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Updated: January 23, 2014

NBI Clearance has become an important part of our lives. Few years ago, we had only one way to obtain a copy of the Clearance but everything changes for the better. Our Government, through the National Bureau of Investigation opened the opportunity to its applicants to for an online application which makes the entire process more efficient.

The big problem with the manual processing of NBI Clearance is that it is too slow (a perfect venue for Red Tape). Majority of the applicants are ranting about the long queue lines and it’s driving them crazy!

NBI Clearance can be easily done online and skip a few steps of the manual old way. It also eliminates the manual filling out of application forms since it can be done online. No more long queue lines. No more wasted time waiting for your turn. NBI clearance online application eliminates 3 steps of the process namely: Data Verification, Payment to the Cashier and Filling out the Application Form!

The only disadvantage or draw back from the new system is it delays you for a day because of the Scheduling Task as to when to visit your selected NBI Clearance Outlet where you process your online application.

Payment Scheme – Where should we pay?

You should pay in the cashier located in the branch where you apply your NBI Clearance. No online payment.

NBI Clearance Fees – How much do we need to pay?

Applicants must pay the exact amount of NBI Clearance Fees according to their purpose of application.

You don’t have to worry about the prices, it will automatically appear when you select the purpose of your application.

But for the purpose of your reference, you can see the list of NBI Clearance Prices according to their purposes.

NBI Clearance for Abroad Purposes
For Deportation 115.00
Immigration Requirement 115.00
Passport Renewal 115.00
School Visa 115.00
Self Deportation 115.00
Travel Abroad 115.00
Travel Africa 115.00
Travel Asia 115.00
Travel Australia 115.00
Travel Canada 115.00
Travel Central America 115.00
Travel Diego Garcia 115.00
Travel Dubai 115.00
Travel Europe 115.00
Travel Hong Kong 115.00
Travel Libya 115.00
Travel Micronesia 115.00
Travel Middle East 115.00
Travel New Zealand 115.00
Travel North America 115.00
Travel Palau 115.00
Travel Papua New Guinea 115.00
Travel Qatar 115.00
Travel Saipan 115.00
Travel Singapore 115.00
Travel South America 115.00
Travel Taiwan 115.00
Travel USA 115.00
VISA Australia 115.00
VISA Canada 115.00
VISA China 115.00
VISA New Zealand 115.00
VISA Seaman 115.00
VISA Seawoman 115.00
VISA USA 115.00
NBI Clearance for Local Purposes
ACR Requirement 415.00
Adoption 165.00
BID Requirement 115.00
Business Requirement 165.00
CA Requirement 115.00
Cancellation of ACR 415.00
Change of Gender 115.00
Change of Name 165.00
Correction of Birthdate 115.00
DOT Requirement 115.00
Enlistment AFP 115.00
Enlistment PNP 115.00
Firearms License 165.00
For Probation 115.00
For Promotion 115.00
ID Purposes 115.00
Lateral Entry 115.00
Local Employment 115.00
LTO Requirement 115.00
Marriage Requirement 115.00
Naturalization 415.00
NFA Requirement 165.00
NSO Requirement 115.00
NTC Requirement 165.00
Other Requirement 115.00
Permit to Carry Firearms 165.00
PNP Requirement 115.00
POEA Requirement 165.00
PRA Requirement 165.00
PRC Requirement 115.00
Repatriation 415.00
Seman’s Book 115.00
Seawoman’s Book 115.00
SEC Requirement 165.00
Special Investor Residence Visa 165.00
SSS Requirement 415.00
Student VISA 415.00

Register for NBI Clearance Application!

The first step to do in NBI Clearance Online Application is to register in the official NBI Clearance Online Application website here.

The website is simple, you need to fill up your personal information.

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Fill up the NBI Clearance application form online by supplying your correct personal information. Make sure that whatever you’ve written in the NBI Clearance Online Application form is what will be reflected in your NBI Clearance.

After you filled up the required field on the image above, click the SUBMIT button below. It will load the second part of the NBI Application form.

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Again, fill this up correctly and accurately. Click the SUBMIT button to submit your NBI Clearance Application Online.

The image below will appear.

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The pop up window will show a confirmation that your Online application is successful. Take note of the Registration Code. This will be your reference. In the pop up window, click the “PRINT Application” button to see the final copy of your NBI Clearance application form.

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It is very important to print your NBI Clearance application and bring it when you go to the NBI Clearance branch.  Sign it and present it during your NBI Clearance application.

Process your NBI Clearance

You may now process your NBI Clearance in their NBI Clerance Office.

Some useful advice:

  • Bring Two (2) Valid Identification Cards.
  • Make sure to follow the appropriate dress code allowed in the NBI Clearance Outlets so that they will let you in without any problem.
  • Bring the printed NBI Clearance Application code, the one you filled out in the NBI Clearance Website or the email confirmation you have received from them. Make sure that the QR code is included in your printout.
  • Be there on time! That’s the reason why you schedule your appointment in processing your NBI Clearance.

When you arrive in the gate of NBI Main, or any of its satellite offices, don’t waste your time. Ask an NBI Personnel currently stationed to assist the NBI Clearance Applicants right away. Ask them that you are an NBI Clearance ONLINE applicant. He or she will give you some directions where to proceed so listen carefully.

Have your picture taken then the Biometrics will be the next step. The two steps will be too easy for you, right? No need for a thorough explanation for this! :)

The last step would be the issuance of your NBI Clearance. This is where you go to the printing facilities of NBI Clearance and receive your fresh-from-the-printer NBI Clearance!

Congratulations! You just successfully applied for your NBI Clearance! Do you have anything to say to us? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. homer says:

    ask lang same ng tinanong ni rafael, okay lang ba drivers license number ang ilagay wla kasi ako sss or tin,

  2. rafael says:

    ok lang po ba kung driver’s license number ang ilagay? wala pa ako ss or tin or philhealth number.

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  5. dennis says:

    sana po ung mga answers sa tanong dito pinopost nyo rin dito sa page para mabasa na rin namin at ndi na kami magmessage sa inyo.
    anyways how many days po bago pumunta ng nbi centers? pede bang immediate

  6. dazzle may says:

    paano po kung ang purpose ko sa pagkuha ng nbi clearance para sa pagaaply ng passport at police clearance po isa po kc sa requirements ung nbi clearance s mga aaplyn ko po. new applicant po ako.. ano po ang ilalagay ko n purpose sa online application form po. alin po sa choices sa local purposes po? thank you po

  7. Erlinda simbulan says:

    Paano po mag apply kung nasa abroad ka nasa vancouver canada ako at kailangan ko ang NBI clearance. Puede po bang i renew ang current NBI clearance ko nag expire ng January 13,2014 na hindi na mag aaply uli. Salamat po

  8. Jayme de Porcento Mendaros says:

    Good morning!
    Do you need to specify the date needed (day you’ll go the NBI clearance offices)?
    This matter is very important especially for applicants in the remote areas.
    How many days will the application expires if ever the applicant fails to come at the NBI Regional Offices?
    Thank you and kind regards.

  9. Ael Mae Flores says:

    what should I get, travel abroad or visa USA? for petition purposes from US.

  10. Mary Jane O. Bodoña says:

    paano po ba mag apply?

  11. apple says:

    bakit po ganon something went wrong contact your administrator ano pong problema dun?

  12. Jenny says:

    after printing, can we go anytime? what is QR, by the way? It says make sure that the QR code is included in the printout.. pls reply. thanks.

  13. briam gravidez says:

    Bkit call my administrator s nbi ko s online anong problem po s nbi ko po?

  14. John says:

    After I filled up the form online, can i go to NBI office anytime or 2 weeks after the online registration?

  15. Kevin Ascaño says:

    gud am sir,kakafill up ko lng po now ng nbi clearance, panu po un ayaw po kc maprint nung application form. pwde po ba copy paste nalang sa word at kailan po malalaman at schedule ng pagpunta sa nearest nbi..salamat po

  16. Kevin Ascaño says:


  17. Cyril Pineda says:

    Maam/sir kailan ko po pwede makuha NBI clearance? kaka apply ko palang po ngayon online.

  18. Spanks says:

    Maganda sapagkat maraming useful information ang pahina na ito. Sana lang mobile-friendly ang page at puwedeng mawala iyong lumalabas na ads sa taas na nakakasikip sa pahina (ngayon may ad sa Bahasa ng motorsiklo). Maraming salamat.

  19. arramonnic says:

    Pano po ba malalaman kung kelan ang schedule mo? Ano un khit kelan k a n lng pede pumunta? Or my ibibigay tlgang date?

  20. RAMON says:

    Sir, April 14, 2014 po pala. Monday. Di po ba nageexpire yung application online?

  21. RAMON says:

    Good morning Sir, wala din po akong printer sa bahay. Papasukin po kaya ako sa NBI kung di ko dala ang application form? Yung confirmation/registration code lang po ang kinuha ko. Sabi po nila, may schedule pagpunta ng online, parang di ko po nakita yun. Last April 15, 2014 po ako nagonline. Thank you po.

  22. ykw says:

    Ang sabi sa official NBI site dito Official NBI online application pwede daw i-write down na lang ang registration code… wala kaming printer sa bahay at pprint sa labas namin 10 pesos isang page tskk

  23. myrthel says:

    bakit pag tapos ko mag fill up ng online application pag pprint ko na lalabas error. sakin lang ba ganyan o may similar case na ganyan.

  24. Cherry Love Dorilag says:

    ano po ang dapat gawin if ever mg rerenew ako din i’m married na? first time kong kumuha nang NBI is when i”m still single., anong process??

  25. Corazon L. Biaco says:

    matagal po ba ang release kng my kaparihong pangalan???

  26. JUAN PAULO B. ALONSO says:

    good evening po..ask ko lang po kung pwede pang makuha yung application form ko??thru online?hindi ko po kc na-save na shut down po kc yung pc namen..dahil nwalan po kme ng kuryente..pero na submit ko na po sya.kaso ndi lang po na print.tnx po..

    1. andronico tan says:

      good day maam/ sir
      pano kung d na print yung application form d ko na save! mkukuha ko pa rin yung clearance ko?

    2. ykw says:

      pwede namang umulit =)

  27. Debie says:

    gud eve po. may i ask kung pwede ba makakuha ng nbi w/o i.d po wala pa kc me i.d since nakawork ako wala talaga kaming id sa past company na napasukan ko and kung nakawork na po sa ibang company kung needed pa po yung certificate of employment? thanks po.waiting for your response.

    1. ykw says:

      Kung wala kang any valid ID for online application, ikaw nalang mismo pumunta sa NBI at duon mag fill-up ng form, pwede mong ipakita na lang ang birth certificate mo, at hindi kailangan ng employment certificate don lol

  28. christian says:

    how many days,before releasing

    1. RAMON says:

      Good morning Sir, tulad po ng sinabi ni ykw, wala po akong printer kaya kinuha ko na lang po ang confirmation code. Papasukin po kaya ako sa NBI kung di ko dala ang application form na filled up ko online? Sabi po nila, may schedule daw po pagpunta kapag online—parang di ko po nakita yun. Please reply po kasi pupunta po ako today, noong April 15 po ako nagonline fill up. Thank you po.

  29. Aimee Rodrigueza says:


    “Be there on time! That’s the reason why you schedule your appointment in processing your NBI Clearance.”

    May I ask, what does this mean? There was no scheduled appointment for me on my online application. When can I process my clearance? Thanks.

  30. Nikky Monakil says:

    This is REALLY helpful. I just have one question. There is a scheduling of appointment in processing the clearance?

  31. chryss cabonce says:


  32. Allan G. de los Reyes, Jr. says:

    how to fill up nbi clearance in online??

  33. jose cleto says:

    Nice service done by present N.B.I. administration…CONGRATULATIONS for your cyber technology…More power to you and the D. O. J.

  34. AGASHII says:

    Hi there. Thanks for this wonderful post. I just wanna ask what do you mean when you said “be there on time”… coz i just finished the online application and I dont see any appointment time there. If I registered online, do I still need to come there so early to be able to get a number or atleast make it to the cut off? pls help. thanks :)

  35. Quim says:

    hi po. I’m 19 na . Gusto ko po kumuha nito kaso wala po kong presented ID , Wala po kong SSS neither TIN, How is that? Thanks po

  36. l,hea bron says:

    may i know the process of applying online NBI ?

  37. Ryan says:


    What’s the contact number of the NBI office in Tuburan, Cebu?

    Thank you!

  38. jelin de leon says:

    maari po bng magapply online

  39. Erryllene Banton says:

    Pwede po ba kumuha ng NBI online kapag travel abroad??C:

  40. noli caliwag says:

    open bukas ang nbi office. from alabang branch…..

  41. Julius says:

    open pa po ba ang NBI office nyo ngaun april 14 at 15 sa tagaytay branch? salamat po

  42. raquel codon says:

    good morning.. pwedi po mag apply online for travel international at kung makukuha po ito kaagad?

  43. jhowana says:

    maam sir meron po bang nbi ngayn syaka panu po ba mag apply ng online??renewal lang po ako at san po pwede kumuwa ulit

    1. Julius says:

      Good day sir/madam,
      ask ko lng po sana ano po ba kailangan ko dalhin sa pagkuha ng NBI clearance pag pupunta po ako mismo sa NBI halimbawa sa tagaytay branch. please replay, salamat po GB :)

  44. haalikes haalikes says:

    online application not working properly in google chrome and safari, in ipad, android phone and laptop. even you arrive in get code and print form, error does not display correctly.

  45. john gallardo says:

    good day madam/sir
    bakit kapag kumuha ng nbi clearance hindi acceptable ang nso,baptismal or brgy,id and barangay clearance?

    eh kaya nga po kame kumukuha is yun nga pong nbi ang number 1 requirement para makakuha kame ng mga valid id’s
    tsaka sabi sakin dun sa main bawal daw ang birth certificate at brgy. id kasi hindi naman daw yun valid id so bakit may republika pa ng pilipinas na nakalagay dun kung hindi naman pala tatanggapin at hindi naman din pala valid id yun!

    masyadong magulo!!


    Good day po sir/ma’am! ask ko lang po na kahit po ba ngapply ng nbi clearance online at may HIT ang name eh matagal po ba bago marelease ang nbi clearance? renewal lang po kasi yun sa akin. naka-dalawang kuha po aq last year eh naexpired na po un authentication ng dfa taz last kuha ko po ay noon last december 2013.. pls reply po… thanks!

  47. Joan C. Del Rosario says:

    Once lang po b kelangan magregister s online kasi po nag’apply ako nung april 9 hindi ko pa po napuntahan kailangan ko po b mag’apply ulet online o pwede ko pa pong gamitin ung application ko nung una. Tnx po.

  48. oliver alcantara says:


    I have applied for NBI Clearance online, but sad o say, I was not able to note the application code, what will I do?


  49. florian b. flores says:

    please accept my registration

  50. johnrev says:


    Panuh po kung walng sss id # at tin #…
    anuh pa po pede gamitin ibang ID # ??
    sa presented id….


  51. Joan S.Payac says:

    How 2 get the NBI Clearance online..pwedi poh ba makakuha ng NBI khit isa lang ang ID at ano poh va ang mga requirements pag kukuha ng NBI.

  52. Joan S.Payac says:

    How 2 get the NBI Clearance online

    1. liezelda ferrer says:

      gud am po sir/ma’am,nagpapakuha po ng nbi clearance yung sister in law kong nasa israel…may pinadala na po sya sakin na,SPA/AUTHORIZATION W/my name at photocopy of expired nbi clearance and passport.tanong ko lang po kung sapat na po ba ang mga requirements na hawak ko?makakakuha po ba ako once nag register ako now online?thank u and more power god bless….

  53. Nica says:

    Hello po paano po pag isa lang ung Valid ID example po ung School ID lang meron ako. pwede ko po ba makuha ung NBI clearance? Thank you po.

  54. Rosalyn bais says:

    I need this how to pay

  55. Mary Joy says:

    pano po pag wala kang ID ? hindi po ba makukuha ? ung id ko kc pang school lang tpos nung 2013 pa po un

  56. karl says:

    pwede sa satellite lang pumunta? alam ba yan sa lahat ng satellite nbi? tnx.

  57. Rachelle Ann says:

    Maganda araw po,
    Maam’sir matanong ko po kung yong pag apply ng NBI thrue online ito po ba makukuha ko agad ng isang araw.? Pag pumunta naku ng Nbi office .? Thank you in advance hope makatangap po ako ng reply sa inyo.

