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NBIClearance.Com is a complete online guide for your NBI Clearance Application. The website caters to Filipinos seeking direction for their application needs. It is an independent online publication covering the end-to-end process of the NBI Clearance Application.

The primary purpose of the site is to educate and aid to the reader's needs on their application dilemmas. The site will share practical tips for faster and more processing, provide a complete list of the NBI Clearance Outlets and its location Information and share processing application experiences that would help you in your own application. Topics will range from the basic Frequently Asked Questions such as How to apply, Where to apply and How much is the NBI Clearance Cost and everything else in between.

How to apply NBI Clearance Online

Updated: January 11, 2015

NBI Clearance has become an important part of our lives. A few years ago, we had only one way to obtain a copy of the Clearance but everything changes for the better. Our Government, through the National Bureau of Investigation opened the opportunity for its applicants to for an online application which makes the entire process more efficient.

The big problem with the manual processing of NBI Clearance is that it is too slow (a perfect venue for Red Tape). The majority of the applicants is ranting about the long queue lines and it’s driving them crazy!

NBI Clearance can be easily done online and skip a few steps of the old manual way. It also eliminates the manual filling out of application forms since it can be done online. No more long queue lines. No more wasted time waiting for your turn. The NBI clearance online application eliminates 3 steps of the process, namely: Data Verification, Payment to the Cashier and Filling out the Application Form!

The only disadvantage or draw back from the new system is it delays you for a day because of the Scheduling Task as to when to visit your selected NBI Clearance Outlet where you process your online application.

Let’s start our NBI Clearance Application journey.

In this tutorial, I assume you are a first time user and you don’t have an NBI Clearance account.

1. NBI Clearance Online Application Website

The first thing to do is go to NBI Clearance Online Application Website (http://clearance.nbi.gov.ph).

How to apply NBI Clearance Online

2. Fill up the registration form

After arriving at the NBI Clearance Online Application Website, Fill up the “First Timer or New Applicant Application Form. You can see it in the images below.

How to apply NBI Clearance Online


Make sure to input your correct Email address because the NBI Clearance website will be sending you email instructions on the payment process. Assign a strong password and (please) don’t forget it.

Correctly fill out the information needed. Once completed, tick the “I ACCEPT TERM OF SERVICE” and click the “Sign up” Button. After clicking the Sign up button, a window will prompt. You have the option to read it or just skip it by clicking the “I Agree” button.

How to apply NBI Clearance Online

The page will direct you to the next page of the application form. This time, additional information is needed. Again, fill this out correctly, then click the “SAVE INFORMATION” button to save your Application Information.

How to apply NBI Clearance Online

You’re done with your NBI CLEARANCE Application Form. You may EDIT your NBI Clearance Application form if you find an erroneous information by clicking the “EDIT INFORMATION” button.

If you’re satisfied with your NBI Clearance Application form, click the “APPLY FOR CLEARANCE” button to proceed to the next step. The buttons for APPLY FOR CLEARANCE and EDIT INFORMATION can be found in the upper right portion of the screen.

How to apply NBI Clearance Online

After clicking the button, a window will appear asking your NBI Clearance Application Type. You just have to select from the drop down if this is a NEW application or RENEWAL. After assigning the Application Type, write the Valid ID that you will be presenting when you will process your NBI Clearance. This is a requirement before they accept your NBI Clearance Application. You may see the list of the valid ids accepted in NBI Clearance.

Click the I Agree button after completing the fields required.

How to apply NBI Clearance Online

How to apply NBI Clearance Online

After submitting your Application Type and Presented ID for NBI Clearance. An important reminder will be shown.

Please read it!

How to apply NBI Clearance Online

How to apply NBI Clearance Online

It says:

“Your REGISTRATION CODE or REFERENCE NUMBER will be provided after you select your PAYMENT OPTION.

Your REFERENCE NUMBER shall be your GATE PASS when you enter NBI Clearance Centers.

To avoid inconvenience and long lines, please pay your NBI CLEARANCE FEE using your REFERENCE NUMBER at the selected PAYMENT OPTION. If you wish to pay over-the-counter at NBI, please bring your unpaid REFERENCE NUMBER for auto-encoding.

Thank you!”

After reading the important reminder, press the “OKAY” button.

3. Schedule an Appointment for your NBI Clearance

After you successfully filled out your NBI Clearance Application form, you must schedule an appointment with NBI Clearance. This way, you can select the date when you will be processing your NBI Clearance. I believe that this method is copied from Philippine Passport processing wherein you need to wait for your scheduled time and day before processing your Passport.

Going back to the tutorial, select the NBI Clearance Branch where you want to process your NBI Clearance. In my case, I prefer the NBI Clearance Main located on Taft Avenue. Just select the name of the NBI Branch from the drop down list.

How to apply NBI Clearance Online

Then after selecting the NBI Clearance branch, choose the date and time (AM or PM) when you want to process your NBI Clearance. For this example, I chose January 30, 2015. You can schedule your NBI Clearance Application processing in the future (ex. 2 months from now) for your convenience.

How to apply NBI Clearance Online

After scheduling your appointment with NBI Clearance, Click on the Purpose of your NBI Clearance Application. There’s only two purpose in the list, that is for LOCAL and ABROAD.

How to apply NBI Clearance Online

Next is to provide the PURPOSE DETAIL. Select the NBI Clearance purpose, according to your needs. In this example, I’m selecting the “LOCAL EMPLOYMENT” because I need an NBI Clearance for my Employment.

How to apply NBI Clearance Online

Notice now, after selecting the Purpose and Purpose detail of your NBI Clearance, the amount will automatically appear. Take note that this amount is not yet final because there are service fees to be charged when you pay outside of NBI Clearance Office.

How to apply NBI Clearance Online
This means, if you pay your NBI Clearance in the Bank (whether Online or Over the counter), using GCASH, Globe Payment Centers or Bayad centers, they will be charging you additional service fees.

NBI Clearance Fees – How much do we need to pay?

Applicants must pay the exact amount of NBI Clearance Fees according to their purpose of application.

You don’t have to worry about the prices, it will automatically appear when you select the purpose of your application.

But for the purpose of your reference, you can see the list of NBI Clearance Prices according to their purposes.

NBI Clearance for Abroad Purposes
For Deportation 115.00
Immigration Requirement 115.00
Passport Renewal 115.00
School Visa 115.00
Self Deportation 115.00
Travel Abroad 115.00
Travel Africa 115.00
Travel Asia 115.00
Travel Australia 115.00
Travel Canada 115.00
Travel Central America 115.00
Travel Diego Garcia 115.00
Travel Dubai 115.00
Travel Europe 115.00
Travel Hong Kong 115.00
Travel Libya 115.00
Travel Micronesia 115.00
Travel Middle East 115.00
Travel New Zealand 115.00
Travel North America 115.00
Travel Palau 115.00
Travel Papua New Guinea 115.00
Travel Qatar 115.00
Travel Saipan 115.00
Travel Singapore 115.00
Travel South America 115.00
Travel Taiwan 115.00
Travel USA 115.00
VISA Australia 115.00
VISA Canada 115.00
VISA China 115.00
VISA New Zealand 115.00
VISA Seaman 115.00
VISA Seawoman 115.00
VISA USA 115.00
NBI Clearance for Local Purposes
ACR Requirement 415.00
Adoption 165.00
BID Requirement 115.00
Business Requirement 165.00
CA Requirement 115.00
Cancellation of ACR 415.00
Change of Gender 115.00
Change of Name 165.00
Correction of Birthdate 115.00
DOT Requirement 115.00
Enlistment AFP 115.00
Enlistment PNP 115.00
Firearms License 165.00
For Probation 115.00
For Promotion 115.00
ID Purposes 115.00
Lateral Entry 115.00
Local Employment 115.00
LTO Requirement 115.00
Marriage Requirement 115.00
Naturalization 415.00
NFA Requirement 165.00
NSO Requirement 115.00
NTC Requirement 165.00
Other Requirement 115.00
Permit to Carry Firearms 165.00
PNP Requirement 115.00
POEA Requirement 165.00
PRA Requirement 165.00
PRC Requirement 115.00
Repatriation 415.00
Seman’s Book 115.00
Seawoman’s Book 115.00
SEC Requirement 165.00
Special Investor Residence Visa 165.00
SSS Requirement 415.00
Student VISA 415.00

4. NBI Clearance Payment Methods

As an NBI Clearance Applicant, you have five (5) options how you can pay your NBI Clearance. These are through:

  • Banks (Over the Counter)
  • Banks (Online)
  • Mobile (Payment through GCASH)
  • Bayad Centers
  • Pay directly to NBI Clearance Branch

How to apply NBI Clearance Online

For Over the Counter Payment in Banks – you need to go to accredited banks such as BDO, Metrobank, BPI, Landbank, RCBC, Chinabank, Eastwest bank, Union Bank, Security Bank, PNB, DBP and others to pay your NBI Clearance. In this type of Payment method for NBI Clearance, a service fee will be charged to your NBI Clearance. The amount varies from P40 to P100 depending on the Bank where you are transacting.

For Bank Online Payment – you can pay online using your Online Banking app such as BDO Internet Banking, BPI Express Online, Chinabank Online, Metrobank Direct, RCBC Access one, Unionbank EON/Internet Banking & UCPB Connect. Just like over the counter payment, a service fee will be charged to your NBI Clearance. The amount varies from P40 to P100 depending on the Bank where you are transacting.

Mobile Payment – you can also pay in any Globe Business Centers, Globelines Payment and Services Centers or any GCASH Outlets. A service fee will be charged accordingly.

Bayad Centers – you can proceed and pay to any BAYAD CENTER outlets or to their partners like LBC, Robinsons, eBiz. A service fee will be charged accordingly.

Going back to the tutorial, click on the payment method you prefer. For this scenario, I will pay my NBI Clearance using the BANK OVER THE COUNTER method.
This window will appear, please read it carefully and click PROCEED TO PAYMENT button.

How to apply NBI Clearance Online

After clicking the Proceed to payment button, this will redirect you to the payment DragonPay Online Payment System, In the source, choose BPI Over the Counter Bills Payment then click the SELECT button.

How to apply NBI Clearance Online

A reference number and final amount that you need to pay will be shown. They will also send an email instruction on how to pay your NBI Clearance using BPI Banks.

How to apply NBI Clearance Online

Here’s an example of the email instruction:

How to apply NBI Clearance Online

Please read their email instruction to guide you in paying your NBI Clearance in BPI.

NBI Clearance Transaction Confirmation

After paying your NBI Clearance in BPI, make sure that you have your deposit slips.

Now, go back to the NBI Clearance Online application and log in to your account using your registered email address and password.

Then go to Transactions (can be found at the left side of your screen). This will show your recent NBI Clearance Transaction and its status. In this scenario, my recent transaction is still unpaid since I haven’t paid it yet. To confirm the payment, click the “[Confirm Payment]” link.

How to apply NBI Clearance Online

The Confirm Payment Link will open a new window (image below). This will require you to fill out the necessary details of your deposit such as the branch code which can be found in the deposit slip, the date and time and the amount that you deposited. Once done, click confirm.

How to apply NBI Clearance Online

Process your NBI Clearance

You may now process your NBI Clearance in their NBI Clerance Office.

Some useful advice:

  • Bring Two (2) Valid Identification Cards.
  • Make sure to follow the appropriate dress code allowed in the NBI Clearance Outlets so that they will let you in without any problem.
  • Bring the printed NBI Clearance Application Reference code, the one you filled out in the NBI Clearance Website. Make sure that the QR code is included in your printout.
  • OR, if you don’t have a print out of the NBI Clearance Online Application form, just make sure that you copied the Registration Code and present it there.

When you arrive in the gate of NBI Main, or any of its satellite offices, don’t waste your time. Ask an NBI Personnel currently stationed to assist the NBI Clearance Applicants right away. Ask them that you are an NBI Clearance ONLINE applicant. He or she will give you some directions where to proceed so listen carefully.

Have your picture taken then the Biometrics will be the next step. The two steps will be too easy for you, right? No need for a thorough explanation for this! :)

The last step would be the issuance of your NBI Clearance. This is where you go to the printing facilities of NBI Clearance and receive your fresh-from-the-printer NBI Clearance!

Congratulations! You just successfully applied for your NBI Clearance! Do you have anything to say to us? Let us know in the comments!

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    Hi! Last 2 years ago ako kumuha ng nbi, ngayon kukuha ulit ako. Ano po yun NEW or RENEWAL?? THANKS!

  76. vin says:

    nakapagbayad na ko kaso ndi ako makakapunta sa appointment date.. pwede ba sa ibang araw nalang?

  77. mhel says:

    panu bayan nka filled up na aq pero wlng confirmation kng ok nba o invalid

  78. meldred pamugas says:

    tapos na po aq mag filled up.pero bkit wlng confirmation aq narecieve?

  79. waw says:


  80. sanchez says:

    pano pa print yung NBI Clearance Online Application form

  81. ge says:

    In the old system, every time i renew my NBI clearance at a satellite, i still need to go to Manila main office for VALIDATION, because I have the same name as someone else. Will it be the same process in this NEW system??

  82. amber says:

    Useless nman po online application pag dating dun ang bagal pa din ng process nila tapos papabalikin ka ulit para para sa verification pa daw..eh sana d na nagonline doble abala pa..

  83. chenelly magtuba magbanua says:

    ma.apply po ako nag NBI? PANU PO MAG FILL UP? THANK YOU

  84. RENZ says:

    at ung s direct nbi po mag babayad wla dn po nlbs

  85. RENZ says:


  86. zae says:

    pnu pg nag apply ako sa online pero sa mismong lugar na ko ngbyad, mgbbyad pa rn ba ko sa bayad center? pnu iprint ang application form renewal ako. san mkkita registration code?

  87. Ace Escalante says:


  88. Lee says:

    Need ko pa ba magprint ng Application Form?
    Renew ko lang NBI ko.

  89. lem says:

    panu iprint ung applcation form?wala namang option n print..o bka naman pagnkapagbayad na at nagconfirm na saka llabas ung option na print?..need help po.

  90. Ray Anthony Oduya says:

    after Save Information.. walang nag-appear na Registration Code.. Please help.. -spending hours to solve this..

  91. Allen jeff arquilado says:

    May option po ba na i print ung nbi application reference code?

  92. marilyn r. macas says:

    ask ko po dhil yesterday i pay in the bank for my nbi clearance but until now wala prin pong confirmation akong natangap sa email ko?

  93. vaniza manalansan says:

    Pwde po ba kumuha ng nbi 2x a year? At pagkadalaga at apelyedo ng asawa q po ang isa? For abroad po ang pgkadalaga at for employment po ang married.?tnx po god bless..!!

  94. Atty Ferdinand Aguirre says:

    The Philippine consulate in Edmonton is 4 hours away from Calgary and contract workers here are having a great difficulty getting their NBI clearance here .

    1. Can applicants get their NBI clearance online ? How can they do it
    2. If they have NBI form No. 5, can they go to the nearest police or Royal Canadian Mounted Police station (equivalent of NBI here) and get their fingerprints taken and stamped there, then send it by mail to the consulate?

    Thank you for your reply. We will publish your response in the local Filipino newspapers in Calgary so we we could help our kababayans here.

  95. maricel mingo says:

    Pano po bha pag walang na na print galing online apps pro settle ang fee puede ko bha ma process un directly to nbi office,,,thnks

  96. cherry says:

    kahit saan po bang branch pde k pumunta kahit may schedule na appointment na po sa isang branch ng nbi..at pde po bng pumunta dun kahit wala k dun appointment pero nagapply k online

  97. Gerald Peregrino says:

    Hello pwede ba sa Branch magbayad basta me ref. number khit la ng form ganun kc dati ginawa ko tanong ko lng if pwede pa salamat ^_^

  98. Jayson says:

    Bkt ganun walang apply button na lumalabas sa tablet Ko

  99. feliciano says:

    ask ko lang po, bakit walang special character dun sa pag fill up ng form sa nbi clearance online? tulad ng ñ or Ñ.Need ko po yun para sa surname ko. pakisagot naman po.salamat

  100. Vanessa says:

    Hi tanong ko lang po kong Pay directly to NBI Clearance Branch ako,,kailangan pa po ba ng REf #? and if kailangan paano po sya makuha..wala po kasing option eh..

    1. Jovynil Rosello says:

      yes, need mo parin nasa instructions na po nila. :) try mo kumuha ng ref # sa bayad center.

  101. Joanna carbonell says:

    Pwede ba magpareschedule?

  102. Ma.Elena E. Ramos says:

    Nagapply po ako ng nbi clearance kanina morning…pero ang release ko p ng clearance at s Monday p…d nmn in explain s akong ng encoder yung reason…is it under verification pa…??

  103. ses says:

    i really need to know pls.. someone…

  104. ses says:

    should i still choose when to pay when i want to pay tommorow but the available date is on 12.?

  105. A says:

    May Am and Pm sched diba. What time exactly I need to be there? And option lang naman yung online registration diba? Thanks!

  106. Elmer says:

    I want to apply NBI clearance online.

  107. SEP says:

    * Kung may kaparehong name at may problema ang name na yun, lahat ng taong gumagamit ng name na yun, pupunta sa main for further clearance.
    *Yung fill up form na ginawang sample sa taas ay available sa online application, yun yung dadalhin sa mga bayad centers, bank etc. unless sa NBI branch ka mag babayad, dun ka rin mag ffill up.*
    *Mas madali po ngayon, dahil mag fill up ka ng nakaupo, ikaw din mag sched kung kelan ka pupunta, at dimo kelangan pumila para lang magbayad, kelangan mo lang ayusin ang schedule mo depende kung kelan mo na kelangan ang clearance.
    *di na po kelangan ng printout, reference code lang po ang kelangan, paki tignan yung huling sample, nakalagay dun reference code.
    *kung nasunog po lahat, magsimula kayo sa valid IDs na pwede nyon makuha locally(brgy. city hall etc) birthcertificate sa NSO, school?, tsaka kayo mag apply ng clearance ulit.
    *ang alam ko po, ung schedule na pinili nyo na pagpunta sa NBI branch ay biometrics and receiving na ng clearance yun, regardless kung pano ka nagbayad. Although may experience ako na sa ibang branch(Mandaluyong City hall) ^_^ papabalikin ka pa para sa pag receive ng NBI Clearance.
    *Di na po kelangan iprint yung reference No. brother, try mo isulat.
    *Sa renewal po, kelangan YATA yung luma, pero kung wala na, dala lang kayo ng two valid ID’s, kasi yung luma, it serves as valid ID na rin, di ka naman siguro nag palit ng name or gender, so I think walang problema, pakitabi na lang ngmaayos sa susunod para di mawala. Ayun ngayon ko lang naisip, try mo na New application pag in doubt ka pa rin.
    *Its either mali ung user or password na ginamit nyo sa pag log in ulit, or na lock na yung account na yun. Try creating a new profile, dont use mobile internet po for ANY transactions, dahil malaki ang probability na mainterrupt ang ginagawa nyo.
    *di nyo po kelangan ng bank para mag bayad, mahal yun! joke… di nyo po kelangan ng bank account sa mga listed banks for payments dahil may form po talaga sila for these kinds of transactions bill payment form po ang tawag.
    * paki review nyo na lang po yung instructions sa taas, better yet iprint nyo para masundan nyo ng maayos.

    last akong nag apply ng NBI clearance back in 2010 pa for work abroad, pero naalala ko pa yung procedure na to honggoling hanupo

    1. SEP says:

      *Reference No. lang nga pala ang kelangan pag magbabayad sa Bayad centers, Bank, etc

  108. Alex Balboa says:

    Just wondering… Is the Quality Control process still in place with this new system? As we all know, claiming of NBI clearance takes time because one may have a namesake somewhere and may have had a case. Or sometimes, that same person had a court case that was cleared but not forwarded to NBI records. Therefore, if one was cleared, say, in January of 2014 and did not have legal/criminal any issues the rest of the year, is it a guarantee that he/she will easily get his/her clearance the same day?

  109. Bernardino P. Rodriguez Jr. says:

    pde po b magpill up s bayad center mgbayd bgo pumunta s inyo

  110. onnie mayor says:

    mas mahirap ngayon ang process di tulad ng dati madaling mag print out ng form e ngaun need muna mg bayad tapos may appointment date lalo lang tumagal balik nu dati sestima

  111. reb tolentino says:

    So khit wla pong printout? Pakita ko lng po ung registration code? Ano po ba ung reg code? Un rin po ba ung reference code?

  112. Bernard Doroja Quinto says:

    ask qo lng po ung personal copy qo eh nasunog ksama n rn lahat ng mga im4tanteng mga requirment qo k8 valid id eh wla po aq……pno aq mka2 kua ulit ng copy eh kailangan qo p nman mag renew ng nbi clearance dhil my nag aantay skin n work ASAP pnu po ang gagawin qo kya nga aq nag apply online kc gus2 qo po sna n mapabilis ung process ng pag renew….pls need help.!!!ASAP

  113. giff says:

    tanong ko lang po pag nag apply online at nag bayad through otc bank makukuha ba agad ung nbi clearance? Na file ko na po yung sa akin ngayon pero pinagsabihan ako na friday pa makukuha di naman sinabi na hit ako.

  114. Jhulul says:

    putang inang NBI yan, gago walang kwenta online assestment nyo, d malaman kung pano ipprint yung ref.no. tapos wala naman over the counter sa nbi mismo, gago ayusin nyo site nyo bago ipatupad ungas!

  115. Ricardo C. Marino says:

    to: Sir/Madam

    pwedi po bang renew pero wala na ang dati kung kupya ng mag saudi ako 2007 di ko na na renew ulit nayon plang
    for abroad ang kailangan ko ngayon

    1. Jhulul says:

      putang inang NBI yan, gago walang kwenta online assessment nyo, d malaman kung pano ipprint yung ref.no. tapos wala naman over the counter sa nbi mismo, gago ayusin nyo site nyo bago ipatupad ungas!

  116. Rei Enriquez says:

    maganda po ang ginawa nyo,malaking bagay po ito sa amin at malaking tulong ,saludo po kami sa inyo…

  117. MB says:

    Application filing via mobile phone got interrupted. Info entered not saved yet. Went back to site a few days after. Application not being allowed saying email address is already assigned to another. What do I do? Can I go back to continue earlier application with the PW I provided? Thank you

  118. ma. christina m. dulhao says:

    tnx at may online nah madali at mabilis na ang process. payment nlng aqo by mar. 15, 2015


    Please make a Bills Payment at any Bayad Center nationwide including LBC. Provide the cashier with the following details:

    Total Due
    PHP 140.00
    Status: PENDING
    Biller Name: NBI
    Ref No: NBAKG55HM6
    Name: ma. christina m. dulhao
    Amount: PHP 140.00
    Description: NBI Clearance
    Deadline: Sunday, March 15, 2015 midnight

    Step 1: Pay

    Pay in CASH only.
    For more details, visit our Bayad Center how-to page. If you are paying at LBC, please note that LBC branches inside SM malls do not accept bills payments.
    Step 2: Confirmation

    Payments are processed in real-time if branch is online.
    We will send a confirmation email to you once processed. If you do not receive one by noon time of the next day, you may call or email our Customer Support or start a live chat session.
    For product-specific inquiries or questions regarding the status of your order, please contact the merchant directly.
    General Rules

    Pay the exact amount indicated above. Excess portion of your payment is forfeited. Payments less than the amount due will not be processed.
    If you are paying for multiple Dragonpay reference numbers, pay separately for each reference number. Do not lump them into a single transaction.
    Make sure to get a reference number first before paying. A Dragonpay reference number can only be used once.
    Contact us immediately if you made a mistake in your payment. appointment

  119. rosemel ocampo says:

    ang hirap naman nitopno kung la ka naman bank? hassle naman kung mag register ka pa sa mga bank. mas maganda ung dati maipprint na kaagad. dito hindi mapprint kung walang bayad s bank.

