nbi clearance for my residency application. Kailangan din po ba ng tita ko na mag online appointment? Ilang araw naman po ang processing?

  452. elmer estrella agillo says:

    paano po ba ma re open yong nbi clearance ko tapos na po ako nag subbmit eh at saka pwedi lang ba na email ng kapatid ako ang ginamit ko at f b niya?

  453. Leo dela Cruz says:

    Every time I apply for NBI Clearance, there is HIT on my name. It’s been a while that I have not applied the Clearance (almost 8-years) but for sure by next month, I will be obliged to get one for employment abroad use. My question is:
    1. Will it be a new application or a renewal?
    2. If there is HIT, how many days if application will be at Main Office and how many days if in Regional Office?


  454. 。私はMSNを使用して、あなたのブログを見つけました。それは非常によく書かれた記事です。私はブックマークをすることを確認し、あなたの役に立つ情報の続きを読むには戻ってくるだろう。ポストをありがとうございました。私は間違いなく戻ります。 THERはとても素敵なポストやポイントの権利を

  455. Kladilyn Joyce Malabanan says:

    San po yung form na need fill up?

  456. Joseph J. Dinglasan says:

    Is the term Reference Code and the Reference Number are the same? Thank you.

  457. ericson says:

    pano po mag file

  458. Pamela Chaney says:

    What if my purpose is passport application? What option should i choose?

  459. JAY says:


  460. Ireneo Acama says:

    secondly i already placed my payment thru lbc bayad center with ref no: NBZEMECEC8 last sept.5,2015

  461. Ireneo Acama says:

    i apply for my renewal of nbi clearance for ocal employment but i can’t open my email add any problem occured what to do or how can i connect it.

  462. Aubrey says:

    Good Day.

    I just wanna ask if magbabayad nah ng nbi sa bayad center yung ref no lng po ang ipapakita?

  463. Jacklyn Moreno says:

    Hi, pde po bng mgfill up ng nbi online registration form gmit ang cellphone? Pno po? San po b pde? Wla po kcng lumalubas n form n pdeng ifill up. Tnx

  464. Albert says:

    ASk ko lang po if hindi po ba ako nakapagbayad sa bayad center at pumunta ako ng nbi branch office sa appointment date ko,pwede po ba dun na ako personally magbayad kahit nbi online clearance applicant ako?reply po is urgently needed..thank you.

  465. Maria says:

    Ask ko lang po nag online po ako para sa nbi clearance last sept 3,2015 at friday po ang pinili ko na date am po sept 4.Ang problema di po ako nakapagbayad sa bayad center para sa fee meron na po akong reference code may nakalagay po na deadline sept 18,2015.Pwede ko pa po bang gamitin yung reference number para magbayad ng fee at makapagapply ng clearnce.

  466. Aysiah says:

    Ask ko lang po, naka-apply na po ako ng NBI kasu wrong spelling yung name ko. Ano pong gagawin ko? magapply ulit or Change name? thank you po. reply asap po.

  467. Annabelle says:

    Ask ko lang po kasi mali ung na click kung branch ng mall nung na apply ako thru online and then nagdeposit na din po ako ng payment anu po ang gagawin ? Nababaro po ba un? Pls. reply

  468. georgie tulauan Jr says:

    san po ba makikita yung QR code at registration code para malaman ko po kung nakasali na sa na print out ko.salamat

  469. Herwen Loquete says:

    I applied online. But the application type I choose is renew. Is it okay? Please answer. Thankyouu

  470. antonio g. tolentino says:

    paano po kumuha ng nbi online

  471. Pilar A. Guidotti says:

    nais ko lang pong malaman o makita ang tamang print out ng application form, para po maikumpara ko sa aking nagawang print out
    at paano ko po ba malalaman ang aking registration code at QR code?

  472. aivee khaye says:

    bakit po wala sa option ung direct payment sa NBI office mismo?
    Even yung website po parang nagloloko..hindi ko po ma view yung Transaction. many times ko na syang nirefresh eh. Pls help po thanks

  473. joy says:

    hi there, gusto ko po sana to follow up un nbi clearance ko its more than a month n wall pa din un nbi ko nand2 ako s canada sabi s intruction n binigay nyo d2 s consulate d2 madali lang nagbayad n ako d2 tapes nagpayad pa ako s pinas. how long po ba un pagprocess?

  474. Rizal says:

    naku, buseeeet ang NBI personel sa Batangas, un may hikaw na akala mo ay kung sino, nag bayad ako on line at pinili ko ang appointment na PM dahil nga may work ako at ayoko din maabala, at kaya ka nga nag on-line para di ka maabala, pero, pag dating ko sa batangas NBI eksaktong 1:PM ng date ng appointment ko, sabihan ba namam ako na may Cut-off at bumalik na lang daw ako ng monday….hahaha…nasan un sense ng on-line system na kaya ka nga nag-online para di ka maabala, tapos babalik pa ng lunes…useless para sakin un….naturingang taga-NBI- eh…Buseeet…..

  475. Cliff says:

    I had my online transaction and paid the fee at BDO. But when I get to the NBI in rob ermita. They still ask me to fall in line with the others who hasn’t filled out any form. Haist.

  476. Raoff says:

    Pasagot po please as soon as possible. Naguguluhan po kasi kami ng parents ko kasi po sabi samin nung tao dun sa Office ng NBI mag punta daw po kami sa online then idownload daw po then pa print. pero wala pong option na ganun kasi walang download button. So napag isipan namin na icancel or di na ituloy pero nakagawa na kami ng account with all the info. Masasave po ba sa database nila yung info ko? or hindi baka kasi ma double yung ma search if ever na mag i choose na mag file nalang sa main office then meron din ako nagawa sa online? di po ba mafoforward yung info ko sa ginawa kong account kapag di ko yun nabayaran right? so di sya masasave what so ever. PAHELP please.

  477. Ray Ejusa says:

    pano po mg apply ng nbi kapag online po,renewed n lng po?

  478. MVasquez says:

    Thank you. This article is very helpful. Done with my NBI Online application. Thanks again!

  479. geraldine morales says:

    paano po mag apply nang online e wala man form,..papaano p ba salamat first tym k sa online

  480. Suzette Lualhati says:

    Just want to ask how can my cousin renew her NBI clearance if she is currently working abroad?
    Can I apply on her behalf? What requirements do I need?

  481. EMILIA GERAL SILA says:

    hello poh sir mam paano poh ba mag online ng nbi renewal form plz tulongan nyo poh aq hindi q poh alam

    maraming salamat poh

  482. agnes acot magat says:

    panu po magpa red ribbon ng nbi clearance?

  483. dario ocfemia says:

    ask ko lng po kung paano makaonline ng nbi clearance nahirapan po kasi ako thankz po.

  484. michael says:

    ask ko lang po. nag fill up kasi ako nung sa 1st timer. tas wala ako narereceive na confirmation galing sa NBI sa email ko. pano po gagawin ko?kailangan ko kasi makakuha ng NBI clearance eh.salamat po

  485. ESMAIL says:

    papanu poh gumawa ng nbi..?? plzz help me how.

  486. Bryan says:


    I’m a married man, I helped my wife to register online however as I print her Online Application Form the box with Husband’s Family Name (for Married Woman only) is blank. How do I fill up this blank box. Thank You

  487. Miralyn Sarino says:

    My nurse applied her NBI clearance in Malolos, bulacan. Is there a possibility to pick up the NBI clearAnce in Taft Ave, Manila as she is now working in a Manila. Her clearance is ready on Sept 3, 2015.

  488. Mary Rose says:

    Hi ! Just want to ask if you have an online form of NBI Clearance Application for those people who are in Europe. I wanted to apply for it but I do not know if where could I get an online form. Don’t know the Denmark website as well. Thankyou

  489. jay Karlo Ramil says:

    paano po kung hindi ko nkuha yung reference no.. ksi nag shotdown yung pc. nagamit so hindi ko nakuha at na print pano yun pwde pa bng ggumawa ng panibago ???

  490. erwin says:

    paano po kung lumampas po ako sa due date. anu po bang pwedeng gawin dun.

    1. Joenel E. Lozarito Jr. says:

      Panu po if di ka makapunta sa due date dahil ikaw ay nagkasakit..pwedi po ba sa next day?

  491. LJ says:

    Paano po mag-apply or mag renew ng NBI kung nasa abroad po ako? Kelangan ko lang po para sa employment requirements.