    1. lang says:

      makukuha nio po agad yan mam,bsta dala nio un print copy..oras lng po yan depende s pila basta s main NBI po my Manila.

  58. Allana Pauleen Lopez says:

    Hi po,

    Why there is no schedule released when I applied for NBI clearance online? Do I need to go at the nearest NBI office/satellite to get my NBI clearance? Thanks for the reply in advance.

    1. lang says:

      wala po talaga.bsta pnta lng kau Nbi Office.pinakamabilis po sa main s NBI Manila kau pumunta.

  59. Janet Talaba says:

    katatapos ko lang nagparegister…kailan kaya ako babalik sa NBI Cebu….????noong pumunta ako don isang araw na ang nakaraan,pinapababalik nila ako may 16 pa…..bakit ang tagal naman….

  60. Abigail Sales says:

    Hi Sir / Ma’am,

    Good afternoon!
    I would like to ask when is my schedule of registration? My REGCODE is S4201418692

    In my application form that the website provided, there was no scheduled date included.

    Kindly inform me when can I go to the nearest NBI office for processing my application.

    Hoping for your response on this matter.

    Thank you!

    Abigail Sales

    1. lang says:

      wala po talaga nakalagy n sched. mam, bsta my print n kau anytime po.s main office po ang pinaka da best kumuha sa NBI Manila.saglit lng po yn.

  61. maja dumlao says:

    pano po kung wala pa pong sss id or tin number, makakakuha pa rin po ba ko ng nbi clearance ko?

  62. Truong Dao says:

    May I ask how long ot takes for the issuance of Police Clearance by doing online?

  63. Lloyd says:

    Sorry but I apply online not knowing its not for abroad purposes. I sawit after isubmit it. Whereto apply nbi when you are in canada? Thanks

  64. Donna says:

    I have my registration code but not allow me to print. Can I still go and give the code and request them to print it for me. Or how can I get access ti print it. Thanks.

  65. Ann Shareen Daño says:

    Why can’t I proceed to the printing? It always says, “Something went wrong”

  66. CATHERINE says:

    paano po mag renew ng nbi tru online

  67. NOMER says:

    pano po kmha d2 pra hindi na po ako pumila

  68. redd says:

    bakit ganun?

    {“errors”:["The Birthday field is required."],”errors2″:{“bday”:["The Birthday field is required."]},”action”:”retry”}

    ganyan yung lumalabas? pahelp please…

    1. rach says:

      same thing happened to me, ginawa ko ni-restart ko ang computer then ok na

  69. grace says:

    and there is no scheduled date and time on when we can go to the branch? can i go there any time?

  70. grace says:

    how can we edit the data of application form once it is already been confirmed?

  71. ermie says:

    to admin, how can we edit the data of application form once it is already been confirmed?

  72. airiel c mateus says:

    pno b?

  73. Gina V. Francisco says:

    how I wish there will be someone who could response.Hello???? we need your response.

  74. Gina V. Francisco says:

    I can’t submit my nbi registration through online how could this? there is no response. I mean there is always saying ” contact your adminstration”

  75. Gina V. Francisco says:

    I have already paid my nbi clearance for local employment but I have not received my clearance because I came back to my province here at Basista Pangasinan. Is there any way to have my nbi clearance rather than to travel again. Is there remittance for this nbi? Please so help me..thank you.

  76. JEVY S. GRECIA says:

    gug aftrenoon po sa lahat ka tagal tagal kung komuha ng NBI ngayon lang talaga ako na hit

  77. Elaine Rose V. Olbes says:

    what’s the process for on-line and if there’s a process for non-appearance or authorization only?

    Thank you

  78. Maureen says:

    I’m already done with the online application form pero wala naman schedule or appointment kung kailan ka pwedeng pumunta. Help, pls! Thank you.

  79. Nei says:

    Is it possible ba na ma “HIT” ka when you apply online at the same time manual?

    Kasi kagabi i applied online then pnrint ko na ung form, then ngaung umaga papunta ako sa NBI, na kalimutan ko ung NBI online application form ko, so nag manual ako, nung i pprocess na na “HIT” ako since very unique ang name ko at surname. is it possible kaya na dahil nag conflict ang online at manual ko kaya na HIT?

  80. aizza says:

    i have submitted the form, what wil i do next? should I go immediately to the nbi center or wait for their confirmation on my email, also I have put my husbands surname upon submittion but when I have submitted it the print out does not reflect my married name? what should do, Would help if you repy asap tnx:)

  81. Jason says:

    good morning philippines, Some people taking advantage of this online application by asking a registration fee for 30 pesos, instead of asking the exact amount to be paid by the the customer by using their PC and Printing.

  82. KAIZE says:

    i already fill up the online form but i didn’t print it out pa.
    so is it valid padin ba at ung code kinopya ko na lang, pwede ba na un na lang ang sabihin ko sa NBI Office.?

    i need your fast reply. thanks! badly needed ko na kasi siya maprocess bukas.

  83. Billy says:

    pewdeng ag apply yung 19days before expiring date?

  84. bebeth tojoy says:

    How will I know my schedule on having my picture taking and biometrics?

  85. evans palermo says:

    kanina pa aq nagbabasa ng mga post pero wala aqong nakitang related sa scheduling nitong online application.
    panu ba cla mag pa schedule? will they send you an email or direct nlng na pupunta?? sana sagutin naman po kaagad??

  86. Mark Joseph L. Guerrero says:


  87. allen says:

    pano po kumha d2

  88. Ronnie Ramirez says:

    Just wondering if the online application expires? What if I wasn’t able to go right away to have my NBI process but i have my online application form..How long is the validity of the online application? thanks

  89. Patrick says:

    ntapos ko na iprint… pano ung payment scheme? dun ba mkukuha ung QR code??
    at pano ung schedule ng release..

  90. reiana crisel mahusay says:

    hello,good evening! paano po kung na process ko na po ang online application, nakuha ko na din ang code, pero di ko po na print ang form.Valid pa rin po ba yun?

  91. Lanie says:

    Ask ko lng po kung m online reg po b ako khit san n pinkamlpit n NBI pwedi ko mkuha NBI Clearance ko.
    for example sa Naga City. (Bicol). pls. reply.
    Thank you!

  92. hamli metmug says:

    pwd ba mg riniew ng NBI

  93. hamli metmug says:

    good morning sir and mom my avail pa na mg reniew ngaun sa online

  94. BOYET says:

    hi friends,

    just done filled-up the form. nag pop-up na po ung code. i list down it already but hindi ko nagprint dahil wala akong printer as the moment. paano ko e print ung na filled up ko na form.? thank you

    1. Jack Catubay says:

      Read the following instruction to print your NBI Clearance.

      If you don’t have a printer, you may print it in the computer shop by saving it in your usb drive. To know how, read this:

    2. JORDAN says:

      nakasaved yung file sa computer mo as pdf file, so try po tingnan sa download folder ng computer mo, then saka mo iopen then print

  95. rhayan furuya says:

    kainis hinde ako maka proceed…
    Opps! something went wrong please contact your administrator… ano to…

    namimili ng pc ang site…

  96. melvin e. romero says:

    sir,mam..gud morning kuha po sna ako nbi clearance pra sa trabaho panu po ba????????ty po..

  97. myra,loney says:

    ask ko lng pag nag online n po s pagkuha ng nbi,dpat po b maaga p din pumunta s lhat ng branches office ng nbi?

    1. Noemie says:

      Im done with the application OL, and printed it out how long would it takes to know the schedule to verify my NBI clearance? And does the schedule expires?

  98. Mohaimen T. Timan says:

    this is the way it should be thank you very much

  99. FRANNY says:


  100. Kristine Chua says:

    It works for me. Done printing the form.

  101. angelica says:

    after applying online ng nbi need pb n mag wait ng email from nbi khit meron ng print application.? pls reply

  102. Michael,ECE says:

    As of April 7, 2014 , I believe theres something WRONG/ERROR with ONLINE APPLICATION SYSTEM.

    Its not only me who have tried dozen of times filling out and submitting online NBI Clearance forms and yet,Wasnt able to PRINT(SOFTCOPY) the final filled out NBI Clearance form.
    Reading earlier posts here, it seems it might have caused confusion to the people.

    (FYI: It is expected to automatically print(Softcopy/like PDF form or JPG Photo ) the form after clicking PRINT APPLICATION button on the pop-up. But it outputs
    “Whoops, looks like something went wrong”. Definitely an Error )

    Hope NBI officials will be able to read this.
    This online application helps a lot to us.
    Hope youll do something about this matter.

  103. Hazel Nadine says:

    Pag pumunta po b, ko nd n po b. K kukuha ng number or pipila pki reply nmn. Po salamat….

  104. Anna Marie Dolor says:

    nagta-trabaho po ako sa Hongkong at kailangan ko ng NBI clearance para po sa application ko para sa Canada. Pwede po ba ako na mag-online registration tapos ang nanay ko po ang magbabayad sa Pilipinas. Kung maaari po, ano po ang kailangang i-present na dokumento? salamat po!

  105. rey loreto says:


    1. rey loreto says:

      PATULONG NMAN PO .. plssss

    2. JORDAN says:

      nakasaved yung file sa computer mo as pdf file, so try po tingnan sa download folder ng computer mo, then saka mo iopen then print

  106. jayfranny says:

    thanks God sa bagong paraan ng pag kuha n nbi

  107. teddy says:

    mas priority ba yung ol register o yung mga nag punta lang dun ???

  108. maricris says:

    good day..ask ko lang po kung yung nbi ko hindi pa po expired pwede ko na po ba irenew?kasi rush ko po makakuha ng passport this 3rd week ng april.

  109. ime rose says:

    i mean parang mahirap ata pag online

  110. ime rose says:

    parang mahirap aa tng onlie,

  111. lee ann says:

    Hello po nag fill up po ako ngayon ng online nbi. Kaso d ko po ma print dahil phone po ang gamit ko ano po dapat ko gawin please asap kukuha po ako nbi this morning

  112. marilou says:

    to whom this may concern,

    am here abroad..i would like to ask in your office how could i process NBI online..i need it very badly for the processing of my work permit in the place where I am..please reply fast..thank you.


  113. arthur says:

    pwede po ba mag-apply nang nbi clearance online kahit na taga cebu ako? pwede rin ba mag-apply kahit anong araw? please reply po ASAP.

  114. Staycee Mesina Calapano says:

    I was applied via online but i forgot to print..what should i do?

  115. Cynthia F.Manimtim says:

    Its a good thing for an advance techniqueque to file your application for an nbi.and no tiresome to travel.

  116. Abosailan A. Tomawis says:

    papagawa po ako para sa pag tratrabaho ko

  117. Abosailan A. Tomawis says:

    magpapagawa po ako ng NBI Clearance para dina po ako pumili salamat po



  119. Donald Nacino says:

    Dear Sir,


    I could not find any procedure on how to apply and obtain NBI application while living abroad. Please would you kindly let me knwo the procedures and requirements?

    Many thanks

    Donald Nacino

  120. lizel says:

    hi po, ask ko lang nag nbi clearance online ako kung kunin sa nbi office makukuha ko same day din ? thanks po

  121. Marvin says:

    Pwede po ba ipresent ung reg s kahit anung nbi clearance center? or me certain site lang talaga n pwede mong kunan?

  122. SAI says:

    I was applied via online but i forget to print..what should i do?

  123. Valerie says:

    I cant apply on Online NBI clearance after filling out the clearance registration and clicking the submit button it always says OOps. Something went wrong please contact your administrator i need an answer about this matter. ASAP Thanks!

  124. jossie tambis casañares says:

    I was applied via online but i forget to print..what should i do?

  125. rosemarie says:

    what if po kung yung reg code lang ang naitake note at walang print na application form pwede po bang makuha rin yung nbi clearance? yung registration code lang ang meron po ako. at kelan po ba pwedeng kunin ang clearance at anung araw po kayo bukas at yung time ng openning po ng opisina nyo.

    thanks po and god bless.

  126. edilito v urbano says:

    san po pinaka main ng kuhaan ng n.b.i

  127. roque p. alquizalas says:

    need to the employment

  128. Geck Joshua R. Rivera says:

    Good PM po. Ask ko lang po, kumuha po ako ng NBI sa Robinson Imus nung Dec-13-13 after that may kapangalan daw po ako tapos nakalagay po sa likod ng reciept ko Jan-06-2014. nung bumalik po ako sa Rob imus nung january 6 wala na po sarado na po yung branch po ninyo dun. marami po nagalit kasi wala daw pong paabiso o text man lang and then nagtanung po ako sa mga nakasabay ko sa rob imus, nanggaling daw po sila sa Rob Dasma (pala-pala) wala din po sarado. pero may nakita po kaming nakapost dun na magproceed po sa Rob Dasma (sarado po daw that time ) sa TAgaytay po ata yung isa tapos , diko po marecall yung isa. Nitong February diko po alam yung exact date, pumunta po ako ng Rob dasma paratignan kung makukuha ko yung NBI ko. ipinakita ko yung receipt kaso ipinagpipilitan na 2013 pa daw yun. opo 2013 yun kasi yun yung date na kumuha ako. tapos pinapakita ko yung nasa likod na sched sana para kunin ko kaso sorry to say this pero parang lage mainit mga ulo ng mga tauhan nyo po. sinabe po nila sakin na wala daw po sa kanila yung parang File ko? para maiprint nila kung gusto ko daw magbayad daw po ako ulit para makuha ko nbi ko kinabukasan. e panu po ba yun kung sabihin na naman nila na may Hit na naman? Maghihintay na naman po ako? Request ko lang po sana na kung pwede po makuha ko yung NBI ko Dito lang din po sa Dasma ng Wala pong Bayad? Diko po alam kung saan yung main office nyo para daw po makuha ko po ng wala daw pong bayad. sana po mabasa nyo po ito. Salamat po .

  129. Jeraldine Antonio says:

    How about the payment? Is that online or in your satellite offices also? Because it does not indicates in your procedures above.

    Thank you.

    1. KingKnob says:

      payment is done in the branch po. after nun picture at biometrics na. pag alang hit, kuha mo agad un!

  130. Melany Grecia-Viajante says:


    I finsihed applying online and then printed accomplished application form with the Registration Code. I thought I will be able to see when will I get the clearance and from which branch after I process the online registration but to no avail, the process indicated that its done without the schedule when to pick up the NBI clearance.

    Would this mean that in any branch near my place would be able to process my application online and this also gives me the liberty to choose when to visit the nearest branch office? Please help. Thanks!

    1. Clark Linaya says:

      Go to the NBI Clearance Branch where NBI Clearance Online application can be processed. you will be taking your picture there and biometrics finger print.

      You may read the How to apply for nbi clearance online above for your reference.

      1. kiko gomez says:

        ask ko lang po, wala po sked ung application so I guess pag andun napo first come first serve po at anytime and any branch??

  131. Lorna Aparece-Calimutan says:

    I have applied for an online application of NBI clearance, unable to secure copy of the accomplished application form, what should I do? I am from Brgy. San Isidro, Makati which NBI office should I go for payment and claim for my clearance certificate?

    1. KingKnob says:

      print mo po ang application form mo.

      how to open again your nbi clearance application form:

      How To Save Your NBI Clearance Online Application Form In Your USB Or Local Drive

      pag may hard copy ka na ng nbi clearance online application form, punta k na ng NBI branch para magbayad, id picture at finger print. then ok n un!

  132. genebie alzaga says:

    once po ba n mag apply on line eh any day mo ba pde makuha un? or dat day n nag application form online ka dat day mo din dapat kunin?

    1. Albert Ferrer says:

      depende, pag may hit ka, papabalikin ka pa ng pagkatapos ng ilang araw. kapag wala kang Hit, kuha mo agad un. bbigay din sayo.

  133. genebie alzaga says:

    once po ba na nag online application po eh, dat time din po ba nid kukunin or anytime po pde un kunin bsta nsa u po ung print up form.. kc nag fil up ako now pero nd ko mkukuha din today..

  134. juvy says:

    cant process online right now,it said that i need to contact my administrator.what was that mean?

  135. vanessa marin says:

    Pag nag karoon naa poh ba ng appointment,sure na po ba naa ma2kuha naa agad ng nbi? I mean pay may appointment form kana,isa2ma kna nila sa bilang ng cut off nila.pls.reply poh asap!!!tnx!