  120. Jaried says:

    Tapos na po akong mg’fill out ng registration form..clinick ko na rin po yung save information… pero wala pong apply for clearance o di kaya edit information button na lumalabas… ano po gagawin ko

  121. Jessica Mendoza says:

    ask ko lng po kung panu ko ult mkkta ung schedule ko kung nkalimutan ko po pero nkabayad na ako.. Please reply po salamat

    1. Richelle Pido says:

      How come wala paring reply dun sa message ko for the NBI Clearance.
      I give my mobile no. and email for the information if possible na ma answer yung question ko, but until now wala parin. I keep on waiting wala pa din reply :(

  122. joy betz says:

    ..meron akong nbi clearance expired na tapos gsto ko kumuha ng nbi for abroad.. renew po ba ako o mgnew jud ko???

    ..pwede po ba e online ang nbi for Abroad??

    plzz reply tnx..

    1. Ronald Balagot says:

      ask lng po, d ko kc alam kng paano iprint ung form, isesend po b s email ko? kailangan po bang magbayad muna bago maprint yung form? salamat

  123. crystal says:

    Ask ko lng po,saan mas ok mgbayad ng nbi, sa mga bayad centers or sa mga LBC outlets? Kung saan mas mbilis mong mvverify na paid ka na? Need reply asap, tnx!

  124. Joan says:

    Applicable po ba ang NBI online processing sa amin who are already abroad ?

  125. dan marc says:

    bakit po genun ayaw lumabas ng transaction saskin anu po gagawin ko… need reply thnx..

  126. badong says:

    @_@ wla nmn options na mag direct ka ppnta sa nbi pra magbayad after completing the form . eh required pa yung reference number na ipapakita mo ppnta sa nbi . so paano ako mkkakuha ng ref. number kung wla sa payment options yung direct ka n magbbyad .. @_@ lol

  127. Marvin Pakaige says:

    pano magprint ng form

  128. MANUEL MANALO says:

    Very easy…Thanks for the guidlines…..hassle free for falling in line

  129. erwin says:

    sir pwd ba mgbayad over the counter dun na mismo sa nbi pagkuha???nid reply thnx

  130. joel says:

    after clicking save information ayaw mag proceed sa next step. pano ang gagawin?

  131. clarisa bukas obmina says:

    Hello po.ask q lng po f nkapg fillup n po dto s online form.wl n po b ggwin s nbi center.or s mismong branch.pnu po ung picture at finger print.thanks po

  132. Marie Corias says:

    Hello po!
    Ask lng pa ako if magkano exact amount na dapat bayaran sa NBI clearance. Dito po ako ngayon sa Isarael nag fill-up ako ng form sa philippine embassy dito tapos pinadala sa Pilipinas.ang pinsan ko po yung mag claim.sabi daw 3k ang process payment..is this true?
    Help me po!
    Shalom God Bless!

  133. Anthony says:

    pano mag print ng form

  134. rodel says:

    nag eerror pag kukunin na ung reference number

  135. mark says:

    nd ko an gets panu mag bayad

  136. jean says:

    this article is helpful, thank you

    but how can i choose the option “Pay directly to NBI Clearance Branch”

    i’m confused with this, i can’t get a transaction number if i won’t choose a payment option but then the best payment option for me is paying directly to the nbi clearance branch, please guide me with this..how will i be able to get a transaction number if they insist for those 4 options only??

  137. roland salmorin says:

    pnu po mag pa print ng form

  138. Jeffrey says:

    ok sana yung online eh, pero lagi na lang may error kapag kukunin mo na yung reference number.. Yung totoo? Ayaq niyo bang magbayad kami?

  139. akoto says:

    ang hirap po…gulo naman po sa pagfill up iba ung result…tsk

  140. Raquel Gabuyo says:

    Very helpful article…thanks for the info

  141. Cherry says:

    Hi! Nagbayad na po ako for the online application pero hindi ko maconfirm yung payment online kasi ayaw mag-open nung link where you can validate your payment. My appointment date po kasi is same day nung kelan ko pinrocess yung payment. Is there a problem with the website po today?

  142. JHUNE ADORNADO says:

    I do hope that it will work since im so busy with my work. i dont have much time to wait, fall in line.

  143. Renalee Simbillo Policarpio says:

    Very easy. Thanks for the guidelines!

  144. Hebert Ayque Bernal says:

    Mag aaply NBI Clearance Online

  145. Rip says:

    This page, SUCKS!


    Crap! Piece of S***!

  146. Jazmine kim V. Garcia says:

    i want to apply new NBI clearance

  147. kristine says:

    i want to apply new NBI clearance

  148. Ferralyn A. Manlapaz says:

    ang dame arte ngayonn sa online ng nbi..hirap hnapin application nyo…

  149. CHELLE says:

    ok lang sana ang online no prob. kc ikaw mag.pipil up pero ung pag.babayad un ang d magnda what if close/error/ or offline isa s branch ng pinunthan mong bayad center or bank. babalik k ulit kung mag.succeed k man babalik k p rin s pc pra i confirm at iprint diba ang laking waste of time and to think of it my additional fee pa.

  150. michael says:

    good but sad to say their is another payment for processing. :D

  151. Win says:

    Ask ko lang, ang process ba ng Main branch sa ibang branch (like sa BIG-R Junction, Cainta Rizal) ay implemented din? Nakakaloko din kasi eh, sabi dun sa appointment Feb 19, 2015 pm (since ito nalng yung available) at pumunta kami kanina sarado naman. Alam ko naman na holiday, pero ito lang din kc yung bakanteng araw ko. Pero bakit may ganun schedule? db?

    Going back to my question, Pag Online Applicant ba madali lang? same lang ng process sa Main branch? I’m planning to renew my NBI tommorrow at BIG-R Junction, Cainta Rizal. Anong oras dapat ako pumunta?

    Thank you sa mag reresponse.

  152. jonah lynn says:

    Gd pm po Ma”am & Sir, pag nag renew po ba ng NBI kailagan po ba dalhin yung dating expired na NBI . Papano po ba if nawala na yung dati kong NBI Clearance.

  153. Mark Anthony says:

    pano mag fill-up ng form for NBI?

  154. ron ron says:

    anu ba yan..!!! my mga extra extra na bayarin na wala..!!!! ampanget na ng plakad ehhh… prang mas mganda pa ung dati ehhh… wla pang additional na payment… >_<

  155. ann says:

    I just want to know how to see the QR ? coz i haven’t see it when I registered online

  156. ROEL O ESTACION says:


  157. Rain Mendoza says:

    I have just performed the steps you outlined above. Quite frankly, it was user-friendly. But then, I realized, when I have completed everything, that the NBI appointment calendar is not synched with the observed holidays of the country. I made the mistake of selecting a date that is a holiday and the system allowed me to do so. Now, I’ve been trying to reach anyone from different NBI offices and hotlines to find out how I can reschedule my appointment, but I have failed to find such a person.

    I will try my luck to show up on the next business day and find out if the office will still entertain me. I guess the reason why I am sharing this is so that future improvements in the app will include blocking off holidays in their calendar so that forgetful folks like me will be ‘error-proofed’ from committing the said mistake.

  158. William E.Tadina says:

    Ask ko lang po kung anong oras ako dapat pumunta sa NBI? Kasi yung nakalagay sa online form ko ia Feb 23 (AM). Gusto ko lang malaman kung kelangan ko ba maaga dun (madaling araw tulad ng dati) or pwede bang later basta AM?

    Thank you.

  159. ralph says:

    hello sir / mam.
    bakit d ko po makita yong magbabayad kalang po sa office nang NBI branch na pupuntahan mo.. yong pong don ka nalng po magbabayad.. pano po to?

  160. Florianne says:

    Hi! If we are overseas and we will be submitting our application with a form that is administered by Embassy and our relatives will be submitting on our behalf with the special power of attorney, can we do it on satellite office or only in Main office?

  161. Mary Grace says:

    bakit wala yung online application form na ipi-print ko bago ako punta ng nbi branches? this online service is such a waste of time and money. tsk tsk tsk its getting complicated unlike before

    1. April Serbito says:

      Bkit iba na poh ung application di tulad dti mbilis mgfifill up lng tpos ipriprint ok n bky ngaun dming proceso. ,mgbbyad p s bngko angmhal pa my charge pa. ,bkt poh gnun. ,????

  162. shella says:

    panu po pag dun na nagbayad sa office panu mkukuha ung reference number?

  163. johnfrank garcia says:

    Hindi na po ba ako makakakuha ng nbi japag hindi nka pag fill up sa onlune..pls reply asap nsa pila ako now… May nag papa online dto ang mahal.wala ng pera haha

  164. pio says:

    Bakit ganun? Appointment ko ngayon dapat. Pagdating ko sa nbi clearance center sa j centre mall mandaue sinabihan aq na wala ng number balik nalng daw ako bukas. Anu pala ang kwenta ng appointment set up?

  165. Kikay says:

    Para sa isang minimum wage worker at below minimum wage worker, hindi reasonable ang halaga na babayaran. akalain mong mayroon pang additional 25pesos kapag nagbayad sa bayad center. I-compute mo pa ang rental sa pc at print-out.

  166. Cristilyn Pacot says:

    Bakit po ganun pagkatapos kung e save eh hndi ko na man po makita ang edit button po tablet po gamit ko
    Pabalik balik nlng eh wla akung makita na apply button sa web

  167. benny A. jacobe says:

    makukuha din po ba agad nbi true online pag now nag online

  168. Marco Almarinez says:

    If ever na pm ako nag schedule makukuha ko din ba ng hapon on the same day?

  169. Ma Theresa says:

    Guys, pag naka filled up na kayo may lalabas na #code doon sa application nyo pag na print na sya pero hindi makikitaan sa application nyo. Kailangan e- print para makita ang code sa application form. At ang form na naka print ay dadalhin nyo sa NBI paRa bayaran ayon kung magkano ang halaga nito. Ok.

  170. CLINTON T.LEDRES says:

    matagal poba ang prosiso nyan?

  171. Ester Aranez Samla says:

    balit wala naka indicate sa aking application kapag click ko ang transaction help me po

  172. marry domily cervantes says:

    panu ko po malanman yung sagot nyo sa message ko???? mag message po ba kayo sakin???

  173. marry domily cervantes says:

    pag mag fill up aku ngayon,ngayon din po ba ang bayad ko sa alin mang nabanggit na pweding magbayad???

    1. JIMMY.D BUTCON says:


  174. joel calzar says:

    maiden name po ba ang kailangan?

  175. Mary ann Bose says:

    I need to get nbi clearance as soon as possible but i’m in morocco. Pwede po bang magprocess online and send after on my email?

  176. Anelyn E. Gualiza says:

    Hindi ko po nakuha yong reference number ko for payment.., ano po gagawin ko?

  177. Ma. Carmina D. Galigao says:

    In case I would like to change my payment option from OTC bank to NBI Galleria Office, can I just proceed there and pay.

  178. Jonathan says:

    Maganda nga ang bagong systema pero lumang systema parin ang releasing ng NBI clearance dahil sa “HIT” aabot pa ng ilang araw or even a month to claim our NBI clearance. Ginagawa tayong bobo ng mga taga NBI na yan. Paano maging “HIT” kung unique naman ang biometrics. And also the fact that even if ang name natin is not unique, there’s still other information provided like birthplace,birthday, parent’s name etc. combine all of that will make each of us unique.

  179. crisanto says:

    ung ref # lang ba dadalhin pag nag bayad ako sa bayad center

  180. Ghensen says:

    this is much better and helpful…

  181. maria stella flores says:

    this is helpful when it comes to following instructions on how to register online. banks were also accommodating when it comes to payment.

    i hope this will also be the same, the smooth process when i get to visit the branch

  182. May Mansanas says:

    pwd po ba, pagkatapos ma-fill up ang mga forms sa online sa nbi ka talaga mgbabayad?

  183. jay says:

    :tanong ko lng kong mali po yong,,name.address,place of birth and year of birth moh…pwde poh bang ibalik….may bayad po magkano naman yong bayad ….kung isa lang yong mali moh….salamat

  184. jealou deramayo says:

    need to get nbi

  185. Evelyn Bartonico says:

    Gud pm po.tanong lang po ok lanng po ba na walang barangay clearance cidula at saka police clearance. Pag magkuha ng NBI po.

  186. iris says:

    ano po bang ilalagay ko sa NBI Branch pag sa Ormoc po ako nag apply ?

  187. cheryl cepeda says:

    nakalimutan q n qng paanuh mgfill up paano nga b ulit?

  188. Michael Arman R. Diego says:

    puwede po ba makuha ng mas maaga yung clearance oras na nakabayad na sa bayad center?

  189. Princess Nebriel says:

    Mali po yung appointment schedule na nai click. instead of feb.10 march 10 po ang nailagay. pwede po bang mas kunin nang maaga yung NBI. Paid na po.

  190. Charlene Ronquillo says:

    Nice to have online nbi clearance now.kudos to the one who thought of this.It would be more appreciated if you can do also the online registration and payment for those who are residing outside the philippine like us, this is possible because it is being done in Texas and new mexico usa based on my experience.Register and pay online then mail the finger print card.
    Thank you so much!

  191. Theresa gipit says:

    Gud am pde po b n Ako ang mg online Pra s nbi clearance ng manugang ko pero XA ang pupuntA s appointment tz s bli n lng Ako mgbbayad at how much total po tnx

  192. R says:

    Thank you for this very elaborate tutorial. :)

  193. raphy gilo says:

    maam /sir. pwdi ho bang sa nbi bruch ako mag bayd kc nalilito aq sa bayad center eh,,

  194. Hedylyn B. Medina says:

    Pede po bang kuhanin sa ibang branch ng NBI yung clearance? Naka-sched po kasi ko nuong Feb 3, 2015 sa Malolos branch. Dahil sa holiday po nung araw na iyon sa San Fernando Pampangga po ako kumuha ng clerance.Feb 10, 2015 po ako pinababalik dahil may hint ako. Pede ko po kayang kuhanin nalang sa Malolos branch yung result ng clearance ko? Parehas naman po ata server? may pasok po kasi saka malayo kung duon ko pa kukuhanin. Salamat po.

  195. RESTY S SALI says:

    SIR/MADAM, bkit wala ng lumalabas na barcode?

  196. ROMAR ECHANO says:

    thanks. mas napadali tuloy. para dun sa mga nali2to, basa-basa ng instruction pag may time. very detailed na nga ung information. baka may nakaligtaan lang kayong basahin.

  197. Ellpi Rosales says:

    How about info on being in a “HIT” status? This is one of the clamors that the citizens have. Applause for the new system because finally for a long time somebody poked the head of NBI’s chief. But another issue that really puts citizens in state of dissatisfaction is waiting for 30 days to receive the clearance when being held on a HIT status. I don’t understand the purpose of biometrics. Isn’t this the most efficient tool to crossmatch identities irregardless of names similarity? I don’t seem to comprehend the 30days. Or is this another bureaucratic play in the government? And I don’t think they never though of this. I believe someone can definitely make a program to resolve this kind of 1-2-3 issue. I mean why would anyone wait unlike somebody else who has unique name for a long time because their parents baptized them with a commonly used name?
    Or if I am totally wrong with the reason why we have to wait 30days then please elaborate the facts///

  198. matt bierneza says:

    Balik nyu na ang dati hirap nito..nkakalito mas phirapan eh.

  199. evelyn manalad says:

    Ask lang po . What if di po ako naka punnta sa sched na napaili ko what will happen po ?

  200. Crystal says:

    What if I want to change schedule? How can I inform your office?

  201. meliza g. brillantes says:

    so easy and good for us…. Tnx’s …………. :)

  202. Varhanite says:

    Doon po sa mga nalilito. Kailangan nyo pong i confirm ang Payment Link.. Kung anu po ang binigay ng Bayad center na code para maiConfirm ang inyong transakyon na nagbayad kayo..


  203. The great says:

    Hi po. Pede po ba magbayad bill ng kuryente deretso sa NBI office? Ayoko ng online online. Malapit na kasi kami putulan. Yung sa telephone bill namin pede naman daw sa over the counter sa malapit din dun sa nbi sa may aseana macapagal kaya isasabay ko na. Please help. Malapit na kasi lumipad ang tiyuhin ko so need na namin. Tnx and more power to all!

  204. kc says:

    Wala po registration code ko lumabas po at ska po walang print button ..Pero nagbayad na ako Ng nbi fee Sa bayad center.. Paano po Yun makukuha ang registration code ko para maiprint na ang form or magapply ulit Ng clearance para magkaroon Ng registration code then Yun binayad ko isang application ko na walang registration code kung pwede Yun na kapalit ko Sa pambayad ko Kasi bayad naman ako na .. Tnx

    1. Reyna says:

      Parehas tayo resibo lang meron ako

    2. Cristina Cariño says:

      pano po kung wala lumabas na registration code dun sa application form ko sa nbi at nagbayad na ako sa banko? how can i claim my nbi clearance?

  205. Mangagawa says:

    Print button at QR Code? e wala naman akong nakitang print button at QR code dun sa form ko, hindi maayos tong site nyo.

  206. Liza Debelleres says:

    Good day. I am trying to register and apply NBI Clearance online. But, I worry about something. What if I cannot make it on the appointment schedule? Will my reference number be still valid?

    Your good response to this matter will be highly appreciated.

  207. ==== says:

    Napaka hirap ng new process. Mas maganda pa yung dati, pahirapan pero walang masyadong kailan gawin..
    Paki review nga ng process nio.

  208. sopiajay suyat says:


  209. jerick says:

    napakahirap intindihen promise..sana ibalik na lang yung dati

  210. ANONYMOUS says:


  211. febeeh lou lorenzo says:

    Gud day po! pano po magpalit ng purpose..instead of travel abroad to travel taiwan..hindi ko kasi alam kung san ko siya ieedit..thank you!

  212. mary france bobis says:

    good day.. mam/sir.. just want to ask pano ko po mareretrive ung application ko online nclose kz ung tab dq nakuha khit ung registration code ang meron lng aq e proof of payment ref number lng ang meron ako pero ung reg code dq dn nkuha anu po kaya pwd ko gwn may chance p kya na magmt ko p ung application q n un e byad nko.. anu po b pwd kng gwn??thanks

    1. AlexChan says:

      Login ka lang ulit gamit ang iyong email address at password sa http://clearance.nbi.gov.ph/. Mapupunta ka sa Application Page. Click mo yung Transaction sa taas nung page, andun na yung Reference Number mo..

  213. John Christopher P. Aloner says:

    ano pong ibig sabihin kung walang AM/PM dun sa Calendar ? does it Mean na puno na ang slots ? thanks and i need reply asap

  214. julz says:

    Gud Evening sir!.. ask lang ko sir, After making all the steps, paid and confirmed, i start printing my application form but without the QR Code. How will i find this QR Code sir? Thanks

  215. CHE says:

    hello, need your help anyone regarding po doon s pgpili ng schedule, what does it mean if wlang lumalabas n AM/PM doon s Date n pnili ko? Puno n kaya or yun tlga ung alloted time nila when you do it online. Kasi nggaling po ako knina s mismong branch n mlapit dito saamin but unfortunately the guard told me n wala n daw, (don’t know exactly if it’s already been cut-off or run out of form). Then he suddenly told me to go to some internet shop to print out a form coz’ he still have some available slot or numbers on hand.
    So, pdeh po kaya n mgpunta s NBI office ng mas maaga sa pnili kong Date?? For example po Feb.20 ang nclick q kaz un lng ang umpisa ng available date n lumalabas d2 pro pupunthan q xa these FEB.6 n bzta nkpg Pay n q?

    Sana my sumagot sa conccern ko,thank you!!

  216. Joseph says:

    ano bang kailngan iprint out? wala nmn ako makita d2 na QR code that included from the registration form ang gulo!! ang napili kong payment method is through bayad center.. but ill go directly to the nbi office to pay for it .. d ko lng alam kung ano ba ung kailngan ko iprint at ipakita sa mismong office pa help nmn

    1. AlexChan says:

      Apparently, there is no need to print anything. The QR code is the Reference Number. The instructions indicates that you do not need to print the Application form, you can simply write down the Reference Number and present it when you go to your NBI branch.

  217. Nikka Trestiza says:

    good day.. may i ask if its ok if i only have 1 valid ID? thanks and im expecting to your response

  218. jerald says:

    I so love the process.. very convenient :)

  219. JAIME CASTELLVI says:

    Sir Good evening tanong ko lang po kung pwede mag bayad ng Bills thru LBC?


    Sir bukas ko po kunin yong NBI CLEARANCE ko…kaso po date nya ay nong february 2, 2015 tas gusto ko siya kunin sa nbi U.N(MANILA) hindi nalang sa ROBINSON OTIS..ok lang po ba yon!?

  221. Ashi says:

    Bukas na po ang schedule ko, pano po kung hindi ako makarating sa schedule ko. Ok lang po ba na the next day na ako pumunta? Thanks!

  222. Gorby says:

    Hello, Matagal po ba tlga mag transact? 30mins na po ako nag aantay po Ref. Number.

  223. christian says:

    hi, just want to know what should i bring on my appointment date? which printout are they looking for?

    1. Ramavel Cuanico says:

      Ask ko lang po,bakit wala pong lumalabas na reference # sa NBI online?anu po ipapakita ko sa NBI cashier kung dun po aq pupunta ? panu po ba makukuha ung refernce #? reply po asap

  224. jacquelineMarie Gonzales says:

    pwede po ba ako pumunta bukas sa NBI center kahit ngayon palang po ako gumawa kasi kailangan kjo na po eh feb 23 p po ung schedule ko

  225. Andrei Rodis says:

    Hello! Can I ask for assistance? I paid for the fee already over the counter in BPI. I even received the email from Dragonpay confirming the payment. But when I went back to the site to finish the process, the transaction says unpaid. I click the confirm payment and fill out the appropriate details but somehow the “confirm” button is grayed out and unclickable. Now I’m stuck and could not print the form and retrieve my Reg Code. I can’t even contact the support numbers. My schedule will be tomorrow morning. Can anyone help? Thanks so much!

  226. Eddie says:

    Hello, I am foreigner have been staying in Davao city over 6 months.
    I need this clearance for my visa application (CONVERSION TO NON-QUOTA IMMIGRANT VISA BY MARRIAGE)
    My questions are;

    1. What should be my purpose and purpose detail?
    2. Some told me that foreigners cannot get the clearance through online, but I should go to the main branch in Manila. Is it true?
    3. If I pay directly to NBI Clearance Branch, Do I still need to come back home and confirm the payment through online?

    Thank you very much.

    1. Ressie Timbang says:

      hi.. nasa canada po ako..paano mg renew kung andito ako? ..pede ba pakuha ko sa kapatid ko ung NBI at pede sya ang magbayad sa accredit paying branches ninyo?..bigyan lang ng authorization letter ganun po ba? ..kasi sabi no manual application para madali… paano naman po kami na andito sa ibang bansa…..please give feedback on this…thanks

  227. Sunny A.Cerna says:

    Pwide ko po ba ngaun agad makuha ung appointment. ?

  228. april dionisio says:

    pwde po ba akong magpunta sa nbi branch ng mas maaga sa appointment date ko. tom ko na po kasi kailangan ng nbi eh kaso walang available na slot bukas….

  229. fitz says:

    - Kaninang umaga pa ko naghahanap ng bayad centers for NBI pero sabe nila hindi pa daw sila nagtatransact sa branch nila nun.. Ang dame ko ng pinuntahang bayad center pero wala nman tumatanggap ng payment ko for nbi.. bukas na ang schedule ko, pwede ko bang doon na mismo bayaran ang payment sa NBI Branch na pupuntahan ko? please. need ko ng response..

    1. fredrice says:

      hanap ka ng LBC, etc.

  230. fitz says:

    - Kaninang umaga pa ko naghahanap ng bayad centers for NBI pero sabe nila hindi pa daw sila nagtatransact sa branch nila nun.. Ang dame ko ng pinuntahang bayad center pero wala nman tumatanggap ng payment ko for nbi.. bukas na ang schedule ko, pwede ko bang doon na mismo bayaran ang payment sa NBI Branch na pupuntahan ko? please. need ko ng response.

  231. ENGR.JAP says:

    Nakabayad na po ako ng 140 pesos sa Bayad Center kaninang mga 4pm. Then when I checked the transaction may nakalagay dun na unpaid. Pano to NBI? Tomorrow Morning ako nakaschedule?