  492. gill says:

    what if i lost my latest nbi clearance copy? how do i get another copy? i just got mine last month but i misplaced it. pls help

  493. Fellichie kiu says:


  494. Ken says:

    Is there no need to print a payment form before going to pay the amount said in the bank or bayad center and LBC? Because I don’t see any payment form to print so all I need to do is to show them my reference number and pay the amount indicated and that’s it? Please reply. Thank you.

  495. bernadette a. maligaya says:

    what if i lost my latest nbi clearance copy? how do i get another copy? i just got mine last month but i misplaced it. pls help

  496. tito says:

    i hope that my application form will be accepted. and i hope that i recieve that as soon as posible

  497. mark leonel Noo says:

    renewal of my n.b.i clearance

  498. John Paul Buenviaje says:

    Thank you for the instructions and the directions on how to get an easily NBI Clearance in your website. I wish that i could easily to get an nbi clearance to pass for my local employment.

  499. Daryl says:

    Hi Guys, Need your help., i already have my local NBI clearance that i used in my local employment but i need another one for Abroad, when i get this NBI clearance for abroad do i have to apply for new NBI clearance or i just have to apply for renewal of NBI for abroad

    Can i also ask if i can apply NBI for abroad here in san fernando pampanga branch or do i have to go to Tafi in the main branch of NBI

    please answer really need you help, Thank you

  500. Janine says:

    how to get NBI

  501. NEVI says:

    Good afternoon po, meron lng po ako concern.. i already apply nbi clearance i already completed the aplication.. ung prob ko po ay dapat august 18,2015 ung sched ko at rob.imus tapos ang validity of payment august 22,2015.. nd po ako nakapunta at the said date and time ng apointment ko at the same time nd po nabayaran ang applications sa bayad center… kasi po nd na din maalala ng frend ko ang email add and passwors nung nag register cya ng application ko.. dati po kc meron na po ako application sa email ko kaso po nd ko po xa mabuksan dati ngaun lng po xa naretrive ang pasword for application.. any conflict po if continues ko nlng po ung application ko dati sa personal email add ko? Magkakaron po ba eto ng conflict sa application ko nagamit ung email add ng frend ko pro nd nman nabayaran ang transactions? Plssss po nid ur advise Admin or any peraon encounter the same probs.. TIA have a nice day😃

  502. Arnold Reyes says:

    Mga sir tanong ko lang ano pinagkaiba ng renew at new application? kumuha na kasi ako ng nbi clearance october last year, kelangan ko kumuha bukas. Renew ba dapat piliin ko sa application? Medyo magulo kasi e. Salamat sa sasagot

    1. peter john sarahilla says:

      sir magandang gabi po kukuha po sana ako ng n.b.i bukas panu ku poba makuha sir.

  503. manuel galang says:

    good day! tomorrow na po ako naka schedule, tpos paid na ako, kso hindi ako makakarating dahil may prob. anu pong pwedeng gawin?

    thanks in advance.

  504. proto n. morit sr. says:

    renewal of my n.b.i clearance
    hinde na ako magfile ng leave madale na pala salamat sa n.b.i. online.

  505. Aner Rose Palma says:

    Thank you so much for these information it became easy for me to apply, since I’m currently employed and advised to take a leave to process my NBI Clearance. The step by step procedure stated here is so helpful to me and answered all the questions in my mind.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Aner Rose Palma

  506. eladio says:

    ask kulang po.nationwide ba NBI online.pwedi po ba sa pampanga?

  507. kath says:

    ask ko lang po pano pag dun ka sa mismong NBI branch magbabayad ano yung pipiliin na choices of payment para makuha yung reference number? sa example po kasi 4 lang .

    salamat po

    1. Dyames says:

      Pkita mo Lng un ref.# mo kpg mgbbyad kna s nbi

    2. Dyames says:

      Khit ano click mo bsta mkuha mo lng un ref#

  508. kristine avila says:

    Good afternoon po, from leyte po kasi ako, at nandito po ako ngayon sa manila for my review, tanong lang po if anung address po ang ilalagay sa application, yung address ko po ngayon dito sa manila or dun po sa leyte?.. thank you po.

  509. edmark R tuazon says:

    sa un po b nkuha ng nbi

  510. Lasaleta, Neil Carbonera says:

    Excellent! appreciated all your efforts to have a very good system.

  511. ivy calabia says:

    tanong ko lang po kung pwedi ko po i register online yung kaibigan ko then yung email na gagamitin ko ay itong saken. wala po bang magiging problem non?salamat po

  512. lhyn says:

    tanong ko lang po kung pwedi ko po i register online yung kaibigan ko then yung email na gagamitin ko ay itong saken. wala po bang magiging problem non?salamat po

  513. Nait says:

    Magkakaproblema po ba kapag dalawang beses kang nagsign-up sa NBI Online?? Yung una po kasing account na ginawa ay pinagawa lang sa iba kaya hindi na maalala. Thanks po sa sasagot.

    1. Jeff says:

      Nait, Naalala mo pa ba yung old Email address mo? Kung naalala mo pa, pwede mo subukan yung forgot password. Kung hindi na, you can make another one. For other questions, we will help you @ : http://civildocumentsphilippines.com/ Have a good day!

      1. Nait says:

        Thanks po sa pagsagot sir. Hindi ko na po maalala yung e-mail na nilagay nung nagregister sa akin dati kaya po gumawa na lang ako ng bago. Sir pag renewal po ba kelangan talaga ng original copy ng previous NBI clearance? Pinasa po kase dati yun dun sa dating work ko kaya po wala akong personal copy or photocopy man lang…

  514. camille bianca says:

    gud am po paano po ang gagawin pag may mali po sa pangalan? magkaiba po kase ung name dun sa nso ko pag kuha ko po eh paano po mapapalitan un mabilis po ba ung proseso po nun at may bayad din po ba at ano po ang requirments na kailangan i-present???

  515. Hilaria Vibar Gipulan says:

    need to go back to edit the wrong info need to know how?

    1. Hilaria Vibar Gipulan says:

      please need your reply right now i dont know how to edit my NBI clearance since that i already paid it form LBC. please

  516. Norman says:

    Pano ba po ba to?? bayad ba muna bago ma print yung Application form ??. edi ganun din pala pag punta sa NBI kung dun kapa mag babayad edi parang nag walk in din pala.. ang haba ng process tapos wala rin palang silbi. mag wo walk in din pala ang aabutin.

    last year nag online reg ako. mabilis lang. Print agad ng Form.. ngayon bayad muna bago mag print..

  517. Jovy Anne Tabinas says:

    Hello po,concern po ako,bago lang ako nagparegister online eh napindot ko yung new instead of renew. Hindi po ba magkakacomplicated sa dating NBI records ko (the old way process) sa bago ngayom. Thank you po.

  518. Mark says:

    how many days ang release pag renewal? saan po pinakamabilis na branch ng NBI?
    thank you,

  519. Leizl says:

    Are senior citizens also need to make appointment in getting nbi clearance?

  520. Eden says:

    Valid for ilang years/months ang NBI Clearance po?

    1. Jeff says:

      Valid for a year but some institutions require you to renew it after six months.
      other questions? please visit us at:
      we’ll try our best to answer you.

  521. LENS says:


  522. Amelia Janer says:

    I would like ask , why it take so long to release my nbi clearance? Today is Aug.14,2015 and I went to pasay savers a while ago to get my NBi clearance. Dati na naman po akong kumukuha nito as local and wala naman problem. And ilqng years meng hindi nakakarenew that is why kumuha ako as New as per advise of one of your staff there, and they stamp my receit as HIT with barcode And balik dw is sept. 3 , 2015? What does it mean?

    Hope to hear from you.

    Thank you very much!


  523. rosalie says:

    nag transact ako online ang ginamit ko pambayad is BanKo g-cash ko then nung na forward ko na transaction nabawasan na yung account ko then after nun hindi naman na refresh automatically yung screen walang lumabas na ref# and dinala ko is yung sa dragonpay na ref# tapos not found na pangalan ko…maiibalik ba yung naibayad ko

  524. Kitch says:

    How about letting foreigners know that they can only process at the main office.