  136. Delfin Suzon says:

    it was fast process, thank you for creating this idea

  137. Ivory V. Mendoza says:

    pwd po ba ang postal id??
    panu po kng wala kang 2 valid i.d’s?
    pwd po ba ang NSO nlng?
    reply asap po..need lng po ..tomorrow kc kukuha..

    1. Aysa Pulido says:

      Pwede ang postal ID. hindi ko lang sigurado kung ok lang ang NSO. pero tingin ko papayagan ka naman nila. dala ka pa ng ibang id, check mo yung listahan sa ibaba. basahin mo dun, andun ung mga id na tinatanggap.

      pero tingin ko pagbibigyan ka nila. tingin ko lang ah. di ako sure. hehe

  138. nanette says:

    paano puba makakuha ng form

  139. Romie Cioco says:

    Paano po ba i-cancel ang registration ng NBI online application kapag merong typographical error? Need ko po reply ASAP.


    1. David C says:

      Ok lang na wag mo na kanselin ung may mali. 2 ang pwede mong gawin, pede kang magregister ulit o ung may typographical error eh ipacorrect mo nalang pag nandun ka na sa nbi clearance office. Sabihin mo lang sa NBI clearance personnel dun na may mali at dapat itama.

  140. CHAYA says:

    Where are the branches of NBI?

  141. george valdez says:

    Paano po malalaman kung kailan yung appiontment…

    1. christy says:

      pano ko malalaman kung kailan yung appointment?/

      1. Sam Tsui says:

        walang appointment system ang NBI. Panget nga eh noh? dapat ginaya nalang nila sa passport. Valid naman sya ng one week, un ang pagkakaalam ko. bsta dala mo ung printed NBI Clearance Online application form mo.

  142. navsac65 says:

    how to apply NBI clearance for renewal as visa Seaman abroad?

  143. icah says:

    to whom it may concern:
    can i renew my nbi clearance while i’m here in abroad? thanks so much!

  144. Jane says:

    How abt people working abroad and wanted to renew nbi wht r the reqs. How many days to release it thanks need your help.

  145. jan says:

    this online application is so great especially for me who is living in the province…i have just have one concern, i hope we can save our form before printing because not all applicants do have printers.. thank you..

    1. KC says:

      You should try this:

      There’s an instruction on how to save your NBI Clearance Online Application Form

  146. nelson says:

    Sir/Madam,what if there was a typing error made online when appying for an nbi can i make the correction if i have gone as far as paying my p150?does it mean when my previous application is going to be rejected because of the typing error,that i will be required to pay anothet fee of p150?please advise me.thank you in advance.

  147. Clint Anthony Sanico says:

    NBI Online is great
    thanks a lot

    1. ricci says:

      cant process online ryt nw.. it said that i need to contact my provider..wat was that mean?

    2. ricci says:

      cant process online ryt nw.. it said that i need to contact my administrator…wat was that mean?

  148. catherine says:

    how can i have an authenticated NBI Clearance? do i need to pay the same amount that i’m going to pay?

  149. Crislyn says:

    The process was fast, especially for early birds like me. I went there around 7am and was done in only less than an hour, for No Hit applicants. Just go directly to the payment area and then at the 3rd floor for the biometrics and the printing of the clearance.

  150. evelyn Catalan says:

    kapag nakapag fill-up na ng onLine kahit anung araw pwedew bang pmunta sa nbi?

    1. Bonnie says:

      OO, except sabado at linggo!

  151. jenny mae llarenas says:

    I apply online and use my smart phone…i didnt know that i need to print i need to apply again go to a net shop for me to apply…

    1. David C says:

      No need. basahin mo to, para mabuksan mo ulit ung application form mo sa NBI Clearance.

      tpos isave mo ung nbi clearance application form mo (pede din screen shot) bsta kita ung qr code at registration number. pakita mo un sa NBI Clearance office.

  152. shiela reano says:

    I just want to know if I can process my online application at the nbi satellite of robinsons mall dasmarinas? thanks

  153. mary grace says:

    ask ko lang po kung baket pag pinipindut ko ung submit wala naman po lumalabas tpus ayaw po atang pumasok eeh ?

  154. lasangue joey lasugas says:

    how i can filled up the form?????

  155. ROMEO CANILANG says:

    Online application is a great. How ever, it would be much better if we can SAVE the final application form so we can print it after. not all applicants have available printer.

    1. Alphere says:

      You can print it as PDF. Download a PDF printer such as DoPDF and print it as PDF. Then you can save the PDF file in a flashdrive and print it later.

  156. Richard M, Espra says:

    ayus . .

  157. christine says:

    Ask ko lang po nasa first part pa lang ako ng form. Nang iclick ko yung SUBMIT, may na download na .part na document at hindi ma open. Does it mean di kaya ng pc i download and NBI form?

    1. Alphere says:

      .part file means it is either downloading or the download was corrupt or incomplete.

  158. Jonah says:

    Why is it that the Online Application as of 2014 is not valid for Abroad Applicants? Does this means that I have to go to NBI Outlets to personally apply?

  159. Kylie says:

    how will I know when is my schedule? thank you!

    1. Mac says:

      @kylie you need to go to nbi office nearest you and give them the code generated after you fill up online form, you will under go fingerprinting and picture taken after that pay the corresponding amount for the clearance at the cashier then you will be given a receitp on which the date to claim your nbi form will be given if you have no hit you will be able to get your clearance on the same day. otherwise you will have to come back on a specified date.

  160. Ginalyn says:

    I am an OFW in Qatar and I want to know how can I renew my NBI? Should I renew here or send letter of authorization to any member of my family in the Philippines? Thank you.

  161. Sittie Rahmah c. Amatonding says:

    how to renew the nbi true online ?

  162. Jay says:

    I was a DOST scholar before. I wasn’t able to get an nbi clearnace for abroad because I need to present a proof that I have been cleared by DOST. I called DOST and told me that they always send a list to NBI of people cleared from DOST obligations. My comment is that why are the people becoming the middleman for this inter-agency SUPPOSEDLY TRANSACTIONS.
    Does this mean that every time I applied for nbi clearance for abroad, I would go through this process.
    1) Go to NBI to go through the app process and I will be “HIT”. Then I would be ask to come again.
    2) Present my clearance from DOST and get my nbi clearance.

    I hope that government inter-agency communications should be improved so that people will not suffer.

    Any DOST scholar here? Is the letter from DOST to the bureau of immigration stating that you’ve been cleared from DOST obligations can be used as an evidence in getting NBI clearance? I would appreciate your feedback here. Thanks.

    1. christine says:

      hi sir jay. im a DOST scholar and i have been cleared after serving 4 years. i was given a letter last 2011 that should be sent to boi, nbi and dfa, stating i am already cleared of my obligations and must be removed from the watchlist. however, i was not able to send this to these agencies. when i called dost earlier, they asked me to send request for clearance. :( it seems the docs i have with me are obsolete.
      btw, a person from dost said they send list of people who are cleared of dost obligations to nbi? is this true?

  163. Jeff says:

    You can retrieve your online form by going to this site:

    I hope this can help those people who weren’t able to print their form on their initial registration.

    You can also save the online NBI form by clicking the green “PRINT APPLICATION” button then on the top-right corner their is a save button. This is for google chrome browser.

  164. Aileen Faith Sarvida says:

    bakit po the time na nagfill out po ako sa part na needed of the info..then kapg na-i-submit ko na ay nag-eerror… birthday field is required daw… what does it mean??

  165. ronnel duguran says:

    sana naman inaupdate itong website nila at may magreply sa mga nagtatanong dito para masagot mga tanong ng mga tao, ako kukuha ako maybe tommorow or sa tuesday sino pwede kasabay haha

  166. Jovert Bugna says:


  167. marco junio says:

    useless apointment, same procedure lang sila, nagtipid lang sila sa form, gagastos lang kayo sa pagrent ng internet at print, my pila parin at same sa pagbayad ng online at walk-in.

    1. Taddy says:

      Tama! Same procedure parin, after mag print punta NBI tapos bigyan ka ng date for schedule at yun na same procedure parin kasi line na naman.. Kasama mo mag line ang nka schedule for the day! Bwesit lng early as possible kung meron na sched. -like now I’m waiting for my turn n NBI cebu!

  168. mark says:

    pano malalaman kung pu2nta na po sa NBI at ku2nin na?!kung ng register puba ko ngayon pde nako pmunta bukas ?salamat po

  169. MENCHIE DE VERA says:

    How will i know when is my schedule?

  170. Christopher Lapitan says:

    How will i know when is my schedule? I’ve waited for an email confirmation but until now I haven’t received any email from NBI..?

  171. Ernesto Mapa says:

    Pano makakakuha ng nbi clearance kung nasa labas ng bansang pilipinas??

    1. Jun flores says:

      How can we apply clearance while you are abroad

    2. ROXEN says:

      i was’nt able to print the application form… how to retrieve it? please help.

      1. Mike R says:

        Try mo tong method na to:

        hanapin mo lang tong Sentence na to “How to (re)open your NBI Clearance Online Application Form”, may box dun sa ibaba then i type mo lang ung NBI Clearance Registration code mo. Ioopen nun yung nbi clearance application form mo.

  172. jubilee says:

    bakit po ganun? kapag nasa second part at tapos ko na i-fill up ,after ko i-click ang SUBMIT button. nag-gr-gray na yung window . tapos wala na po . ganun nalang parang nag hang na ? anu po ba ibig sabihin noon ? wala naman po nalabas na code or anything. please help me :(

  173. rea says:

    i failed to print the form, how will i be able to retrieve it? should i filled up another form?

    1. SHELOU C. GAYLAWAN says:

      i already print a code but my printer is not clear, do you need clear copy for this…?or i need to rigester again…but the code is clear my problem is my application name i can’t read it…

  174. Nolan Ballarda says:

    how to check if nbi clearence will successfuly register thru online???

  175. ron ortega says:

    i haven’t tried this one but this is such a relief for all applicants. don’t have to wait for a really long queue.

  176. ronel matium says:

    panu po ba mag fill up ng aplication by online..

  177. jemer allado Dimacutac says:

    what is the application form clearance for abraod applicants?..

    1. ron ortega says:

      hi jemer. i’m afraid you won’t be able to do it since online application does not include abroad applications. see the note at the bottom of the online form.

  178. Wilma D. Martinez says:

    i was not able to print the registration code given too me after my online i be entertained at nbi office if i will only give the regcode without the print out of it?

  179. Menard Delen Aguilos says:

    i will apply NBI. how?

  180. Rosemarie Quinsay says:

    how to get NBI clearance?

  181. aladine says:

    hello good day,,pwede po ba aq kumuha ng 2 copy ng nbi for local employment at for travel abroad?

  182. Danny G. Gamurot says:

    no comments

  183. Ernesto Mapa says:

    Good day!!…is it possible to get a nbi clearance even if it’s outside of the country.. im currently working abroad and it’s required documents to apply for permanently here in Australia’…any feedback will be appreciated thank you very much

  184. seth says:

    the best way to save the online application form is to copy the link. then if you’re gonna print it, just re-type the link on the address bar then you’ll be able to see your application form. Just so you know guys =)

  185. GraceDL says:

    For those who want to save the file and print the form later, there is an option for you to save the application in PDF.

    After clicking the green PRINT FORM button (I forgot the label of the button), on the Print dialog:
    1. Select PDF Creator from the Printer dropdown menu. (if you have any installed PDF Creator it should show in the Printer dropdown menu)
    2. Click Print Icon
    3. Click Save button
    This should allow you to save your NBI form in PDF format.
    4. Select the directory where you want to save your NBI PDF document.

    I hope this helps.

  186. Riz says:

    Hi! Here’s my experience in getting my NBI Clearance using the NBI Online Application. I already have filled out the NBI Online Application prior to my visit to this Outlet.

    BRANCH: NBI- Robinsons Place Manila
    TIME: Went there around AM 10:30

    Once I got there, I went directly to the guard near the stairs/entrance and asked for a number. I was provided a number and the time I should be back so I can process my clearance.

    I was given a NN12:00 time.

    Went back there around AM1145 and was told that I’m already allowed to enter the premises and wait for my turn to be called.

    A checker will be going around before letting you proceed with the STEPS 1-4 to make sure that the forms are filled out correctly.

    For those who manually filled out the forms on that day will proceed to STEP 1 after their forms are checked.

    For those who have encoded using the NBI Online Application, just let the checker know that you have an online application and she will immediately send you to STEP 2.

    *Steps 2(Payment), 3 (Biometrics/Photo), 4 (releasing) only took 15mins to accomplish.

    1. Riz says:

      Hi! Here’s my experience in getting my NBI Clearance using the NBI Online Application. I already have filled out and PRINTED the NBI Online Application prior to my visit to this Outlet.

      BRANCH: NBI- Robinsons Place Manila
      TIME: Went there around AM 10:30

      Once I got there, I went directly to the guard near the stairs/entrance and asked for a number. I was provided a number and the time I should be back so I can process my clearance.

      I was given a NN12:00 time.

      Went back there around AM1145 and was told that I’m already allowed to enter the premises and wait for my turn to be called.

      A checker will be going around before letting you proceed with the STEPS 1-4 to make sure that the forms are filled out correctly.

      For those who manually filled out the forms on that day will proceed to STEP 1 after their forms are checked.

      For those who have encoded using the NBI Online Application, just let the checker know that you have an online application and she will immediately send you to STEP 2.

      *Steps 2(Payment), 3 (Biometrics/Photo), 4 (releasing) only took 15mins to accomplish.

    2. Karlo says:

      How were you able to know when and where you’re scheduled for your NBI clerance?

  187. Anonuevo, Ever says:

    There should be an option to save the registration form in a file so it can be printed afterwards. Right now you need to have a printer ready after filling up the info so the form can be printed immefiately.

  188. Kristine B. Cunanan says:

    Paano po magpaschedule?

  189. noviejeantura says:

    how can apply in nbi online…..i dont know how

  190. Patricia says:

    G-Cash is no longer available for payment? Do we need to be on the location for payment?

  191. MARGEL VIñA says:

    asan po pwede magprint?kasi hindi po aku nka print , pa ulit2 lng yung pag fill.up po..

  192. mario says:

    How many days it will take when i apply NBI online? And when i already applied can i get it right away, and how many hours do i need to wait for?

  193. John Sexon says:

    I would suggest putting a link to the branches of your satellite offices in the same article, since the next step is going there.

  194. rowald manzano says:

    sir/madam d ko po na print ung form panu po ba makakakuha ng form. !may reg. code na po ako.

  195. Madel says:

    May additional payment po b pag may “hit” ang name u?and ano po b ang procedure pag meron “hit” ang name?

  196. Danilo B Cagalingan Jr. says:

    hindi ko po nai print un application ko pero nakuha ko po yung code….paano po ma retreive yung application para mai print. thank you po.

  197. estelamaria malubay pelagio says:

    pnu po b mg fill up ng aplication by online

  198. RPMagno says:

    In the online application site, I did not see any field where to schedule appointment and when. Will I receive an email link on how to make appointment? This should not be automatic and should be at the option of the applicant.

    1. Erika says:

      Me too, I did not see nor receive anything regarding the scheduling of my appointment after submitting the online application form. How will I be able to schedule my appointment?

  199. Gil Jumamil says:

    Salamat na may online registration… more power to all of you…..

  200. jayrome says:

    pano po pag di ko po naiprint application yung unang gawa ko pero nasave ko po ung regCode ko

    gagawa pa po ba ako e nagsuccesful na po..

    kulang po kac ko sa source ng info knina
    ano po dpat gawin
    thank you

  201. marilou mendoza says:

    Paanu po Yung NBI clearance abroad? Merun na ako nbi,pinadala ko na dyan sa pinas,kapatid ko po ang mag aasikaso.need paba magpa schedule bago pumunta sa main branch ng nbi? Reply asap!

  202. harish says:

    i am getting {“errors”:["The Birthday field is required."],”errors2″:{“bday”:["The Birthday field is required."]},”action”:”retry”}

    what can i do?

  203. abbie says:

    Nag fill up po ako ngaun di po b maexpierd ang code ko kung after one week p ako mkpunta.reply po salamat

  204. Normita says:

    madam & sir, good morning! paanu kung dati nakung kumuha ng NBI tapos single pa po ako nung kumuha din ngayon merried na po kc ako,, paanu ko ma e renew,,,at anu ang pwidi kung gamiting ID kc dati single pa ung ginagamit ko,????

  205. penelope says:

    Hello! Where can we find the schedule? Is there any email confirmation? Pls reply. Thanks!