  232. RENZ says:

    I processed my NBI renewal this day (February 3, 2015) thru online. I paid 140 pesos thru Bayad Center (Reference: 9N979Q47) before 4pm. Now I’m trying to check my transaction online but it’s giving me a hard time since the server is DOWN. It took me 45 minutes just to load this webpage, then I checked the transaction it shows that it is still unpaid. Since my schedule is for tomorrow afternoon (February 4, 2015), I was wondering how can I print my application if this is what’s happening? Come on, NBI.

  233. Ivan says:

    hirap e open site nyo… pano po kame mka online neto…?

    1. rozano pabico says:

      ang hirap mag online sa web site ninyo.

  234. nathan says:

    hindi po ma open yung page ngayon. sira po ba?

  235. rish says:

    pnu b mlaman ung reference no? knina pa po aq reload ng reload sa page niu

  236. odan says:

    di naman nag rereload ng maayos ang DRAGON PAYMENT! di rin maopen ang page.. pano ba toh!?

  237. Neil Sy says:

    myGAAAAAAAAD, i cant find the option to pay through any NBI Offices. this is so ridiculous. can someone tell me how? tsk tsk.

    1. fredrice says:

      e di wag kang magbayad sa mga banko at bayad centers lol

      kya nga online eh pra minimum na ang pila sa NBI main or satellites eh…

      my personal experience is an excellent one… i paid 140 php to a nearest LBC branch and when its time for my schedule, diretso nako agad sa 2nd floor ng NBI main tapos ang igsi ng pila (may sariling pila kasi ang mga nagonline)… diretso agad sa picture taking at biometrics… i’m out of NBI main in about 30mins (dhi sa may konting pila) but the process took me just about 5mins lol… what a convenient way…

      nakita kong 200++ taong nkapila sa 1st floor sa 1st or 2nd step nagpapakahirap sila doon… eh magkano ba ang difference ng manual at online application? its a small fee to pay for a very hassle-free method of obtaining yor NBI clearance…

  238. leumas says:

    ask lang po pwd ba ako mag kuha ng nbi minor age po ako pero nagawan ako ng warrant of arrest, email nyo po ako f pwd eriladleumas@gmail.com

  239. leumas says:

    ask lang po pwd ba ako mag kuha ng nbi minor age po ako pero nagawan ako ng warrant of arrest,

  240. susie says:

    Hi ask ko lang i need to renew my nbi clearance. I got mine last 2006 pa and now requirement ko ulit sya for local employment at the same time change of marital status how can i process it? is it a one time process lang? thank you for your response.

  241. June mendoza says:

    Is it possible to apply NBI from abroad?
    I am based now in UK and one of my requirements is NBI?
    How can I get one

    1. VICKY says:

      mag inquire ka sa Philippine Embassy jan sa U.k. yung brother ko nag apply ng NBI clearance sa Phil. Consulate sa Singapore at . Then pinadala nya sa akin ang papers. Then dinala ko sa NBI Main office/ mailed application. I paid the P115 application fee. Wala pang 30 minutes tapos na. Sila magbibigay ng sched kung kelan ikeclaim. After 7 working days, I think.

  242. alfred millondaga says:

    log in

  243. geraldine says:

    panu poh mgreg.ng nbi sa internet?

    1. fredrice says:

      just follow the step-by-step instructions above lol

      i trust you are computer literate since you know how to post a comment…

      and i trust you know how to read and follow instructions, right?

  244. jay says:

    bakit ganun wala naman sa pagpipilian yun magbabayad ka sa mismo sa NBI center…??

  245. Ruthcel Colipapa says:

    Yup! Basta may Reference Number po kayo.

  246. JOHN RAY AGDA says:

    Good day!. Ask ko lang po, kung hindi po ako mka bayad sa BAYAD CENTER pwede po bang mag direct payment nalang po ako sa NBI Branch?
    Pls reply as soon as possible. schedule ko na po kasi sa Feb. 3, 2015.
    Thank you and more power.
    God bless.

  247. beverlyn lamorena says:

    good aftrnoon po, tnung q lng po my appointment date n po aq en bayad q n dn tru gcash kso po ung branch po na kukuhanan q mli,i min mlau po pla pwede po b un s any branch? please reply po…tnx

  248. Machael T Bilbes says:

    hi,san po pwd mkita ung form?

  249. Raymond Poginahelpfullpa says:

    Based on my experience, USELESS ang appointment date, di sya nasusunod., FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE PARIN..

  250. Jennifer B. Graneta says:

    Hello . Good day :)
    Pwde po magtanong ? about sa pagapply through online ng nbi clearance.
    Kasi po yung friend ko po ang appointment nya is nong friday dpat jan.30,2015. Pm
    kaso po d nya pa nabayadan yung payment sa LBC. panu po yun >? and deadline po na nakalagay is until feb.13,2015.
    Panu na po un ? salamat ..

    Please response po :)

    Thankyou so much !

    –jennifer graneta :)

    1. Raymond Poginahelpfullpa says:

      Disregard mo na ung appointment date, di nasu2nod un, just make sure mabayaran mo sya b4 the deadline, then pwede kana pumunta anyday, agahan mo lang kc 1st come, 1st serve pa rin….

  251. Hello says:

    Had mine renewed yesterday at DUTY FREE Paranaque. It went better than expected and only took me 15 minutes to complete. WORD OF ADVICE, go there late in the afternoon to avoid the long queues that usually happen in the morning. Here’s my experience: Got there 3:30 PM; submitted my old NBI Clearance (with Reference # written at the back) and my BDO Receipt to the Cashier. If paying on site, a photocopy of your Valid I.D. is required. You will also save P25 since there is NO transaction fee. After 5 minutes, my name was called and I had my picture and biometrics taken. My old NBI Clearance and reciept was then returned to me with a STAMPED DATE on when I should return for the release of the printout of my re-newed NBI Clearance (usually 5 days from date issued). I was done! It was that fast and easy. Remember, it’s the high volume of people and not the processing time that makes it a long and tedious experience. So, avoid the crowd if you’re as impatient as I am. Also note that this is my experience with the Duty Free branch in Paranaque and I cannot speak for other NBI branches. So, good luck at tibay ng loob! haha.

  252. ghelo x says:

    pwede po bang d2 sa malapit kunin ung nbi,, bayad n kc kelangan kuna din po s feb 2

  253. Eizzy Kyelle says:

    Good afternoon. Need pa po ba ng Brgy CLearance at Police Clerance kapag kukuha ng NBI Clearance.
    Salamat po.

    1. Raymond Poginahelpfullpa says:

      Di na po, valid i.d lang, for reference

  254. andrea says:

    Very useful article!! Thorough explanation..
    I am done with mine :)

  255. MaCarla says:

    Good Morning. Tanong ko lang po pano ko mbbyaran ung naregister ko kahapon eh d na po ako makasign up sa website nyo kc taken na address ko? D ko po kasi nabayaran kahapon kc ngkaroon ng maintenance ang bdo. Pano po ba eun? Makukuha ko pa dn po ba inisked ko na date of appearance sa office nyo? Thanks

    1. fredrice says:

      hmm… ndi na mkasign-up??

      edi magsign-in ka… ang sign-up is 1-time lng yan pra mkpagcreate ka ng account in a website…

      magsign-in ka pra mkalogin ka sa website na un…

      OR are you confused with the terms/words you’re using?

  256. Krista says:

    Hi po, ask lang what if HIT ang previous nbi clearance? Pwede po ba ang online? May 10 days waiting period parin po ba? Thanks.

  257. Paoie says:

    Hi. Regarding your instruction to bring the NBI Online application form and the NBI application reference code filled out on the NBI Website, where can I find it po? I mean, how can I have it printed? Thank you very much! I have a schedule po kasi on Feb. 3 :)

    1. fredrice says:

      if you have paid the fee to your chosen method, then in the transaction tab, you have to either confirm payment (in case of bank payment) or just wait for it to become “PAID” (in case of BAYAD CENTER payments) in your account in nbi.gov.ph

      if the status is already PAID, the PRINT button will now appear in the ACTIONS column (the rightmost column)…

      in the preview, the filled up application form will be there and the reference number is located on the upper right part…

  258. nyz says:

    ‘asan ung option na pay directly sa nbi branch?

  259. michelle mae says:

    i find easy.

  260. Regine Solangon says:

    Hello po. Ask ko lang po sana kasi nag-renew ako ng NBI online ngayon tapos nung magbabayad na sna ako sa LBC eh offline na daw NBI. pwede pa bo ba magbayad sa LBC bukas? Thank you po.

  261. conney victoriano salazar says:

    nakapagbayad na ko sa LBC eto ref no 1-596914120403 at eto yung sa nbi ref no NB5DHDR8B5. Bakit wala pa rin ako narereceived na confirmation email eto po email ko conney_salazar@yahoo.com

    1. fredrice says:

      pero paid naba ung status ng nbi clearance mo? 9:42:25 AM kc ako nagbayad sa LBC kanina… meron atang kaugnayan kung kelan ka nagbayad sa LBC eh…

      at paid na ung nasa transaction tab ng account ko sa nbi.gov.ph at lumabas na ung PRINT button sa kanan… ndi nako tumingin sa email ng confirmation…

  262. mark anthony valimento says:

    gusto k lang po malaman if hindi nkapnta sa date ng appointment. pwede parin po ba byaran un at makuha?kasi po dito sa nbi city hall yung pila daw po dito kailangan bayad na sa labas. pano ang pwede k gawin doon.?

  263. elsomnoliento says:

    Nakaka-tawa/tuwa/aliw/inis/bwisit/lito/baliw ang mga komento ninyo! Please lang magbasa po tayo bago magtanong… nakakapag comment nga kayo eh, so meaning computer literate kayo di ba? So please lang magbasa po tayo. Napakasimple lang ng sistemang ito ng NBI, trust me. Wag gawing kumplikado ang simple. Do not over-analyze.

    Given may mga valid questions naman talaga, pero KARAMIHAN ng mga komento/tanong eh parang JOKE lang… ano ba talaga joke ba o serious? Yung mga tipong “how to apply?” o “how to fill-up?” na tanong. HELLO!!!!! nagbasa ka ba ng instructions sa taas! Feeling mo ie-explain ng mge commenters ang steps para sa yo? AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

    Makatulog na nga…

  264. fredrice says:

    Biller Name:

    NBI? (as written in the payment instructions)


    Dragonpay? (as written in the Bayad Center how-to page)

    1. elsomnoliento says:

      Biller’s name is Dragonpay. If you put NBI, the Bayad Center personnel will not accept it as they do not have any direct arrangement with the NBI. Most likely they will tell you to put Dragonpay if you put NBI, that is if the personnel is well aware of the setup they have with Dragonpay and NBI

      1. fredrice says:

        nagbayad ako sa LBC…

        binura nila ung Dragonpay as Biller at nilagay NBI haha

        tapos ung account number, sinama nila ung NB sa unahan… kc sa example d2 ng Bayad Center, 8-digit account number lng…

        i hope this infos helps in future online applicants there ^_^

        1. fredrice says:

          ako hndi nako tumingin sa email ko, pagbalik ko ng bahay, paid na ung nkalagay sakin tapos pinaprint ko na “as is” sa computer shop… i clicked the green button on the upper right corner of the webpage… ang hard copy, meron pang mga 5-line programming codes dun sa taas na hndi nman dapat kasama pero siguro ok lng un kc ibig sabihin nun, hndi mo inedit ung pinapaprint at kung ano ang mga lumabas sa hard copy ay hinayaan ko na… bka kc may mga watermarks d2 na hndi masama kpag inedit mo at tinanggal kung ano man ang mga feeling natin na unnecessary sa hard copy…

          1. carla says:

            hello fredrice. Ask ko lng,after ng payment, dun sa transaction mo paid n nkalagay dba,, magaapear narin ba ung nbi application form with regstration code? .. confuse kc ako qng nasan ung form and the code. thank you

            1. fredrice says:

              kpag paid na ung nkalagay sa transaction, ung rightmost column na “Actions” ay magkakarooon ng PRINT option…

              kpag cinlick mo un, nandun na lhat ng info: Reference Number (at upper right corner) at ung form (as the main part of the preview)

  265. frankie says:

    Hi admin!

    sa NBI na ako magbabayad ng application ko, pwede ba ako magpunta in any satellite branches? May mas malapit kasing branch sa lugar ko compare pag pupunta pa ako sa NBI U.N.

    Thank you.

  266. Ruthcel Colipapa says:

    May I asked? pano po ba makuha ung UR Code when magbabayad nlng ako directly to NBI branch pero nag fill up na ko ng online application form. Text back! Asap.

  267. J. HUIZO says:

    so nice your new application system. its easy to navigate. keep on updating your website… thank you

  268. Ronald Bacalso says:

    hindi po ako makapag log in sa account ko sa NBI pero nabayaran ko na po..hindi kopo makuha yung schedule..pwede po bang marecover yun ..bukas napo kc sched ko reply ASAP tnx . po

  269. john says:

    nag punta na ako sa main branch ng nbi sa UN , nag bayad na ako step 4 na ako kaso d ko na tinuloy pag dating sa step 4 kase sobrang haba ng pila at may pasok ako non malalate ako pag pumila pa ako so umuwe na lng ako pwede ko kaya ituloy tong clearance ko sa ibang branch or sa ibang araw like friday pumunta kase ako tuesday para d mahaba pila

  270. Jason Binas says:

    Paano kung nprint n ung reference no. Form tpus s ibng nbi branch ako pumunta
    At ngbyad ttangapin b khit di s knila nka schedule

  271. Ely Centeno says:

    Panu po pag nakapag bayad na ako pero di ako makskapunta sa appointment date pwede ba kunin next day?

  272. rodita s. mondonedo says:

    san po makikita ang application form for nbi clearance on line

  273. Justin Delfin says:

    san makikita yung ipipirint huhuhuh

  274. james says:

    pano mapprint ung form ???? !!

  275. Richard says:

    Hi san po pwedeng makita yung application form? Kasi parang ang na fill up ko lang yun para sa account ko. Then may reference number after kong pumili ng payment type. Yun ba yung i prepresent ko sa LBC then after nun ma piprint ko na yung application form na dadalahin ko sa NBI?

  276. nina says:

    bakit ganun pinili ko payment sa bank ng bdo pero noong pumunta ako sa bdo hindi sila tumatanggap ng nbi payment. dalawang bdo banks pa yun pinuntahan ko.

  277. John says:

    Thank you NBI…..! Ang galing naman,ang laki ng improvement!… Thank you..!

  278. Abadeer says:

    Pwede bang mag register ako? Pero ang bayad ko sa personal na branch na?

    Nakalagay kasi to “NOTE: If you don’t want to use any E-Payment Services. Please personally go to any NBI Centers and fill-up application form MANUALLY and pay your clearance fee at the NBI cashier.”

    Nalilito ako sa sistemang to, so useless din na mag register ako kung hindi ako makakapag bayad agad dahil hindi mapprint ang form ko?

    So ang ine-entertain ng online registration na to ay yung mga kaya lang mag bayad agad? lol thanks sa magpapaliwanag.

    1. XIeng Tapao says:

      hi !
      pwde kaparin naman mag register sa nbi clearance online kahit ndi ka magbayad agad.. just fil up the form then go to nbi office. so dahil my form kna, sa cashier ka nalang pipila para magbayad. kaya nag suggest sila na online payment thru over the counter etc. pra hindi na hassle sa mga tao na pipila pa sa cashier. ti’s your choice naman eh. if you want to pay na or not. u need to register parin. :)

    2. John says:

      Pay ka na lang sa LBC. Mas mura siya. Pag bayad ka na. Log in ka ulit sa NBI tapos check mo kung paid na. kung paid na print mo na. kung wala ka computer sa bahay, punta ka computer shop dun mo na lang iprint. mas mabilis to kesa dun ka pa magbayad sa NBI na pupuntahan mo. Gawin mo magbyad ka sa LBC ng morning. tapos check mo NBI account sa internet kahit tanghali. then print. okay na yun,,,

  279. KUDIE says:

    please clarify this!

    “NOTE: If you don’t want to use any E-Payment Services. Please personally go to any NBI Centers and fill-up application form manually and pay your clearance fee at the NBI cashier.”

    how can you assure us ( tax payers, citizens of the Philippines) na may slot pa , e yung sa calendar sked nyo may limit yung slot, w/c is 500 persons( AM 250, PM 250).. di ba yun din yung limit ng mga offices nyo sa mga nakapila?

    hindi ba mabigat yung 75 pesos na service fee sa mga bangko, esp. sa mga mahihirap o wala pang trabaho katulad namen? doble pa pamasahe imbes na diretso na sana sa NBI office, pupunta ka pa sa bangko.

    so saan yung CONVENIENCE ng sistema nyo? parang ginawa nyo lang social media account yung NBI clearance e, na may eyeball (calendar dates).

    hope maimprove pa ang sistema for NBI Clearance. Thanks.

  280. myrna gabriola says:

    nakalimutan ko ang code, pwde ba mag apply uli ng panibago? wala bang conflick un?

    1. XIeng Tapao says:

      Hi ! if nakalimutan mo ung code mo, punta ka lng sa account mo sa nbi mag log in ka then click mo sa left side ung transaction. mag aapear na dun ung code mo. :)

    2. XIeng Tapao says:

      hi myrna.. punta ka sa http://clearance.nbi.gov.ph then mag log in ka.. sa leftside my nakalagay na transaction click mo un then makikita mo na dun ung last transaction mo or yung code mo. :)

  281. melissa says:

    bakit po ganun. online na nga pero tagal parin ng process.
    after online registration., bayad sa nbi haba ng pila, pagkabayad online na nman para sa form.?
    hindi ba mas hussle yun?. I suggest bawat nbi may computer na at may nag guguide para hindi masyado magastos sa mga applicants.

  282. marie car malalay says:

    what links to apply the form ??? thank u

  283. ANGEL BALTAR says:


    1. XIeng Tapao says:

      pwede naman na sa mismong nbi office ka magbayad.. just print ur form then present mo lng sa cashier.. ung lang hassle pa pag pila mo sa cashier.. kaya nag suggest sila na pwde ng mag bayad thru online or over the counter. pra ndi kana pipila pa ng mahaba sa cashier. :)

  284. edgar alvarez says:

    pwede ba ko pumunta ng bayad center kahit walang print out ng reference number? thanks….

    1. XIeng Tapao says:

      yup! you can pay without the reference number. copy mo nalang yung account number and company number.
      for example:
      account number: 1670241724
      account name: DragonPay Corporation


  285. princlyn says:

    i’d been trying to call all the display numbers for assistance..pero walang sumasagot! kinancel pa tawag ko.. sa panahon sanang nangangailangan ako ng tulong…sana wag nalang mag lagay ng mga contak numbers.

    1. XIeng Tapao says:

      hi! just fill-up the application for nbi clearance here’s the link http://clearance.nbi.gov.ph
      then follow the instruction. meron naman sa taas. after u fill-up the form. payment option ka nalang, if i wer you mag over the counter ka nalang pra ndi kana hassle pa pipila sa cashier sa nbi office. derecho kna sa picture taking and biometric.

  286. johnver says:

    How to apply NBI?? fill up

  287. elgin ansale emotin says:

    paanu malaman ung sched.. quh may form na po aku eh thank you po

  288. Pinky M. Caballero says:

    can i apply my NBI clearance thru online here?

  289. ACE says:

    very informative, clear and complete, maraming salamat po!

  290. jayson geronimo says:

    good eve, ask ko lang po, yung isesend ba sa email ko eh yuyng reference number db?
    pwede ba ko pumunta ng bayad center kahit walang print out ng reference number?

  291. Jhoana May Lingon says:

    Hi Admin.

    Please correct the following information/instructions provided. Medyo contradicting kase. Pag click mo ng “APPLY FOR Clearance” button may pop up window na may ganitong message in English —

    “Your REGISTRATION CODE or REFERENCE NUMBER will be provided after you select your PAYMENT OPTION.
    Your REFERENCE NUMBER shall be your GATE PASS when you enter NBI Clearance Centers.
    To avoid inconvenience and long lines, please pay your NBI CLEARANCE FEE using your REFERENCE NUMBER at the selected PAYMENT OPTION. If you wish to pay over-the-counter at NBI, please bring your unpaid REFERENCE NUMBER for auto-encoding. Thank you!”

    Pero sa baba ng Payment option may nakalagay na —
    “NOTE: If you don’t want to use any E-Payment Services. Please personally go to any NBI Centers and fill-up application form manually and pay your clearance fee at the NBI cashier.”

    Anu ba talaga? Kung sakaling magbabayad sa mismong NBI Branch, Auto Encoding ba or Manually fill up ng application form? -_-

  292. dan says:

    good eve, ask ko lang po, yung isesend ba sa email ko eh yuyng reference number db?
    pwede ba ko pumunta ng bayad center kahit walang print out ng reference number?


  293. ayieko says:

    pag nakuha n b ung code pede ba sa ibang branch un, or pede ba na wala ng code pag pumunta dun, direct na agad

  294. Jayson says:

    Sana po maglagay din ng HTTPS protocol hindi lang po plain HTTP for added online security din, kasi mga personal information and password po yung information na nilalagay sa form for submission.

    Nag try po ako https://clearance.nbi.gov.ph/ pero “Unable to connect”

    Salamat po.

  295. rj says:

    Ask ko lng po if san lalabas yung REG CODE? after ko mag confirm sa bayad center payment wala ng lumabas. Pano ko po ipprint yung application form? Thanks

    1. elsomnoliento says:

      Walang REG CODE, reference number lang; kung gusto mo i-print yung application form, log-in ka onlinr, click “Transactions” sa left side then mapupunta ka sa transactions page. Kung isa lang naman ang application mo, nag-iisa lang yun transaction mo, at kung bayad ka na, magiging PAID na yung status nun. Under “Actions” may nag-iisang button doon na may nakasulat “Print” click mo lang yun and PRESTO! makikita mo na ang application form with REFERENCE CODE. Again, WALANG REG CODE! Yun, pede mo na syang i-print :)

      1. Lhei says:

        wala man nakalagay na PRINT eh :(

        1. elsomnoliento says:

          Ummm… MERON KAYA! na-print ko nga yung application form ko eh. Magbayad ka muna kase! Pag bayad ka na, i check mo yung status. Pag PAID, meron nang “PRINT” option under actions. Pag UNPAID ang status walang PRINT. Baka naman di ka pa nagbabayad, o di mo pa na verify ung payment mo. O kaya baka di mo lang nakita/napansin/nabasa (bulag? :P)

  296. Kimberly Jane Montevirgen says:

    Very helpful specially sa mga may work na humahabol ng time. tnx. kip it up!!

  297. mark says:

    bkit po gnun 2hrrs n apo ako ngiintay lumabas ung appointment code ko wala nmn lumalabas kailngn n kailngn ko na sana makuha dahil yun pinakaimportante s mga requirements ko pakiayos nmn po sana tnx..gang ngaun wala p din ako mkuha appoinment bka pede po ibalik ulit yung walk-in style/form khit s online mahirap pa din eh..salamat po

    1. elsomnoliento says:

      anong appointment code? baka reference number. Lalabas ang reference number pag namili ka ng payment option. Kahit di ka magbayad andyan lang yan. Click mo yung “Transactions” sa right side pag naka-log in ka, makikita mo yung reference number mo kung meron ka nang sinubmit na application.

  298. Katrina says:

    Hello admin.

    I’ve been trying to log-in to my account so that I can confirm payment and print out my NBI Clearance Online Application form, it kept saying invalid credentials.

    I’ve filled out the forgot password window and it said to expect an email within 2 hours. I’ve waited for the email, I even checked all my folders but I have not received the said email. I have retried the process to the nth time already, but no email.

    Can you please check your system?

    Thank you.

    1. elsomnoliento says:

      Hi Katrina,

      Please call or text them at these numbers:

      09179999421 / 09179999418

      09204129999 / 09995699964

      Please note they only entertain queries during regular business hours 9:00 am-5:00 pm, Mondays through Fridays.

      Good luck!

  299. rommel says:

    bkit wlang sa choices ng modes of payment direrectly sa brance??/pnu po un??

    1. elsomnoliento says:

      wala talaga, pero OK lang yun. Pili ka lang kahit anong option, tapos take note mo lang reference number mo, then punta ka na main NBI sa taft, sabihin mo dun UNPAID reference number dala mo, dun ka na kamo magbabayad sa NBI.