  525. Cindy D says:

    Magastos tong paggamit ng e-payment services niyo. Me additional fees na, after magbayad need pa ulet mag online para confirm ung payment mo. Tapos tsaka palang pwede maprint yung details. Bakit dati kahit atleast magawa mo lang ung information online okay na kahit sa NBI na magbayad para bawas din sa hassle. E ngayon pag sa NBI nagbayad manually ang pag fill up ng form.

  526. joanna marie javier says:

    nakalimutan ko po yng date of appointment ko sa robinsons ermita.. nakapbayad na po ako sa lbc bayad center tpos my recibo na pano po gagawin ko.. eh hindi ko nmn maopen yung email ko khit tama naman tpos wala nmn dumadating na confirmation letter .. thanks

  527. PALPAK DOT COM says:

    tsk tsk. ok lang sana kahit magadd sila ng fee kaso process thru online nila andami mo pa gagawin magbabayad muna bago mo maprint? ok na yung dati fill up form lang tas print and derecho ka na sa NBI satellite office.

  528. loreta egargo says:

    paano po kapag kulang ang reference no.?ano po ang gagawin?

  529. Alona says:

    Ginamit ko po tablet ko for online ng NBI, nag proceed na ako sa second page nag low batt po at binuksan ko ulit para ituloy,then bumalik siya s first page at nilagay ko same password hindi na po ako mka proceed s second page..I tried it many times ,, ano po ang gagawin ko?

  530. jenny says:

    A very BIG help!!!!very informative…u just need 2 follow and read instructions…thanx : )

  531. leny says:

    i just want to ask that if i pay today po , tomorrow po ba makukuha ko na po agad yun?

  532. NBI tsk tsk says:


  533. Beverly says:

    Ask kolang po panu po b pg hnd nkaprint out cp lng po kc ginamit ko pede po b kaya un ung nsa cp ang ipakta ko sa nbi??

  534. MJ says:




  535. michael bueno says:

    Verry easy to apply

  536. Rhea says:

    bakit ganun? I paid via LBC and done with the biometrics pero after 2 weeks pa bago ko makuha ang NBI clearance ko.. walang namang changes if I applied sa mismong NBI or online.. hindi naman marelease on time ang NBI. #haist

  537. apolinaria says:

    Good pm ask ko lang po kung pwede ako magbayad sa mismong NBI branch kahit na ang inilagay ko sa form eh sa BAYADCENTER ako magbabayad.
    Inabutan kasi ako ng Cut off kya d nkpagbayad. Kinabukasan kasi ng umaga ang Sched ko. Salamat po sa magre reply

  538. keirille says:


  539. keirille says:

    bkit ganon??? ung sa directly payment wala?? hindi ko mkita wala man lang button na i-click para maging succesful ung application?? hanggang dun lang ako sa pag pipilian ng payment waa n kong ibang mapindot. HINDI KO ALAM KUNG OK NA YON OR HINDI PA. nka PICK NKO NG BRANCH, NG PURPOSE, NG PURPOSE DETAIL AT NG APPOINTMENT SCHEDULE. TAPOS PANO UN?? UN NA UN?? WALA MANLANG CONFIRMATION BUTTON NA DIRECTLY AKO MAG BABAYAD. ANG GULO NETO PA TULLONG NMN

    1. Jeff says:

      Ms Keirille, just click on the payment options and eventually you will get to the last page. PRINT the last page and bring it with you on the scheduled date. I agree, NBI should also include an option that you will pay for the clearance personally. Other questions, tell us about it here: https://civildocumentsphilippines.wordpress.com/ Have a good day!

  540. Rachel says:


    I would like to know how can i obtain an NBI clearance for a Syrian National who is currently a resident of Tbilsi Georgia.

    He was in the Philippines from 1985 until 1990 studying DEntistry at De Ocampo Dental College.
    He requires the NBi clearance for his immigration application.

    How can he apply if he is not residing in the Philippines and he cannot travel to the Philippines to personally applyf or the NBI clearance. He has no relatives in the Philippines.



  541. JAN-REY V. JUANIR says:

    ive forgot my reference number?

  542. jing de guzman bautista says:

    i want apply on ur online NBI

  543. Abigail Seblos says:

    If ever i already set an appointment but then, I found out lately that I’m not free on that day.
    Can I change my appointment date?

  544. Ronnabel Gonzales says:

    One day process Lang po ba pag Direct mu kinuha need cu na po kasi sya sa miyerkules ?

  545. cristina sison says:

    The “forget password” seems not working, I tried it several times but there’s no temporary password or link has been send to me. I would appreciate if you will fix this.

  546. Jomer Barientos Espartero says:

    Paano po mag kuha ng NBI clearance at ano ang mga requirements?

  547. danica reyes says:

    good day ! ask ko lang po kung panu po palitan ung purpose po . bayad na po . namali lang po talaga ng purpose . salamat po .

  548. marciano degamo III says:

    tanong ko lang po. im currently in canada and i need to renew my NBI clearance for immigration purposes.is the online still applicable or i need to send an authorization in my behalf. salamat po

  549. marciano degamo III says:

    tanong ko lang po. im currently in canada and i need to renew my NBI clearance for immigration purposes.is the online still applicable or i need to send an authorization in my behalf. salamat po

  550. Charissa says:

    Good evening po, ask ko lang paano mag apply ng NBI online dito po ako sa hongkong?? kailangan ko po pra sa Canada thanks


    for employment

  552. Jondee says:

    Nasaan ang proseso para sa mga taong pinili ang magbayad sa NBI Branch cashier? Pano kung ayaw namin magbayad ng may additional fee? Wala ba kaming karapatan na mamili kaya hinde nakalagay dito kung pano ang magbabayad sa mismong NBI branch?

  553. seguisa says:

    Hi Sir/Madam,

    My Name is seguisa, I just want to know few information regarding i want to clear NBI clearance for Getting my New Passport , i selected the PAGADIAN BRANCH(PAGDO), when i visit there , that branch office was shut down completely , near by people said this branch is not functioning.. is that DIPOLOG BRANCH is working properly if i select again and visit for NBI Clearance?

    Then I need to get NBI Clearance for Travelling Aboard , I am planning to settle in Indian(Country) permanently.. what are the NBI clearance i need to clear..

    For getting new passport what type of NBI clearance I need to Choose for payment and get cleared?

    in one visit in NBI shall i clear all purpose like for passport and travel abroad and for citizenship?

  554. bherlitz bocobo says:

    di nman maprint

    1. Jeff says:

      Press “CTRL + P” when you are on the last page. Other questions? We’ll help you @:

  555. bherlitz bocobo says:

    saan po makikita yung application form

  556. Ivy Rizza says:

    Paano ko makukuha ang NBI Clearance Registration Code at paanu ko mapprint ang aplication ko.Wala kasi print option dun sa application ko.Pwede rin ba na yung reference number nlng ang ipresent ko papunta sa NBI office?

  557. Kevin Acera says:

    Walang option dito to complete the transaction for Paying directly to NBI Clearance Branch. How can we print our application then?

  558. Arnel G. Deliquiano says:

    how to apply NBI clearance?

  559. elorwin buala says:

    pag may ref number na pwede na pumunta sa n.b.i cashier kht d ka bayad sa bayad center dun nko mag babayad

  560. Carla says:

    Hi, I’d just like to ask what will happen if I had already scheduled my appointment and paid for it, too, but I won’t be able to attend the shed I chose because of certain commitments. How will I be able to cancel it and reschedule it? What will happen to my payment, too? Do I need to pay again? Thanks!

  561. Angelito Torres says:

    My sister had not so good experience with the NBI Clearance Online Application. I thought the main objective of online application is to speed up the application process but it seems the opposite at NBI Marilao Branch. Everything went fine from filling the form online, scheduling, paying the application charge, picture taking and biometrics. Again, as stated in the process, going through online application is much faster and you will receive you “fresh-from-the-printer” NBI Clearance the same day you had your picture and biometrics taken. The promise of efficiency did not happen to my sister, taking picture and biometrics are easy, but she was advised to go back after two weeks to get the “fresh-from-the-printer” NBI Clearance. Is this the normal process of going through online application or did I miss something in the process above stating that it will take a lot longer? The problem here is if you need the clearance badly for an employment, you might miss the precious work opportunity.

  562. May dantes says:

    Bakit hindi ko ma open ung email ko para maidet ko n bayad n ako……sana po ay masagot po niyo agad..para po magawan ko agad ng paraan..