  206. Kristine de Vera says:

    Are we (the applicants) are the one who will be choosing the day to visit the selected NBI clearance outlet? Is it possible to fill-up an online registration form a week before the expected day to visit the outlet?

  207. Micah Martinez says:

    Awesome. Ang galing po ng nakapagIsip neto. Iwas pila po. Nice. Keep up the good work. Thumbs Up! (Y)

  208. christian binarao says:

    hirap kc pumila

  209. Alejandro C. Gracia says:

    Applying For NBI Clearance For Local Employment

    1. aldrin says:

      san makikita ung schedule ..oh pupunta nlang dun kapag nakapag fillup na ng form online??

      1. eric says:

        how to apply nbi clearance online?

  210. jack says:

    Ilan taon po b ang required na kumuha na nbi clearance

  211. Potek NBI says:

    Zzz pambihira NBI, gumawa pa kayu ng online application program para “MAPABILIS” raw ang proseso, kaso noong pumunta kakilala ko sa inyong branch para sa schedule eh 1 month after pa siya pinapabalik! -.- zzzzz

  212. Michelle says:

    How to edit my form instead of travel Dubai it should be travel abroad. Please reply on my email,

  213. Carol says:

    how noted my registration code but unable to print my application for now, how can I retrieve it so I can print to a net shop?

  214. StepHen says:

    How to fill-up if you want 2 names to appear in the clearance for example:

    Stephen Humangit Garay
    A.K.A Stephen Garay Sabas

    1. StepHen says:

      ohh well my question has been answered. you can delete this post

  215. edwardo says:

    can have my own nbi clearance

  216. ARCHIE ASPIRAS says:


  217. agatha cristie fuentes says:

    ang hirap kumuha ng nbi bagal ng proseso

  218. JColeen says:

    Dito sa Cebu, pagkatapos mo print ng form online, punta ka agad sa NBI branch, they will set the schedule kung wen ka babalik for payment & picture taking. I submitted the printed form w/ code on March 17, balik ako bukas March 24. Ugghhh… Mas convenient pa process before na walang online submission kasi punta lang agad ako sa NBI, sa hapon andyan na. tsk!

  219. riden john d trinilla says:

    i already filled up the form and i already have the code with me. but i did not print the application.. Can i still view and print the form anytime? Or is it still available after you fill up the form most likely after 24 hours?

    1. Danilo B Cagalingan Jr. says:

      hindi ko po nai print yung application ko pero nakuha ko po un code…mare retreive ko pa po ba un print application?

  220. Ma. Isabel Cortez says:

    i already filled up the form and i already have the code with me pero wala pong scheduled time at date na naka indicate sa form papanu poh malalaman ?

    1. penelope says:

      Yes. This is my question too. :/

  221. Jhoanna San Gabriel says:

    P anu po kung unc code lng ang n save nmin pero ung form hndi???

  222. Jhoanna San Gabriel says:

    Wat if po ung code lng n save nmin hndi ung form tlga pwedi po b un???

  223. Danice macasarte says:

    anytime po b pwde b pmunta s Nbi sa taft to get my Nbi clearance after i fill up the form..

  224. Louies Gualliver Ignacio says:

    wala pong naka specify na schedule na pagpunta sa NBI pero nakalagay sa instruction na be on time ?? panu ko po malalaman if what date ako naka schedule? thanks in advance

  225. Kathy Olaes says:

    Hi good morning. I used to follow your instructions to retrieve the application form however, it didn’t appear and it says’Whoops, looks like something went wrong.’ Can i still view and print the form anytime? Or is it still available after you fill up the form most likely after 24 hours?

    Thank you. Please help!

  226. Kathy Olaes says:

    Hi good morning. I used to follow your instructions to retrieve the application form however, it didn’t appear and it says’Whoops, looks like something went wrong.’ Can i still view and print the form anytime? Or is it still available after you fill up the form most likely after 24 hours?

    Thank you. Please help!

  227. Maria Eloisa Ramos says:

    May know when will be my schedule to get my clearance. It was not specified in my online application. So, I’m assuming that you will send it to my email address. So that i can go there on time, not too early and not too late so that my time will not waste to go back and forth. Maybe that’s the only information you need to improve. I will appreciate you kind response. Thank you.

  228. joy says:

    What i mean.. pinag-input na data na nakakapagod din paulit-ulit mong i-type. And the instruction also here is to “Be there on time! That’s the reason why you schedule your appointment in processing your NBI Clearance.”. Wala naman instruction na antayin mo ang time schedule na ibibigay sayo.

  229. joy says:

    Tanong ko lang, nakailang ulit na ako sa pag fill-up ng form gawa ng pagdating sa printing ng form BLANK naman ang nakalagay sa Husband’s Surname, na check ba ng nag maigi ang form developer na yan at di na i-link ng tama kung ano yun pinag input na files?

  230. Ruel Lemoncito Zapanta says:

    How do we know when to go to NBI to get our clearance?

  231. rhea says:

    klan po ung schedule q.. wlang ngappear :-)

  232. clint says:

    question po. nakakuha na ako ng nbi clearance 7 months ago tapos HIT ako. pag kukuha po ba ako ulit (renew) maghihintay pa po ba ako ng 8-10 days or hindi na? pls reply.

  233. rachelle says:

    ask ko lang po ksi ung pinsan konsa taiwan pinadala nya lang skin ung luma nyang nbi nagpapakuha sya skin pde ba un? rply po please

  234. ARNULFO G.BETITA says:

    any time i can go NBI to present my e clearances printing i don’t see my schedule when?
    and i pill-up presented ID SSS number but have only my drivers licences is it ok?

  235. mark keiven a macuroy says:

    panu po malalaman schedule..?

  236. FREDERICK CAL says:

    Is the appointment schedule automatically advise?

  237. Agustos says:

    Bossing panu malalaman ung time? eh wala naman nakaindicate.

  238. Andrea says:

    Panu po malalaman ung schedule? ndi po naman inindicate online. thanks po

  239. Kiko says:

    Ndi po applicable to sa Calamba. Please Help.

  240. Paul Gaite says:

    Hello NBI,

    I like to informed that the processes stated above are not applicable in Calamba Laguna. They still issue numbers and only accepts 380 applicants. Kindly check and verify.

    Thank you very much.

  241. Venus Arayata says:

    There’s no schedule provided. How and where to know?



    1. Anonymous says:

      There is no schedule,You just have to go on the nearest NBI office…
      In my case,I finished application March 19, 2014 evening,then I go there yesterday.
      I paid,waited for receipt…pictured and they have taken my biometrics. Then they said that I should come back March 26, 2014,I guess they just said that because they doesn’t have a lot of resource for printing. All in all,it doesn’t take more than 10 mins, Very Fast,but the fact that I’ll come back for another time,makes the new system also wrapped in RED TAPE.

      1. penelope says:

        Oh okay. Thanks! :D

  243. Jerry Basañes Colyante says:

    Ano bago prosiso sa PAGKUHA nang NBI CLEARANCE kasi EXPIRE na NBI ko eh..matagal na 2012 pa yon…At paano mag apply sa online…

  244. naima ismael says:

    can i apply nbi clearace htis coming march 26 2014?

  245. naima ismael says:

    good job

  246. Mika says:

    try checking out their website….than typing a lot of questions here. :)

  247. Marco says:

    1. Ilang days po bago maexpire yung pag-register online?
    2. Paano po malalaman yung schedule ng appointment?

  248. Eleujane says:

    kumuha po ako kanena nang NBI clearance po dito sa cebu..tapos grabe hassle talaga sya..mabuti pa yung dati nung sa U.N avenue ako kumuha mabilis pa 1 week lng yun kahit na HIT aq eh ngayun halos mga 2 weeks pa kasi april 07 pa ako makakapagprocess at kapag na hit pa ako baka halos isang buwan pa.

  249. rai says:

    panu pag nakapg reg online nq tas may need aq i edit? pls help

  250. conrad caballas ocampo says:

    for nbi clearance abroad

  251. Utak Tao says:

    Ang aarte niyo naman. Magbasa kayong maige at gawan niyo ng paraan. Puro spoonfeeding gusto niyo e.

  252. giovanni delfin says:

    I filled up mu online form but dont have a printer connected. Hiw can I retrieve the approved form when im reafy to print? Where will I see the schedule when I am supposed to visit the NBI office?

    1. emery says:

      sir& ma’m, nakapag fill up na po ako ng application pero di ko pa po napaprint, paano ko po ba mapapaprint gayong nai-save ko lang po yung reg. code, saan po makikita yung application ko,

  253. Abelardo A. Velasquez says:

    where would i fill-up my applivation

  254. Mark Anthony C. Nilo says:

    This is a new system,so just like any other people were afraid of it. But the Idea is there…and it is better. I just have a few questions.

    1. What Paper size do have to Print our Online Application?
    2. How would we know our Schedule/Appointment?
    3. How long does our Online application last?,does it expire in few days or it will just last as long
    as we don’t process it?
    4. Can you edit your final application?,or can we just apply a new one online?,if we can how much is
    the limit for this?
    5. What if in a case of the Individual He/She is required to have a NBI clearance for both local
    employment and PRC requirement,does he have to get two clearance for each purpose?

    Few Suggestions from me:

    1. Instead of just leaving us the option of Printing our Applications online,please also provide us
    a way to save Our Application in PDF format to print it Offline. This feature is now implemented
    in the online passport application. This may also be used as a way to save the applications in
    gadgets e.g. tablet/ iPad.
    2. Please provide us a way to know our schedule right away after the application is ready for
    3. Please include in the website all the branches of NBI that is still in operation throughout our
    country,so that people would know right away where to go.
    4. Please provide us a PROPER DATABASE so that the system will remember the Individual,who
    has previous hits to eliminate waiting time for the confirmation that the same person is clear.
    5. In my fifth question,can you provide us a way to select multiple purpose for at least in local
    category in order to provide liquidity of the clearance. This may eliminate the need of having
    clearance for each individual purpose. In the case,of every purpose with different cost,please
    study this.
    6. Please provide this site a regular chatter to answer every query.
    7. If the NBI has the capability,people like me are dreaming of an NBI clearance system that is just
    like a vending machine. You Input info in an application,scan biometrics,sign in a touch sensitive
    screen,pay just like in vending machine,or online using ATM or even maybe in the future use your
    RFID of MRT/LRT. Then wait a few seconds for the Printout! :)

    We are Pleased that you are starting a new way to provide us a better system. We are hoping that
    NBI will continue to improve this system. Please,hear more of the complaint here in this
    website,because this is the true sentiments of the people regarding the system.


  255. Chryslaine Jane says:

    meron po bang limit ng number of days bago pumunta sa nbi office?kailangan po ba bukas agad punta agad after magpasa online?

  256. Charmie Mendoza says:

    How will we know our scheduled appointments?

  257. Joyce says:

    nka limutan ko pong e.print yong application code. pano po yan?

  258. cristine says:


  259. jherald says:

    how to apply nbi clerance form?

  260. Reynold Lacerna says:

    i finished my on-line application and printed it already, however i type my e-mail add as bold letters instead of small ones. Is there a problem with that one and how can i know when will be my appointment schedule?

  261. jerick fermin says:

    panu po pag tpus mag reg sa online then nu po nxt nun??
    ka2tpus q lang po mag o nline eh??
    pd n po pumanta sa mga branch na malapt nd mahu2ha n kad po???
    kac kung maku2ha n kunin ko na po???
    need lng po tlga???reply lng po kung pd??
    tnx po…salamat… god w/u all at tym

    1. jerick fermin says:

      and nu pa po pla??
      ex.pus kna mg online..pd po ba n d kagad pumila at kumuha d other day nlng or week po??
      d po b basta2 mawa2la un ???

  262. kangz says:

    pano po f gamit namin bagong mga gadgets ngayun tulad ng ipad,iphone,etc.Di namin ma pirmahan,mkuha lng namin yung code.At kung may tao gagamit ng desktop pero walang printer.

  263. Nolan Ballarda says:

    Panu poh mag check if okay na yung appointment ko sa nbi???at tsaka any nbi branch office poh ba yun??tnx & god bless.more power

  264. john carlo colobong says:

    ilan days po ang process ng nbi po?? tska anu poh ang mga kailangan requerments

  265. ariem raya says:

    hirap nman kumuha nang nbi clerance,,paanu po yun proseso nyo,,po

  266. simplyred says:

    Paano nyo po masisiguradong private and confidential ang aming mga personal details eh based sa online application website nyo, wala namang security feature like https? mas ok siguro kung maging online appointment na lang din ang gawin nyo.

  267. Joey Gavilo says:

    Nu ba yan wala namang email confirmation pag katapos ng signup ,
    Panu malalaman kung kelan pupunta at san kukunin, Sauce

  268. JB Gregorio says:

    Hi and Good day po! Can somebody help me answer these questions:

    *After filling up the form online, i get to have a Registration Code in return.
    1. Does this Registration Code expires?
    2. Does printing this form a MUST even if I noted the Registration Code already?
    *Do I need to photocopy my valid IDs?
    *If I go to NBI Branch in Robinsons Novaliches, do I need to get a number even if I fill out the form online?
    > If YES, Does the line starts outside of the mall or inside?
    *What NBI Branch can you recommend me in terms of FAST and ORGANIZED in processing?

    **Just in case somebody doesn’t know, NBI Branch in Ever Gotesco Mall is already closed**

    1. zie says:

      Ever Gotesco mall in Recto or Commonwealth? Which one? Please reply ASAP. Thank you!

  269. Mary Jane Ronquillo says:

    also..last time, can i get it faster the nbi clearance? because last time on my second application, i’ve waited for two months,it takes too long..

  270. Mary Jane Ronquillo says:

    Can i get the NBI clearance quickly when i filled up online and bring it to nbi office eventhough there’s many woman also named as like mine?

  271. chonalyn d glodo says:

    san magfillup?

  272. michael r. duque says:

    do I still need to send sms for the schedule or I can go to any NBI office anytime?

  273. DENNY FRANCISCO says:

    I dont received any e-mail, how do I know when to visit NBI office?

  274. maribel dolfo says:

    tanung lang po ulit..renewal na po kc ako..nung unang kuha ko po la ako valid id..polce clearnce lang po ginmit ko nun pra magkaron ako ng present id..ngaun po anu kelangan ko pra mag ka present id ako kc la pa ako valid id..tnx

  275. maribel dolfo says:

    tanung ko lang po kung anu pa pwde requirements sa pagkuha ng nbi kpag la valid id..

  276. Florencio Valdez says:

    There is a note on the form saying, “This Online Application is not valid for Abroad Applicants”. It means that travelers to other countries need to follow the manual processing? Please include travel abroad in the online application process.

  277. sunshine mary pablo says:

    how did i know my schedule?is ir anytime i can go there to present my online nbi application form?

  278. angelie says:

    how will i know the schedule of release for the NBI clearance?

  279. yam dominguez says:

    how to process

  280. Alred Tison says:

    It always indicate!

    The Birthday field is required.

  281. Roxanne Capagalabn Soliven says:

    hi good day ask ko lang nag authenticate ba ang mga satellite niyo ng NBI Clearance

  282. Aiz Bejasa says:

    Why is the application below not available? It’s a bit unfair .
    “2. This Online Application is not valid for Abroad Applicants.”

  283. Jesmar Posadas says:

    What if I did not click the “Print Application”? What will I do to load again my appication to print it?

  284. Ruchie May Silva says:

    Good day! I am scheduled this March 19th for processing my clearance, problem is I have work on that day, is there any other options? I really need the clearance since it’s part of my employment requirements. I hope you will respond. Thank you and God bless.

  285. LEONARD A. REYNON says:

    good day! im asking the process on how to renew my NBI CLEARANCE online?

  286. operio marvin marter says:

    how to apply nbi clerance

  287. sol papas says:

    anong form ang applyan kung abroad

  288. alona sapilan says:

    anu po ba ung dalawang valid i.d na klangan tsaka ung dress na dapat suotin?.

  289. cruz says:

    How would i know my schedull? Thereeare no notification about it. i know my schedule? The

  290. Angelica Sambajon says:

    Thanks for this article. it is very useful to people like me who wants to have my nbi clearance the fastest way considering i am also a government employee. Thanks again.

  291. John Philip Malimata says:

    Hi i would like to ask if possible to edit yung info na naencode na.. unfortunately i inputted ‘marinduque city’ instead of ‘marinduque’ only on my father’s birth place.. if not, any suggestions i can do to solve this problem.. I don’t know if it has some consequences if i get it wrong, i’m just trying to be safe as possible. Thank you!