  300. ashley mae says:

    ask lng po kung makukuha ba agad yung nbi..

  301. Glaiza Victorioso says:

    where can i find QR code it doesn’t reflected on the print out

  302. Glaiza Victorioso says:

    where can i find QR code it doesnt reflected on the print out

    1. elsomnoliento says:

      teh, doesn’t reflect, hindi doesn’t reflected… LOL korek ka, wala talagang QR code, hindi updated ang information sa page na ito

  303. Cheryll Lou Pajarillo says:

    what if po apply po ako nbi online pero nsa ibang bansa po ako pede po ba yun panu po ba process nun anu po mga requirements?
    reply ASAP

  304. joel dan tarectecan says:

    gano ba ka tagal o ano gawin ko mali kasi yung spelling pag encode nu sa apiledo ko

    1. elsomnoliento says:

      pag log-in mo sa account mo may green button na napakalaki sa right side na may words “EDIT INFORMATION” click mo lang yun tapos mapupunta ka sa application information page pwede mo na i-edit yung spelling ng last name mo. Tpos, click mo ” SAVE INFORMATION” blu button. Tapos OK na

  305. elsomnoliento says:

    Just finished printing my application form, so far so good, quite easy actually. However, per this article: “Bring the printed NBI Clearance Application Reference code, the one you filled out in the NBI Clearance Website. Make sure that the QR code is included in your printout.” – mga sir at ma’am, wala pong QR code and application form ninyo. If this is no longer current, please have this information deleted and the step updated para po walang kalituhan.

    Come Monday AM malalaman natin kung mabilis din sa NBI office sa pagkuha ng clearance. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  306. Gale Force says:

    My first attempt to apply NBI clearance via online failed. I was having a bad internet signal, trying to apply in the afternoon for a following day transaction really bad plan. I have my NBI clearance the following day but in a hard and tiring day-manual application filling which you need ng mahabang pasensyaaaaah really. I applied today afternoon via online it was nice and smooth no question about it, payment will be 2morow thru BDO over-the counter for January 29th transaction. Looking forward for a best, fast transaction on 29th January. i will have to bring with me still a mahabang pasensya i believe. Online application maganda naman. Let us see in the field what will be the improvement.

  307. Edemar Trases Tuba says:

    Nice strategy faster way to get nbi clearance

  308. roowwah says:

    I am living in new Caledonia and i need to renew my NBI for immigration reason ,pwede ba na sister ko ang kumuha para sa akin kailangan ko po talaga!.. please reply yhanks!!!

  309. Anonymous says:

    Very nice tutorial! Thanks!

  310. sheena says:

    what if nakapagpay na ako and naprint ko na ung form pero AM ako nakaschedule? pwede padin ba kahit PM ako pumunta?

    1. RJ says:

      Much better if you go AM… Wag ka po magsugal kung pwede PM magpunta..

  311. Hey all, just simply become aware of your own website via Yahoo, determined it is actually helpful. I am just likely to look out for the town.. davao security agency I’ll be pleased should you go on this specific later on. A lot of people will probably be took advantage of your producing. Best wishes!

  312. I still get clogged up most nights, however, and have to take several medications,
    including a steroid spray. Many a times, it is found that the ingredient acts as
    a buffer or an inert component. With that said, most “help-seekers” are in pretty bad shape by the time they have their first
    encounter with a psychiatrist of law enforcement official.

  313. Hello says:

    Had mine renewed yesterday at Duty Free Phils. and it only took me 15 mins to complete. Word of advice: Go in the afternoon around 3PM to avoid the long queues that usually happen in the morning. Here’s my step-by-step experience. Got there at 3:30PM, submitted my old NBI clearance (with my Reference # written at the back) together with my Official Reciept from BDO and a photocopy of my Valid ID. I was then told to wait for my name to be called. After 5 mins or so my name was called and I had my picture and biometrics taken. I was adviced to return after 5 days to get the new printout (which is fine if you’re in no hurry). I was out of there at exactly 3:45PM. My overall experience was a lot better than I anticipated.

  314. John Doe says:

    ganun pa rin walang nagbago very long queue lines

  315. sarah jane says:

    nag-iba na po ba kayo ng online application? mas mahirap po ngayon a… mas ok pa po yung dati..

  316. cindy lingad says:

    wala akong nareceived na applicattion ng nbi pero kbbyad ko lng sa lbc now at ng success n nbyran kuna pero wla akong application n nreceived na maaring print bkit ganun reply sana salmat

    1. RJ says:

      It’s fine po. You just need to bring, 1 valid ID, reference number, and the receipt/deposit slip.

  317. haaayss says:

    good day to you all!! i just wanna ask this; nakapag bayad na po ako sa bank and so on and so forth, an then i clicked the confirm payment and everything was fine as well as dun sa payment instructions ay nakalagay na yung status ng payment ko ay SUCCESS but by the time na bumalik ako dun sa TRANSACTION DETAILS ko ay nakalagay pa din ay UNPAID so what do i do?? i cant print out the FORM because ang nakalagay pa nga ay UNPAID. i do really need your help. thank you.

  318. Marvin says:

    Why is there a service fee and is not shown on the matrix cost?

  319. chelle says:

    Good Morning po, Ask ko lang po, pano po kung nagbayad ka na through banks over the counter, tapos po until now hindi pa ako nakakareceive ng confirmation slip? last jan, 9, 2015, ako nagbayad.


    mag papaappointment po ako

  321. Korra Sato says:

    Wala naman yung option na dun magbabayad if nag-online ka. May note na for manual application na lang yung dun magbabayad. Anyway, I’ve printed the online application and receipt for my brother. Magkakaalaman mamaya kung makukuha nya.

  322. Renz says:

    Hi Guys !

    I tried this new way of getting NBI clearance, I paid through Bayad Center (LBC) and luckily lost my receipt. NBI branches keep insisting that the receipt is needed, Is it ok that i print screen the confirmation in the website that i’m already paid or is there any other way to get through this?

    I already texted the number given on their website but there’s no reply until now.. huhu :'( I’m also planning to email them but i don’t think they will reply soon enough. The validity of my application is coming near sigh * hope someone can help ! Thanks !

    1. Renz says:

      GUYS ! in my problem, the NBI globe number reply immediately They accepting the Print screen as proof that your already paid.

      NBI website > Transaction > click the transaction > print screen the confirmation message

  323. May says:

    For renewal of clearance, what are the requirements? And is it possible to renew now even if it’s not yet expired? Please respond ASAP. Thank you!

  324. Jabaman says:

    I applied online but when i went to the NBI office, they were insisting that I should’ve brought my receipt. I guess I should suggest that you should bring your receipt when you will go to the office and to the admin of this page I recommend that you delete the “OR, if you don’t have a print out of the NBI Clearance Online Application form, just make sure that you copied the Registration Code and present it there”, because the applicant will suffer once they got there.

  325. Kris says:

    I processed an online application and paid through BDO online then I went on my scheduled date. Once there, they were insisting that I should’ve printed my application form/receipt when it was clearly stated “Printing of application form is NOT necessary! You can list down your REFERENCE NUMBER in a sheet of paper or image-capture this page using your mobile phone.” I told them that I don’t have a receipt since I paid online, if they want I can show them my payment confirmation through email. Sinisisi pa ako na di daw kasi ako nagprint! They transferred me from one person to another. After talking to three different people, finally, may nakausap ako na alam ang gagawin. Buti nlang mabilis transaction, I don’t have to wait and fall in line just like others. Biometrics and image capture lang ang ginawa ko, pero ang hassle kasi I have to return after 5 working days pa?! Bakit ang tagal naman!!! I thought doing the online application would make things easier and faster! Mas okay pa dati na same day nakuha ko na NBI clearance ko. Ang hassle kakabalik-balik buti sana kung ang lapit lang sa amin ng center. And kung pwede make sure na yung mga nilalagay nyong personnel sa information area nyo eh alam talaga everything about getting the clearance, be it online or manual application.. pakitrain muna sila before placing them sa information area, ang susungit pa kala mo kung sino! ang ayos ayos mo naman silang tinanong, pero kung sumagot sila akala mo kng sino silang mapagmataas.. di naman nila alam sagot sa mga tanong! hay!!!

  326. Alex Cambonga says:

    Pwede po ba ako kumuha ng renewal of nbi clearance thru online?

  327. ToAllnoobs says:

    TO PRINT your application form:
    1) http://i.imgur.com/umHRxvy.png
    2) http://i.imgur.com/van6y9a.png

    Print out Sample: http://i.imgur.com/o6TLJHU.png?1

    Keep your receipt and take note of your REFERENCE NUMBER

    1. haaayss says:

      good day to you!! i just wanna ask this; nakapag bayad na po ako sa bank and so on and so forth, an then i clicked the confirm payment and everything was fine as well as dun sa payment instructions ay nakalagay na yung status ng payment ko ay SUCCESS but by the time na bumalik ako dun sa TRANSACTION DETAILS ko ay nakalagay pa din ay UNPAID so what do i do?? i cant print out the FORM because ang nakalagay pa nga ay UNPAID. i do really need your help. thank you.

  328. Editha R. Branchaud says:

    What Identification card will I bring if I just got married? I just have my id when I was still single.I have my marriage contract from the local civil registrar and certified through copy.imwant to use my new surname when I apply for nbi clearance.Thank you!

  329. Mae says:

    Hi, is there any requirements should I bring if I put the purpose of obtaining NBI clearance is for “change of name”, is this regarding about single to married, and vice versa?. If married to single, do I need to show proof like for eg. annulment? or whatever, Thank you :)

  330. edwin says:

    hu hu hu, , , ,paano nga ba i-print? , , ,wala namang instruction!

  331. glaiza landicho says:

    paano kapag ang next step ko po puntahan ang NBI office, schedule of appointment ko wala naman palang pasok (1/16/15) kailan ko po pupuntahan ang appointment?

    please update nyu po ang system ng online application na wag magpa schedule sa mga day na wala palang pasok…
    magiging hassle din kasi sa nag aapply bukod sa nakakatambak ng applicants :(

  332. feeling pissed says:


  333. cjcortez says:

    How can i edit my email ad? I entered the wrong one. Pls help

  334. nico martin says:

    kaasar nuh pano nalang ung iba na hindi nmn nakapag-aral pano na sila makakapag online-register kung ang nirerequired nila ay ganyan online registration very hasty.

  335. dave says:

    pabagu gabu pa ok na nga yung dati eh… mag piprint ng app.form tapos pipila ok na yun… binagu pa may pa online online paymaent pang nalalaman eh mas lalo nga tumagal….! 3days pa iintayin bgu maprocess anung kaekekan yan….! asar!

  336. Lei says:

    Help me! I entered the wrong e-mail, I forgot to include “.ph” and now I can’t view the confirmation e-mail what should I do ?

  337. jhonry says:

    pano ko ba makukuha ang reference number na hindi ako nag direct bayad sa online?

  338. Dan says:

    Sabi 5 payment options, pero walang naman ung 5th payment options which is “Pay directly to NBI Clearance Branch” therefore manual process parin ung pagkuha. Alam ko last year nakakapag print ng Online Application at pwedeng magbayad sa branch directly. Paki ayos nalang po para sa mga future na gagamit ng site. Maraming salamat.

  339. FREDERICK says:

    anu b yan panu ko e save to?direct sana ako mag bayad wala amn d2 nakalagay kung panu n to e save.kulang info nila anu n yan.

  340. FREDERICK says:

    panu pag direcly?d ko m save ung ginawa ko

  341. fernan castro says:

    di naman po totoo yung mabilis na mapoproseso pag nag online ka na! ngayon po ako nag online at pagpunta ko po kukuha pa rin po ng numero at pipila pa ng mahaba! sa rob metroeast po ito! ng araw na ito ay ubos na raw po ang numero sa susunod na mga araw na lang po daw kumuha! mabilis po ba yan???

  342. irish says:

    pag di nakapunta sa appointed date pwwde ba ibang araw

  343. Paul Mallari says:

    pano to? nag online application nako at may nakuhang code then ngpunta ako s mga bayad centers hinahanapan ako ng form na nafillupan ko pero wala naman lumalabas para iprint????

    1. lounel chandy says:

      Payment Confirmation

      Congratulations! This is to confirm that your payment has been completed.

      Reference No RPKFQPQ9
      Channel Bayad Center
      Merchant National Bureau of Investigation
      Amount PHP 140.00
      Merchant TxnId ID54ADFDDF61E0EU107157T6414
      Status SUCCESS
      Remarks [000] BAYD Payment Auto Validated on 1/13/2015 9:45:21 AM #RPKFQPQ9
      Description NBI Clearance
      For product-specific inquiries or questions regarding the status or shipment schedule of your order, please contact the merchant directly. For payment-specific inquiries, you may email support@dragonpay.ph or contact us here.

      DISCLAIMER: Dragonpay is an independent third party payment processor. Any terms or conditions for the product or service that you purchased using our payment facility is strictly between you and the merchant. Dragonpay shall not be held liable for failure of the merchant to deliver the said product or service as advertised. Furthermore, you hereby release and hold harmless Dragonpay from all liability arising from the payment you have made, as all liability shall reside with the merchant.

      Ayan po success naman po ang transaction pero wala akong mai-print na appointment sir pano po ba ang gagawin dadalhin ko nalang ba ang smart phone ko para ipakita sa inyo¿??????????????????????????????????????

  344. danilyn says:

    ano po ba site ng nbi para po makakuha ng number sa nbi???plsss reply po

  345. Al Francis Perez says:

    Bkit po kylngan pang pumila at kumuha ng number ang online applicant?? AM po ung appointment ko sa NBI Robinsons Novaliches tpos ang nilagay sa receipt ng bayad center ay #452 2pm..

  346. arvin says:

    papaano ko poh masesave ung transaction at mapaprint if gusto ko pong mgbayad direct?

  347. jepoy says:

    ano ba to? bt walang ref. no. eh pano kung rekta sa branch mgbabayad? eh pag papasok sa branch ng duty free sasabihin ng mga guards na mgonline… ano yun?! baduy nmn.. wala na bang manual application??? ANSWER PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  348. Mich says:

    For applicants tagged as “hit” can they also have their clearance on the same day? It would be great to have it all in one day transaction since applicants already provides the necessary information including the biometrics to verify identity.

  349. mama says:

    NBI Sta Rosa , di naman nila sinusunod ang by appointment, pipila ka pa rin from 6am, kasi meron daw silang cooperative sa loob na doon ka pwede mag-fillup ng form ,kumikita sila dun, hay buhay nga naman, badtrip na nbi ito, PAGING NBI MAIN, ano ba naman kalakaran ito , pa-online online pa kayo, di nyo naman kaya mga field officer nyo

  350. yaj says:

    Thanks for this guide, my application was so easy and fast. I got my NBI clearance in less than 30 mins(No HIT).

    1. D says:

      Hi. Would like to ask if yun pinunta mo na lang dun is for picture and biometrics? Iba na ba pila pag yun na lang asikasuhin? Thanks for your response

  351. Ariel says:

    Hell0w p0h gud eve…hindi ak0h makakuha ng ref.n0..an0h b yan ub0s n ang 0ras k0h kaganina pang hap0n.laging requird faild…paki ay0s naman p0h..wala p nga ak0ng nahawakan n clearance ang nagast0s k0h n kaka balik balik.2h plus n..maawa naman p0h kau.utang n l0ob.

  352. Ariel says:

    Hell0w p0h gud eve…nakapag fill up n p0h ak0h..pr0blema p0h ay wala p0h ak0ng makuhang ref.n0 k0h p0h kz kini click k0h n p0h ung apat n naka fr0nt n pwdng bayaran ng payment.eh ang lumalabas p0h ay required faild..pan0h p0h un?0k lng p0h b un n s main nlng p0h ak0h mag babayad mag tatumb mark nlng p0h b ak0h din pic taz jan nalang ak0h bayaran 0r mag pila p din ak0h start n0.1?

  353. Grace says:


  354. Grace says:


  355. jerson says:


    Please make a Bills Payment at any Bayad Center nationwide including LBC. Provide the cashier with the following details:

    Total Due
    PHP 140.00
    Status: PENDING
    Biller Name: NBI
    Ref No: NBR3S9QQ58
    Name: (write your name)
    Amount: PHP 140.00
    Description: NBI Clearance

    Please observe the following rules carefully when making your payment. Failure to do so will invalidate your payment.

    Pay the exact amount indicated above. Excess portion of your payment is forfeited. Payments less than the amount due will be invalidated.
    If you are paying for multiple Dragonpay reference numbers, pay separately for each reference number. Do not lump them into a single transaction.
    Make sure to get a reference number first before paying. A Dragonpay reference number can only be used once.
    Step 1: Pay

    You have 15 days (up to Wednesday, January 28, 2015 midnight) to complete this payment. Otherwise, this reference number will expire and your payment will be invalidated.
    Pay in CASH only.
    For more details, visit our Bayad Center how-to page. If you are paying at LBC, please note that LBC branches inside SM malls do not accept bills payments.
    Step 2: Confirmation

    Payments are processed in real-time if branch is online.
    We will send a confirmation email to you once processed. If you do not receive our confirmation by noon time of the next day, you may call or email our Customer Support or start a live chat session.
    For product-specific inquiries or questions regarding the status of your order, please contact the merchant directly.
    Like us at Facebook Follow us on Twitter
    DISCLAIMER: Dragonpay is an independent third party payment processor. Any terms, conditions or warranty for the product or service that you purchase using our payment facility is strictly between you and the merchant. Dragonpay shall not be held liable for failure of the merchant to deliver the said product or service as advertised. Furthermore, you hereby release and hold harmless Dragonpay from all liability arising from the payment you are about to make, as all liability shall reside with the merchant. By using Dragonpay, you agree to be unconditionally bound by its Terms of Use. This email is only intended for instructional purposes. It is not a voucher, receipt, nor confirmation of a completed payment.

    after nito panu yan mapapaprint

  356. Pablo Millan Jr. says:

    Sir/mam, I’m applying for a part time teaching position in 2 different schools and they both require NBI clearances. Can I ask for two copies of my clearance when I apply? How do I go about it? Thank you in advance

  357. jerspn says:

    paano mapaprin

  358. MICHAEL C. GARRATE says:

    Nice here to apply in online.

  359. rhoan mercado says:

    piprint pa po ba?
    pano po?

  360. Janice says:

    I was waiting for over 4 hours now,I was totally disappointed in this,I THOUGHT if we talked about “ONLINE PROCESS” that means its simply we don’t need to go to any branches to fill out application form.But then my question in this is,why until now I was not able to have the transaction i made? Since I had paid 190 pesos for this,and done everything to complete the process.Whom I should speak to this kind of problem? I tried to reach the contact information provided to this site,but still it’s not working.
    Why your making this website since its totally not working faster and totally wasting time.

  361. jerica says:

    kahit nag apply ka online di ka pa din nila i aacom,odate pag wala na silang number sa branch papabalik balikin ka… di totoo na pag nagpa appointment ka ng hapon eh iaacommodate ka nila…. kailangan muh pa din pumunta ng napaka aga at pumila at mag hintay… :( bale wala din pala yang online application na yan…

  362. ahmed yossef says:

    can i make a renew of my nbi through online

  363. laine mabanta says:

    I already received the payment confirmation thru e-mail though NO transaction appears on my account. Please help. Thank you.

  364. ogie says:

    bkit unpaid hindi ko makita ung confirmation nag bayad na ako success na ung nkalagay dito ..

  365. ELMER F. CABIGTING says:

    Why my transaction is cannot be process? My form is complete, I need my reference number immediately, i’m running out of time. Please do something about this. My deadline of submitting my requirements is on January 15, 2015.

  366. Alvin M Bedes says:

    Pano kung di ako nakapunta sa araw ng appointment. Tapos nakabayad na ako. Tatanggapin pa ba ako sa nbi?Kailangan ko ba uling magpa reappointments. Sayang naman binayad ko kung ganon.

  367. blofs` says:

    its making me confused.. can u have some example of print outs form so we can have an idea what does it look like?

  368. jude says:

    saan na pi-print ang form?

  369. Lenilyn says:

    walang kwentang site wealang option para magbayuad sa site mismo wala din yung napiprint na dapat ipakita sa branch. yumg ,ga option lahat hindi gumagana napaka walang kwenta.

  370. badtrip lang to says:

    Nasaan ung FORM na napprint?! walang sense ang site nila WALA NAMAN UNG FORM! waste of time

  371. jahyr says:

    waaahhh pno b mk pnta s nbi form
    pahirap kyo

  372. Gallardo Ronnie, Bandoquillo says:

    how long is the process?

  373. dan says:

    what a very convenient process. had paid my NBI clearance for only P140 through GCash and within 5 minutes printed my confirmation/transaction receipt with a very minimal service fee. no need to go to payment centers , fall in line and once again go back to the NBI Clearance Online application and log in my account to indicate payment. thanks for the easy to comprehend steps by steps. had helped a lot

  374. Ellen says:

    Good day po…pwede ko po ba malaman if mag online application ako tapos ang punta sa Quezon City hall? Mag rerenew kasi ako ng NBI paalis po kasi ako…pag sa mall kasi kahit 6am kpa nkapila dun 10am pa rin ang umpisa na papasukin ka sa Mall….balak ko po sana mag online application then sa Quezon City hall ako ppunta …nag aaccept po ba sila ng online applicant?na experience ko kasi mag online at sa Robinsons Galleria ako pumunta ganun din hapunin ka din ng uwi kahit 6am andun nko..Sana po malaman ko para mag online application po ako tapos sa Q,C nlang ako ppunta if pwede..let me know please.Thanks

  375. Mary Ann Ombac says:

    Good afternoon

    Why so much? Although I have done to fill all the details covered in NBI form I still do not get the reference number.?

    1. mervin says:

      ask q lng pagnakabayad nba sa bayad center ng 140..papasok nba ung NBICLEARANCE sa aking yahoo.mail..para maiprint na un form..

    2. Mervin says:

      Ang hrap na kumuha ng NBI naun nung 2014 saglit lng mka kuha…bkt ang daming procedure sa pag kuha ng online application…naun kailangan pa magbayad sa bayad center..etc..d ba pde kumuha nlng ng maaga sa nbi tapos doon nio nlng ibgay ung clearance form..sabay pila nadin….para mabilis ang process sa pagkuha ng NBI..

  376. Justin says:

    at tsaka ano po ung difference ng local and international??

  377. Justin says:

    medyo na confuse lang po ako, kasi nung pumunta po ako sa nbi dito sa may robinsons fairview, kasa mdun sa nakapaskil na pwedeng valid id ung NSO birthcertificate. pero wala un sa online list niyo ng valid ID’s. pano po un? kasi barangay clearance lang po meron ako at nso birthcertificate.

  378. RAKEL says:


    1. jude says:

      saan na pi-print ang form?

  379. Janna says:

    First time ko lng po kumuha ng nbi and first time ko dn online bkit po pg tapos ko mg sign up and fill up ng application form d po sya ng pproceed to the next step bumabalik prn sya sa application form and i tried it several times .. Plss help me

  380. tonton says:

    walang kwenta tong OL application ang GULO
    4. NBI Clearance Payment Methods
    As an NBI Clearance Applicant, you have five (5) options how you can pay your NBI Clearance. These are through:

    Banks (Over the Counter)
    Banks (Online)
    Mobile (Payment through GCASH)
    Bayad Centers
    Pay directly to NBI Clearance Branch

    but in actual wala ung pay directly to NBI clearance branch nakakaGAGO

  381. Arron says:

    What if i can’t attend at the time of my appointment? how can i reschedule it? or could it be rescheduled?

  382. Michael Delmonte A. says:

    paano po b kumuha ng form online

  383. roberto G. arroyo says:

    kilo lng

  384. Joan says:

    What are the requirements for NBI Renewal for my brother who is on abroad? I am going to process it here on his behalf…pls. Email it to me asap. Thanks and God Bless.

  385. Joe says:

    Taga Cavite po ako pero nasa Ilocos po ako ngayon. Pwede po ba dito na lang ako kumuha ng NBI clearance sa Ilocos kahit yung address ko eh sa Cavite at dun din ako magwowork?