  563. May dantes says:

    Bakit hindi ko ma i open ung email ko at password ulit gusto ko malaman kong pumasok n ung bayad ko o dapat ko bang iedit pa…sana po ay masagot po niyo agad..para po magawan ko agad ng paraan..

  564. May dantes says:

    Bakit hindi ko ma i open ung email ko at password ulit gusto ko malaman kong pumasok n ung bayad ko o dapat ko bang iedit nanaka bayad n ako..dahil hindi ko mabuksan ung accnt ko sa nbi online anong gagawain ko para maayos un?tapos tinawagan ko lahat ung cp number for assistance hindi naman gumagana,..pede b n pumunta nlng ako sa nbi tapos i present ko nlng ung payment slip ko don?

  565. catherine says:

    pano po ba iprint yung mismong nbi application form po. salamat.

  566. claire says:

    my sister tried this online nbi clearance…but in bacolod city they dont have any printers or they dont know about it..they said its only in manila..so it was just a waste of time..

  567. Loradel says:

    May tanong ako, may record na ako sa NBI dati bale for renewal ako at the same time magchange status ako from married to annuled at change lastname din. Ang gusto ko mangyari is Single name na yon lalabas sa NBI clearance ko, hindi na gagamitin ang lastname ng ex-huband ko. Pero nun finill-up-an ko lahat ng required information knowing na annuled un status na inilagay ko, bakit kasama pa rin un lastname ng ex-husband ko sa application nun isave ko ito? Mismong married name ko pa rin ang nakafront. Dapat singel name ko na, kc ang mag aapear sa clearance ko married name pa rin kung ganun. Paano ba? sinagutan ko lang lahat ng hinihingi na info. Thank you sana masagot po asap. God bless

  568. Kristian Rey Ocampo says:

    Pwede ba ang Alumni ID sa school ilagay sa presented id? wla akong ibang ID ka gragraduate ko lng . Sana may mkasagot sa tanong ko. Salamat po

  569. JASFFER L. AGUDELO says:

    i have a question about my online application?i paid already at the BAYAD CENTER and then the instruction is after paying, the application form will be sent in my email add but until now i did not received any form from your office and my schedule will on thursday august 6, 2015.
    i hope you i can received today any answer from my question.



    1. Jeff says:

      Mr. Jasper, when you paid at the bayad center, you brought with you the application form with reference number, right? that is the same form that you need to bring in the NBI office. In case you’ve lost or do not have a copy, just log-in on you NBI Account, click the “TRANSACTION OPTION” and print the reference number.
      if you have other questions, we’ll be glad to help at:
      have a good day!

  570. joshua says:

    hi. completo naman po yung pag kakafill-up ko sa mga hinihingi.. pero bakit pag naiprint na walang nakalagay sa birthplace? kahit nag edit info na ako ng ilang beses.

  571. Irine supat says:

    Pwede po b ibang tao nlang po utusan mg set ng appointment online kc a korea po me

  572. Tres says:

    Bakit po binago pa ? ang hirap tuloy …

  573. Gleann says:

    San po makikita yung Reference Code? Tsaka ano po ang meaning ng QR? Magkapareho lang po ba yung Reference code 7 Registration code? Thank you! :)

  574. Chris says:

    pano po if di ako makalogin. Ayw din gumana nung forgot password option. Pwd ba ko magpunta sa appointment ko with just the payment confirnation page na nareceive ko sa email or kelangan talaga ng nbi form? Pwd ba dun nalang ako magfill up. Sayang naman bayad ko if di ko magagamit. Thanks.

  575. resistar hermias mojado says:

    i didnt see the form .. how can i print it ? i only have the reference # .. then after i pay the bill for the nbi clearance ? can i get the form in the NBI Office ? or should i need to find the form first ? does reference# is the same as QR?

    1. leonoiss says:

      if you have the reference number, then go to bayad center. don’t forget your receipt. proceed with your scheduled appointment to NBI branch. show the receipt and your form will be processed. You will be taken photo and finger prints.
      that’s all. wait for your clearance. if you have special cases like same name with other people, then your cert will be delayed for a week.

  576. sabellano otucan palomo jr, says:

    Panu mg apply ng online nbi clearance

  577. ann says:

    san po makikita ung app form n may qr code? kelangan b bayad n muna? pwede b n mismong sked ko n ako magbabayad s nbi mismo? tnx po.

    1. Jeff says:

      Ms Ann, just print the last page na may reference number. If you’re not busy, better pay your clearance in the NBI compound to avoid paying additional 25 pesos. if you have other questions, please post it here:
      have a good day.

  578. rose edith b. mabalot says:

    ilang arw ang proseso ng nbi pag online

  579. Marevic Espinosa says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    Good day!

    Kindly give me details how to apply NBI if i am presently here working in Abu Dhabi,UAE.

    Or can my sister can pick up my renew NBI? How can we do it? What are the documents are needed.

    Thank you and best regards,
    Marevic Espinosa

  580. Patrisha Claire Olmedo says:

    I need it because im gonna work here in enchanted kingdom tnx

  581. venus says:

    Paanu po yan dko po na print yung application form ko wala nman kc ng pop up na print kaya yun ang sunod eh yunv mode of payment na and then ng bayad nko narecieve ko na yung email nila nankuha na yung bayad ko. Any help please!

    1. Jeff says:

      Press CTRL+P lang Ms venus, then click print. if you have other questions, baka makatulong ito:



  582. ric says:

    eto ang sakin wla

    nag pop up na window sa GO TO TRANSACTION and PRINT THE APPLICATION FORM

    ehh wla nmn application form instead yung transaction ko ung naki2ta ako with ref # and unpaid

    anu ko i pprint un??

  583. ann traballo says:

    Anu anong dadalhin sa pagpunta sa nbi appointment,tnx

  584. jackielou nunez says:

    how to apply nbi clearance?

  585. Debbie balbaera says:

    paano po mag cancel ng appointment tas imu-move nalang sa august 3

  586. Debbie balbaera says:

    paano po magcancel ng appointments imomove nalang po sa august 3?

  587. Elisa C. Fercol says:

    Wala po kami sa Pilipinas. Kailangan po namin ng NBI para sa sponsorship application for permanent residents. We will apply on-line. How could we authorize our son to collect the NBI Clearance for us? Marami pong salamat!

  588. roselyn nilmar says:

    paano buksan q ma print application form q?

  589. rosh says:

    Paano po buksan ang application form?
    Nagregister na q pero di ko mahanap ang application form?

  590. pamela tarlit says:

    how to reset password? i cant print my application form

  591. marcus angelo says:

    TIP lng s kukuha s robinson novaliches” ang bukas ng mall 10am kaya ok lng kahit pumunta kayo ng 9am di tulad ko pumunta aq 5:30 e mag hihitay k din mag bukas ang mall” 2nd” pag bukas ng 10am mag tatakbuhan kayo s 3rd flr para mauna sa pag kuha ng number” favor s guy” 3rd payo ko lng s gurl kahit 1pm n kayo pumunta o 2 to 3pm malamang wala ng pila hnd p hussel” suggest ko lng” 4th dapat may id at bayad n kayo s bayad center”

    kasi pumunta ako ng maaga kasi wala nmn s instruction n 10am pla bukas ng mall tapus pag bukas takbuhan ayun 4th place aq tapus finger print tas pic. tapos wait k nalang s pag print ng name mo kaso may hit ako” kaya bblik p ako ” kanina q lng n experience to sarap ng pakiramdam mag takbuhan” para s mga gurl n mauna mag sama kayo ng tatakbo s inyo”…………. note s robinson nova to ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh———– binabati q nga pla si rose n nakilala ko dut at s iba pa….

    1. vicmon says:

      okey lang po ba magbayad sa bayad center na hindi nka print?kokopyahin lang po ang reference number?

  592. raven says:

    how to aply nbi clearance online??



  594. Jeff says:

    Permission to post.
    Sirs and Mams, pakivisit at leave ng comment po dito:


    i’ll try to help and answer your question. thank you. have a good day.

  595. Marj says:

    Hi Good pm po ask ko lang pano po ung gagawin ko hindi ko pa po napprint out ung application ko na exit ko po ata pero i already pay na po sa lbc pano mo kayo un? help mo hindi din po ako maka log in :((((

    1. Jeff says:

      MS Marj, try mo iclick yung “forgot password” sa NBI website, papadala nila sa email mo yung instruction para maretrieved mo yung ID info mo.. tapos check mo dun sa “transactions” kung ano na update sa request mo.