  292. Christian Prodigalidad says:

    eror po ang birth field it says:
    {“errors”:["The Birthday field is required."],”errors2″:{“bday”:["The Birthday field is required."]},”action”:”retry”

  293. Marco Ortiz says:

    Nandito na po ako sa New Zealand pwede po ba akong magonline to at least save my time. Ano po ang timeframe bago ko matanggap ang aking nbi clearance. Salamat po.

  294. jeremy moises says:

    kailangan po ba talaga dalawang valid ID yung ipresent

  295. Anna says:

    I’m going to get a nbi clearance but now I’m already married.Last tym I get is that I’m still single. What procedure I’m going to do?And what branch Im suppose to go?

  296. Daryl E.Menorias says:


  297. Arantxa Sison says:

    To whom it may concern:

    Is it possible to complete this process online from the United States, including payment?
    The clearance my husband and I would apply for is for the purpose of adopting a Filipino child to bring to the United States where we reside.

    Thank you.
    Arantxa Sison

  298. JEREMY D. MOISES says:

    pwede po ba one valid id lang kasi one valid ld lang po meron ako….saan po pwede kumuha na NBI Dito sa San Jose, Antique.

  299. Onor says:

    how would I know my appointment schedule? I have not yet received an e-mail confirmation.

  300. Girlie says:

    online website NBI application form “”
    after finish keep registration code…

  301. Girlie says:

    The requirement is any two (2) of the following valid Identification Cards:

    Valid passport
    Voter’s ID
    Driver’s License
    PRC License
    SSS ID
    Postal ID
    School ID
    TIN ID
    Philhealth ID
    Authenticated Birth Certificate
    Alien Cert of Registration
    Senior Citizen
    Previous Copy of NBI Clearance

  302. Girlie says:

    kng ndi po keo nkapgsave s laptop wla po nman save nkalagay… ung kaylangan po punta po keo s website “ CODE” example:”″ wag po kalimutan code# nu application form…. nkkita nu nyan..

  303. Crisanto T. Mante Jr. says:

    i get my registration code but i don’t have the print out, how can i get the print out?.

  304. Georgie says:

    In the above list, what currency is the money amounts? its so stupid they dont tell you

    1. Anonuevo, Ever says:

      Obviously all prices are in Philippine peso because NBI is unique only in Philippines.

  305. ryusei says:

    panu po kung wala po akong ako presented id, kukuha ang ng nbi clearance para sa school.?

  306. Marvin Jay J. Earnshaw says:

    open po ba ang pag kuha ng NBI tuwing saturday? Thanks

  307. mimi says:

    i can’t print the form. :( how will I know my schedule? i don’t receive any notification in my email. how will i know my sched? thanks!

  308. jose patindol jr D. says:

    from cebu po ako mandaue city

  309. jose patindol jr D. says:

    i want to get nbi clearance pls tomorrow

  310. jose patindol jr D. says:

    For nbi Clearance

  311. ROSARIO BUENA says:


  312. jo mary says:

    may esesend pa po ba kayung schedule sa email ko kung kailan ako pupunta sa NBI o wala na po?

  313. max b. navarro says:

    renew po sana ako ng nbi clearance, kailangan pa rin po ba ako mag papicture at magfingerprinting? maraming salamat po.


    first time ko kukuha nang NBI clearance online for travel to get the steps for applying NBI clearance?

  315. Priscilla Fernandez says:

    Please alphabetically organize the menu in drop downs. It looks like a mess and others might think of racism or discrimination.

    Thank you.

  316. Noel Jaron Cahilig says:

    Want to apply an Nbi clearance for travel, How to get the steps of an applying nbi clearance?

  317. david says:

    ngayon po ako nag apply sa online. anu po 2nd step nito ?

  318. Mia Pamela Espiritu says:

    paano po kumuha or mag-aply ng NBI clearance thru Online or Email.???

  319. ketty lyn saber says:

    What if nkapagfill up na po ng application tpos thrucellphone lang and dba po kelangan syang iprint out right away kso di ko naprint ksi phone lng po yung gamit ko pano ko po makikita yung nafillupan kong application po?.. and how would i know po if kelan po ung appointment and what time po..please reply on this po..thanks po

  320. ketty lyn saber says:

    What if nkapagfill up na po ng application tpos thrucellphone lang and dba po kelangan syang iprint out right away kso di ko naprint ksi phone lng po yung gamit ko pano ko po makikita yung nafillupan kong application po?.. and how would i know po if kelan po ung appointment and what time po..

  321. joela says:

    panu po ba
    mag fill up

  322. joela says:

    kkuha po ng nbi clearance

  323. eric gares says:

    panu po mag online fill up ng nbi clearance??

  324. Alex Alvarado says:

    anytime po b and at any satellite NBI office pwede magpunta after mag fill-up online?

  325. seth menard adriano salazar says:

    how to apply nbi clearance

  326. seth menard adriano salazar says:

    how to appy nbi online

  327. myra joy felipe says:

    pano poh mg apply sa nbi online?

  328. don says:

    saan ba ako pwede pumunta para makakuha ng nbi clearance with the purpose is “Change of Name” hindi kasi inasikaso ang nanay ko sa robinson cainta dahil local and abroad lang meron sila. bat ganun?

  329. Eric Genaro Arceo says:

    I have printed the form. Where do I find the schedule on when I should go to NBI?

  330. Maan says:

    I don’t have a middle name will this be an issue when I fill up the form online or do I put a “-”?
    (Additional Info: my purpose is to renew my clearance for travel abroad)

  331. MIKE says:


    1. noel says:

      san ko makikita yung walk in schedule ko?

  332. RICHARD C. DIMAANO says:

    gud pm po nakatapos po ko ng pagfill up tpos po nabunot po yun sasaksakan ng computer di ko po nahuna code number at di ko din po naprint pls help naman po. slamat po

    1. RICHARD C. DIMAANO says:

      pls reply po sir anu gagawin ko para makuha code number at sched at maprint ko po. salamat po

  333. dyna says:

    How will i know what my schedule is?

  334. wynn mark says:

    ano oras po ang sched ko? wala ako nareceive na confirmation email,,,,???
    CODE: M540936421

    1. wynn mark says:

      ano oras po ang sched ko? wala ako nareceive na confirmation email,,,,???
      CODE: M540936421

    2. wynn mark says:

      Still waiting for the response…
      Paano ko po malalaman ang sched ko? ,,,,,maraming salamat :)

  335. JHETRHINE says:

    then how will i know my schedule? pls need your response. Big Thanks!

  336. alberto arce says:

    ask ko lng po, nag fill up po ako ng nbi hnd ko po na iprint, kz po wala nmn kmi printer, pero naisubmit ko po. ok lng po b un? o mag fill up ako uli, tapos isasave ko na at ipapaprint? e2 po ung code A620934009 hnd ko po na iprint, tnx. pkisgot nmn po ung tanong ko . ASAP



    1. JHETRHINE says:

      hi, do you already know how to get the schedule? If you do, please let me know how.

  338. Arianne Cerdiño says:

    Hi, I already fill up the online application for the renewal of my NBI clearance then after submitting my information I got this REGCODE C635929736 but can’t print out the application. How can I be able to print this out?

    1. Mary Ann Nacion says:

      i already fill up the application online and submit it,but i don’t have the print out…how can i get the copy????????????????

      1. drew says:

        go here your registration code here)


    how to sign there is no new application form in here

  340. Edgardo Remillete Jr. says:

    hello po ask ko lng po kasi nag fill up po ako ng nbi pero hindi ko na iprint na isubmit ko agad kci wla naman ako printer,Wala nman po bang problema sainyo kasi gumawa po ako ng bago at naisave ko po bali pangalawang gawa tnx.. asko ko rin po kung meron pa po bang nbi sa ever gotesco commonwealth

  341. Josephine Alcantara says:

    how to appy nbi online

  342. thomas s. deleon says:

    great job! keep it up.

    i just want to ask if these online application form expires?

  343. chester manzano says:

    san po kea pwd mag print ng apllication na nasubmit na po..,

  344. ruffa florin says:

    hello po!sir/madam gusto ko lang pong malaman kung sa fifil upon qong form for online clearance ay about s address qong ilalagay kung ano po ang dapat para di po aq mgkamali ,,,,kc po taga province po aq pero dito po aq ngsstay in manila ano po b dapat qong ilagay s form q n address ung d2 s manila or ung province address q..kc po d2 nmn aq kukuha s main nbi so i just want to know…thank u po n marami hope malaman ko po agad ang inyong kasagutan s aking katanungan…

  345. Renato Villa Rodriguez says:


    I would like to print my accomplish form for NBI Registration Code R362594675 last February 20, 2014 @ 7:43pm instead of filling up another Form. Honestly I forgot to print it. My question is, how can you help me have that copy & is there any menu where I can easily viewed & click to print it to your website? Is there a chance for me to retrieve that said form?

    Thanks and looking forward for your earliest reply.


    Renato V. Rodriguez

    1. Mr. Dhen says:

      Hello Mr. Renato Im glad to help you regarding your problem.

      heres the link for your NBI clerance form.

      Hope that i solved it. ^_^

      1. Randy Y. Tusalem says:

        sir,. patulong po.. ito po yung code q. ( T245736379 ) hindi q po kasi na e print. tnx po.

  346. Chito says:

    I already printed the application but nothing shows on when should I go to their office to get the Clearance.
    Help please

  347. ronalyn says:

    hi nag aapply po ako sa NBI online kaya lng poh ayaw mag submit ano po bang kailangan gawin?

    1. ronalyn says:

      pki sagot nman poh ung tanong ko.

    2. ronalyn says:

      hi b8 poh ganun na a apply aq ngayon ayaw nmn pong ma proces anu po dapat gwin?

  348. MONICA REFUERZO says:


  349. rhona says:

    hi,ask ko lng naeexpire b yung code n bigay skin,kc ngfill-out ako last week friday pa,bka this coming thurs p ako makapunta s nbi calamba..

  350. joel sudario says:

    kung wala pong id kahi na isa pwidi po yung pulis clearance lang po ang ipakita?

  351. che says:

    kapag nagapply ba ng nbi online sa UN avenue makukuha agad yung printed copy or kelangan pa maghintay ng matagal? tnx

  352. Ronalyn colon says:

    Hi ask ko lang po matapos ko pong i print ung application anung oras po pupunta sa NBI?

  353. recnalyn says:

    kuwa nbi

  354. jan says:

    Pwede rin po ba mg Online NBI clearance sa Iloilo City??

  355. don says:

    talagang ganon po ba lalabas sa print version ung spouse address? bakit pag prinint ko na nakasulat doon birthplacE?

  356. meralyn samulde says:

    gud evening po,,,anu po ung gagawin ko sa nbi clearance ko dahil ung taon ng kapanganakan ko mali ung date naka lagay,,alam ko po sa dami ng ginawa ng mga nag eencode nag kakamali din cla sa pag type kagaya po sa nangyari ngaun skin,,,gusto ko lng po malaman kung mag pipila pa ako ulit sa pag kahabahaba at mag bayad ulit ng same amount?

  357. enan says:

    pano po pag wala pa po akong sss or tin no. sa presented id ? eh voter’s id lang po ang meron ako ano po ilalagay ko >

  358. marlon madrista says:

    maraming salamat po sa ganitong proseso atleast d kna pipila ng ilang oras.

  359. Junell ian B. Nieles says:

    hhow to apply nbi clearance online

  360. steve says:

    hi! Just want to know if i already have printed nbi online application,do ineed to get there early? Idontreally know what is the prcoess at cebu NBI. Some of my friends tell me to sign in at nbi site then i just have an appointment when do i get my nbi. Help anyone, last time i got my nbi at quezoncity @ robinsonsgaleria they only have qouta i think its 500 aday.

  361. malyn says:

    may way po ba na i edit or icancel yung unang online application mo if ever meron kang gustong baguhin na info pero na submit mo na and nag generate na ng QR code?

  362. richel says:

    paano poh mag apply nbi regesration dito sa online clearances?

  363. Jong says:

    Sa mga walang sariling printer, just copy the link sa print page nyo, e.g., punta sa internet cafe, ibigay nyo link at paprint lang.

  364. jay ross says:

    open pa po ba ang branch ng robinson cainta junction?

  365. amor says:

    ask ko lang po, ano gagawin kasi po napindot na po kasi agad yung done, ipiprint pa po pala. salamat

  366. Deryl says:

    Good eve! Ask ko lang po Paano po maretrieve yung application form? Nakuha ko po yung reg. code kaya lang napindot ko na yung done. I didn’t know na kailangan po pala iprint. Need help please.. Thanks po!:)

  367. Cristine Zeta says:

    I just want to know the exact date on when should I pay for this application. Will it be the next day right after I’m done applying via online or there is no exact date for the payment? I’m just confused because it doesn’t say anything here on your page on when to pay for it? Thank you.

  368. job bermudez says:

    salamat po….malaki po ang naitulong nito…

  369. john f obosa says:

    pano po mkapag onlune nbi clearance

  370. Marvic Quiñones says:

    nakuha ko po yung reg. code kaso nung press kuna yung print application, lumabas whoops looks like something went wrong!!! pano po ma pi-print uli yung application ko? samalat po

  371. chella pantoja says:

    paano po mag kuha ng n.b.i form?

  372. ayah says:

    My friend followed this procedure that you posted and when he visited the nearest NBI outlet in dasmarinas cavite,he was informed that he still has to go with the usual procedure with the long line that would only accommodate 200 people per day.What’s the use of this online procedure that would make things easier?He went to NBI outlet as early as 4am because he was told that there will be a long line and with 200 people only per day quota he needs to come as early as possible.To his surprise arriving at 4am,he was told that he should come monday because the limit of people were already filled and he should come at least 12mn.Is the system really like this or is it only in this outlet at dasmarinas?

  373. glena says:

    pupuntahan ko nalang po ba sa pinakamalapit na nbi office yung result ng nbi ko? pakisend naman sa email ko yung sagot..kailangan ko lang talaga…salamat

  374. renzon says:

    tanung ko lang po..
    pwede na po ba kumuha ng NBI kahit 1month nalang bago mag 18?

  375. ma.teresita sanchez says:

    papanu po ba mag fill up ng form d q po kasi makita ehh

  376. RIO says:

    Good day..’when i can proceed to nbi office after I’ve received a registration code. Is there have a duration of time required..?

  377. sally says:

    Hi, sorry but I wasn’t able to click the ‘Print’ button.
    I have my registration code, is it possible to obtain my form via email?

  378. sally says:

    Gandang umaga po, tanung kulang po panu kupo malalman kng kailan ko makukuha ung NBI Clearance, now day po ako nag fillup sa form

  379. unomass says:
    watch updated tutorial nbi online application

  380. Julie says:

    Didn’t able to print it out. What will happen to my online application?

  381. Ma. Kristina Navarro says:

    hello, i applied for NBI clearance last Oct and unfortunately they told me to be back the following week..but i have no time to pick it up on the said date, then this January when i tried to pick up my NBI clearance, they said that my record is already erased. My question is if i can still use my payment form to apply for a new one?

  382. midel tuazon says:

    magpapa-renew po ako ng NBI Clearance online….

  383. Jasper says:

    I am applying for Europe and it is says on the note that “this is not valid for abroad applicants” why????

  384. Hoang V says:

    Hi Everyone! I’d like to say thank to NBI for this convenience clearance online. I just made it yesterday and it took me only 1 hour to finish everything and I’ll come back after 1 week to claim the printed NBI Clearance (I went early at 7am at the main office NBI in U.N Ave.).
    You don’t have to wait for the confirmation message in phone or email. Just print out the form you filled online then go to the NBI and go straight to Step 3 to pay for the fee. Don’t worry, always there’re NBI officers around to help you if you’re an online applicant.
    It’s so convenient and fast, save lot of time for me. Not like before it took me whole day just for a renewal. Thanks again NBI and DOJ. More power!


    gud am any one…

  386. Liberty Lavapie says:

    saan ko po makikita ang schedule ko kung saan at kelan ako pupunta sa NBI branch? meron na po ako registration code. thank you po…

  387. jona says:

    Good eve po, ask ko lang po kong saan ko makikita ang schedule ko sa pagpunta ng NBI branch at kong pwede po ba syang kunin kahit saang branch? My registration code na po ako. Thank you po. Godbless!

  388. Joy says:

    Which part of the clearance i can see my schedule? i did it online but i don’t know when will be my schedule. i don’t receive any confirmation message in my phone and email.