    1. Rosphian Olmilla says:

      Hi po. Inquire lang po aku kung pwefecpo ba aku kumuha nh nbi ku sa menila kahit sa isabela po ang permanent address ku since nag sstay po aku dito sa manila ngayun?

      Hope to receive po immediate response..

  386. kim Harold esguerra says:

    guys send me nbi form to my email pls…

  387. mhariia d. says:

    Panu po if dati my ka name ako tapos now mag renew ako matagal ho ba?mga ilang days hu kaya travel abroad ksi yung sakin.

  388. Michael dimapindan says:

    Pwede po ba ang early renewal

  389. quenylin Ngaya-an says:

    i’m done filling up the form pero wala pong lumabas n registration code??am i doing the right thing??reference number lng po lumabas

  390. elmer says:

    Im done filling up the form and got the reference number. Now, when open the instructions for payment thru the bank, I was confused of the account name which is Dragonpay corporation not NBI. Is this right? or I was mislead…?

    1. Nida Koh says:

      Can I change the venue (location) when I have already schedule and time ?, I already paid the required fee and have reference. I made a mistake in choosing the venue, Can I reschedule it on another venue(location), without paying the required fee.

  391. sura says:

    really online application will entertain?i went to one of your satellites and they said that only 400 applicants can accommodate, i show them my online registration with proof of payment via online with reference number but they said they cannot..so ano bang magandang naidudulot ng sytem na to ha?please try to fix your process kasi madaming taong naabala at nawawalan ng tiwala sa kakayahan ng gobyerno na to..i will be particular kung saan satellite eto, sa Calamba!

    1. jerica says:

      ganyan din sabi sa akin dito sa robinson imus… bale wala pala ang online appointments kailangan muh pa din pumunta ng napaka aga… nakaka highblood lang.. imbes na mpadali ka eh lalong tumagal delay ang requirements ko…

  392. ping says:

    paano ko to ma pri-print , eh wala nman nag pop up na regestration code.. help me please..

  393. AC says:


    COMMEND: Overall, concise & direct to the point. Efficient.

    SUGGEST: List of “Requirements for NBI Clearance Application” at the Top of the page, because that’s what applicants will be looking for first.

    RE: “Have your picture taken then the Biometrics will be the next step. The two steps will be too easy for you, right? No need for a thorough explanation for this! :) ”
    Comment: Too condescending, even with the smiley face icon. Suggest retaining the concise, straightforward tone of the whole document.

  394. yawa ning gobyerno says:

    ano ba tong taga nbi!! hindi ninyo eneexplain ng mabuti kaya madaming tanong,, kahit saang government office kau pumunta tlagang mabagal lahat ng proceso,, kasi mga empleyado ng gobyerno natin mga corrupt, dapat kau ang minassacre sa maguindanao..!

  395. berna says:

    I cannot proceed after filling out all the details. Please help. Thanks!

  396. joey jake echano cabangan says:

    hindi ako mkapag online sa nbi at kaylangan ko ng form

  397. Zoilo Gusi says:


  398. fradz says:

    Good day . i processed my NBI clearance kanina . I went there 3:05 pm and i was done 3:25 pm . Madali lang because of online registration. It might vary if mobile or pc ang gamit mo. As for me, i used PC. i went to the website clearance.nbi.gov.ph. I made a profile by entering my email and password . I filled out and submitted the application form .I was given a reference number then i was routed to a different page to schedule the processing date marked calendar , choose the specific branch(dropdown ), to choose wether its anew application or renewal (dropdown) and to specify the purpose of acquiring the clearance (E.G . local employment, travel , etc.) Then on the lower right part of the screen are the modes of payment. I chose to pay thru the BANK (over the counter). You also have the option to pay at the specific branch . Depending on your mode of payment , you will be given specific reference codes to pay. You will also receive a reference code through email. (a link ) .

    After making the payment , you can either validate if payment was received ( through youe email or the NBI clearance profile you created ) or you can just use the 1st reference number given to you (after filling out the form )
    and bring the receiipt and valid ID . Line up under the qeue : Online Reg biometrics. And be ready for the picture taking and biometrics registration . and the wait for the clearanc eto be printed on the last window .

  399. nicah says:

    nbi online registration has been blocked…! why???

  400. Dyanne Jolbitado says:

    pano ipprint yung form ee wala naman nakalagay mababaliw ako sa nbi na to ee

  401. Irene says:

    Wala namang registration code makikita ah ? Tapos na ako sa pag fill up .

  402. Glenn r. Obar says:

    sana makatanggap ako…

  403. Rina H.Decano says:

    i can’t apply my renewal form for NBI how can i do it.

  404. Mc Donald P. Eugenio says:

    I guise there was no registration code that’s why i didn’t see it their. How can i get my registration code? Can I get my nbi clearance w/o my reg code? perhaps i have my ref number and already paid up. need help. somebody pls.

  405. Mc Donald P. Eugenio says:

    I forgot to write my registration code but i already have my reference number and paid at bayad center. how can i get my registration code. pls reply in my email as soon as possible. Thank you very much

    1. ermagherd says:

      No more manual application. You have to register and apply online. Don’t go to your local NBI office thinking that you can request for manual application or else you will be told to go to an Internet cafe near you. (LOL)
      Please tell others about this online application.

      IMPORTANT: If you still haven’t paid to a bank or to what you have chosen in the Payment Options, then just write the UNPAID REFERENCE NUMBER in a piece of paper with your Complete Name. That will be your ticket to your local NBI office. They will use that reference number to search for your information. You can pay there at their regular rates. If you have already paid, but you are still marked as unpaid in the Transactions page, just bring your payment receipt with your complete name, and might as well write your reference number just to be sure.

      P.S. I haven’t brought a printed form. I also don’t have a registration code just as what was shown in this article. I just wrote my complete name and my unpaid reference no. in a piece of paper and paid to them the right amount. After like almost 4 hours (nalipasan ako ng gutom), I got my NBI clearance.

      You’re welcome. :D

      1. roowwah says:

        hello ermagherd just ask if it ‘s necessary to do the fingerprints for renewal nbi clearance ? so i don’t have to go-back in Philippines just for the NBI clearance. thanks for the reply

  406. julie ann says:

    san pong link pwede makita yung nbi..
    ang hirap po kase hanapin..

  407. Jusfer Johan Roldan says:


  408. mariz says:

    http://clearance.nbi.gov.ph —–eto po yung link o URL kng san pwed ka mgsign up before mkafill out ng form..sana makatulog sa ibang nahirapan dto s website na ‘to.Godbless!

  409. Noel J. Basco says:

    I want to apply an electronic but I have no nbi.

  410. ann calip says:

    grabe nman..lalo lang humirap ang process..nagdagdag ng option pero saksakan ng abala..d gaya last year wlang hassle n ganito

  411. gcbaluran says:

    what will i choose in my purpose? will it be travel abroad if i am planning to process my passport?

  412. arnold tapawan says:

    i want to apply abroad for new passport kaso wala nman po sa option ang for passport anu po pwedeng gamitin?

  413. FHAM RAQUINE says:

    pde po pumunta nlang dun ng nd nagpapaonline ?

  414. FHAM RAQUINE says:

    wla pdin po .. andun lang po ung ref#

  415. FHAM RAQUINE says:

    bat ganun wlang regcode ? pde ba pumunta nalang sa nbi na wlang online / pls reply

    1. fradz says:

      no need for a registration code. I just did it today. You just need the reference code to pay at the bank or the NBI branch specified. Bring the ref code , valid id and payment . Hope this helps

      1. Jake says:

        bro, nagregister ako onine, online payment ang pinili ko. May binigay na Ref #. Kaso hindi ko nabayaran. Ganun din ba ang naging situation mo? So sa NBI na ako magbabayad, sa cashier na ako didiretso?. Ibibigay ko lang yung Ref #. Pano yung application form. Sila na rin ba magpiprint?


  416. fely sanduico says:

    bakit ganun kahirap ang mag online.. nag online na nga po kami pero ang hirap po maghanap ng bayad center dito sa amin… pwede po ba magbayad ng online sa nbi at mabilisan din katulad ng nung isang taon?

  417. cristina camposano says:

    no registration code appeared after i applied for my parents, and there were no instructions as to how to print the form. what to do next, please?

  418. christine says:

    .,panu po kaya pag nawala yung registration code? dun kasi yun naka save sa nawala kong phone….
    .,anu dapat gawin? need ba mag register ulit?

  419. Divino says:

    Bakit ganito,walang nag-appear na registration code,last year di naman ganito Sistema na may aberya sa registration code..dapat may portion sa profile kung saan makikita mo yung latest registration code na ginawa on that day kung kelan ka nagOnline reg. pero wala,ano gagawin ko pipila na naman ako dun then same procedure,anong kwenta pa ng ginawa ko dito sa onlie

    1. jimuel espanola says:

      What shall i do if there is no registration code provided and the system cannot proceed to printing the application.

  420. romeo j sanga says:

    thanks. excellent. time saving mechanics.

  421. maria says:

    It is nice that the NBI has taken the initiative of creating an online application, and SOME steps of the process. Here are some comments which may make this website even better:
    I have noticed that the writer or the personnel-in-charge of this website is trying to make the content sound conversational. I suggest that you make the instructions in numbered or bulleted form. The proper and DETAILED enumeration and steps of the application process may make things easier for us, especially the first-time applicants.
    2. DRESS CODE.
    there were no clear instructions as to what the appropriate DRESS CODE the applicants are supposed to follow.
    3. PAYMENT.
    The clear instructions of the mode of payment, where it should be done, and whether the transaction should be paid after the online application, or during the visit to the NBI branch. This makes the process even more confusing because the instruction above stated that the fee should be given on the branch chosen for the application, however, based on the comments below, payment be done online and through a bank.

    PLEASE clarify these issues po, and some of the other issues presented by other users previously. We know you are trying your best to cater our needs, and as much as you have deadlines, your applicants have deadlines, too. And we are also trying our best to comply as instructed, kaso, hindi klaro eh.
    Thank you, and God bless.

  422. Gesta says:

    it’s more inconvinient.. THe process is more confusing… What will i do? After i mAde my profile and choose the payment mode? Do i need to pay first before i can get the forms to be printed?

  423. jonner says:

    i want nbi in this time …

  424. jearvy mariano says:

    kindly send me the form so i can apply online. thanks

  425. Rosel doliente says:

    Paano po mag online nang NBI?
    Nag search na po kasi aku, pero wala nmang form na lumalabas, please reply me…thank you po.

    1. ZEDRICK P. ALMERIA says:

      Paano po mag online nang NBI?
      Nag search na po kasi aku, pero wala nmang form na lumalabas, please reply me…thank you po.

  426. LOURDEZ says:

    Kalalabas ko lang sa nbi sta. Rosa i showed them the online application form and they just ask me to comeback tomorrow sabi nya luma na daw yung application na pinillupan ko… can yoj please send a link of the updated e application and procedure kasi wala din po nag aapear na kailangan ko magbayad somewhere so wala ako idea …
    thanks a lot have a great day :)

  427. MAUREN says:

    nag apply din po ako online, at reference # lng un lumabas, then nagbayad nko s LBC, bayad center, un bang reference # na un ang code na ipapakita as proof na nag apply ako online????

    1. Ryan says:

      I applied for NBI clearance online yesterday then paid the same day. Dragonpay sent me a notification email that the payment was successful. it is now Tuesday, the status is still UNPAID and because of that I can’t print any application form. I tried texting and calling the globe and smart numbers of NBI. No answer both call and text. I also called the landline number. The receptionist kept on transferring the call but no one answered. I sent an email, and then again no answer. I scheduled my appointment tomorrow morning, Wednesday. I hope they will accept the payment receipt from LBC and email confirmation from Dragonpay as a proof.

    2. FHAM RAQUINE says:

      pls reply ..

  428. Aaron says:

    Wala din po lumabas na registration code sakin..

  429. edwin says:

    bakit po ngfill-up ako but wala nman lumabas n registration code and form para maprintout .. instead reference # para s payment pwede n po ba yun gamitin as gate pass????

    1. MAUREN says:

      back ka po sa nbi website, then mkita mo po un sign in, enter mo po un email mo na ginamit mo nun nag fil up ka den makita mo na po dun un registration mo, then click mo po sa transactions makita mo po dun un print sa may lower part….

      1. FHAM RAQUINE says:

        wala padin po andun lang po ung ref# ,

    2. FHAM RAQUINE says:


  430. Anthony H, Pitao Jr. says:

    Local employment po ang aking kukunin 115 parin po ba

  431. cha says:

    Yung bagong online process (e-payment) mas mahal sa actual price ng NBI. That’s why ayoko nun.
    Pero pano yun, ano ippresent ko sa NBI office? Sasabihin/papakita ko lang ang unpaid ref. num.?


    mag kaiba nga yung sample sa pina fillupan , panu yun ipiprint ????

  433. fedelyn bayani molina says:

    Hindi nman ako maka sign kc hindi nman lalaki ang form

  434. iyah says:

    bakit magkaiba po yung sa sample nyo kesa sa ginawa namin? panu mapi-print out?

  435. iyah says:

    Gud am! ask lang ok lang po ba na kumuha ulit ng NBI kahit kakakuha lang last September?

  436. JANE says:


  437. Nora ombra says:

    magkano po ba ang bayad sa online referral sa nbi. May nakapag sabi ksi sa akin na 180.00 na po daw ang bayad sa Pagkuha ng online referral at ung nbi clearance naman ay ganun din 115.00. Please reply me ASAP. Thnks

  438. Pol says:

    Sa lahat ng nagtatanong. Nag-iba na yung process ngayon. If you don’t want to use e-payment, pili lang kayo ng kahit anong option dun sa epayment then bring your UNPAID REFERENCE NUMBER at pumila sa cashier.

  439. John Jeffrey Gonzales says:

    Nagbayad na ako sa BAYAD CENTER ung receipt ko ba pwede na ba ung proof? As Gatepass na din… Obviously online application ako. Wla na ba ipprint-out? Thanks and God Bless

  440. ligaya says:

    Renewal passport

  441. Mark Anthony Malapote says:

    WALA naman pong code na nag aappear

  442. nelba Emprese says:

    bakit po ganon wla po aq nakita na submit button at di ko maprint tapos parang nag sign up lng po ako ng account tpos nung pagkatpos ko gumawa ng account lumabas applicants details form aftr ko mg fill up nakalagay sa baba “saved form” lng pano po yun? nalilito na ako help pls! ):

  443. jenifher medalla says:

    bkit po walang malaysia?

  444. Strawberry Boticario says:

    Di po ko makaonline reguster pano po ?

  445. Carmelito A. Bongcawel Jr says:

    sir di po ako makapasok sa online application ninyo paano po ba….

  446. alexander bagaporo says:

    anu po ba i print dito

  447. ian mark vonne tupaz says:

    paano po vah magregister sa online ng nbi clearance po kasi naka pill up na po ako saan po ipadal un

  448. wryan says:

    pwede pa din ba kumuha ng Direct sa NBI ?

  449. raizza lasibal says:

    pano po mg apply kumuha ng nbi


    hirap nmn nto.


    pano ba mag apply online, bkit dko mhanp ung application form?

  452. mariano says:

    good day po! bakit iba po yung image ng page ng application nyo? di katulad ng nasa itaas na pinapakita? tapos pagkatapos ko po mag sign up wala naman pong lumabas na REGCODE ko.

    ask ko lang if ok na ba yun?

    thanks po!

  453. jeson luchav ez says:

    paano b

  454. dhada says:

    Im just got married and will travel abroad. I want to change my last name on my nbi clearance. May i know the requirements? Thanks

  455. Marvin Licuanan says:

    Hi, I already registered in online form. But it seems that there is something wrong with the procedure. I select the date and the branch were i will have my nbi clearance. I already have the Reference No. for the payment. But the Information form to be printed and the registration code did not show up on the screen. How do i get that registration form? And there is no submit button below instead “save information”. Can you help me on that? And i want to pay the said amount but i don’t have any guaranteed that my application is in your system already because i don’t have the registration code. thank you.

    1. PreEmployee says:

      I also encountered the same situation. I guess bringing the ref# is enough? and the receipt (bayad center)?

    2. ken says:

      got the same problem, did you pay for your bill already? not sure what to do next

  456. Tandy says:

    Iba na po yata ang process ngayon at may E-payment na po.

    Please see link below:

  457. edwin says:

    Hi pwede rin po bang mag renew ng NBI CLEARANCE nila yung nasa labas ng bansa natin ano po ba ang dapat gawin..

  458. Mariann Fuentes says:

    gud eve po..open po ba ang nbi clearance sa U.N. branch?..thank u po….

  459. rei says:

    naka fill up nako tapos schedule na payment pero walang printing button para application form, sa transaction page wala din print button pano na gagawin dito

  460. Jem says:

    . the application form is different from the example that is being shown…. i already print out the form but there is no registration code…which is the correct one??? i don’t like your system now your making simple things complicated…..

  461. Sheryl C. Vidal says:

    pls. process my nbi clearance application form.

    thank you.

    God Bless


    Sheryl C. Vidal

  462. thrixiah says:

    open po ba yung office ng nbi tom.. (ilo-ilo) po

  463. sohry says:

    Tapos ko nang i-filled up ung application form for my renewal, tapos iba ung lumalabas pag sinubmit ko. Kailanga ko raw muna bayaran. Ano un ??

  464. cd says:

    kagagaling ko lang kanina sa Quezon City hall. Medyo unfamiliar pa yung mga staff about sa online payment.
    Hinihingian ako ng resibo, mobile yung transaction ko (GCash) tapos sabi ko sa staff, wala akong resibo, tinuro ko yung reference number na nakalagay sa upper right area ng application form ko, sabi ko, “ma’am yan po yung reference number na ibinigay” tapos inencode ng staff, then nagappear sa monitor nila yung form na finill-upan ko online, then ipinadouble check na rin sa akin. tapos pinakuha na ako ng biometrics at nagpaphoto capture na rin. nung tapos na ako sa biometric area at pauwi na, habang naglalakad, narinig ko yung staff, “o bakit sya may resibo” sabi nya sa sumunod sa akin then narinig ko yung guard “lbc kc yan, eh sya (ako daw) mobile”

    kung pipigain nila ako sa resibo, ipapakita ko yung transaction ng gcash sa celfone, pero useless din dahil yung paid reference number na binigay ng gcash ay pareho lang din ng reference number na nasa printout (application form.)

    according sa rule ng nbi online payment, ang PAID REFERENCE NUMBER ang magsisilbing gate pass mo (pero parang unaware pa ang ibang nbi branches dito.) Yung napansin ko sa mga katabi ko may resibo sila, nagtransact sila sa banko o di kaya ibang form ng transaction na nagbibigay ng resibo, wala akong napagtanungan o nakita nearby na nagtransact sa Gcash (since nasa unahan nga ako ng pila, di ko na natanong yung mga kasunod ko sa kabilang row.) at hello maglalabas ba ng resibo yung celfone…

    isa pang rule ng NBI online payment, hindi ka makakapagprint ng application form kung hindi ka mag-e-epayment.
    kung online lang naman at doon ka na magbabayad, pwede naman. dahil may mga nakita ako sa kabilang pila na ganun. may form na sila na nafillupan naiprint, data checking, bayad, at biometrics na lang ang pinunta nila dun.

    ito yung link ng NBI na pinagfillupan ko http://nbi.njis-ph.com/ may mga instruction na dyan para sa online payment.

    Hopefully magkaroon ng briefing ang mga staff about sa online payment dahil parang nangangapa pa sila pero super friendly naman ng mga staff (yung mga senior staff) tapos yung mga guard, pati yung tindera ng noodles at candy sa labas reliable din.

    6am na ko nakarating sa QC Hall at medyo mahaba na ang pila, pero sa mga nagonline payment, ako yung nasa unahan, ibang pila din naman yung mga nagfill-up online pero hindi online payment, on the spot sila magbabayad. iba rin yung pila sa mga magfifill up ng form manually.

    January 2014, 7pm pa lang nandun na ako sa pila, tapos 12nn na ng kinabukasan ako natapos pero naiuwi ko agad yung nbi clearance ko. ngayong december 2014, ibang iba ang senaryo, 8:30 am nasa sakayan na ako pauwi. icclaim ko na lang yung nbi clearance by january 7, 2015

    1. judilyn says:

      hinde ko talaga alam pano

      1. Maria says:

        After reading the guidelines and instructions, and still you do not know how to do this, then ask for somebody’s help. Maybe a friend or a neighbor. Here in Cebu, there are many services offered at the side of the streets who are willing to help you apply online.

  465. secilly phei untalan says:

    But ganun nagbayad na ako sa LBC BUT wala pang confirmation code na binigay saakin pra maprint ko na ..guys please help me..

  466. evelyn paggao esteban says:

    dto ako moroco need ko mag renew ano po gagawin ko

  467. Ken Anthony Macalalag says:

    How can I renew nbi clearance if I’m out of the country…

  468. Sidney Fred Lamio says:

    what the should I wait until tomorrow morning?

  469. may joy says:

    CAPCHA does not responding!

  470. Sidney Fred Lamio says:

    bat ganun??? iba po yung pdf na lumalabas sakin??? pagkatapos ko pong i- submit hindi nmn katulad ng example sa taas ung nakalagay,,

  471. ely marie ronquillo says:

    Ask ko lang po down po ba ang system ng nbi? tsaka ife ever pumunta ako sa main ok lang ba mag manual application nlan or need talaga online? Salamat.

  472. mhaey says:

    bakit hindi magkapareho yun ipinapakita na form dito sa form na ipinakita sa website na ibinigay? kalito naman kayo. di naman ma print out. parang useless. wala rin Registration code after I completed the form.
    ??????????????????????? thanx…. na.confused lang po aku.

  473. TAMMY says:


  474. GIE says:


  475. Je Hamis says:

    waste of time!! before napaka convenient when you apply online kasi magbabayad ka sa Globe para kapag pumunta ka sa office nila, ibibigay mo na lang yung nai-print na paper tapos 10 mins lang you can get na yung clearance mo.. disappointed!

  476. Eva G. says:

    This online application is certainly a big step for a government agency but looking forward to the time that even payment is automated already through debit or credit card!

  477. Cecilia Coward says:

    Just a comment regarding the nbi clearance
    application reference code, I went to my nearest Nbi office which is 2.5hours away and had a print out online reference code which is a must and also it has to be the full page, I went there with only half the page printout which is probably computer error and it wasn’t accepted.
    I ask if there is a form I could fill up again but form doesn’t exist anymore, applicants have to fill up a form online.
    There are more than 100 people waiting in the office and I have asked them if they are waiting for their clearance but the answer are they are waiting to pay to the cashier, the problem is very obvious, lack of staff if I need to spell what the problem is. Why can’t our government official do something about this, it’s ok for them to just overtake everybody when they arrive in the office because apparently they have more important things to do, what about the people they overtake. Don’t they have anything else to do than wait all day just to pay the fees, nakakainis talaga system natin, sana mga officials gumising na kayo and do something, puro invitation så corruption system natin, do some improvement naman.

  478. rammel lapinig says:

    hello po sir/maam. meron po ba paraan na maka kuha ako ng nbi clearance sa online. nandito po kasi ako sa thailand nag trabaho, nag paparank kasi ako ng public teacher sa pinas. kaso need pala un ng nbi clearance subalit andito po ako sa ibang bansa. meron po ba paraan para maka kuha ng nbi clearance. thnx po

  479. ROWENA says:


  480. mistakenmark says:

    Mga mam/sir paano po ba ang gagawin ko kapag mali po nailagay kong info sa birthplace gusto ko po sana icorrect kaso naisubmit ko na po sya. anu po ba dapat kong gawin? paano ko po itama yung info na nalagay ko?

  481. frederick eguia says:

    tapos na kaso d ko lang alam kung ok na pag pinuntahan

  482. SHIELA says:

    Good day! almost done with my nbi clearance online application, I want to ask if nbi personnel would consider my voter ‘s certification as my valid id? together with my NSO.

    1. Shawee says:

      i dont think so sa certificate. pero ung nso pwede na un cgro. dala ka pa isa. ung postal id kung meron..

  483. Bryan says:

    Student ID lang po ang valid ID na meron ako, is it possible na mabigyan po ako ng NBI clearance? For ID purposes po sana and that would be my first valid ID if expired na Student ID ko.