  596. jhayar says:

    good afternoon, i have a question, is it really 10 digits in reference no. or 8 digits? because i recieve 10 digits ref. no. and after i pay, the ref. no in the clearance is now only 8 digits…is it normal?

  597. Ramil says:

    pano ko po malalaman kung HIT yung pangalan ko? bka kc pag punta ko dun sa NBI pabalikin din po ako..

    1. Jeff says:

      sa NBI mo lang malalaman kung may hit ka o wala. walang ibang paraan.

  598. Mr Doe says:

    Make this article more formal and concise. Also, remove the fourth bullet and just add it to the third.

  599. russel says:

    will the registration code/ form will only show after the payment?

  600. lina says:

    Hello tanong q lng po kasi dito aq sa Hong Kong ngayon at balak q mgrenew ng nbi clearance q through online. Meron po ba kayong access sa Philippine consulate dito sa HongKong? Salamt po

  601. jessica says:

    pwede po kumuha ng nbi kahit sona?

  602. Rod says:

    Pwede pa rin bang kumuha nag NBI clearance or renewal kahit hindi nag online appointment?

  603. Rod says:

    Pwede pa rin bang direct na pumunta sa nbi office para mag pa renew kahit walang online appointment?

  604. Here to help says:

    hello everyone, napansin ko andaming questions dito. Kung kailangan nyo ng tulong re nbi online imessage/icomment nyo na lang dito para masagot ko, maxadong mabagal magcomment dito kasa haba ng thread.

  605. Here to help says:

    hello everyone, napansin ko andaming questions dito. Kung kailangan nyo ng tulong re nbi online imessage/icomment nyo na lang dito para masagot ko, maxadong mabagal magcomment dito kasa haba ng thread.

  606. mia g. pardilla says:

    masayado nio lang kaming pinahirapan..ganun pa din naman ang suma total..pipila at pipila pa rin kami..masyado niyong ginawang komplikado ang lahat..isipin niyo rin ung mga taong di marunong mag computer..hindi lahat nakaka sabay sa modernong panahon.mas madali pa rin ung dati ei..ganun din naman maghihintay parin kami ng ilang araw bago ma release ang nbi..nakaka urat lang ung mga pinag gagawa niyo..pina hihirapan niyo yung mga tao..ang mahal mahal ng bayarin sa charge sa mga epayment niyo.

    1. booksund says:

      @mia pardilla, natry mo na ba yung nbi online? ako natry ko na 5 minutes lang tapos na yung nbi clearance ko. yung epayment sa pwede pa rin pumunta directly sa nbi para mag apply hindi siya mandatory. kung di marunong e di magpaturo o magpatulong. computer age na ngayon dapat progress na. kaya di umuusad technologically ang pilipinas ay dahil ganyang pag iisip ng pilipino na ayaw ng changes.

    2. Laurenz says:

      Maam, hndi kayo inoobliga magapply online, pwede parin naman kayo pumila kung dun kayo mas komportable, saka kayo magreklamo pag tinanggal nila ang manual processing which is ung pumipila. Kaya nila ginawan ng online processing to make things a lot easier and less harder para sa iba na hndi maasikasong pumila ng matagal dahil busy sila. If namamahalan sa charge eh di pumila ka na nga lang easy as that no need to whine po kasi hndi po lahat katulad niu po magisip and hndi din po lahat katulad ko dn magisip na mas pipiliin ang online application. :)

  607. jazon says:

    san ko po ba makikita yung nbi registration code natapos lang po ako mag fill-up at naka bayad na po ako wala pong lumabas na code,san po ba makikita yang code na yan?pano po yan di ko po alam yung code ko wala po akong maipakita reference number lang po yung meron ako saka yung resibo sa payment patulong po thank you.

    1. booksund says:

      log in ka sa nbi clearance tapos click mo transactions, nandun yung rec number

  608. ryan says:

    saka lang po ba mapiprint yung form pag natapos magbayad sa mga bayad center salamat po sa sasagot.

    1. booksund says:

      iprint mo muna bag ka puntang bayad center. tapos ireprint mo ulit after payment yung una may ref number pero nakalagay ynpaid, yung pangalawa may paid

  609. Dessa Dela Peña says:

    Hi.I just want to know If I can pay my friend nbi online application thru my bank account thru online banking?like in rural area,applicants may apply online in intrnet shop but not all have bank accounts.can they pay it thru someone else bnk account on their behalf?thank u

  610. Nette says:

    Online NBI Clearance scheduling is quite USELESS! I plotted a slot for July 24 PM at Robinson’s Imus but when I went there at 1PM on said date, there were no more slots for me. They said the line is on a first-come-first-served basis. They give out numbers to those who will be accommodated on a certain day, therefore you have to be there first thing in the morning to line-up. Geez…so much for online scheduling…

    1. Jean says:

      Same here in Robinson’s Dasmarinas. Haba pa din ng pila. I think sa Main Office lang nasusunod tong online scheduling. My friend was able to get her NBI clearance there on the scheduled date kahit hapon na sya pumunta since PM yung pinili nya.

  611. Mike says:

    Bakit wala ang Pay directly to NBI Clearance Branch sa terms of payment… mahal kase ang additional charge eh pwede naman magbayad sa malapit na nbi cashier…

  612. ANDY ROJAN says:

    hindi ba pwedeng magbayad sa nbi center..???..kagaya noon na ibigay mu lng yung code sa cashier and bayad…

  613. JenT says:

    Where is the option if I am going to pay directly to the NBI branch? I was able to do it last year. But I think the website now is different. Also, the numbers posted were not reachable? What kind of support is that?

    1. vince says:

      same problem/question. i believe the idea is to force payment at the payment centers/options. will just proceed to my chosen nbi center.

  614. BONIN L. FRANCISCO says:

    Almost done na po ako sa online application. However, on the payment option sana i like to pay it directly sa nbi clearance center nearest sa location q. but on the page po sa registration only the four payment options has an active button for processing. How will i do these? Is there any option wherein i can have a printout stating that i have already set an appointment only that i have chose to pay it directly on the center. please reply..thanks!

  615. Chriz says:

    I tried to call the phone numbers on your site but it’s all unreachable.
    I have a concern on how can I cancel or modify my payment since I was advised by NBI personnel in Robinsons Galleria that I need to contact or chat about my payment that I deposited to Unionbank and Metrobank each P 115.00.
    My payment can’t be validated due to amount should at least P 140.00.
    How can I claim or ask refund on my payment deposited total of P 230.00 to your account Dragonpay Corp.?
    My money turned nothing since it can’t be accepted to claim my NBI clearance.
    I need an urgent solution for this error.

  616. Walter says:

    Bukas po ba ang NBI ng saturday?

  617. Tricia Balbarosa says:

    Paano magregister ng online?

  618. Girlie Cruz says:


  619. rheyn says:

    Pay directly to NBI Clearance Branch

    asan ung block nito? apat lang kaya un…

  620. hey says:

    after i registered, i can’t see any screen shots saying “APPLICATION SUBMITTED”, with the registration code that u are saying….. so, how was that???

  621. FELISA says:

    HI my mother applied for an NBI clearance at your Lipa office and told her that it will take 2 weeks, the last time she applied last April in the Manila office it only took 1 day she is a senior citizen and needed this for her US visa can she reapply at nbi main office so she could get it same day? please rely ASAP thanks

  622. Janrey Arquillo says:

    pano po makukuha ung reference number kung doon na po mismo mag babayad sa mismong nbi branch eh apat lang po ang option anu po ang pipiliin doon?

  623. christian reyes says:

    paano po pag pinapalakad lang po saken ung nbi clearance ng sister o kasi asa canada sya ngaun need nya ng nbi clearance for there residency .pero meron sya nbi galing canada . ask ko lang po ung sa finger print nya ,na kung pwdi ung last copy ng nbi ung i copy dun sa nbi nya pwdi kaya un po?. kung ako po ung pinapakuha nya po. pero she has a letter na ako po daw ung mag lalakad ng nbi nya po kaso hand written po un.

  624. kenji says:

    Bring the printed NBI Clearance Application Reference code, the one you filled out in the NBI Clearance Website. Make sure that the QR code is included in your printout.
    OR, if you don’t have a print out of the NBI Clearance Online Application form, just make sure that you copied the Registration Code and present it there.

    where can i find this???