  389. marilen says:

    ask lng poh ako nakaonline na po ako sa NBI reg. my print form na rin ako kaya lng dito ako sa BUTUAN CITY ng online pwede po ba sa DAVAO CITY gamitin yong print form hindi pa nman po ako nkakuha dito sa butuan city…at my expiration po ba ang online print form…..

  390. jerry ojera says:

    mas mabilis proseso kung mag-online application kayo kasi hindi na kailangan pumila pra humingi ng form na ipi-fill up (yun ang nagpapatagal)

    -kailangan naprint yung copy of application
    -present yung copy sa guard o kung sino yung nag-aasist sa mga NBI Clearance applicants (they will tell you what to do next)
    -once ok na pappupuntahin kayo sa cashier for payment (P115)
    -next step (picture & Biometrics)
    -wait for your NBI Clearance

    the process is just simple and would only take 30 minutes or less depending on the number of people on queue.


  391. mmunoz says:

    How can i get photocopy of my NBI application registration which i applied online. I had NBI registration code number already, but i didn’t make print-out because i don’t have printer machine. Few day back, i went to NBI clearance center in Rizal region to follow up my online application, but they ask me to bring print-out copy of my online application, which i don’t have because of the reason i mentioned above. Is it ok if i present my registration code number only to NBI clearance center in able to process my application? Hoping for your immediate response. Thank you and more power!

    1. ALILI says:

      how can i recover my online application form??
      di ko po kz naiprint out,ginawa ko po nag fillup ako uli but it says na something came out,please contact your administrator.I dont know kung sinu administrator,so can you give answer to my querry.

      1. Elena achas Ng says:

        ang gagamiyin ko po bang surname is nung dalaga pa ako or may asawa n ako thanks po

  392. april says:

    good morning po.
    may expiration po ba yung NBI online application form?

  393. Kevinrae Malicad says:

    kukuha po sana kc ako bukas ng umaga ….????? salamat po ulit !!!!!

  394. Kevinrae M. Malicad says:

    ask ko lang po …!!!! pwede po bang kumuha ng NBI kahit wala akong registration form …????? thank’s po ….

  395. jeannie cabañas says:

    gud day po.. panu po pag isa lng ung valid i.d. ano pong pdng dalhin..

  396. eDZ says:

    can i get NBI sa Nueva Ecija CabanatUAN khit nakareside ako sa mAnila? kasi nagbabakasyon ako ngaun dto..

  397. joy says:

    ask ko lang po kasi may kapangalan po ako one day process lang ba un pag online ka at any satelite branch ka pwede pumunta

  398. jayson frankie habla says:

    mag pa pa renew po sana ako ng aking nbi clearance!

  399. lanie oxiano says:

    gaano poh ktagal ung process pg ngregistered poh ng application 4 nbi clearance through online..

  400. Veeno says:

    mas okay kung sa main branch kukuha ng nbi clearance. Hiwalay po ang pila ng online and walk in applicants kaya mas mabilis po. No need for schedule and saan ka kukuha ng nbi clearance. I heard sa mga satellite office ganun ang gngwa nila. Pero sa main brach once ngregister ka online pwede ka n agad pumunta dun.

  401. Veeno says:

    Nagregister po ako through online nung february 19, 2014. No need na po for schedule kung kailan pupunta ng nbi office.

  402. Irene says:

    Hi. Can i process/renew NBI clearance kahit na hindi pa nageexpire ung previous NBI ko? it will expire 13 March 2014 and I need a new one for Bank and passport application. thank you :)

  403. Merian Delos Reyes says:

    Paano po kung nasa ibang bansa at kailangan kung eh renew nbi ko ano po bang kailanga kung ihandang papilis para mairenew ng magulang ko nbi ko po diyan sa Pilipinas

  404. Sheree Lyn Mamaril says:

    kelangan po ba ang copy ng old NBI? Nawala po kasi ung copy ko renewal po ba ang kukunin ko or new. thank GBU

    1. crissy says:

      You don’t need your old NBI. Just 2 valid ID with photos will do. Hope to be of help.

  405. Jay-ar Ramos Cruz says:

    gud am po..pno ko po ba uli mkikita ung application form na ksma ung reg.code..ipapaprint ko po ksi reg.code lng kinuha ko wla po ksi kming printer

  406. ely says:

    morning po…ngaun araw po realese ng nbi ku kzo po hnd po aku makakaputa sa kadahilan ala ako n hiram n pamasahe..pwd ku po kya muha un kung pupunta aku kinabukasan??? march 5 po ngaun

  407. Mhargz says:

    Veeno, kilan ka po nagregister, pinadalhan ka po ba ng sched kung kilan at saan branch ka pupunta..thanks

  408. Veeno says:

    Hi guys, I just want to share my NBI clearance processing experience. Nagregister po ako through online. I printed the NBI application with the registration code. February 24, 2014 (Monday) I went to NBI Main Branch in U.N. Ave. Dumating po ako ng 6 in the morning para sure di ako makaencounter ng mahabang pila. 6am din po ang start ang operation for NBI Clearance . Diretso na po agad sa payment (STEP 3). It took me 15mins. para sa pila. I advise to bring EXACT AMOUNT (P115.00) para di na kayo magantay sa change. They gave me official reciept that will used for biometrics. After that I went to 3rd floor for biometrics (STEP 4). Please note that 3rd floor level is for ONLINE APPLICANTS ONLY. It took me 30mins for the biometrics process. Sad to say WITH HINT ang name ko. So I need to go back for 1week.

    For the total of 45minutes to process my NBI Clearance. Mas mabilis kaysa sa WALK IN APPLICANTS.

    March 3, 2014, I went to claim the printed NBI Clearance. It took 1minute only to print. same time pa rin ako dumating (6am).

    Tip: If you will bring your car, you can park your car sa Manila Doctors Hospital. P40.00 for two hours ang rate nila.

    I hope it will you guys sa mga ngpplan kumuha ng NBI Clearance.

  409. ELMER SENTILLAS says:


  410. Margie says:

    Bakit wala pa pong dumadating na schedule qng kilan ang punta ko sa NBI office, ganun ba talaga katagal, at saka nakapagregister po ako twice at parehong dumating yung confirmation aling confirmation po ba ung isasubmit ko pagpunta ng NBI office, at pano at san po malalaman yung sched kung kilan pupunta ng NBI office?

    1. Erika says:

      Hello margie, may balita ka na ba kung ano mangyayari kung twice nagregister?

  411. Margie says:


  412. Hylene Punio says:

    Wala po pinakitang schedule kung kailan ako pupunta at may nagsabi po sa akin na wala na daw po renewal ng nbi clearance at puro new na daw po ang gagawin, totoo po ba yun…



    pls help me. di ko kasi makita kung asaan ang schedule ng punta q sa NBI office sa online registration. kung anong oras at petsa ko dapat pumunta sa office. pls help me. salamat

  414. John VEr R. Enriquez says:

    pano ppo makakuha ng NBI Clearance??

  415. Plaridel says:

    how can I recover my nbi online application from?

  416. Plaridel says:

    Panu ko po mapi-print ‘yung form kung accidentally na-close ko na?

  417. geraldine garcia says:

    Gud pm po ngsend po ako ng applicatoon two times papano po yon yung 150 una hnd ko nakuha yung code at hnd na print yung pangalaea nakuha ko yung code hnd pa din na print papano po yon atsaka dito po ako sa abroad ano po ba dapat kung gawn pls reply adap salamat

    1. mmunoz says:

      how can i get photocopy of my nbi application registration ONLINE. I had my registration code number already, but i forgot to make a print out. would you please tell me how can get a photocopy so i could present it in any nbi branches. thank you and more power!

      1. Kiersty says:

        pano po ba iretrieve yung application form na nafill-up’an na? hindi ko kasi sya naprint out. And wala naman akong natanggap na schedule of appointment sa e-mail ko?

  418. Christopher Belaong says:

    Magandang Araw po Sir/ Madam;
    Paano kung nasa ABROAD ka, pwede po bang mag apply sa online application? Kung halimbawa pwede paano po ba ang proseso sa pag apply nito … salamat po sa Info..

  419. Lailannie says:

    Until what time po ang head ofc ng NBI? True po ba na till 9pm? Awaiting reply

  420. mmc tamier says:

    makukuha po ba agad.. salamat po ulit….

  421. mmc tamier says:

    sir/mam pnu po kung ang purpose ko po eh para sa board exam.. eh wala po sa pgpipilian po… kaya po ang pinili ko po ay local employment po na dpt po ay board examination po purpose.. ty po

  422. rex says:

    Hi! tanong ko lang po kung kelangan pa ba ako kumuha ng police clearance pag magrenew o kukuha ng nbi clearance? or 2 valid ids lang kelangan dalhin ko? pls help

  423. ROBERT PARIL says:

    how to recover my nbi online application from, I couldn’t print it after I done my application..

    1. Eman U says:

      #ROBERT PARIL **
      Punta ka sa mga my Printing Area’s Like Computer Cafe.. Dun ka mag Print kung wla ka pong Printer.. Save niyo po ung NBI form nyo sa USB or Computer ninyo.

  424. ROBERT PARIL says:

    how to print my nbi online application form, I couldn’t print it after signing in..

  425. Eman U says:

    Applying for Online aplication NBI…

    *Go to NBI official websites
    then Click the application form.. Online Reg.
    And then fillled up your Personal character refences etc.
    then Follow as you GO…


    1. Eman U says:

      @edalipio Need mo pa print ung Reg. form mo at ung Code.. un ung Proven na nag Online Reg. ka po… pag pmunta ka ng main NBI sa U.N pakita mo un form para mapadali ung processed mo sa pag kuha ng NBI clearnce.. Question?

    2. Eman U says:

      #ROBERT PARIL **
      Punta ka sa mga my Printing Area’s Like Computer Cafe.. Dun ka mag Print kung wla ka pong Printer.. Save niyo po ung NBI form nyo sa USB or Computer ninyo.

  426. ed alipio says:

    pano poh pag dko n p print ung nbi makukuwa ko pren b nbi ko code lang ang dala ko eh

  427. danilo robles y bustamante jr says:

    how to apply nbi clerance form

  428. Jofelyn Comia says:

    Application form

  429. Cris A , Ada says:

    …sana mas bilisan pa ang process>>

  430. jazell anonuevo says:

    panu po ba mag apply dto

  431. ROWENA S BAYRON says:


  432. arlyn gagarin says:


  433. jeanilyn embido says:

    2 valid id po kylangan db,,passport n lng po kc ang meron ako..ok lng po bgy id n lng ung isa?tska ung birth certific8 ko po nd nso..ung orig tlga..pwd n po kya 2?

  434. jhaywiilubs last says:

    register for nbi

  435. yhourie says:

    I don`t have printer sana naman po enough na yung registration code to be presented sa office ng NBI then the rest process would be done by their office agents na sayang yung pag register ko.

  436. Al Joey Lopez says:

    how to apply..

  437. ANNIEL says:


  438. joel says:


  439. maryjane navarro says:

    can i process here nbi for employment abroad?

  440. ROMY ORTILANO says:

    how to apply nbi clearance online ?

  441. ma. eva a. epiz says:

    can i register again? was’nt able to print the first one

  442. Jhembo Enage says:

    Ask ko lang if pwede ba na mag register ulit? Hindi ko kasi na print walang ready na printer dito sa area ko. Since hindi sya pwede i-retrieve yung nauang application ko. thanks

  443. rgm says:

    where is the booking of appointment?! thanks!

  444. emmanuel sumaoang says:

    sir, pag nagprint po kami anong paper po ang gagamitin..

  445. Jayson S. Roque says:

    Gandang tanghali po, tanung kulang po panu kupo malalman kng kailan ko makukuha ung NBI Clearance.

  446. SUSAN DAMASCO says:


    1. Janelle says:

      @susan damascot, hi. nag-online reg din ako and successful nmn. unfortunately wala kmi printer so hindi rin naprint . Pero Naprint ko po siya sa labas . Basta po alam nio ung URL, khit san po comshop maoopen at mapiprint nio po siya. Hope this will help. :)

  447. Chris O. says:

    Good morning,

    Asan na yung instruction para makapag-pabook ng appointment? nagbago na kasi ung flow ng pagprocess eh. sana sinama nyo din sa page na ito para hindi malito. paki-include na lang sa instructions para kumpleto. thanks

  448. zeven says:

    i thought efficient and fast processing na since may pa-online online application na ang NBI.. ganun pa din pala.. imagine, as early as 9pm karamihan napila na sa NBI Sta. Rosa, LAguna para lang makasama sa cut-off kinabukasan.. paano naman kung babae ka???? magadamag ka dun sa labas ng gate ng NBI?!?!?! TALK ABOUT SAFETY AND SECURITY NG MGA TAO :(

    sa halip na bumilis lalong lumala lang ang processing.. bago ka makakuha ng NBI clearance malamang babagsak ka sa medical if nag-aapply ka ng trabaho.. bukod sa malamang na magka-dengue ka sa kagat ng lamok sa pag-oovernight sa pila, magkaka-UTI ka din (for girls) dahil di gaya ng mga lalaki di ka pwede kung saan lang tatalikod para umihi..

  449. ana says:

    thank you and more power to the agency.

  450. emmanuel marcial says:

    pano madaling makakuha

  451. florante lood says:

    paano kung hindi ko matangap ang n.b.i


  452. florante lood says:

    paano kung hindi ko matangap ang n.b.i


  453. jacky b. says:

    hello! pwde din po ba ito pra sa mga renewal?

  454. Justien says:

    Sir , Paano kung hindi ko na iprint ung application pero nakuha ko ung code ?
    San ko makukuha yung print out ng application ?

  455. jimmy says:

    sir..ndito me taiwan n gusto ku kuha nbi for visa sa cnada panu po processing nun

  456. matthew says:

    question kailangan ko kasi ng valid id ang nbi ba valid id rin?
    pano makakuha ng id sa nbi?

  457. CYRIL CABINGAS says:

    Galing naman…! :)

  458. Lani R. Arandia says:

    Ask ko lang po naka pag online na po ako kelan po ako dapat pumunta.

  459. angelito selim pardillo jr says:

    pano mag apply?

  460. Lean Clar says:

    Ano po option na pipiliin if passport requirement po. Not passport renewal. Kasi mag aaplay palang for a passport

  461. rose ann raymundo says:

    pano po kumuha ng form online?

  462. mids says:

    pano pag d na prent,only code lang

  463. mathew l osorio says:

    sir pano po bha kumuha ng nbi clearance sa online

  464. jovel says:

    Paano po malalaman yung schedule ng pagpunta sa NBI branches? after pong mag-register online?

  465. Geraldine says:

    what do u mean po dun sa sched? so bibigyan nyo po kami ng schedule for appointment? thanks.


    Hello, how can i correct my application if nagkamali ako pagtype sa information, tapos na print ko na.

  467. DME says:

    Good Day po.

    Naka base po ako s Kuwait ngayonn. Kailngan ko po ng NBI para sa pag apply papunta Canada. Ano pong process? Thanks.

  468. Queenie says:

    Open po ba kayo ng Saturday sa NBI South Station Alabang?

  469. jhyn says:

    To bad the website is not working.. Getting error: “The NBI Online Clearance Application server is currently undergoing maintenance and repairs. Thank you for understanding. We won’t be back until further notice”.

  470. Lyn says:

    gud day. ask ko lang po, na any NBI Center pwede kumuha ng NBI Clearance na ang purpose ay change of name? or need sa NBI Main pupunta. Thx.

  471. Hwong says:

    Dear NBI Officer,

    If i am a Filipino living in China. Can i apply online and bring the the filled-out printed online form to the Philippine embassy in Beijing? As i was informed that application can be done there but not sure about whether online application will be available at the embassy.

  472. daisy jane donayre says:

    bkit po wala nakalagay kung kelan pupunta ng NBI?

  473. Ma. Elennore B. Ebrada says:

    Pano po qng nagkamali ka po and then naprint mo na. Icacancell pa po ba un?

  474. cris says:

    The last time na nag apply ako thru online.. sa Globe gcash ako nagbayad. ngayon ba di na pwede? sa NBI cashier na talaga magbabayad? please asap





  477. Joren D. Vicentino says:

    Hi! Good Day. Your site really help us a lot. The thing is, I didn’t notice that I need to print my NBI Application and I already close the Site but I got my registration Code. What will I do now? Do I need to re-apply online or what? Thanks!