    A reply to this message of inquiry is highly appreciated. Thank you!

    1. Shawee says:

      hindi na pwede ang expired.

  484. cherie says:

    what if nasa abroad po yung nagpapakuha, ano po need dalhin ng representative kung nag-apply nya sya thru online po

  485. LOIE says:

    what about if the father/mother of a married son/daughter is already diseased.. Should i have to put in there?

  486. Ryan Ramos says:

    me bug yung first form. may error daw po ung birthdate.

    i cant proceed sa next form.

  487. jyle says:

    in caqse po na nawala ko po yung old nbi clearance ko.. may need po ba ko dalhin or magaapply na lang po aq ng bago? tnx

  488. Dhaly says:

    Papnu po kung sakaling hndi po ako nkapag online,tapos po pmunta ako sa branch kung saan dun po ako kukuha nang renewal nbi.ko,okey lng po b un?o sadyng un n po tlga ang procedure,mag oonline tlga,bgo mkakuha nang Nbi.clearance,o pwde rn n wlang online.

    1. mine says:

      Its just an option… pwede parin ang dating procedure

  489. Mae Major says:

    Hi po,ask ko lng po how to apply online renewal ng NBI clearance ko.andito po kasi ako abroad.

  490. larah says:

    Cannot print file

  491. CONCERNED NBI Applicant says:

    Good day po sa mga NBI Applicants. Gusto ko lang po i-share yung karanasan
    ko kanina nung kumuha ako ng NBI Clearance sa Ever Recto Manila. PARA

    1. Online applicant po ako. Kaya lang po wala kaming printer. So ang ginawa
    baka magkamali ako kung kinopya ko lang or sinulat ko lang. Mabilis naman
    ang process ng online, pero pag dating sa Cashier TINAASAN AKO NG
    BOSES ng personnel kasi daw mali ang code na binigay ko at mali daw ang
    code na nilagay ko sa form. So sabi ko “Pano po mangyayari yun e may picture
    ako ng registration code sa cellphone ko” Muli, TINAASAN ULIT AKO NG
    BOSES at sinabi nya na “EH WALA NGA DITO EH! O TIGNAN MO PA!!” Di
    naman ako magagalit kasi minsan may mga System Glitch talaga. Ang
    nakakasama ng loob ay yung UGALI AT TREATMENT ng personnel ninyo
    when they could just have told me nicely kung ano yung pwede kong gawin na
    alternatives IN A CALM AND PROFESSIONAL MANNER. Pagkatapos nun,
    pinapunta nya ako sa Encoding. Ok na sana ang lahat dahil lumabas na yung
    application ko sa system. Pero nag-comment pa kasi sya (Encoding personnel
    naman ito) na “Dapat kasi piniprint ninyo ang application form ninyo!” Bakit
    naman ganon? Diba it is CLEARLY STATED naman sa website na ito na
    REG CODE – Which I did. Ngayon, kung hindi naman pala pwede na
    registration code lang wag na lang ilagay sa website OR i-ORIENT yung mga
    personnel ng maayos para HINDI SILA NAMAMAHIYA NG MGA
    APPLICANTS NA SUMUSUNOD LANG DIN NAMAN SA WEBSITE. Diba trabaho naman nila na i-pull up yung mga online application form sa system nila. So, bakit nagagalit sila?
    Ang malala pa dun PATI SA IBANG APPLICANTS GANITO ANG TREATMENT NILA. Let me just cite one example kasi madami pa. (Take note: 8-8:30AM lang ako nandun pero ang dami na kagad nilang ginanyan na applicant)

    2. May isang applicant na nagkamali lang ng check dun sa form para sa
    purpose of getting their NBI Clearance kasi daw sabi nung cashier for local
    employment dapat pero iba yung chineck nung applicant. Ok na sana kung
    pinagsabihan na lang ng maayos nung cashier ung applicant kung ano ang
    dapat nyang gawin. Ang problema PINAHIYA pa nya yung applicant. Ang
    lakas lakas pa naman ng boses nya, e yung venue nasa cinema pa naman, kaya yung boses nya ECHO na ECHO sa buong venue at dinig na dinig ng lahat ng tao. Buti sana kung binabastos sya nung applicant e hindi naman. Tahimik at kalmado naman yung applicant.
    NAGBABAYAD NAMAN ANG MGA APPLICANT PARA KUMUHA NG CLEARANCE AT ANG SINUSWELDO NG MGA PERSONNEL AY MULA DIN NAMAN SA BUWIS NATIN. So wala silang karapatan na mamahiya ng kahit sinong applicant. Not to say, 8:00AM pa lang at kakasimula pa lang namin MAINIT KAGAD ANG ULO NG MGA NBI PERSONNEL. So they dont have the excuse of being tired para maging mainit kagad ang ulo nila e ang aga aga pa naman. PANO PA KAYA KUNG HAPON NA O PATAPOS NA ANG TRABAHO NILA, Edi mas pagod sila, MAS IINIT PA ANG ULO NILA.

    3. Last, mukhang WALA SILANG WORK ETHICS dahil pinagtsitsismisan ng
    mga Personnel yung isang applicant dun.

    sayang, mabilis pa naman sa Ever Recto. Pero kung ganito ang UGALI ng mga
    TREATMENT SA MGA APPLICANT tulad nung nag-apply ako dati sa
    Robinsons Otis.
    Yun lamang po. Salamat po.

  492. Edith De Guzman says:

    Thank you for the information on how to apply for an NBI online, however, how would you know if you are on the hit list considering that your last name is very common? Even with a unique name it does happen, you will be asked to come back then that’s the only time you will get your NBI Clearance it’s still a hussle.

  493. Rosary Avila says:

    It is good that we already have online application. I just wish that someday processing can be like NSO birth certificate wherein it can be delivered to the person who requested for it. I hope the line for those who have online application will not be as long as those who did not apply online.

  494. Kristin Aprille D. Del Rosario says:

    i cannot print the application form

    1. may says:

      Ctrl P lang po.kung ayaw ung botton na print

  495. Marvin Visto says:

    .panu po yon d q naprint bka mgkaproblem pa dun kpag d q nprint pwd po ba ulitin saka po ung presented id ung sss q po at philhealth d pa po sya id # pa lan po meron aq pwd pO ba mgulit ng fill out..?

    1. joseph says:

      is it okay if the printed application form is 2 pages ?

  496. Marvin Visto says:

    .kElan po mkukuha ang nbi kpag ngsubmit aq ngayon..?salamat po.

  497. carla z villareal says:

    keln ko po mkkuha ang nbi kpg nag fill up n ako ngayon
    . tnx

  498. Dominic Royce Lacra says:

    Thank you for Good Guidance!

  499. Sherlyn says:

    Im here in korea po and im korean citizen try ko po kumuha ng NBI pra sa fiancee visa puntang States pero need na ng icr number wala naman. PO me dyan sa pinas kya wala me me alien reg number

  500. amado avila jr says:

    ilang days po ma release ang nbi renewal pagkatapus ko pong ma isubmit un aplication form thanks po

  501. jane villanueva says:

    Good day! We live here in spain and we need to have our NBI clearance for Nationality purpose. Can we also apply online and how can we get them if we are not able to come for the picture and finger print taking? Hope you could help us.thanks!

    1. laura Salamatin says:

      If i am to update my personal Info, will I still fill up the online application form, or do I have to it at the NBI Main office.
      Thanks po. Good day!

  502. khayane says:

    what if po hindi ko po nakuha ung print app san ko po kaya pd makuha un ulet? ung code lang po nilista ko
    salamat sana masagot po tanong ko :)

    1. Maricel Tabudlo Liquigan says:

      7,505 total for abroad payment but of what foreigns suppossed i pay of that and the local total is 65,250 same my question any of foreigns money and im here in kota kinabalu,sabah malaysia 88000. I just inquired thank you.

      1. Shawee says:

        sana tinagalog mo nlng po. hindi po maintindihan ang question mo po.

  503. Angeline villaflor legasto says:

    Ok lang po bang mag fill up online ng renewal ng nbi at kapatid kna lang po ang kukuha ng nbi clearance ko.with authorization letter plus id ko pong valid.nsa abroad po kasi ako ngayon.salamat po at sana masagot ninyo po ang aking katanungan .

  504. eko says:

    open po ba sila ngayong dec.24, 2014?

  505. Roch says:

    Can I ask if my old NBI clearance is 1 year old and never been renew because I’m abroad. Can I renew it online ? Can one of my relatives get it for me? I need your reply sooner.. Thank you.

  506. jane says:

    ask cu lng po .panu kpag wlang valid id?
    pdi n b ung birt certificate?

  507. Niel Canzana says:

    Thank you for this initiative.

    However, after filling up all the necessary details and clicked submit the page just hanged up and fail to give me the REGISTRATION CODE.

    Please advise my next step.

    Thanks alot

  508. mark anthony mejia says:

    ilang araw po ba bago makuha ung nbi clearance online ska san branchs po puede kunin.salamat po

  509. Gold says:

    After ko po fill out yung renewal form online, gaano katagal yung processing and when ko siya pwede kunin? And kahit saan branch po ba pumunta ok lang? Wala po kasi ako nakita option to choose kung saan branch ko siya kukunin.


  510. Fatmah Abdul aziz says:

    panu po mag apply na nbi?

  511. venjie viduya says:

    thank you foe being your srevice

  512. JAMES V. BAUTISTA says:

    bakit po ito yung naka appear after ko i submit yung filled up table … pls reply ASAP thanks…
    {“errors”:[“The Birthday field is required.”],”errors2″:{“bday”:[“The Birthday field is required.”]},”action”:”retry”}

  513. angelo broqueza says:

    ang hrap nmn sa nbi online

  514. jeih jimenez says:

    Good Afternoon, nag fill out ako ng form thru online pero bakit ayaw mag print kahit magpalit ako ng browser? Hindi ba working yung button. Paano ko yun ma print out? Thanks

    1. Chino says:

      Right click on the form, there should be an option for you to save or print the file.

    2. may says:

      Ctrl P lang po pwd na.. :-)

  515. Rolando Litan says:

    Very good.

  516. ma. jonalyn taberdo solamo says:

    ask ko lang po, kung ngayon pong araw na ito ay nakuha ko po ang aking registration code ok lang po ba kung kung 2 or 3 weeks pa po ako punta sa NBI clearance center? at kung sakali po ba pumunta ako at same day makuha ko din po ung NBI ko ? thank po

  517. emjae says:

    ask ko lang po, what if kakakasal lang and walang id na may married name ano id pwede ipresent? i have to use my married name na po.

  518. raihana Tanday says:

    can i apply NBI clearance through online application and i pick up in robinson pala pala?

  519. Dorothy Cruz Rayos says:

    i have concern regarding to my application.
    1) first time applicant where to apply in main office or in satellite office?
    2) it is a requirement to change my first name what to do and where to apply?

  520. Shinybelle Cacal says:

    Can I apply NBI clearance through online application ang I can just pick itup here in hong kong consulate?

  521. gleason says:

    i have a problem in this branch Cabanatuan Dislrict Office – Llanera St Old Provincial Capitol Cmpd Cabanaluan City

    they don’t entertain online registration.

  522. Antonio Puyot says:

    Good day i already have my nbi form from the philippine consul here in toronto with my letter of authorization to get my new NBI in the Philippines is it only in manila will issue my mew NBI or is it ok in my place in Laoag City? Kindest regards

  523. Nashrief S. Mujala says:

    sir/ ma;am Good day! I wanna ask a question just for one thing, what is Presented ID? what if we don’t have an ID no.? like in your example (Example: SSS 06-1234567-1, TIN 111-222-333) is it possible if we put school ID or passport?

  524. romulo s. baculao says:

    if parents are deceased do we still have to put their names in “parents information” ?

  525. rowena villanueva says:

    ask ko lang po, kung ngayon pong araw na ito ay nakuha ko po ang aking registration code ok lang po ba kung kung 1 or 2 weeks pa po ako punta sa NBI clearance center? at kung sakali po ba pumunta ako at same day makuha ko din po ung NBI ko ? thank po

  526. bhel says:

    pano naman yong sakin kasi laging nag hihit .. waiting parin b ako oh pagpunta ko dun makukuha ko na agad..?

  527. yong says:

    so magbabayad parin kami ng nbi clearance dun sa branch na pupuntahan namin?! e di ganun din pipila parin kami ng mahaba?!

    1. Edgy Dulds says:

      This online application is nonsense. A waste of electricity and time.

  528. Mimi says:

    what is the validity of my online application? i have already my e online NBI application form made just today. pls reply!

  529. Fretti Jane says:

    meron na po ba ito sa Davao City, Tagum City?? kase last time sa Tagum City po ako,,,HIT ang name ko …they said back in 1 week i think or 1 month… so helpfull po ba ito?? tapos sabi nila pag sa Davao city NBI naman. agad mong makuha kc di na HIT,, pero ang taaaaaaaaas ng pila from 4am till evening..

    what can you recommend for this problem?

  530. Ann Oanes says:

    Question… How can I have an NBI clearance if I’m outside the country? is it possible if my parents apply on behalf of me?
    Awaiting for your feedback. :)

  531. daynel says:

    paano ko po malalaman na pede ko na kuhanin ang NBI CLEARANCE ko? waiting for the answer thank you

  532. Froilan Batac says:

    Wow…this is great and easy application compare to old system be in the long line queue as early at 3 o’clock in the morning to get the first 100 applicant…
    Thanks for the eapps. Sure this will be recommended.

  533. hilda says:

    pwede din po ba magaaply para sa nbi id ko..dito po online paano?

  534. Michelle Fabillo says:

    gud am. pwede na rin po ba ung online application sa NBI Olongapo Outlet?
    for example po nag apply ako online this day kailan po ako pupunta sa NBI outlet? it depends on me nlang po ba kung kailan? Sa olongapo po kc yung pinakamalapit na outlet dito smin. Please reply po. thankyou. Godbless!

  535. john says:

    Pwede pa schedule ng NBI ko

  536. Mark Gerald says:

    Hello po, ask ko lang kung kailangan pa ba ung Police Clearance para makakuha ng NBI Clearance requirements? Kasi noon requirements yan, just wondering lang baka d na need now, wala pa kasi online registration non.

    Thank you.

    1. kalokomo says:

      Not needed unless otherwise stated on the article :)

  537. Maria Genevie. R. Castillo says:

    May I ask a question? I have followed everything and have undergone biometrics and all. Got the receipt and Just waiting for the release of my new NBI clearance. However, is it possible to ask someone to pick up the NBI clearance, instead of me?

    Thank you

    1. Shawee says:

      yes.. just bring an authorization letter. you can read through here:


      theres also a sample of the authotization letter for nbi clearance. you can just edit it..

  538. Jorge says:

    I will be married on December this year. How will I change the civil status of my NBI clearance from single to married?

    1. Shawee says:

      u need to pressent your marriage contract. apply for another nbi clearance with the married status.

  539. Cristine Salo says:

    Panu po ba mkukuha ung clearance?

  540. franc says:

    everytime I hit submit, it always says “ooopppsss, something went wrong, contact your administrator.” what seems to be the problem? thanks in advance.

  541. rashyl says:

    may limit po buh on how many days dapat nasa Nbi centers ka na from the day succesful yung online aplication?

  542. Vivian Palis says:

    The application form cannot be printed. There is a box “print application” but unresponsive.

    1. katkat says:

      what I did was to right click just anywhere on the window, then chose print from the options that appeared. Hope that helps! :)

  543. marlo says:

    tanung ko lang.. sa taft lang ba ito makukuha. o pde kahit saang branch? taga q.c po kasi ako eh malapit ako city hall.

  544. Ellen Dorothy Ladia says:

    OFW po ako…need to renew my NBI clearance, at wla po ako sa pinas ngayon, long process ang ang clearance dito as if your a new applicant coz you need to go to different office in different location. And you still need to send it to philippines Which my time in going out is limited.
    could I just ask a representative to renew my clearance there. Do you have a system like that?

  545. Cyril says:

    Paano po kung mali yung birthdate na naiprint? pwede pa po ba kumuha ulit ng nbi clearance?

  546. Zoie says:

    Hi! Good day!

    I would like to know if NBI is needed for CFO seminar..and how many days, weeks or months the QR code is from the time you registered online? Is there an expiration? Thank you very much! Have a great day!

  547. mary anne gaquit says:

    separate na poh ba yung pila ng nka online reg. ?

  548. kris says:

    Separate na po ba pila ng online and walkin sa rob gale?

  549. jason says:

    it says “Opps! something went wrong please contact your administrator”

  550. monx says:

    hello good day po sa lahat. gusto ko lang matanong kung kapag mag aapply ka ba ng online tapos may kapangalan ka, eh di ka makakapag register online? kase eto palage lumalabas sakin eh. {“errors”:[“The Birthday field is required.”],”errors2″:{“bday”:[“The Birthday field is required.”]},”action”:”retry”} please sana may makatulong sakin kasi wala ako alam dito. thanks po.

  551. abegail portuguese says:

    panu mka2kuha ng nbi online


    meron po ba validity regcode anytime or anyday pwede ako pumunta sa nbi satellite office. Di po ma print ung form ok lang po ung regcode lang ang dala ko sa nbi satelitte. I applied last Nov. 3, 2014. Thank you.

  553. shella marie castro tongson says:

    Pano po mkukuha ang nbi online ung code lng b ang ippakita

  554. keela says:

    hindi po naload ung print aplication pano po ba? …..pwede po ung code lng ipakita?

  555. mischel villamero bongay says:

    Helow po nbi ask lang po ako…kanena po kumuha ako ng nbi clearance ko.tapos nag taka po ako bakit na hit ako..last yr dec 20 po 2013 kumuha ako madali lang.di nman ako na hit…ano vah kadalasan dahilan kung bakit ma hits yung kumukuha ng nbi…tnx

    1. lyn says:

      Bkit po gnun kakuha ko LN nung march 2014 ng nbi clearance nkuha ko kaagad DAT day nung ng applied ko.taz nung nung nov. Kuha me 4 abroad pnabalik me ng 10 bkit po kya anu po bng reason pggnun hnd ko nkuha agad

    2. rodney bicas says:

      may open ba ang nbi pag sunday?

  556. catherine javier says:

    pag po ba may kapangalan and nagapply online, the same day po na magpunta ako sa outlet, makukuha ko din po ung clearance? kasi usually po pinapablik pa.. but pag online application po kaya? thanks!

  557. JJ says:

    How can I edit an incorrect data in a confirmed registration form?

  558. rose says:

    Any procedures for applying NBI clearance who are working abroad? Whatare the requirements needed? Tnx.

  559. Al Raymund says:

    Mayroon po ba online application sa Region11 Davao City?THANKS

  560. Henrich Samson says:

    Gano po katagal ang pag relis ng clearance pag nag aply ako online?

  561. Schindzee De Chavez says:

    Hi, ask ko po if possible ba ako makakuha ng 2 separate copies ng nbi clearance since i need it for my Birth certificate correction sa local registry office and travel abroad? If not, paano o ano po gagawin ko.. Hoping for your reply.. Thanks in advance!

  562. MARICEL says:

    saan po ba sa cebu pinakamalapit mgkuha ng NBI clearance na d kailangan pumunta sa office ng NBI CEBU

  563. charmaine says:

    Good day! May I ask if the offices of NBI will be open for the whole day tomorrow? thank you!

  564. Emma Mascarinas says:

    Kelan po pwede pumunta sa branch after mag fill up ng application online? At pano po ang gagawin kung mag uutos Lang ng tao para kuhanin ang clearance? Maraming salamat!

  565. Concerned Citizen says:

    I noticed that the website isn’t secure. At the upper left corner of the web address, there is no “https” in the address line which indicates the website isn’t encrypted. Vital infos are being sent to the internet. Talamak ang identity theft at social engineering ngayon. If they’re the NBIs, they must do something about this.

  566. Marich says:

    Is this on-line application also applies to those people who are working in abroad??
    if yes, is there is/are additional requirements??

    1. Malou says:

      Gano po katagal ang pagkuha ng NBI clearance for abroad?Ten days lang kasi binigay ng amo ko para kumuha ng panibagong visa.Salamat po.

  567. Dimple susano says:

    So, may ibang pila ang mga online applicants?

  568. MarkJohn Rey Moratillo says:

    hindi nagload yong print Apllication pano to at kailan pwd pumunta sa nbi after fill up the application may sched ba o punta na lang don any time .pls reply po

    1. corrs white says:

      the print application preview is in another window of your browser.

  569. MarkJohn Rey Moratillo says:

    hindi nagload yong print Apllication pano to at kailan pwd pumunta sa nbi after fill up the application may sched ba o punta na lang don any time .

  570. Rosetanette says:

    zalamat po,..okey na aq,..!

    for now Im just hoping na zna bukas mdali nalang process doon,..
    zlmat ulit Godbless!

  571. Rosetanette says:

    d q po na copy yung code anu po ba dpat gawin,..gawa po ba ulit?

  572. Yumai says:

    Hindi ko po n print yung form. Paano po b ma?

  573. Carlet S. Tugado says:

    how can i get the code because i already exit the form

  574. Jayson Riomulin says:

    Why is it that nbi lipa doesn’t accept the regcode. They said they don’t have access to it

  575. joe says:

    I would like to ask if i’m gonna use “other requirement” in paying the NBI clearance as i am married now. There is no change of status in the list and in addition, I will be using this one as a requirement in my current job. Hope you answer it.



    I already went to the PHIL.CONSULATE here in Sydney, Ausrtalia and fill up the form for my NBI clearance because I am applying for a PARTNER VISA..
    I send it to my daughter together with my authorization for her to process in my behalf..that is in cebu, city..But the NBI Cebu branch advised my daughter to lodge it in Manila.which is my daughter cannot do it because she is working.I would like to ask if it is possible for me to apply online..because the manual processing is very slow..

    Thank you & more power to you.

    1. wilma says:

      i also authorized by my husband to renew his nbi.i went to nbi lucena as it was the nearest. they asked for 1,500,the cost for clearance included even it was paid already by my husband.they said the rest was for their services as the clearance will be processed in manila. it will free me from the hassle of going to manila and avoiding long lines.

  577. javierjulia Rogado says:

    Good day. My son went to nbi lucena to get nbiclearance.so slow Ang process tala ga…very good job po a may inline application. It saves my varicose ..Godbless

  578. It’s really very complicated in this busy life to listen news on TV, therefore I only use internet for that reason, and get the hottest news.

  579. Anne says:


  580. Vivencio O. Enriquez. says:

    Excellent job NBI. No hassle to fill – up
    The application Online. More Power.
    God bless nbi. gob.ph

  581. What a data of un-ambiguity and preserveness of precious know-how
    on the topic of unexpected emotions.

  582. Angelie Mantalaba says:

    I forgot to do the last step which is the print application and i dont know how to retrieve it. Pls help for instruction. Thank you.

  583. maria Luz Cabiedes says:

    I need to renew my NBI, does this mean ‘clearance?’ What are the advantages of applying NBI online? Will the release be faster than applying in person? Which site can I download NBI form for free?

    Thank you.

  584. Harry A. Sajulga says:

    san mg fill up nbi?

  585. marvin says:

    may mag sesend ba kung kelan ung schedule na makukuha yung NBI oh kahint anong oras makukuha ko na ?>

  586. Gemma Villacruel Caballero says:

    hello sir/ mam.good day yo youu..i would like to apply online also.but i am here in cyrus.i need NBI also for travel in Canada..ibwent oto consulate here.they said i nee the form with the finger prints..thanks and more power to all of you..

  587. angel says:

    My sister-in-law is working in macau, she needs to have an nbi clearance for her application to Canada, so she doesn’t know what to do, she wants me to work with her nbi clearance, is that possible? and if that is possible what are the requirements?

  588. ana lyn sis sevilla says:

    thank you for this very informative article ill try it later. good job

  589. Jeffrey Pinsoy says:

    Hi..? Pwedi Ko pa Bang Maibalik yong 2nd page Na close ko kasi eh.>!? Paano ba yon ibabalik..? yong printing page..?

  590. kiko says:

    Hi,i would like to ask what’s the next step after printing of the form.makakareceive po ba ako ng sked of date and time kung kailan ko pwede asikasuhin yung application or anytime pwede na ako pumunta sa any outlet.thanks

  591. Annie Jane Braga says:

    gud pm po, ask lang sana ako if i have a the same name?