    1. shinkai says:

      OR, if you don’t have a print out of the NBI Clearance Online Application form, just make sure that you copied the Registration Code and present it there. <—– hindi ko din makita ito?

    2. hey says:

      Yeah, that’s also my concern… i can’t find that. the result is, i can’t find my registration code as well as my nbi application form..
      WHAT NOW???

  625. dona says:

    bakit ganon? dba dapat agad agad makukuha din ang nbi clearance? bat ung sa akin sa aug 4 pa daw makukuha? nakalagay kse dun na bumalik daw sa date na itinatak dun sa resibo e.

    1. Joy says:

      Hi dona! Same case ako. Sa main branch ako kahapon (july21) tas sabi sa july 31 ko daw macclaim. I guess this means na may hit tayo? Pero nagtataka ako bakit di naman nila sinabi, basta sinulatan lang ng date yung receipt ko :/

      1. dona reyes says:

        sa akin ay july 21 din tapos makukuha ko daw ng aug 4. sobrang tagal at oo nga wala man lang silang sabi kung baket bsta tatak ng papel at paalisin ka agad.

  626. caith says:

    what if kng dun ko gusto magbayad sa nbi?

  627. Stephen Woo says:

    My purpose for this application is for filing for a passport. As I can see it in the drop down list there’s no Passport purposes there only Passport renewal. It’s my first time applying for passport. Pls. Reply ASAP

  628. Imbestigador says:

    Regardless whether you pay online and schedule it for AM or PM, you will still have to stand in the very long line. I approached the liason and told him I paid online but he gave me a number and told me to go to the end of the line, which is really long in the afternoon. This is at Robinsons Novaliches branch.

  629. jhay says:

    san makukuha ung acount / ref # ? pra mkapag bayad sa bayadCENTER .. ?

  630. ALPHA DULAY-ULEP says:

    Is it necessary to bring two (2) valid IDs? I have only one valid ID kasi. Thank you very much

  631. Jhoem Enriquez says:

    Why can’t I open the Transaction Button? Pls. reply ASAP.

  632. Kimberly says:

    My purpose for this application is for filing for a passport. As I can see it in the drop down list there’s no Passport purposes there only Passport renewal. It’s my first time applying for passport. Please shed light.

  633. randolph elvena says:

    nasubukan ko na po e2 ngaun lng.
    1. fill up lng ng form
    2. sundan ung instructions.
    3. makakakuha ka ng reference number
    4. then nagbayad ako sa lbc
    5. balik sa page ng nbi para tignan kung naipasok na ng lbc ung transaction
    6. sasabihin na paid na.
    7. punta na ng nbi para mag papicture at finger print
    8. hintayin ang clearance form at un ok na.
    ung nagtatanong panu iprint. pindutin nyo ung icon na print tapos isave as pdf, tapos isave nyo sa usb nyo. then paprint sa laba

  634. randolph elvena says:

    nasubukan ko na po e2 ngaun lng.
    1. fill up lng ng form
    2. sundan ung instructions.
    3. makakakuha ka ng reference number
    4. then nagbayad ako sa lbc
    5. balik sa page ng nbi para tignan kung naipasok na ng lbc ung transaction
    6. sasabihin na paid na.
    7. punta na ng nbi para mag papicture at finger print
    8. hintayin ang clearance form at un ok na.

    1. Beverly says:

      Panu po kng hnd nkaprint through mobile lng kc ako nag online for nbi clearance panu po un.

  635. JOANNIE SINGZON says:

    panu ba eto..

  636. raymond saberon says:

    what if ill pay my payment on nbi office? how is it?where is the optional payment for that scenario?

  637. elaine says:

    how to apply

  638. reymon says:

    panu ko maiiprint yung NBI clearance application??slamat po sa ssagot.

    1. randolph elvena says:

      1. pindutin mo ung icon na print.
      2. lalabas dun print pero kung hindi ka nakadirect sa printer,
      3. may save as pdf duon para pwd mo kopyahin sa usb
      4. print mo na sa labas.

  639. Sheryl Bueno says:

    Ask q lng poh kung pwede poh ung voters ID at authenticate bcertcate sa pgkuha ng NBI?slamat poh.

  640. Sarahleones says:

    Ito bang nbi clearance online is applicable nationwide? Especially the davao area? Thank you

  641. Alvin Alcantara says:

    meron pa po ba sa inyong nkakaranas ng invalid credentials? sure naman ako sa mga nilagay ko sa email and password. pero laging invalid credentials talaga. Ayaw ko naman gumawa ng bago kasi one email one person lang daw.. any suggestions? Thanks

  642. Janice says:

    May i use the unified ID

  643. Denden says:

    Hi po! I just want to ask, nagpa schedule po kasi ako ng Friday, July 24 (PM) tapos gusto KO pong baguhin ng Wednesday, July 22 . Ano pong dapat Kong gawin? Pwede pa bang ma change ang date? Ano po hung steps? Sana may mg reply

    1. Beth says:

      Punta ka sa Transaction mo, then makikita mo dun yung mga napili mong schedule and mode of Payment. Makikita mo din yung 3 options. And makikita mo dun na may CANCEL. Cancel mo alng TRANSACTION mo. Then pwede ka ulit gumawa ng appointment mo sa NBI. Easy peasy.

  644. Paul says:

    Kudos, NBI! This is a lot easier :)
    for the others na nahihirapan dito: follow instructions!

  645. Beverlyn C.Esarda says:

    bakit binago nyo ang format ng pagkuha ng NBI Online…?

  646. edward montesclaros says:

    ask lng din po,july 17, 2015 appointment ko po, paid ako,kaso pag punta ko branch kanina closed sila,wala po ako knowledge na sarado sila now, kasi po may slot po ng friday july 17 2015 nun time na nag apply po ako,nalimutan ko po na holiday pla ngayon friday, tanong lng po pano ang processing ng renewal nbi clearance ko.

    salamat po

  647. manuel luis n. navarro says:

    Thanks a lot for the assist. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow. Now its time for the actual doing of it! Having read the comments below, I’m expecting glitches in the system. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I hope nothing of the sort that many of the respondents below have experienced will happen to me.

  648. Aya says:

    Ask ko lng today ung appointment ko sa nbi ang kaso holiday,paid na ko. Anong pedeng gawin?

  649. dheeland07 says:

    Napaka dali po nitong Online Application. Basahin po kasing mabuti ang instruction para maintindihan,
    kung may nalimutan habang nag pi-fill up ng Form, balikan uli ang Instruction.
    Kung hindi kayo marunong umintindi ng English, mag paturo po kayo sa may alam.

    Pag dating po pala sa Payment Option, kung gusto nyo Mag bayad sa mismong Branch ng NBI ay i-click ang anomang Option. Mas maganda kung “Bayad Center”. Pagka click nyo sa “Bayad Center” lalabas po agad yung Refference code/number, Kopyahin nyo po yon at hwag na pumunta sa Bayad Center, diretso na po kayo sa NBI branch nyo at ipakita sa Cashier ng NBI. Pumunta lamang kayo sa NBI branch nyo sa Mismong Araw na ini-set nyo para i-claim ang NBI Clearance nyo.

    Sana po nakatulong ako sa inyo mga kababayan :)

  650. unknown says:

    grabe upgrade naman ng online application nyo.. nakakalito at paulit ulit..

  651. Anonymous says:

    I found the new process very convenient, we just have to read and follow the clear and detailed instructions provided. It took me less than 5 minutes to get my clearance from the branch I picked.

  652. Hip Hop Do Dong says:

    Mag “BASA” Po Kasi Tayo Para Ma Intindihan Nyo !

  653. Reymark says:

    hindi po ba agad nagkakaron ng Transaction . wala pa kase akong reference .

  654. magz paras says:

    pwede ko bang irenew un nbi clearance ng kaibigan kong nasa canada na ngayon kasi for process na sya ng residency at isa ito sa mga requirements

  655. Genica says:

    Pano kung may Ñ sa name. ayaw naman tanggapin ng website. Anong pwedeng remedy para dun? Salamat.