  478. ernie carcallas says:

    Hi! Im here in Canada and I’m applying for permanent residence. One of the requirements is the NBI clearance. I am planning to apply it online but my problem is I cannot claim it personally. Is it possible that a trusted person that has an AUTHORIZATION LETTER signed by me can claim my NBI clearance application.

  479. Rajiv Cabanayan says:

    After po ng online app,san ko po makikita ung date kung kelan ako pupunta ng nbi office para sa procesing ang payment?kung my apointment po,panu?

  480. karen S Furo says:

    paano po ba ko maka pag online sa inyo . ayaw naman pong gumana .

  481. Annie Storey says:

    I am confused to how much should I pay because it doesn’t have a peso or a dollar sign, just so you know this is where payment scam comes specially for people like us outside the country that needs to send somebody else to renew our NBI.

  482. anjie says:

    hi kailan ko poh makuha nbi ko poh plz thnx

  483. sheila caputolan-derecho says:

    paano mg.apply online hindi ako mka pasok sa websit

  484. Darling Boctot says:

    Apply for a new NBI clearance

  485. Denny-Ace L. Suan says:


  486. REMAR says:


  487. cindy says:

    can i edit my application? i forgot to put my husband family name. TIA!

  488. koko o santos says:

    (follow up post)
    your article states: “No more long queue lines. No more wasted time waiting for your turn.” well, i went to Robinsons MetroEast at around 9AM today and there was a long queue for both walk-in AND on-line applicants way, way before 10AM (starting time for the nbi satellite at that location to begin operations). walk-ins were around 200 and “on-liners” were 300 by the time i arrived there. as there is a daily cap to the number of applicants that can be processed, i ended up going home without any clearance.

    i believe it would be best for everyone concerned to allow “on-liners” to:
    1. select the satellite office where they wish to obtain their clearance, AND
    2. select both the date and the time for their appearance at the chosen branch since not everyone has time to spare to join the queue which starts several hours before a branch even opens.

    (if i may just add, the lady guard assigned to the 3rd floor of the mall did a fantastic job… as far as upsetting people is concerned. she was terribly lacking in people-skills. granting that applicants are not allowed to be inside the mall before the nbi office opens, surely such can be relayed in a courteous and respectful manner. if berating and talking down to people is her way of going about her duties, then she definitely needs to be retrained, reprogrammed, and reoriented by whichever security agency she belongs to.)

    1. Trainee says:

      koko, nakuha mo parin ba yung NBI clearance mo that day kahit maraming applicants?

      1. koko o santos says:

        as i already mentioned in my post, i went home WITHOUT any clearance.

  489. rustum muico says:

    sir ano ba ang requirment para makakuha ng n.b.i clearance for abroad.

  490. NOLI PASCUAL says:


  491. nickelodeon says:

    Hi, sorry but I wasn’t able to click the ‘Print’ button.
    I have my registration code, is it possible to obtain my form via email?

    1. Maldito Alcohol says:

      Copy and paste on your browser[registration code]

      and input your registration code.


  492. Picasso says:

    Mga kaibigan! Mayroon na bang bukas na SATELLITE BRANCH ng NBI ? Preferred ko kasi sa NBI sa Rob. Galeria or kung hindi naman pwede, sa MAIN BRANCH lang ba pwede as of the moment?

  493. George says:

    What is an ACR Number?

  494. ruth nill says:

    Just want to ask if i could reprint my application because i have lost it. Is there a way to reprint it online? I made my application on line.
    Thank you.

  495. George says:

    Do you provide NBI clearance for non-Filipinos (US Citizen)? For use with student visa application.

  496. rhea says:

    d q po naprint ung application form..what i need to do?

    1. Maldito Alcohol says:

      Copy and paste on your browser[registration code]

      and input your registration code without the brackets.


  497. Manuel tan says:

    di ko po na print ung application form ko pero i got the’no po ba ma re-retrieve ung form or i need to fill up another form & dis regard the previous code..

    1. Maldito Alcohol says:

      Copy and paste on your browser[registration code]

      and input your registration code.


  498. elaine santos says:

    thanks for the comments here. i read yesterday that it’s better to apply online then go to UN Main and it only took 2hrs for an applicant to finish everything. so, that’s what i did. and true enough, i was there at 1:30pm today and was able to finish at 3:30pm! thank you to all employees who assisted us especially to Mr. Ignatius (i hope i get it right) who even complimented my looks :) mabuhay NBI! :)

  499. Mark A lozano says:

    pano po ba ang procedure ng pa diliver ng nbi clearance

    1. koko o santos says:

      huh??? malamang sa alamang, hindi puwede ipa-deliver ang nbi clearance mo kasi kukunan ka pa ng picture at digital fingerprint at pirma habang nag-aapply ka. hindi po ‘to katulad nung mga dokumento sa nso.

  500. koko o santos says:

    this is extremely helpful. good thing i made a google search regarding nbi’s online clearance. (for the past weeks, whenever i go directly to, i get the following message: “The NBI Online Clearance Application server is currently undergoing maintenance and repairs. Thank you for understanding. We won’t be back until further notice.”)

    i do have some questions, though. based on your article, am i correct in assuming that:

    - i can have my application processed at any satellite office, no need to specify a branch and schedule an appearance (like what was done before)?

    - there is no need to pay via globe payment center?

    - i would be able to receive my clearance within a few minutes/hours upon presenting my documents (assuming, of course, that there are no “hits” on my name)?

    i hope you can shed light on the above-mentioned queries as soon as possible.

    thank you.

  501. Earl says:

    di mkapag print bkt reply aman oh thx

  502. mariecres compra says:

    d ko po na print ung application form ko pero i got the’no po ba ma re-retrieve ung form or i need to fill up another form & dis regard the previous code..pls. help! thanks!

  503. Marlinda E. Patindol says:

    thank you :))

  504. tyron fernandez says:

    @NBI no need na to have scheduled if I already apply my NBI clearance online? I’ll just present the printed document to the nbi center.. pls answer. thank you

  505. Jhona Casipit says:

    I wasn’t able to print my application. Will I still be able to retrieve and print it? here’s my registration code: C213657483.


    1. Maldito Alcohol says:

      Copy and paste on your browser[registration code]

      and input your registration code without the brackets.


  506. yuu says:

    san po makikita ung appointment day and time?
    wala kc eh

  507. lyn says:

    its not reply its REPLACE…

  508. lyn says:

    To those you wants to apply online click this link :
    after filling up the forms print it out or if you dont have printer at home just save that URL and go to the nearest cafe to print your forms.

    To those you already filled up the forms but forgot to print it you can retrieve your online application form by following this trick.

    Copy this link and put it in your URL address :

    You just need to reply B123456789 with your REGISTRATION CODE….

    Try now and Im sure you will see your online application details..

    I see that it has 2 pages on the form when you print it..

    GOOD LUCK guys….

  509. amparo bagunas says:

    kakit sabi ninyo poyde mag online bakit hindi ako maka send sa inyo papaano po ba para mada

    1. Evangeline Firmantes says:

      Hindi ko po nai printout yung application…. pnu po gagawin ko? at after p ano n po second step? pls reply po..

  510. rhen1 says:

    pnu po if isa lng valid i.d and agad agad din po bng nkukuha ung nbi clearance..

  511. rhen says:

    pnu po if wlang po isa lng valid i.d

  512. gerald says:

    ilan araw po pwede makuha ang nbi clearance kung meron na after ng registration???

  513. elizabeth bantola says:

    pag naka apply na ba ng online for nbi,then me reg.code lalabas ding schedule kung kelan ka pupunta sa office to submit the printed application form?

    1. elizabeth bantola says:

      me registration code nako,eh bigla nawala ang signal…wala pang printed forn ng application form..PWEDE BANG REGISTRATION CODE LANG ANG DALA PAGPUNTA NG OPIS?

  514. homer S. lachica says:

    bkt hrap po mag online nbi sa webpage nyo

  515. NHOE MORABE says:


  516. Blade says:

    {“errors”:["The Birthday field is required."],”errors2″:{“bday”:["The Birthday field is required."]},”action”:”retry”}

  517. Lhey says:

    The Birthday field is required."],”errors2″:{“bday”:["The Birthday field is required."]},”action”:”retry”}

    Ito po lagi ang lumalabas everytime na isasubmit ko yung online NBI Clearance application ko pero kumpleto at tama naman po ang mga nilalagay kong information. Thank you po.

  518. keith suzette bayog says:

    yes! :) done already. pupunta na lang nbi taft tommorrow! :)

  519. ronnel pajantoy says:

    ano po ung schedule ko?

  520. michelle aguda says:

    bk8 nd po aq makaregister online?

  521. kristina says:

    any branch po ba ng NBI to?

    1. justice corona says:

      at any branch

  522. crissy says:

    still haven’t received a text message or email after filling out and printing the online application form. can i just go to a nearby satellite office to go ahead and process my application?

    1. justice corona says:

      yes crissy as long as you printed out the form with the Qr code or the registration code,

      1. crissy says:

        thanks for the prompt reply.

  523. LULU JULIANO says:

    Nakapag-online NBI clearance na po ako, pwede po ba ito dalhin kahit saang NBI office or it is only in NBI Taft? Wala pong nkalagay kung kailan ang schedule ko, ibig ba sabihin nito kahit kelan ako pumunta sa NBI eh valid pa rin itong clearance application ko? Tnx and more power!

  524. Rodel M. Dantes says:

    ask ko lang po this NBI online is for local lang po? Pag Abroad visa seaman kailangan dyan mismo sa Nbi Taft? salamat po


    sir,i need today nbi clearance for one of requrment to get a passort

    1. justice corona says:

      then go to UN in front of manila doctors hospital, if you’re in a hurry

  526. maryann says:

    sino administrator ang icontact f it shows that something went wrong ang lumitaw after submit.

  527. Carissa says:

    Paano kapag di mo na-print yung confirmation code or nailista yung code? Kelangan mag-apply ulit online?

    1. JONALYN says:

      I think u just try to fill up again kumg my error then they will give u another reg code. thats what i did before.

  528. ma. luisa padilla says:

    why online application isnt valid for abroad app??

  529. roy marquez says:

    world class service

  530. roselle says:

    pwede po ba isave ung form bgo maprint.? thanks po

  531. roselle says:

    pwede po ba isave ung form .? thanks po

    1. crissy says:

      yes you can save it. i saved mine as a pdf file. just click PRINT and a new window will show…

  532. Troy T. Hernandez says:

    Dapat po bang dala yung printed online application or pwude na po yung reg number lang?

  533. Juby says:

    ano ung QR ?

  534. Juby says:

    ano pa po ba pwd pang ipresent ? kse wala pa ku valid id .

    1. justice corona says:

      it doesn’t matter, what important is you printed the from along with the QR code

    2. crissy says:

      The requirement is any two (2) of the following valid Identification Cards:
      Valid passport
      Voter’s ID
      Driver’s License
      PRC License
      SSS ID
      Postal ID
      School ID
      TIN ID
      Philhealth ID
      Authenticated Birth Certificate
      Alien Cert of Registration
      Senior Citizen
      Previous Copy of NBI Clearance

  535. Juby says:

    ok na . naprint ko na ! kaso nakaLandscape, pwede po ba yun ? pls ans. me :(

  536. gina mae berano says:

    panu mag register to thru online appointment on nbi clearance

  537. gina mae berano says:

    panu kumuha ng nbi clearance

  538. Juby says:

    hindi po naprint ung form pero may reg. code naman po. ok lang po ba kahit wala yung form ? kahit ung reg. code lang ung ipresent ko ? tnx

  539. vhal says:

    pano po kung wala pang ID from SSS and/or TIN ID?pwede po ba ung number nalang gamitin sa part 1 “Presented ID” ? thank you very much..
    Your reply is very much appreciated.

  540. JUBELYN VERGARA says:

    gud afternoon po. hindi maprint yung piniL-apan ko. pano po yun ? pero may reg. code naman .

  541. Alvin sardaña says:

    hmmm pamo po mg apply ng nbi po

  542. Paul Lim says:

    Too bad… here in NBI davao as per the information personnel… there is additiional charges if you want to have an appointment … secondly even if you registered online still you will suffer from long queue lines and it’s really SLOW…


    ser and mam pwdi po bang babalik ako sa wensday kahit ngaun ang sched.ko sa online kase po hindi ko alam na kilangan pala ung print out sa online?kung pwdi lang po?….

  544. Rommel Rodriguez says:

    Maam,sir pwede po ba na ang gagamitin kung id ay yu g dati kung nbi poh

  545. Ma.Mona Bobier says:

    Yes I got my NbI application Form. with my application Code thanks! this is great :-)

  546. bing saguimpa says:

    good day po,

    panu po yon nakuha ko na yong code pero hindi ko na print dahil wala po kaming printer.

    thanks po

  547. for a nbi clearance says:

    for employment po

  548. rose says:

    hope they email me my QR code asap coz i cant print out my application form,. .thanks

  549. ROMULO L. AGOT says:

    sana maka recieve na ako nang result sa aking NBI

  550. William Glenn Pranzal says:

    for employment

  551. Jay says:

    Whoops, looks like something went wrong. bakit po ganito lumalabas pagmagpriprint na aq

  552. allan sazon says:

    sir,tanong ko lang?kasi dito sa robinson branch,fairview gabi palang may nakapila na para kumuha ng nunber,dahil 300 lang daw ang allowed nilang bigyan sa isang araw,kailangan ko parin bang kumuha ng number? or straigth na ako sa casher? thank you.

  553. marian Lucas says:

    need po ba tlaga may 2 valid ID ???

  554. ferdinand rodriguez says:

    pls email my application were not able to print out application

  555. Jerry T.jayson jr says:


  556. Alvin says:

    di ko po na print.,anu po gagawin?

  557. Hazel Mie P. Javier says:

    Ma’Am/ SiR ,
    ilang araw ba ang itatagal kapag online?

  558. Hazel Mie P. Javier says:

    hai…po…anu po yung QR…

  559. emma azada says:

    good day! ask ko f pwede na id ang philhealth id at nso birth certificate?..

  560. rachel jane says:

    helo pano poh yun hindi ako maka apply?Opps! something went wrong please contact your ang sabi..ano po ba ang mali doon?

  561. bogs says:


    ask lang sana ako kung poidi ba ang code lang ang dalhin ko. wala kc ako printer eh. at sa mga maroong idea jan kung open ba ang nbi ngayong feb 25 (edsa)? thanks.

  562. Judith Bue says:

    May Note po sa ibaba ng on-line application form na “This application form is not valid for Abraod applicants” . What does that mean.. I need answer now..

  563. Xyriel says:

    D daw pwede mag online register ang pang abroad not valid daw. Pero ang kailangan ko pang immigration. Ano ba ang ilalagay ko local o abroad. Pwede bang pumunta sa mismong NBI without registered online

  564. NORBERTO P.OJA says:

    I prefer to get my NBI clearance in Cebu City on February 28, 2014, thanks

  565. jerome says:

    just want to ask something.

    May marereceive po ba talga na CONFIRMATION EMAIL? almost 2 days na po kc wala parin akong narereceive sa e-mail ko po. Pwede na po bang dumeretso na akon NBI bukas and present ko nalang po ung application form or hihintayin ko pa po ba ung confirmation sa e-mail? meron po ba talaga? Please answer my question. Hope to hear from you ASAP. Thank you!

    1. crissy says:

      please update us of your online application. i also have not received any feedback after my online application. hope to hear from you. thanks.


    ASK ko lng po. nakopya ko na po ung registration code ko ang problema hindi ko naprint ang copy ko..ok lng po ba na e present ko lng ang registration code ko.

    1. JUBELYN VERGARA says:

      ganyan din ung akin.

  567. ghing says:

    ask ko lang po… how to get NBI kasi dito po ako sa abroad at kelangan ko po ng NBI sa application ko for my visa….. please let me know ano ung pwede kung gawin..

    Thanks po…


  568. Matet Domingo says:

    What can I do If I forgot to print out my application form? Where can I get the form that I alredy filled up and submitted to NBI?

  569. Maria Carla Nazareno says:

    Good day. Paano po kung Hindi KO nai print ung form dahil sa cp pang po ako nag online application?

  570. melody danuco says:

    How will i know when will be may scheduled appointment date? Will it be sent thru may email?

  571. CHEXYMAE says:

    hello po
    tanong ko lang po paano ko po makikita yun application form ko ksi hindi ko po sia nasave pra maprintout pero may registration code na po nabigay sa akin.

    kailangan ko po ba sia ulitin?