  592. conrad says:

    so kami pa po kukuha la po ba cod??? meron po ba tong online application sa baguio?

  593. Alfred says:

    Lahat po ba ng nbi clearance outlet ay tumatanggap ng online applicant? At separate po ba yung pila namin sa mga hindi nag-apply online? Thanks.

    1. Shawee says:

      no and no. selected lang.

  594. rafael says:

    i have two valid id’s but i dont have nso.. i have the old birthcertificate.. it is possible to use it?

    1. Shawee says:

      ok n ung 2 valid id. pwede n un. kht wala l ng nso. 2 lang ang kelangan na ipresent ALIN MAN o KAHIT ANO na nasa listahan sa itaas.

  595. eleseo carel jr says:

    Hi god evning poh ask ko lng poh kng paano kumuha ng nbi clearance poh

  596. kristal aringo says:

    Hi,Good day.kristal aringo . I just want to asked how will i apply for nbi clearance if im already abroad. I’am currently here in Kuwait and the immigration required me to submit the nbi so that my civil i.d will be process.. I really need yur help asap .. what should I do..? is this can be done through online or do I really need to back to the Philippines? please help me asap


  597. Mylene Montuerto says:

    Ask ko lng po kung may expiration po ba ang code na ibinigay via online nag request po ako last 2wks. Ano po ba ang requirements ng kukuha ng NBI ko. I’m currently working abroad. Thank you.

  598. Nusaybah Muti says:

    Can I apply for an NBI Clearance for my father. He is currently abroad.

  599. April Zaira Gonzales says:

    what if I don’t any valid Id? The only I have here is my I.d last year in my school. Asap.

    1. Shawee says:

      bring your nso birth certificate and your school id.

  600. JUDZ says:

    ..thanks a lot..the information is very informative..

  601. Arlyn Acdang Soriano says:

    Hi,Good day. I’am ArlynSoriano. I just want to asked how will i apply for nbi clearance if im already abroad. I’am currently here inNew Zealand and the immigration required me to take a clearanceto your office but how can i do it? Please advice. Thanks a lot.

    1. Cristina valenzuela says:

      Hi Arlyn,same as you I am here in nz and we have a same problem before..first step you need to send of letter of request to ph embassy to get form #5 include your passport copy and free paid courier bag to send back to you..and have an instruction too..what you need to do..

  602. emicel balmaceda says:

    pde pahinge ng form ?and san ko mkukuha un ?if nasend n sken ?thanks po

  603. norma says:

    Hi how can I apply an NBI clearance if I’m off the country.

  604. Al John S. Magsumbol says:

    For the 1st time that I submit my application ONLINE, I hope that I can get my NBI Clearance with very convenient, easy to get when I’m in there office and correct information base on my filling my personal identity thru Online Panel


  605. JANE MELENDRES says:

    hi! I filled up until contact details only but when i submitted i cannot proceed to the next step kasi something went wrong raw and i must contact the administrator..what will i do next? thank you

  606. tricia babiera says:

    papano po un may gusto po akong baguhin kasi po nagkamali po ako ng lagay pwde pa po ba ung martretrive? pls gusto ko pong malaman

  607. elizabeth says:

    so its means po kht d nko pumla s nbi bsta my registration code aq ok n xa d n dn aq mgfifilup dun kz kz ng frend ko by numbering pdin daw po

  608. Joanne f says:

    hi can anyone help me? is this online application suited sa Renewal na may hit, may kapangalan kasi hubby ko na may bad records kaya may hit xa kapag nagrerenew, eh sa haba ng pila sa NBI main bka ndi nya matapos for one day kapag pumila xa..

  609. ron s says:

    I remember dati may application na i-ttext mo lang un nbi para sa DAY at TIME kung kelan ka pwede. ung tipong wala ka ng pipilahan. nagawa namin dati un for my BRO. pero ngayon hindi ko makita kung paano un.


    1. JOSEC ROJAS says:

      Ako din bro ganyan ginawa ko noon. i paid through globe gcash tapos i got a receipt from them tapos i scheduled my appointment through text. hindi na kaya ganun ngayon? may sumasagot bang admin sa mga queries dito? parang wala naman.

      1. Shawee says:

        hindi na ganyan ang process. parang last 2 years pa yata yang ganyan na process. iba na kasi ang contractor.

  610. lloyd A. sol says:

    can i get a NBI in this day i use it for a jop
    quezon city area only thank you!!!

  611. Isay says:

    Hello sa admin ng website na ‘to at sa ibang nagcocomment at nagtatanong.

    Nasa NBI QC City Hall ako kahapon. Maraming taong nagsasabing online sila nagapply. Actually, nagapply din ako online pero napansin ko na parang wala syang advantage so dumaan ako sa normal process, nagfill-out ng form at pumila. May mga nagcclaim na sa payment na sila dapat dumiretso dahil nga nagapply na sila online, tama nga naman, dapat ganun. Kaso hindi, they’re still required to line up under Step 1 para magsubmit ng photocopy ng mga IDs na dala nila – pinalagay yung codes na nakuha nila online sa taas ng photocopies nila. Then, Step 2, 3 at 4 na until releasing. Normal lang lahat. Basically, itong online application, ang tanging naiwasan mo lang ay ang magsulat sa form na binibigay nila.

    Hindi naman ako against sa process pero sana since online naman ‘to, magkaron man lang ng advantage na tipong didiretso ka na agad sa Step 2 (data check) o payment. Ayun lang, pero masaya pa rin ako at nakakuha na rin sa wakas. :)

    1. Isay says:

      To specify lang, sa QC City Hall lang yata ang ganitong process dahil may mga kaibigan akong nagapply sa ibang branches at nagwowork naman yung online process sa kanila.

  612. trins says:

    May validity period po ba yung Registration Code? Two weeks ago pa po kasi ako gumawa nito pero hindi parin po ako nakakapunta ng NBI Office due to my working schedule. Thanks!

  613. Aleli says:

    Sorry po, how will I able to retrieve the tracking number? I did not get the said number. Thanks so much.

  614. jeremy a. anciano says:

    how to get this

  615. Billy Jay Sigua says:

    OK LNG bak kung yung tracking number lang Dala ko walang form mkkuha ko ba nbi clearance ko? Tnx

  616. CHARISMO PAYO says:

    How and where to pay this clearance?

  617. dai says:

    paano po iedit yung form.. di naman po ako makapagfill up..

  618. Ruth Collantes says:

    I would like to have my domestic helper apply for an NBI clearance for safety and security reasons. She does not have any identification with her (e.g. neither birth certificate of voter’s ID). Can she still apply for clearance?

    Thank you. Be well. Be blessed.

    1. Shawee says:

      I donth thinks so.

  619. MADEL TAGUB says:


  620. Mary Jane Pahigo says:

    nice one…..online application is a big help…..

  621. nida perez says:

    Hi there:

    I applied and pay my NBI Clearance in Manila main office can we still get the NBI Clearance in in branch or satellite mall?

  622. nida perez says:

    Hi there:

    I would like to ask if is possible that my husband will claim my NBI Clearance? I dont have time to get it since im now busy with work loads. If possible what does he needs to bring to claim it.

    Thanks a lot

  623. John says:

    Can I just go at the NBI outlets anytime I want or do I have to make an appointment with them pa?

    1. yuki says:

      you can go anytime during office hours. in my case, i was told to apply online and print out the form with the code.you can apply and print it at home before heading there or if not, i’m sure enterprising pinoys are just around the nbi vicinity offering this service for a fee.

  624. iya says:

    Can I just go at the NBI outlets anytime I want or do I have to make an appointment with them pa?

  625. em says:

    ahms ask lang po, pagka fill up po ng application sa net pwedeng on the other day nalang pumunta sa NBI Office??

  626. neil lemon mediodia says:

    can i ask po if may expiration(validity) ang online application ng NBI Clearance? kasi baka hindi matanggap itong i dont know if 2month old na ang aking online print out application ng NBI Clearance.

    thank you.

  627. sheena says:

    Do we still need to wait for an email as to when can we go to clearnce centers? Can we process the clearance wherever branch we prefer and the date and time.? Do we need to comply with branch and schedule date of proceeding to clearnce centers?

    If not. I recommend it would be better if they could use a system just like the one use in applying for passport wherein you can choose the convenient place/date/time of yout application.

  628. Mimi says:

    Magiging madali sana kung isinasagawa ng lahat ng NBI Clearance branches yung steps na sinabi sa itaas pero sa branch na pinuntahan ko, yung sa Quezon City Hall, hindi sumusunod! Kahit nakapag-apply ka na online, kailangan mo pa ring daanan lahat ng steps para makakuha yung NBI Clearance. Kailanganan pa raw kasi i-validate yung nakasulat sa form. Para saan pa yung pag-apply online kung sa branch, kailangan mo pa rin daanan lahat ng steps? Akala ko ba ang layunin ng online na prosesong ito ay para malikdangan na yung ibang steps at umiwas sa mahabang pilahan? So mas naging madali lang yung proseso dahil sa pag-fill up ko ng form online imbis na pagsulat sa papel? Yun lang ang nakikita kong benefit sa online processing na ‘to.

    Sana maging maayos na yung pagkuha ng NBI Clearance kasi kawawa naman yung mga tao. Araw- araw, maraming kumukuha ng clearance kaya nagbibigay yung branch ng cut-off hanggang 1000 applicants. 10am pa lang, abot na yung cut-off kaya para makapasok sa cut-off, kailangan nasa branch ka na ng 5am! Yung proseso umaabot ng hanggang 8 hours. Ang init pa sa branch tapos hindi kayang i-accomodate lahat ng tao.

    Sana maging maayos yung online processing na ‘to kasi mas magiging madali talaga para sa mga kukuha ng NBI Clearance. Dapat kasi nava-validate na online yung information para pagdating sa branch, hindi na kailangang i-validate. Mas madali na rin sana kung magkaroon na ng online payment para hindi na kailangang pumila sa cashier. Sa branch naman, sana mas maging malaki yung NBI Clearance branch para ma-accomodate lahat ng tao at sana maganda yung ventilation, malinaw na signs at maayos na upuan.

    1. Leon Kilat says:

      i can only think of one reason why they don’t want the online option to completely work…imagine the number of people who will lose their jobs if di na tayo pipila…kasi daw po, resilient tayong mga pinoy, so kahit pwede namang gawing madali ang isang bagay, ginagawa pa ring mahirap. we can only accept the reality of things, or rant endlessly. i’m sure magiging convenient din ito as we expect it to be, but as to when…’ika nga- we can never can tell…or just a wild guess—2020. hehehehe.

  629. mark allen says:

    Hey, Can I get the nbi clearance of my mom in behalf of hers?

  630. sam says:

    ask ko lang po.. and need an ASAP reply..dun po sa presented id..pano po pag student pa lang po ako at wala pang sss, tin, etc..ano po ilalagay ko? thanks!

  631. Luke says:

    Hi im not in the Philippines right now and i need an nbi clearance can i have an authorized person get my nbi instead? Thanks a lot

  632. Neth says:

    Hello, po ask ko lng panu kung may kafingerprint HIT din po ba? hope to hear soon. thanks

    1. Leon Kilat says:

      No two people have been found to have the same fingerprints — they are totally unique. There’s a one in 64 billion chance that your fingerprint will match up exactly with someone else’s.

    2. Melecia Gabaon says:

      Hello po, ask ko Lang po Kung sakaling mag-apply ako online pwede bang yong parent ko pupunta sa NBI office malapit sa Amin para mag bayad at magbigay ng picture ko kasi po dito kasi ako sa Canada. Thank you po. Have a blessed and a great day.

  633. jiamar absulio says:

    well its very easy to apply :) i hope it will be the start of nbi growing up :) keep up the goodwrok :)

  634. PHILAME FABRUA says:

    maam/sir,pag maka print ba ako ng nbi online application pwede naba kaagad ako makapunta so opis nyo?wala ho bang expiration yong online application ko?

  635. Jeremy says:

    Mayroon akong copy ng nbi clearance released 2012, considered renewal pa po ba to or new na (kasi bago na yung system)?

  636. Marielle Angelie M.kile says:

    panu po makakuha ng online registration ?

  637. michael moraga ledesma says:

    i wan’t to nbi to loca purposes

  638. lhyn says:

    Good day!
    I am here abroad, and i already sent my NBI form to my brother. But there are some mistakes on the form that i need to change.My question is pwede ba akong mag apply online to make that changes? And i’ll just send the registration code to my brother.

  639. camil candace henson riego says:

    nka pag register nako sa online application for local dko po na print kc sira po yun printer pro kinuha ko yun code ko. after po ba nun pag pnta ko sa kuhaan ng nbi ala pong hihingin na requirement aside from payment thanks..

  640. the number nine says:

    can i apply for another clearance if i submit my new clearance

  641. Eian says:

    It’s been a while since i acquired an NBI clearance. Just applied online. I hope to be able to survive tomorrow when i arrive at the NBI Alabang branch.

  642. marjorie mortel says:

    papanu po kapag local employment

  643. Nessy says:

    Good day!
    Panu po ng kamali po ako ng fill up..pwede ba mg online apply ulit???

  644. xangg says:

    Hello. What if Alien Applicant? ..

  645. Mark Luib says:

    Bday field required bkit ganun ayaw mag submit

  646. joss says:

    ask ko lang po..kung pwede po bang 1 valid voters i.d lang po dalhin ko? thank you very much..

  647. Michael John Eugenio says:

    sabi dito khit code lang pwed pero pad dating sa office hind tnatanggap! sasabhin lang sayo ipaprint! ayusin niyo intructions niyo dito at sa office, hind ata kayo nagkakaintdhan….o talgang tamad lang tlga mga empleyado niyo. hay…..mga empleyado talga sa gobyerno……wlang mga pinag kaiba.

  648. jocelyn l. de guzman says:

    ive already register online but it just so happened that the laptop im using was shutdown automatically.i havent save the registration code for my application what are the option i can do to retrieve it.i also dont have t6he copy of the form i filled out.

  649. Eileen M says:

    I am currently in Abu dhabi, uae and I will ask one of my relative to apply for me. Is the online application is applicable for my case?

  650. hanna says:

    need ba munang kumuha ng sss before kumuha ng nbi?? THANKS!!

  651. Jan Farentin S labial says:

    Good day to you Sir/Ma’am,
    I filled up already the form via online just today[September 16 2014], i click submit and write down the REGISTRATION CODE in a piece of paper but was not able to click the click the print application but i manage to get the REGISTRATION CODE, i would like to know if you can send me copy via mail since I’ve already registered my valid email. Thanks in advance.

  652. neslyn modelo says:

    ng fill up po aq ng application form of nbi paano ko po alamn sched q???????????

  653. Eloisa Villanueva says:

    Kaka-expire lang po ng NBI Clearance ko last august27. Kukuha po sana ako tomorrow. Balak ko magfill up online then sa robinsons metro east yung ibang process. Makukuha ko po ba same day yung nbi clearance ko? Kasi nung una ko pagkuha ang tagal bago marelease ilang linggo pa hinintay ko. Kelangan n talaga na makuha ko agad. Hoping for a favorable response. Thank you.

  654. REY JOSEPH says:

    ng fill-up po ako ng online application for nbi clearance awhile ago. paano ko po malalaman ang schedule of release ng clearance?

  655. hansel punsalan says:

    Paano po b ako mgaapply ng nbi clearance n andito po ako s ibang bansa? Pwede po b authorize ko kapatid ko para magasikaso ng application ko?

  656. Keeks says:

    Nag fill up po ako ng Online registration last week. but hindi ko pa po sya nagagamit.. Yun pa rin po ba ang pwede kong ipresent na code pag punta ko sa NBI? Thank you! God Bless!

    1. Mv says:

      is it possible to get two nbi? for travel and work abroad purposes only? for just one day?

  657. carlos says:

    magandang araw po ma,am/sir
    pasensya napo sa istorbo
    kaylangan kulang po kasi sa trabaho
    salamt po

  658. donna says:

    just registered for online application. can I go on monday in my desired nbi branch? if not, san makikita yung scheduling na nagaganap? thanks!

  659. jhony tuando says:

    What should i put to question(identifying marks) and did you deliver also after processing online?

  660. Francis Michael Z. Mendez says:

    ok lang bah if drivers license ID ang e lalagay ko?

  661. RUEL SAPUNGAN says:


  662. Glenn A. Campillanes says:

    ok lng ba license id ang ipresent ko sa id presented sa form?

  663. Erwin says:

    hello, nasa US ako ngayon… paano ba yung process nang pagkuha nang NBI sa pinas … kung yung applicant nasa abroad? thanks

  664. Mark baker says:

    Hello, is this application just for applying for your first time NBI clearance, or may my fiancée use this to obtain her “Abroad” stamp? Any help will be greatly appreciated especially since we’re running out of the time the U.S. Gave for my woman to join me. Thank you

  665. cyan margarette says:

    hello, i just want to check if it is possible for me to renew my husbands nbi clearance on his behalf, he is still in middle east. and processing of nbi clearance there is too costly

    hope you can give me information regarding my querry.


  666. karen says:

    after filling up the online applicatio form and printed out the form with the regcode…can i go to nbi branch the day after i filled up? pwd na ba ako agad-agad punta sa nbi branchor maghihintay pa ako nang schedule??

    1. MARGIE says:


  667. christopher marami says:

    Hello ma’am/sir,
    Mabuhay!! Tanong po ako paano po mag-renew ng NBI clearance or kumuha ng police clearance? nandito po ako ngayon sa Kingdom of bahrain. Kailangan ko po kz sa requirements sa trabaho. Salamat po.

  668. kamaruddin says:

    1. How can i correct the mistake done in my online application? The parents information i was able to input was the name of my parents in law.

    2. Am I going to be “HIT” when I fill another application online due to the mistake that I have done? (I am referring to question 1)

    1. Shawee says:

      1. Just reapply for another one online.
      2. No. Having multiple registration is not the reason for the HIT status. Its okay to have multiple registration. You will be hit if u have a name sake or a criminal case.

  669. JHONGGU says:


  670. bombyman says:

    Tips for those taking the online application:
    1. When choosing which NBI clearance outlet to go to when you’re in Metro Manila, choose one that has proper ventilation and airconditioning. Most people are applying online nowadays, so you could expect very long lines. I tried applying at the quezon city hall branch and they don’t have fans. So I sweated it out for 8 hours in 3 lines. Meron pang sumisingit.

    2. When you apply online, you skip two steps: (Step 1) Filling up of Forms and (Step 2) Data Check. However, they added one step in the process, which is the picking up of an online slip. You have to do this before you go to (Step 3:) Payment. Here, they simply check your registration number and attach an online slip which you would then present to the cashier for payment.

    3. The longest lines are in (Step 3:) Payment and (Step 4:) Biometrics/Data Capture. When falling in line, always ensure that you are going to the right line. You cant go to Biometrics/ Data Capture first before Payment. If you go to the wrong line, you would have to line up all over again.

    4. When applying online, you have a choice of whether printing the NBI clearance application registration code or just memorizing it and presenting it when you go to the NBI clearance outlet. The NBI PREFERS that you PRINT the NBI clearance application even though they only needed the registration code. This is because they want to ensure that the information in the NBI clearance is the same as the information you entered during the online application. Without the printed application, they would have no way to compare and correct the information. This sometimes leads to several complaints because the applicant misspelled his name and leads to a “HIT” because his name matched that of a wanted person.

    5. Bring a photocopy of the ID that you will be presenting. For example, if you are going to present a TIN ID, bring a back to back photocopy of the said ID and attach it to the printed NBI clearance application form. If you don’t have a printer however, simply write the registration code on the upper right hand corner of the photocopy and bring it to the NBI clearance outlet. They will be checking this one when you are about to get the online slip prior to payment.

    6. Expect long hours under the sun and rain when you visited a branch that isn’t in an enclosed building. Think of strategies to pass the time while waiting in line like talking to a friend or to the guy or girl next to you or playing candy crush. Be mindful of your things however because you never know who is watching and planning to take your valuables.

    7. Don’t entertain fixers, they are usually con artists. The NBI has a strict policy when it comes to fixers and most of the time, they eventually get apprehended. There was a case where a lady was offered an “express lane” for her application. The fixer took the money and ran away. If ever that you encounter one of these fixers who usually prowl at the end of the line for impatient applicants, the best course of action is to memorize their faces and what they are wearing, and then reporting them to the security officers on duty.

  671. celine says:

    what if i lost the code??..

  672. ROLIZA says:

    What I need to do if I need to get clearance for my boyfriend who’s name is same name which is in watch list
    Hope to hear from you

    1. Teddy Ocampo says:

      your boyfriend needs to get his own clearance because his presence is needed for the biometrics and data capture part

  673. annie rose says:

    do you have a Saturday offices

  674. joe says:

    can i ask if you have saturday offices?

  675. Darlene Corporal says:

    Hi ! I just wanted to ask if it is okay if i’ll gonna do the online NBI Clearance Application a head of time, then i’ll just go to NBI Clearance Outlets for the next 5 days to process my clearance?

    1. yo says:

      pwede po ba yun mag online ka na tapos after ilang days ka pa pupunta sa nbi office ?? possible po ba yun>?????

  676. April Mones says:

    I tried to apply personally for NBI clearance here in our place. The problem is I got my former single family name as “HIT” as it never happened to me before. Though it is not a surprised since my parents had a been a victim of such problem as well. The only grievance I have with the new system is that, despite the system upgrade like this online application. I just hope you will do something about the misrecords of the names of the applicants or at least to work on a faster way to verify records/information and not to let applicants wait for 2 more weeks. Thus, all my papers need to wait all because of one documents that I am sure that I am cleared of. Just saying…

  677. angel says:

    This is more convenient. Glad that you have already an online application, less stress and no hagardness. Cheers! ☺

  678. Marie thed devora says:

    Good day!
    I just want to inquire if it’s possible I can apply for both local and abroad employment purposes? Thank you!

  679. jomar E. bernardo says:

    gud murning poh mam sir pwede poh vah ko makakuha ng nbi clearance

  680. Rhoan says:

    This is very helpful but what arethe steps for the renewal of my NBI clearance? Is it the same?

    1. Shawee says:

      Just read above.

  681. elizabeth rafols andal says:

    How can i correct the mistake done in my online application. The parents information i was able to input was the name of my parents in law. Let me know please, how to make correction online. Thank you.

  682. sally kelly says:

    How can an ofw apply for nbi?

  683. Jasminne Omalza says:

    After I filled up the application code. The registration code was displayed but when I click the Print Application nothing is happening. and when I tried to submit the registration code, it will go back in filling up of the Application Code.
    Why is that?? Does it mean that I need to fill up an application form again in the NBI Clearance centre?? then would it mean that my first registration would be invalid??

    1. JHIELS says:


  684. Errol Jay Boitizon says:

    gud evening po ask ko lng po pno kpg nkadalawang register n po aq online alin po s dlawang regcode ang gagamitin ko code lng po kc kinuha ko kc wla po aqng printer pls advise me qng cnoh pong nkkaalm pls reply po asap!

  685. Jacqueline Rico says:

    hello there!!!r
    hello pu I’m jacqueline Rico ask ko lng pu kun pde pu ba ako kumuha ng nbi clearance ko,, for local purposes pu,,d2 pu aq sa novaliches nkatira.. eto pu yun fullname Jacqueline b. Rico, block 23 lot C1 balite street amparo subdivision novaliches Quezon city yn pu ang address ko,, nag papa deliver pu ba sila ng nbi clearance kun nag dedeliver pu kayo mag kano pu ksma yun delivery charge? ipapa deliver ko pu sna d2 sa blk 28 lot 36 ascension ave., brgy. greater lagro Quezon city.. thanks pu

  686. RAFFY CAPINPIN says:


  687. Angela Martinez says:

    I remembered paying my NBI clearance through gcash. It was much more easirer last year. What happened to the system now? Very disappointing.

  688. CHERYL A. AÑONURVO says:


  689. Errol Jay Boitizon says:

    pno po kpg nong huwebes p po ngonloine register tpos hnd p po nku2ha hnggng ngaun ask ko lng po qng mgreregister online p po b?aq o hnd n po pls rerply pra alm ko po qng anong gagawin slamat po

  690. Nikko Reyes says:

    Good Evening! ask ko lang kung walang valid ID pwede po ba na NSo Birth certificate na lang ang ipresent.. meron na po akong SSS number at PhilHealth number pero wala pa po ID.. Thank you!