  656. jaypee says:

    bakit naman po invalid credintial agad un lumalabas sakin e kagagawa kopanag naman dp nga ako nag eestart e ,, parang ndi naman maganda dito lalo lang tayong pinahirapan boti pa a iabang bansa ndi ganito.,, kainis sariling bansa pa natin ang magpapahirap satin,, kaya mas maganda magwork sa iabnag bansa kasi malinis at mahganda ungmga patakaran doon kesa dito,,

    1. Hip Hop Do Dong says:

      Paki ayos naman ng type mo haha.

    2. disappointed citizen of the philippines says:

      Ako rin ganyan yung nangyari, anong plano mo? gagawa ka ba ng bago gamit yung ibang e-mail? kaso bawal eh, di naman pwede tumawag eh holiday bukas hayyy pano na nga ba? :(

  657. Corrupt Goverment. says:

    Walalang kwenta tong system nato poota nag bayad nako ng Via Bayad center tapos ngayun hindi ko na ma login yung account ko poota miski i forgot password invalid email na .. nako basta talaga galing sa gobyerno pal pak… sa pag likom lang ng tax magaling pag dating sa public service pal pak… di na uunlad ang pilipinas hanggat di pa namamatay itong mga mag nanakaw na henerasyon ng gobyerno.

  658. Arnold Mueco says:

    I filed and paid the exact amount at the Bayad Center as I checked my application status I can’t log in with my user I.D and password which I know it was correct, in the lower corner there’s a box appeared and it says “invalid Credentials” what does it mean? Does my application won’t be process anymore?

  659. harlene says:

    hi po gud morning po valid po ba ang police clearance sa pag kuha ng NBI clearance

  660. Shiela Mhay says:

    Hi where can i get the QR or the NBI Clearance Application Reference code? I can’t find it. Thanks for the help.

  661. cristian says:

    GudPm po. may email add naman po ako . Pero bakit kapag nag sisign up po ako palagaing lumalabas eh ”your account is already takken” nakadalawang palit na po ako ng account ganun at ganun parin po ang lumalabas . . Help naman po kailangan na kailangan ko na po kasi. Kindly responce. Thank you

  662. Geralyn Mooc Hobrero says:

    Sir/Ma’am i would like to apply for NBI clearance how would it take to process. I need it for my local employment purposes

  663. harlene says:

    hi wat dress po b ang pwdeng isuot sa pag kuha ng NBI clearance

  664. Gian says:

    Hi is someone here getting the same problem, I somehow got registered online however on the page wherein we put our additional information and click on save information. It will just display the same page all over again and somehow goes into a loop with in the same webpage. Do someone here know whats the problem and how to fix it?

  665. beancha mae says:

    bakit wala yung sa cashier kana mismo magbabayad? pano kung ayaw ko sa banko?

  666. Sam says:

    Magkano po ba ang nbi clearance basta ang purpose ay yung pagkuha ng passport?

  667. mohaiden D. Tahir says:

    patulong mag fillup ng online form

  668. Lily says:

    Mas magastos tong ol application.time consuming pa.yung ibang teller sa bangko,hndi tinatanggap ang reference number,dapat daw depositor’s ref.#’eh yun din lng nmn ang nakalagay na ref# thru ol.haist…😤

  669. Charmagne Loren says:

    It’s convenient and I like it :) Better than my first application. Good work NBI.

  670. Bestgore Gino says:

    Worst application ever made. Pinapahirapan niyo yung mga applicants! Wala talagang magandang nagagawa ang government. Okay na sana yung dating version ng ONLINE REGISTRATION. Ngayon may mga ganitong kalokohan na naman ! Ang pakay ko lang ma print yung application hindi magbayad sa mga g cash, bank, at bayad center na yan. Kayang kaya kong pumunta ng any NBI BRANCH. Sana naman ayusin niyo tong mga problema ng system niyo! Nakaka imbyerna!

  671. Nida S. Torres says:

    hello, good day! I just want to know if an ID issued by the Local Government in our town be considered valid since my nephew has only one ID? That’s only ID he has plus the Police Clearance and Barangay Clearance in his possession for applying NBI Clearance. Pls let me know. Thanks.

    1. iam_alma says:

      Hi there,

      He can also bring any of the ff:

      School ID (if studying)
      Company ID (if employed)
      Postal ID

  672. jowar says:

    Good day! Just want to ask if same lang po ba yung registration code at reference number? Thanks!

  673. Mihara says:

    HOW much do need to load para macomplete ang process? Unsuficient balance daw. E sobra naman linod ko

  674. jaezel says:

    Kakabadtrip mas pinapahirap nyo yung proceso! Napaka selan pa konting malI back to zero nakaka inis paulit ulit.

  675. jen says:

    Hi gd eve ask ko lang po panu po ba kng hindi po nakapunta sa araw na Na dapa na schedule para sa picture at finger print pwd pa b b un pumunta s ibang araw

    1. meme fulay says:

      I would like to ask. yesterday my nbi clearance release it said on my receipt but I cant go yesterday due to heavy rains and floods can I go for today?

  676. beth says:

    Pwede bang authorization para magrenew ng NBI clearance dahil wala ako sa Pilipinas? Paano ang proseso?

  677. Jayson says:

    kala ko mapapadali ung process since online application n.. jusko! mas dumami p ung gagawin.. e mas ok pa ung dating proseso sa walk in applicant eh. haay naku! wala n tlgng gnwng mgnda gobyerno ntin!

  678. Rogene says:

    Pano po ba gumawa ng NBI sa online?

  679. gomez says:

    tapos na po kaming mag bayad sa bdo ng given amount.. paano po malalaman ang confirmation kng ok
    na bayon kasi pag punta po naming sa robinson nbi dito sa ermita eh failed daw .. dn tapos na po kaming mag bayad ano po ang dapat naming gawin

  680. sheila says:

    panu ko po mababayaran sa nbi mismo yung nbi clearance apat lang po yung pamimilian? nasa apply clearance na po ako click ko na po yung button na yun… thanks

    1. jeun says:


  681. Nal says:

    ayaw ma save information. I tried to click it for how many times pero wala pa rin. Pano ‘to? Please reply…

  682. Donmark says:

    Bakit ayaw po ma save information kht na fill up ko na lahat un form .

  683. amy says:


    Im currently out of the country and to get NBI clearance can I apply through online or need to go to a satellite consukate office to get the NBI clearance for the picture and finger prints?

    Thank you.

  684. edgar says:

    ngaun po ba makukuha

  685. angelrojo says:

    i had applied for nbi clearance application by online, but i failed to come before the deadline which was dated may 30, 2015. can i still use the same? or shall i renew it? paki msg back nalang po .. tnx

  686. ann margarette says:

    can i cancel my transaction and change it to another appointment date ?
    bmb pls

  687. Charly Monday Pacinos says:

    Pano po ba kumuha ng additional copy sa NBI clearance ko po? Kasi personal copy nlng natira sa akin at kailangan ng hindi personal copy sa ina applyan ko na trabaho..nag try ako mag register muli sa online kaso hanggang application first part lng..salamat po..

  688. Jean Dela Torre says:

    Hello puidi pa sister ko po yung i authorise ko for the nbi appointment? Ano po ipapadala ko sa knya?

  689. fhe says:

    paano po tatapusin yung application for clearance if ang payment option e yung magbayad na lang sa nbi counter? Wala kasi nakalagay na done e..

  690. Noel M. Mendoza says:

    Magandang initiative kumpara sa ibang departamento. Ang puna ko lang dito, kahit bagong panganak at may kapangalan na may kaso, matatagalan bago marelease ang NBI clearance. Palagay ko ang search engine ay para sa kapangalan lang na may kaso. Nagapply ako at nagobserba narin, parang 80% WITH HIT ang mga applicant. Ang ganito klaseng systems, kawawa ang taong bayan, sa halip na pagaan ay pahirap. Suhestiyon: mag lagay ng additional tab/selection to verify Age, Date of Birth, Birth of Place at middle name. Dito makikita kaagad kung sino ang may kaso wala.

  691. Joana says:

    This is not convenient. Although you already paid thru payment channels and set an appointment, you still need to get a number and fall in line. This is disappointing!

  692. N says:

    FOR THOSE ASKING ABOUT PAYMENT OPTION NO. 5 (Pay directly to NBI Clearance Branch), walang payment option dun sa choices na binigay pero sabi sa dialog box before setting an appointment:

    “If you wish to pay over-the-counter at NBI, please bring your unpaid REFERENCE NUMBER for auto-encoding. ”
    “Pag nais mo pa ring mag bayad sa NBI Counter, pwede ka pa ring pumila sa NBI Cashier at ipakita ang unpaid REFERENCE NUMBER.”