    1. Shawee says:

      Pwede na ang sss ID at nso birth certificate pra sa requirements ng nbi clearance.

  691. Tee says:

    Amazing NBI! Two thumbs up. :) Same with NSO. It is awesome to see Philippines grow and progress.

  692. Errol Jay Boitizon says:

    sir/mam gud morning po s inyo!,,,,nagonline register po AQ ng nbi clearance ko pro khapon gusto ko lng pro itanong s inyo qng puwede po kunin ung nbi clearance knit ano pong araw at puwde po bng khit saang branches ng nbi kun in any clearance bsta pro dla po ang register code OK lng po b un

  693. Marilyn A. Cauinian says:

    Do I have to pay to the branch when I applied online?

  694. BASANIO SHERLY W. says:

    Gud pm po sir and maam panu po pag di ku po nakuha yung REGISTRATION CODE ku po agad-agad ku po kaseng nai submit sir&maam?thankss please please reply…thanks ulit….

  695. JC Bonifacio Sumat Efe says:

    sir just wanna ask lng po paano po ang proseso kapag yung dati kong Nbi ay may suffix ang name ko,,tpos nung 2008 ay pntanggal ng attorney ung suffix ng name ko at khit sa birth certifcate ko ay wala n ring suffix ang aking pangalan..gagamitin ko po sana ito for abroad… so what will be the process through online

  696. unknown says:

    may issue po ung form. pag naglalagay ka ng last name ng husband mo di lumalabas sa finished application form. If i’ll fix this and put the last name in it sa finished application form sana ok lang dahil system naman nila ang may sira.

    but still the process will save you one step (literally 2 steps but they added 1) and that is already a big thing.

    please fix this.

  697. ALBERTO A IGNACIO says:


  698. Jhonard says:

    Mam/Sir paano po mag fill-up ng nbi dto?

  699. Luise says:


    Since I’m planning to get an nbi clearance, I want to apply through online. But when I visited the website home page first, I saw no registration form. Besides, I found no link that can direct me to the form. Why?

    Thank you!

  700. bombyman says:

    Tips for those taking the online application:
    1. When choosing which NBI clearance outlet to go to when you’re in Metro Manila, choose one that has proper ventilation and airconditioning. Most people are applying online nowadays, so you could expect very long lines. I tried applying at the quezon city hall branch and they don’t have fans. So I sweated it out for 8 hours in 3 lines. Meron pang sumisingit.

    2. When you apply online, you skip two steps: (Step 1) Filling up of Forms and (Step 2) Data Check. However, they added one step in the process, which is the picking up of an online slip. You have to do this before you go to (Step 3:) Payment. Here, they simply check your registration number and attach an online slip which you would then present to the cashier for payment.

    3. The longest lines are in (Step 3:) Payment and (Step 4:) Biometrics/Data Capture. When falling in line, always ensure that you are going to the right line. You cant go to Biometrics/ Data Capture first before Payment. If you go to the wrong line, you would have to line up all over again.

    4. When applying online, you have a choice of whether printing the NBI clearance application registration code or just memorizing it and presenting it when you go to the NBI clearance outlet. The NBI PREFERS that you PRINT the NBI clearance application even though they only needed the registration code. This is because they want to ensure that the information in the NBI clearance is the same as the information you entered during the online application. Without the printed application, they would have no way to compare and correct the information. This sometimes leads to several complaints because the applicant misspelled his name and leads to a “HIT” because his name matched that of a wanted person.

    5. Bring a photocopy of the ID that you will be presenting. For example, if you are going to present a TIN ID, bring a back to back photocopy of the said ID and attach it to the printed NBI clearance application form. If you don’t have a printer however, simply write the registration code on the upper right hand corner of the photocopy and bring it to the NBI clearance outlet. They will be checking this one when you are about to get the online slip prior to payment.

    6. Expect long hours under the sun and rain when you visited a branch that isn’t in an enclosed building. Think of strategies to pass the time while waiting in line like talking to a friend or to the guy or girl next to you or playing candy crush. Be mindful of your things however because you never know who is watching and planning to take your valuables.

    7. Don’t entertain fixers, they are usually con artists. The NBI has a strict policy when it comes to fixers and most of the time, they eventually get apprehended. There was a case where a lady was offered an “express lane” for her application. The fixer took the money and ran away. If ever that you encounter one of these fixers who usually prowl at the end of the line for impatient applicants, the best course of action is to memorize their faces and what they are wearing, and then reporting them to the security officers on duty.

    1. Shawee says:

      Thank you for your valuable tips! Very helpful!

  701. CeeCee says:

    What’s the difference between the REGISTRATION CODE and QR CODE?

  702. Rodelo Triviño says:

    Ma’am/Sir, may problem po kasi yung printing ng online application, paano po iyon? Nagtry po ulit kami, pero ayaw pa rin po. Mayroon po ako ngayong dalawang REGCODE. Pwede pa rin po bang pumunta kahit walang printed application. Please reply, thank you.

  703. Theresa Cruz says:

    I have 2 purposes in getting an nbi clearance first is for the renewal of my passport and also for travel abroad purposes.. What should i put in the purpose details? Thank you!

  704. Anne Oclarit says:

    good morning! just want to ask if it is possible that you can give me again a copy of my nbi clearance through my sister? i’m abroad, i apply last may in general santos and unluckily it is expired now beacause i am using it for canada only they accept 3 months from the date of application. so i need to take another one with the present date. so can you give me a copy with a present issuing date and without me?(i ask my sister to collect it) sence it is not expired yet from the date of my application.
    thank you.

  705. april says:

    Ask q lng po if when i can get my nbi clearance na inapply q online.. and where i can get it.. i apply today po.. for travel abroad po… please reply po… tnx po…

  706. Michael John Lumibao says:

    Good eve ma’ma/ sir I just wanna let you know that I’m an online applicant, unfortunately I didn’t print my online application, but I have my confirmation wich is L5103371144. I would as if will you please just send it to my e-mail that I provide, so that when visit your branch there will be no conflicts at all, at this moment I’m in vacation out of the country, so is there any expiration dat of my application, please do answers a soon as you get my comment .. thanks

  707. Tanja says:

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    monetizing method, just type in google – K2 advices how to monetize a website

  708. Ikenna Valentine says:

    Thanks for the invaluable information you are sharing on your site.
    I have a question to ask that has to do with the fact that I’m a Nigerian who formerly lived in the Philippines, is back in Nigeria, and currently needs a recently issued NBI clearance for ‘Visa to Australia application’ purpose.
    My question is: How to do I submit my picture and biometrics after I would have completed the online application from Nigeria? Additionally, given that I have obtained a NBI clearance in the past – 2010, do I select ‘Renewal’ or ‘New’ under ‘Application Type’ when completing the online application?
    Thanks in advance of your generous response.
    I would ideally love an immediate response since it’s kind of an urgent need for me – the NBI clearance.

  709. moumina sarip samporna says:

    i know it.tnx

  710. Arnie dela Pena Gamboa says:

    first time ko po mag aply ng nbi kukuha mag aaply po ako for trouble abroad.

    1. bombyman says:

      @Arnie dela Pena Gamboa, anung trouble?

  711. Arnie dela Pena Gamboa says:


  712. Es perfecto tiempo para hacer algunos planes para el futuro y es hora de ser feliz
    . que he leído este post y si pudiera me querer deseo de sugerir que algunos algunas cosas interesantes o sugerencias
    . Tal vez te podría escribir próximos artículos que se refieren a
    este artículo . I desear deseo de leer más aún más
    cosas sobre él !

  713. tom h says:

    Applying online was very easy…..making the trips to NBI was easy enough……..the people are friendly and courteous………….BUT…..if youre an expat, you can expect to have a HIT and come back in 2 weeks, only to pay more more……..its for the agents trip to Manila, to pick up your clearance, which is not here yet. ( computerized, lol)

  714. Red Tape says:

    NBI Region 4a Santa Rosa City Laguna , Online Applicants is charging 20 pesos for printing your online form, in the end nag manual process ka din..

  715. Fe F. berico says:

    Sana po makakuha na ako online wala kasi ako time at least mapabilis ksi through online nalang

  716. Fe F. berico says:

    Hope its easy to apply online

  717. Pacheco A. Polestico says:

    Congrats to NBI’s resolve to make its service more effecient and people-friendly!

  718. Vilma cruz says:

    Ask ko lng po na pwede po ba nmin kunin yung code lng tapos dun na kme pupunta sa nbi tapos dun na din kme mag babayad pwede po ba yung ganun

  719. Rosela trakis says:

    Tanong ko Lang, kailangan pa ba nang 9 year old kid nang NBI for her to get her passport?

  720. Juday says:

    ay naku, nag-aapply ako ngayon ng NBI Clearance bakit error siya, sabi “error, birthday field is required” correctly filled up naman ang birthdate ko, parehas din, nahihirapan ako!

  721. Cathy says:

    Hi. Nag-register ako online more than a month ago at na-print ko na din yung form at ung reg. code pero nawalan ako ng time magpunta sa kahit saang nbi branch. Pwede ko pa ba gamitin yung na-print ko na noon? Thank you.

  722. MaryJanet Ana A Rodriguez says:

    This online registration assistance is truly helpful. All the queries I have, have been answered and the step
    by step walk through is such a breeze. What a great way to eliminate long queues in the application process.
    Such a brilliant idea to facilitate the needs of so many people who need to obtain an NBI clearance!
    Thank you.

  723. jennifer mingming says:

    pumunta ako sa nbi branch sa loaog to get nbi cleareance for travel abroad…correct lhat ng details na nilagay ko sa form then hit ako nung claim ng hipag ko using my authorization letter and my id..ung husband surname tama pero sa middle ko eh ung surname din ng asawa ko ang nilagay…kylangan ba na mg apply ako ng panibago pati byad iba na nman?in the first place its not my fault…

  724. jennifer mingming says:

    ung surname ng husband ko nilagay sa middle ko..walk in aplicant ako

  725. Paulo says:

    Heads up, for people who registered online, you still have arrive early at NBI Clearance offices since there is only a limited number of people that will be entertained per day. I arrived there around 10 am and the quote is already full,
    So It was kind of a let down and I have to go back there tomorrow.

  726. alfie m. tadeo says:

    hi..tanong ko lang po kung ok lang to leave the the occupation information blank?
    kasi as of now po wala pa akong work eh..thanks…

  727. daisy l. aspillaga says:


  728. Maris says:

    hello po, madali mag apply online, but when we proceed sa branch na kung saanmagbabayad at kukuhang nbi may quota pa din po, katulad kanina first 600 person, ganun po ba talaga yun? di po ba pag naka apply ka online di po ba di ka na waiting? thanks

  729. LORNA YALUNG says:

    hi..nagregister ako online, then may reg code na ako..nung inopen ko, blangko walang details..nagregister ulit ako..iba na nman ang reg code ko..blangko ulit nung inopen ko..panu ba un?nagdoble na, hndi ba magkaproblema un?

    1. gino louie pena says:

      Hi Lorna,

      What do you mean of blank thing when you open? You mentioned that there is a Reg Code that will appear right? You have to copy that one and go to your preferred NBI Branch and go to the first recorder so you can have your priority number just give the code to the recorder, you may not print the details actually they now have a copy of it on their system.

  730. Apple says:

    Thanks for the info. Sana matulungan nio rin po ako sa tanong ko. Nakakuha na po ako ng NBI clearance last July 15, 2014. Gusto ko po sana papalit ung address ko na nakalagay doon. Ano pong pwedeng gawin? Possible po ba kumuha ulit kahit kakakuha ko lang last month? Please help. Thank you.

  731. Gary Libunao Alajar says:

    Sir / Madam,
    Nagfile po ako ng nbi kahapon sa robinson ortigas… Last week po nagfile ako ng online. Bale ng pumunta po ako sa ortigas di ko po nagamit yung online application ko. Kaya nag file na lang po ako ulit as walk-in. Nang matapos yung processing pinapabalik pa po ako sa aug. 20… Sabi ng guard kaya ganun daw may kapangalan. Makakaapekto po pa yung online na application ko sa pag fill-up ko sa walk-in.


    1. Elizabeth R. Ramos says:

      I’m applying for an NBI clearance online today. After submitting the filled up application form, the instruction was to print the application form. Bakit di naman maprint? ok naman yong printer. please help.




  733. rakii says:

    hi! ask ko lang po how long is the validity of online application.
    i applied nung february pa, but due to my busy sched, i was not able to go to any NBI office.
    Should i register again?

    1. ANNSKIE says:

      can i get renewal of my nbi even im abroad? pwede po ba magpakuha sa brother ko with my authorization letter? THANK YOU



  735. angelito diaz zaleta jr. says:

    napakadali nmn pala magapply on line..many tnx..

  736. luisito lagazo says:

    sir/ madam dito po ako sa Canada ngayon gusto ko po sana kumuha ng NBI for immigration requirements pede po ba misis ko ang kumuha sa pinas, paano po ang proseso. Salamat po

  737. alfredo binghoy says:

    can i apply my clearance on your department?

  738. DARWIN C. DE NAVA says:


    1. Jack says:

      Sa araw ka pumunta pag gabi kasi baka mahaba ang Pila!! Tapos Sabado at Linggo lang sila open!!

  739. Jessie Cruz says:

    Ask ko lang po,pa ano po mapapalitan yong year sa birthday ko.medyo mali po kasi ang ngyari.
    Maari ko pa po bang mapalitan ang taon na nakalagay sa NBI ko?
    Advice me please kong ano po puwed kong gawin para maitama ang clerance ko.
    Salamat po.

  740. Eugene Abarquez Restauro says:

    Sir/ma’am! can you update me . if how many ddays to go n Nbi office

  741. Randell Catacutan says:

    sir after fill up a form and get reg. code how many day to go on nbi office to get the nbi certificate thank you.


    I am just amazed learning on applying online NBI clearance this is my first time well,it really good idea i appreciate it.thank you so much


    This is my first time to apply on

  744. Orlando Nisperos Ranches Jr says:





    1. Bernard M. Lopez says:

      wag mo na lagyan ng cm at kg sir. number lang example sa halip na 165cm gawin mong 165 lang. hope it will help you po with regards of it.

  745. jennifer bautista says:

    Sir/ madam right now i’m in Russia I want to apply NBI CLEARANCE for immigration purposes… how can i process my NBI clearance ? It is ok to fill up the application form online and get the registration code ? And i ask my sister to go to NBI office for payment and releasing…. because in your information you have no online payment….? Please i Need some information about my problem…. thank you…

    1. Maria says:

      Hi Jennifer. Nabasa ko na asa Russia ka. Pwede malaman kung anong visa kinuha mo and other details on the process of getting a visa with an invitation? Punta din kasi ako.

  746. jennifer bautista says:

    Right now I’m in russia and i want to apply NBI CLEARANCE for immigration purposes how can i process my nbi clearance ?

  747. SHERYL ANN ULAN says:

    What to fill out on my surname, my husband’s surname or maiden surname?When I putting my “husband surname -for married woman only “I cannot see it on the printing file #6.

    Please advised me thru email what to do. Thanks

  748. Marvin Amada says:

    {“errors”:[“The Birthday field is required.”],”errors2″:{“bday”:[“The Birthday field is required.”]},”action”:”retry”} bakit po kaya.. yan ang nalabas.. tama naman po ang information ko.. WHY???????


    tanong ko po is tatlong beses po ako nakapag online at tatlong beses din po ako nabigyan ng code paano po yon,,,di kasi nmin ma print kasi wala kaming printer sabi ng anak ko ulitin nlang dw namin at i save sa usb para dw print,,, di nman ma save,,,bayaran ko ba yong tatlong process na un please guide me what can i do…

    1. Shawee says:

      Walang bayad ang registration. Ok lng kahit 3x k umulit. Kahit wag mo n iprint. Isulat mo nln sa papelang nbi clearance regustration code at isa lang ang ipresent mo na nbi clearance registration code mo..

  750. nash says:

    kindly read the procedure, dali lang ang bilis pa, ,great job .NBI.
    tanong lang po??
    bakit di nyo po ma print?? wala po bang (Ctrl-P) ung PC nyo??

  751. astrid mendoza says:

    i already filled up the online application but i mispelled my mother’s place of birth… do i need to fill up again??.. will i still be charged (115pesos) with the previous one with the mispelled word?

  752. japeth aguada says:

    tanung lng po nag kamali po kasi ako sa Occupation ko, at ndi ko na po nagawang mag fill up ng bago
    kaya tanung lng po kung ok lng ba yung ganung kaso?
    wala din po kasi ako printer kaya yung code lng yung nakuha ko….

  753. Christy says:

    nagfile po ako online for my son, kaso nagkamali ang pindot ko sa birthdate niya. Ano po dapat gawin?
    Hope to hear from you agad, kasi today lang po ako nagapply online. Ipriprint ko sana yong application doon ko lang napansin mali pala.

  754. Rhiza says:

    another question pa po:
    if ever makasubmit na ako ng Application form online, kailangan ba agad na magpunta sa NBI office?

  755. Rhiza says:

    i like this NBI clearance application online..
    Tanong lang po…paano po kung gusto kung kumuha ng 3 copies ng NBI clearance with 3 different purposes, tatlong beses din po ba akong mag-apply online?
    first purpose is passport requirement
    second is immigration requirement
    third is fiance visa
    Kindly send a reply ASAP…

    1. luisito lagazo says:

      ask ko lang po kung paano kumuha ng NBI for immigration requirements pero nandito po ako sa Canada, pede po ba kumuha ang misis ko magbigay lang ako ng authorization letter sa kanya. salamat po….

  756. Jhen says:

    I’m done for the online application. Then sa educational attainment ko po ay College level then nalagay ko po sa occupation is ung course ko. Mapapagalitan bako neto? kase dpat ba ay student lang po? Tapos ipiprint ko na ang application. Ndi kumpleto ung Course na nilagay ko don sa occupation. Gusto ko sana ulitin. ayos lang po kya? tnx

  757. jesus says:

    panu naman po kung walang SSS…

  758. mae says:

    Good day po.
    Kailan pwede pumunta sa nbi Office After mcomplete ang online registration?same day din po ba mkukuha ang clearance?
    Thanks a lot?

  759. ANTHONY LAROGA says:

    sana mkakuha ako nbi bukas..

  760. Evelyn says:

    Twice po ako nag fill up ng application kasi hindi ko mapiprint…tapos hindi ko nakuha yung registration code…kaya nag fill up po ako ulit…okay lang ba yun? dapat ba pag nag fill up ng form, kailangan agad pumunta ng NBI?

    1. lady lyn says:

      ako din,, nagtwice din nakapagregistered kasi yung unang konng code na nasulat nabubura na kasi pencil ang gmit ko,, kaya ngregiteredako ulit kahapon,, then kanina nung kinuha ko na ang pineresent kong code ay yung bago ngka-hit ako for the first time,, ang hinala ko ay dahilan sa pagkadoble ko ng registered yun kaya ako nagka-hit,,

      kung nagtwice ka pede din siguro itong mangyari sayo .. pero kung lagi kang ngkaka-hit alang problem marerelease at marerelease ang clearence…

      ang concerned ko namn,, mabubura kaya yun kung sakali,, para sa susunod kong pagkuha wala na akong hit,,, please repl naman kayo NBI………

  761. rommel alcantara denusta says:

    kelan po marecieve ang clearance if mag inquire ngaun

  762. liezl tollo says:

    Ano po kailngan pg kukuha ka ng nbi clearance?salamat


    sir& mam ask lang po kung after na mag submit ng online nbi application mga ilang araw po pwede ng pumumnta sa nbi outlet. thanks po

    mam pwede po ba bargy/police clearance lang ang e present ku paq kuha ku nnnng nbi thanks po


    sir& mam ask lang po kung after na mag submit ng online nbi application mga ilang araw po pwede ng pumumnta sa nbi outlet. thanks po

  765. ROLANDO D. SOLOMON says:


    tanong ko lang po kung pwd po i’present ang mdr s philhealth tska E1 sa SSS un lng po kase ang meron ako.

    salamat po.godbless!:)

  766. Carlo Ben says:

    Pano po pag wala pang “Presented ID”? Kaka-graduate ko pa lang po kasi kaya wala pa po akong SSS/Philhealth/TIN.
    Dash (-) lang po nilagay ko dun sa space provided. Dapat po ba kumuha muna ko ng ibang IDs (SSS/Philhealth/TIN) bago kumuha ng NBI Clearance or ok lang po na iwan yun na blank?

  767. jaja says:

    is it possible to have a travel abroad and local employment nbi clearance at the same time?

  768. Jarvan says:

    Can I use my PhilHealth as my “Presented ID”? because I still don’t have my SSS number

  769. Katrina says:

    Hi NBI,

    Per the description above, the NBI clearance online application ELIMINATES 3 steps of the process namely: Data Verification, Payment to the Cashier and Filling out the Application Form. However, it also says, “You should pay in the cashier located in the branch where you apply your NBI Clearance. No online payment.” – How did it eliminate the Payment to the Cashier section if we cannot pay online? Or at least avoid the cashier queue?

    I suggest that you make tie-ups with banks like for NSO Birth Certificate Payments.

  770. Glenn Eric says:

    I have successfully submitted my On-Line Application, but I can’t print my application, it seems that the print application button is not working.

  771. Arnel Dionesio says:

    Good evening Sir/Ma’am
    I would like to renew my NBI clearance tomorrow if its ok to make it in this way and then I will just pick-up the new NBI clearance tomorrow with the payment.

    Thank you,
    Arnel Dionesio

  772. Fernando Lampa Serrano says:

    Good day. I already got my nbi clearance here in Tarlac City, but I need an explanation letter regarding the remarks portion which will be submitted to the visa center. Can I request online and just get in your main office the letter since i am already a senior citizen and it is difficult for me to travel back and forth. Kindly reply in my daughter’s email address. Thank you.

  773. Mavic Calderon says:

    i cannot continue processing due to ERROR – Husbands surname field . no info on the data . please check

  774. aileen g. cantiga says:

    good afternoon…i always keep on repeating the process but still the same error notification…
    “husband’s surname field required”
    when I have already typed my husband’s surname, please reply so i can continue it…thank you very much :)

    1. vhebz says:

      Hi just change the civil status to single, then change again ti married. Then it will show the husband’s surname field. You just type then submit.

  775. Hilde says:

    I want to apply for NBI clearance but I presently here in Hong Kong it is good that i can apply online but how about the other procedures like biometry and picture?I can not go back in philippines to apply for, and i need NBI as soon as possible.What should be the best way to do to obtain my NBI?please reply. Thank you.


    Hi! Good day! I just wanna ask why I can’t continue applying online?it always end up HUSBAND SURNAME FIELD IS REQUIRED?I already filled up that field.but still can’t process my application….

  777. LUZMINDA I. MULIG says:

    what do you mean by “husband’s surname field required” in the error notification when I have already typed my husband’s surname

  778. VIRGILIO C. BOADO says:

    Great job! Having this kind of application modality helps us a lot. :)

  779. VICTORIA M. BOLANDO says:

    kong kokonin na yong NBI poy di na ba yong POSTAL ID AT CERTIFICATE OF BARANGAY PLS REPLY THANK U,

  780. Sherwin Lapaan says:

    Hi there.

    How do you get NBI clearance if you are living overseas? What’s the process and procedure.

  781. Michelle says:

    Is there an expiration date for the online application submitted?

    1. Steve D says:

      Hindi po nageexpire ang registration code once nakuha nyo na. Kakacheck ko lang po.

      Para po sa kailangang magcheck ng registration code nila, punta po kayo dito: http://www.nbiclearance.com/nbi-clearance-print-application-form-online

  782. Marjolyn Sanchez says:

    Is it ok that after i sign up the application i didnt print it i only copy the reg.code?

  783. Vicente Emmanuel Paterno says:

    My daughter would like to apply for an NBI clearance..but she is presently in Finland and it will be some time before she comes back to the Philippines. It is good she can apply online but what about the rest of the procedures? Is it possible to do the entire process online including the biometrics?