    So pwedeng para makatapos ng online application, magselect ng kahit anong payment option at dalhin nalang yung reference number sa NBI. :)

    1. aries says:

      paano makuha nman ang unpaid reference number?

  693. Orphius says:

    kaylangan ko po nbi para sa passport abroad im about to travel to kuwait…but i don’t know what to write in puropose bar 😕 travel abroad lang ba or travel to middle east…?

  694. Orphius says:

    Pano ba … sa purppose anu ba I lalagay ko travel middle east or travel abroad lang?

  695. mardycasimero says:

    san po b naku2ha ang “Identifying Marks *”?

  696. ann says:

    Kapag umaga po ang appointment, anong oras dapat nasa NBI n?

  697. Maan says:

    What if sa nbi branch mismo ako magbayad? do i have to choose a payment option since wala naman dun yung NBI branch

    1. ann says:

      Kailangan tlaga atah thru e-payment magbayad :)

  698. vienna says:

    san ako pde mag fillup?

    1. ann says:

      NBI Clearance Online Application Website (http://clearance.nbi.gov.ph)

  699. Leslie says:

    For the “NBI Clearance Online Application Form” what I did was, I went back to the “edit information” that is actually the form that suits the criteria. I pasted it to ms word, there, it’s successful, All you have to do is a little edit. It will seem the same as what is on the page. :)

  700. Leslie says:

    I am still on the process of paying it, choosing one of the bayad centers. I hope everything will be fine.

  701. robert says:

    where can i find the Registration Code ??

  702. JUNJUN says:

    it seems it is more convenient!! i will try it!!

  703. Desmond says:

    Ano ba yan hindi naman na save yung ibang data ko. Wala naman nakalagay apply at edit pagkatapos ko mag fill up ng form. Pinoy talaga palpak.

    1. JUNJUN says:

      maybe you internet connection is not good kaya d lumalabas ung ibang info!!

  704. mabega abendan says:

    paano kapag naiwala ang references number paano eto mkita ulit pwede ba mag registered ulit

    1. ann says:

      Nasa Transactions nakasave

  705. Krl says:

    Pano ma bypass yung required Middle name Wala akong middle name.

    1. Ash says:

      just put NMN (as in No Middle Name)

  706. Jose Marie Cuyos says:

    i dont know to find my application form i want an easy step to find my application form..thanks!

    1. junjun says:

      I try to reg here however when I’m about to agree the TandC it stops.. It not letting me go next page.. Why is that?

  707. minay says:

    pangit nmn mas maganda pa ung dati bkit pa kc kailangan ganyan pwd nmng ipaprint ung form tpz bayad ng lng sa pagkugha ng nbi para sigurado kc maraming nahihirapan

  708. Edgar C. Bartocis says:

    Concerning po sa payment options po, pinili ko po kasi BPI OVER THE COUNTER BILLS PAYMENTS po pero nagbayad po ulit ako sa mismong NBI counter gayong nakapagbayad na ko sa bangko, paano ko mababawi ung unang binayad ko sa BPI? Salamat po.

  709. maan says:

    15 days ba talaga bgo mkuha ang nbi if na hit ang name mo??

  710. Rhea Salvador says:

    Bakit po ganun,after I filled up nung first step at na-click ko na yung ”I agree” button ayaw ma-next step. Hindi po ako maka fill up sa next application kasi yung email address sabi dun once lang magamit which is tama naman young ginawa ko. Please help me for this. Thanks

  711. jemaimah says:

    what if I pay directly to the nbi office? what will i do to finish the online transaction? there’s no allotted box for it. thanks!

    1. hey says:

      Panu nga ba… reference number lang ba kelangan pag pumunta ng mismong nbi center

  712. nonie bustamante says:

    I already have a paid transaction and schedule of appointment. But i need to resched my appointment date. What step should i take?

  713. jared tremane royo navarrete says:

    i wod like to ask??what is the NBI for working here in the phillippines Cebu city

  714. jhun S says:

    I want to apply my NBI clearance online while im here in dubai,the problem is theres no alloted slot for other person or relatives to pick up my clearance.

  715. simon cotanda salvador says:

    Piano pobamag a play ng nbi online

  716. generosobravo says:

    bakit ung e-mail add nde na na-eedit ? ?

  717. Martin Dimayuga says:

    May last NBI Clearance was issued last August 2006 pa. Should I go to main or can I renew in any of the brances? BTW, I have a hit everytime I renew my clearance.


    i have only brgy. clearance, police clearance, school id validated. to present for my NBA, acceptable po ba yan? salamat po.

  719. Kim says:

    Why does it say Enter valid email only when the email address I put it is my valid email one?

  720. rickilino l,areglado says:

    how can i open my reference number mali ang copy sa nbi how can i re-correct it so i can check if it is correct.

  721. ROLLY CALMA says:

    hi i want to get 2 copies of my nbi , do i need to make 2 reference number po ba ? 2 single transaction ?


    I plan to pay directly to NBI Regional Office in Naga City, No allotted box is provided

  723. Kris says:

    Pag na hit Ka, usually when makukuha? hindi naman tayo criminal. still lousy govt.!

  724. Tristan Leveriza says:

    Great Help

  725. Shi says:

    Hi. Please nmn Po pki aus ung sistema nyo sa nbi empire mall pasay. Wala man lng kayo mga guides kng Saan ba ung tama line. Ang gulo msydo. Akala ko easy kng pero mas malala to Kaysa sa main nyo.

  726. Godofredo Agustin Jr. says:

    How to apply NBI clearance the fastest way i can. Thank you.

  727. lawrence libarios says:

    how and where can i see the option to
    “Pay directly to NBI Clearance Branch”?

  728. rosemarie macaraya-mugar says:

    i want to register my brother on line for his passport application by using my email address. coz he has no such email ad. could it be possible?

  729. rowena resma gonzales says:

    LIke ko nga po magrenew ng n.b. i.,. dito po sa online para less hassle,..sa pila

  730. omar tagona says:

    I like online application fast and easy

  731. Roland Rolusta says:

    paano ba makapagprocess ng NBI while i’m in Jubail, saudi arabia?

  732. Cindy Quirino says:

    Ask ko lang, aabutin ba ng oras ang pagprocess ng NBI kahit nagonline na q?

  733. roldan manalastas says:

    paano po makakarenew ng nbi online sa katulad kong nasa canada? mayroon po akong old nbi clearance less than a year lng pero need ko po ng latest. nirerequest po ng immigration ng canada.

  734. Nina Grace says:

    OFW po ako,pwede po ba ako makakakuha ng nbi kahit uutusan ku lng yung nanay ko na cxa kumuha at mag byad sa na fill-up-pan ku ? Kasi kailangan ku ng mag renew ng visa..

  735. adjelo nalog says:

    kailan at saan ko pde mview pra maiprint un nka fill out kong form,kasi wala ako narereceive sa email

  736. marlon dellera says:

    saan ba location ng bayad center dito s baguio

  737. Anna Mae peña says:

    i do not have middle name.. once i register online , i cannot proceed due to the middle name which i cannot fill in.
    how can i get NBI due to this problem?

  738. Rachelle Angela C. Placencia says:

    The address of your branch here in Bicol specifically here in Naga City

  739. lina says:

    pwede poh bah d nah poh ma confirm ung confirm payment pag pumunta aq sa nbi outlet d q poh kc ma access

  740. aru says:

    I want to change my password. The “Change password” button is NOT working. Please fix it. Thanks

  741. lina says:

    bakit poh d q maaccess ung confirm payment tapos nah poh aq magbyad sa bayad center anuh poh ang dapt kung gawin

    1. Sheena says:

      ako rin nga po eh,

  742. jerome says:

    ask lang po ung refrerece number nlng ba dadalhin or papakita sa online nbi??? ty guyz pllss help me..

  743. Sheena says:

    Hindi ako makaalis dun sa CONFIRM DEPOSIT after ko kasi mafill out yung hinihinging details may lumalabas na ganito:

    No match found. Make sure you entered ACTUAL amount deposited. We will process this manually at end of day.

    eh yun naman yung actual amount na deniposit ko.. Hindi tuloy ako makaproceed, pwede na po kaya kung yung deposit slip nalang ang dalin ko sa pagclaim ng clearance? Ok na po kaya yun?