  572. guilmar pulido dayrit says:

    its really convenience for us for having this online N.B.I.

  573. Kristine F. Cornelio says:

    How will i know when will be may scheduled appointment date? Will it be sent thru may email?

  574. miaka says:

    be there on time?
    meron po bang confirmation sa email na marerecieve para malaman kung saang branch at time ka naka schedule? TIA!

  575. cris says:

    ..ask ko lang pwede po ba E-1 form ang gagamitin kasi po isa lang ang valid ID ko po police clearance lang po.. kelangan ko na po kasi ng NBI … or meron po akong NBI ID noon meron pa po bang renewal ngayon ,, tnx

  576. Jenifer g. rizo says:

    foer renewal of my NBI clearance

  577. rickyoriat says:

    how to fill up

  578. Maree says:

    Hi! paano po mg renew ng nbi sa mga taong PWD? Thanks

  579. joy castro says:

    sir good pm…ask ko lng po kasi yung kapatid at bayw ko magppakuha ng nbi ung mga document ippdala nila dito ano ang magandang gawain?kasi urgent un????

  580. katherine heyrana says:

    hi! i would like to ask if example i wasnt able to print my application during the process,how will i view it again and have it printed? will it be emailed to my email address? is there an expiry date of claiming?

  581. charinile de losreyes says:

    panu po ba mag rinew nang NBI Clarence via on line…..

  582. nataniel tingco says:

    mas convenient!!!!yun lang tnx!

  583. Nora d. Sutter says:

    Hello, Can I get NBI clearance thru online but I am here in germany. Do i need my appearance ? I just need that because of I am applying a visa in U.S one of the requirement. I am a pilipina.
    Thank you

    Sincerly your’s

    Nora d. Sutter

  584. Jeffrey says:

    Less Effort …^_^

  585. Lara Cuesta says:

    I completed the online form on Feb 19th, but have not yet received email confirmation from NBI. Will I get an email with an appointment date and time? Or do I just go to a processing location?

    Please advise.

  586. sheryll says:

    very helpful.thanks a lot ^_~

  587. aljer c vesto says:

    pls help us how fill up the form and how to find the form

  588. acr says:

    Sobrang kupal ng nbi personnel s step 5 ung pila ng biometrics. Nagpapasingit siya s pila. Naninigaw pa ng mga tao. Poor service.

  589. 16 Years old grand son, will travel abroad, can he apply for nbi clearance ? says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam

    My grand son who is 16 years old, and planing to go abroad, but the embassy require must apply for NBI clearance, but he went to NBI office they say NO, wait untill 18 years old.
    I need your advise and clear the matter, how true it is ? Do he must apply NBI Clearance for Travel Purposes only. Thank you for your time. I m waiting for your response,

    Mrs Lanie R.

  590. Lynuel Kent D. Baldelomar says:


  591. arnel says:

    Ask ko lang kong open ang nbi sa cebu sa feb.24, kasi charter day, pero nakaschedule kami sa 24

  592. jeremy magmanlac says:

    Do we still need to fall in line even we already have the printed registration?? so it was still the same process.

  593. jhena says:

    hi gud .day
    ask ko lang po kung applicable na mag pasa ng online application sa novaliches branch ng robonson .. deretcho bayad na ba agad or need pang kumuha ng number

  594. Jurreza Galdo says:

    I hope this would be easy..

  595. lala says:

    e-click nyo link na bnigay qw..

  596. JAIME PILADAS says:

    ang dami kasing arte, dapat yung mas madaling mahanap ang form pra mkapag fill-up agad…

  597. JAIME PILADAS says:

    …uh..pls help us! were just beginner and we dnt know yet how to apply online…

  598. JAIME PILADAS says:

  599. NORHANIFA M. H.ALI says:

    how to apply nbi clearance online

  600. eugene cruza says:

    pls help me how to create a nbi form application online

  601. Miraflor Hisoler Rudas says:

    paanu mg fill up tru online

  602. Tricia SP says:

    mam sir, pano po pag diko napress un print applictation kc wla kami printer sa house, laptop lang, pero nakuha ko un code..pede pa ba iprint un or ulitin ulit un application form sa internet shop with printer? kindly reply asap kc today ko gagawin

  603. elgen barrios says:

    what is meant by QR code?

  604. nadine says:

    gd am, yung online form yun din po b yung form n gagamitin pg ng manual application ka s NBI office?



  606. Ms. CG says:

    Hi. I also haven’t received a schedule for my NBI Clearance processing after I applied through the online registration last Feb 19. How long does it usually take to receive the notification email/message re: schedule?


    1. darl says:

      how will i know when is my schedule to go there in your office after applying online? tnx

  607. 7 says:

    mga ser at mam,
    aus lng b un, if lumitaw n ung REG CODE s iscreen tas ginawa ko lng muna e save ung REGCODE tas di ko p pinipindot ung print at done? tinira ko lng kc s ofc ung pg fill out nito e, mmya pdw pd iprint aftr shft.. aus lng b ung gntong sitwasyon? unique nman ung code n un tma?

    slamat ho s inyu at lalu n ssgot :)

  608. Emerson says:

    When is the online application resumes? Sooner or later what date? thanks

  609. nikka says:

    hi, I have already printed my online registration form but then I haven’t received any schedule as to when I should visit the NBI outlet.

  610. Ckin says:

    kami rin, opps! something went wrong ang lumalabas, chrome naman ang gamit namin…. my problem po ba ang system?????

  611. Ian says:

    Nag fill up po ako ng maayaos at tama, pero

    “Opps! something went wrong please contact your administrator”

    Yan po lagi lumalabas,, my kapareho po b ako? panu niyo po naayos? Help pls,


    1. Ian says:

      Sir, inulit ulit ko lang po ung process,, Bigla po nag Ok naman na

  612. Alvin valisno says:

    Yung Presented ID, pwede po ba na School ID ilagay kasi mag aapply ako part time job. Thanks

  613. Gelo says:

    Good evening! Tanong ko lang po kung pwde ba kumuha ng ibang nbi clearance with another purpose kasi local yung na aplayan ko tapos gusto ko e change into abroad yung nbi clearance ko dahil mostly required ng aking papers is abroad type. Thanks and God bless

  614. Gelo says:

    Good evening! Tanong ko lang po kung pwde ba kumuha ng ibang nbi clearance with another purpose kasi local yung na aplayan ko tapos gusto ko e change into abroad yung nbi clearance ko dahil mostly required ng aking papers is abroad type. Thanks and God bless

  615. Terrence Duhaylungsod says:

    Kindly advise on how to edit a wrong entry on the application form. Thanks.

  616. rholyn odayat says:

    kukuha ng NBI

  617. Romeo Alterado Jr says:

    Paano po if HIT po yung pangalan. Pero nakakuha na po ng NBI clearance dati. It will take 15 days pa rin po ba bago makuha? Ano po ba ang mas maiging gawin? Salamat po.

  618. RENANTE L. RUBIO says:

    Paano po makakuha ng print ng NBI form?

  619. RENANTE L. RUBIO says:

    how can i get the NBI print form?

  620. JayEm says:

    Here’s my experience yesterday and it only took about 2 hours from start to finish:
    1. Rent ng PC. Search sa ng NBI Clearance online ( Fill-up then print. May option to save the form as pdf file depende sa printer o settings ng computer.
    2. Go to NBI UN Ave. Proceed to Step 3 for Payment of P115.00 for Local employment. Mabilis lang at maiksi ang pila kapag online.
    3. Akyat sa 3rd floor for Picture/Biometrics. Dito mahaba ang pila kasi nagme-merge na ang manual at online applicants.
    4. Punta na sa Releasing. Unfortunately may kapangalan ako kaya babalik pa ako after 5 working days.

    -Mag-print out na kayo ng online form niyo then go directly to the Main NBI Office at UN Ave kasi kahit 1pm nako nagpunta, 2 hours lang tapos na agad. Taga-QC man ako, di nako nag attempt sa QC Hall kasi merge lang dun ang manual at online, thus, walang difference.
    -Mas mabilis ang online kasi Step 3 for Payment na agad. Kung manual, pipila pa kayo sa Step 1 at Step 2 kung saan ie-encode pa yung form kaya tumatagal. Sobrang haba ng pila nila as in.
    -Sana ginaya nila system ng DFA na online schedule ang ginagawa para organized. Kawawa yung mga umaasa pa rin sa manual fill up kasi madami, matagal at mainit sa area nila.

  621. dina andaya says:

    how can i have a copy of my nbi form

  622. reajoy balesoro says:

    apply NBI Clearance Online

  623. rene legaria says:

    paano poh ba mag apply online ng nbi??

  624. monalisa j. guerrero says:

    Good Day!
    I would like to renew and get NBI for travel Australia

  625. oc says:

    Jade: try to input the URL manually again.
    Replace it with your REG CODE. You should have a copy of the REG CODE in your phone or notes.
    If you still cant print it, you may just present the REG CODE at the counter for payment. This is applicable for UN Main branch. Not sure for other branches.

  626. JADE says:




  628. oc says:

    Its ok kung di naprint ang application form for as long as you have the registration code. First step agad is Payment and provide mo lang REG CODE mo and valid ID. Then proceed to Biometrics at the third floor. Its really a lot better than before. But, if your name has HIT,you still have to come back on he release date noted at the back of your O.R. this is applicable sa UN Main Branch. I tried NBI tagaytay and i was there by 7am, after ko pumila ng 3 hours sa labas ng gate, by 10 am wala na daw form. Mga 4am daw may mga nakapila na. And kahit online application, need to fall in line and ask for a schedule i guess after a week pa yata. Then i also went to Rob Dasma by 430 am the following day to try it there, voila! Tapos na agad ang cutoff na 200. Other people stayed overnight for it, the guard told us. If we really are in deaperate need, magdala na labg daw kami ng kumot at unan. So i finally decided to proceed to UN.730 am ako nakarating today and now im in line for picture taking and biometrics. I should have gone straight here. Nabasa ko lang ung comment na mabilis dito so i tried. Ayun.

  629. jennifer pinales teves says:


  630. lex says:

    what if your name have a “HIT” can u still get your clearance on the scheduled appointment date?

  631. Sayrel Mesa says:

    why I don’t have schedule or appointment in processing theNBI Clearance.
    or any confirmation ?

  632. lysa says:

    bakit po “Opps! something went wrong please contact your administrator”ang lumalabas?????? reply po sana agad !!thank you!

  633. MARJORIE says:


    1. Judith Poce says:

      Wala nman pong appointment or schedule kung kelan ka punta sa NBI

  634. Conrado Delima Jr. says:

    Hi Michelle and Guys,


    “Paano po yan hindi ko po napa-print yung registration code ko, pero naisulat ko lang po s papel.. ok lang po ba na yun nalang po yung ipakita ko kapag pumunta po sa NBI Clearance?”


    Just type this URL on your browser


    Then it will show your NBI Clearance Application Form to be print.

    I hope this procedure help you guys.

    More power to NBI… GOD BLESS!!! :)

  635. ruby jane says:

    bakit po hindi napoprocess? may nakalagay na “the birthday field is required” tiningnan ko naman yung sample tama naman yung sakin pero “the birthday field is required” pa rin yung lumalabas.. what will i do? pls help..

  636. Jude says:

    I would just like to ask what to do if ever you’ve printed already your online application form and then you just found out that you forgot to put your husband’s family name? this is for married woman only. Can you still edit you application form?

  637. Chris Martinez says:

    Magandang araw po sa lahat, I encouraged everyone to apply online dahil magiging madali po ang pag kuha ng NBI Clearance. Just today nag apply kami ng GF ko dumating kami ng 8am and natapos kami ng 9:30am, sobrang bilis po yun compared dun sa napakaraming taong nakapila na nag manual application, Ang laking time po na masasave nyo, kung nag online kayo ang process na lang is 1st-payment then 2nd-biometrics after nun printing na. Presto! May NBI Clearance ka na, I suggest din na sa UN main branch ng NBI po kayo pumunta kasi ang NBI sa mall may number of persons lang na tatanggapin everyday. Dapat dala nyo po yun print copy ng online application nyo and 1 valid ID. I suggest din po na mag dala ng exact payment para sa NBI clearance na inaapply nyo, kasi kanina merong express lane para sa exact amount syempre mas mabilis dun sa pila na regular. Sa NBI I salute all of you sirs for being friendly and courteous sa mga aplikante lalong I salute all of you sirs dito sa online application which make our life easier in applying for a clearance. You all made a difference and a giant step to efficiency na wala sa ibang government agencies! GOD Bless you all!

  638. rene miguel serrano says:

    pano mag makakakuha ng nbi clearance

  639. rene miguel serrano says:

    panu po mag apply ng nbi clearance online

  640. michelle says:

    paano po yan hindi ko po napa-print yung registration code ko, pero naisulat ko lang po s papel.. ok lang po ba na yun nalang po yung ipakita ko kapag pumunta po sa NBI Clearance

  641. paul john Belza says:

    For ID purposes ba o travel abroad pag kukuha ng nbi clearance para sa passport?

  642. Lors says:

    Pano ma print ang registration code? Ma retrieve pa kaya? Nasulat ko lang..

  643. jayson c. gomitong says:

    ang hirap po

  644. Lors says:

    Pano ma print ang registration code?

  645. limuel says:

    How to edit my online registration?

  646. limuel says:


    How to edit my online registration?

    500 errors usually mean that the server has encountered an unexpected condition that prevented it from fulfilling the request made by the client. This is a general error class returned by a web server when it encounters a problem in which the server itself can not be more specific about the error condition in its response to the client.

    Please slow down,you are posting to fast!

  647. limuel says:


    How to edit my online registration?

    500 errors usually mean that the server has encountered an unexpected condition that prevented it from fulfilling the request made by the client. This is a general error class returned by a web server when it encounters a problem in which the server itself can not be more specific about the error condition in its response to the client.

  648. limuel says:


    How to edit my online registration?

  649. mary ann darjuan says:

    Baket walang nakalagay kung kelan ka pupunta ng NBI after maprint ung form

  650. mary ann darjuan says:

    Basket walang nakalagay kung kelan ka pupunta ng NBI after maprint ung form

  651. carmel says:

    it has been 24 hours now, i have not yet receive their confirmation letter.. how will i know when my schedule will be?

  652. rosalie r paycana says:

    hirap n hirap akong mkita ang online ng nbi kung paano ba?? huh

  653. nikka says:

    pano pag di ko naprint yung form pero yung registration code nakuha ko?

    1. GFR says:

      Hi Nikka,

      Parehas tayo ng concern, naayos mo ba yung sa’yo? Paano mo na-print yung code mo?


  654. marygrace cayabyab says:

    ang hirap hanapin ng form..sana after mkita ung site meron na agad selection for forms..since ginaya na rin cia sa passport dapat ganun nlang mismo ung gawin nyo,pra convenient sa lhat..

  655. rosalie r paycana says:

    hirap mahanap online ng nbi

  656. shikata maricel manalo says:

    magandang hapon po, kailangan ko po kc ng NBI clearance na gagamitin sa nawala kong passport paano po ako makakakuha?

  657. shikata maricel manalo says:

    nawala po kckassport ko,kailangan ko ng NBI clearance, nandito po kc ako s japan paano po ako makakakuha

  658. randy c. isidro says:

    how to pill up NBI clearance

  659. sharene B. wate says:

    po..gusto ko magparegister
    sa nbi niyo..

  660. raymond pestano says:

    sir nd q pho alm kng pnu iprint ung form,,ang naiprint q lng eh ung regcode,,ok lng pho b kng un lng o kailangan p ung online application form naiprint,,.?

  661. Gina Marie Ann F. Corvera says:

    gusto ko po snang mag apply when nman maaayos ang pra mkpag register agad ako,..

  662. Eros says:

    Nakakalungkot lang kasi kailangan mo padin pumila kahit nakapag online Application. The difference is hindi ka lang magffill out ng form nila. Medyo magagastusan ka pa sa pag oonline application kasi magrerent kapa ng computer and print for your application. But it still useless. Mabagal pa din and you will have to wait for two weeks to claim your clearance.

  663. cloude sean c. gonzales says:


  664. tess says:

    halimbawa dto ano a aborda at familia ko ano kkha at magbbayad puede poba ?

  665. anthony says:

    pano po kung sakali nasa abroad yung person at need mag renew ng NBI.Ano po ang pede gawin.

  666. edmar says:

    kapag nag apply ako sa online pwde ba akong magprases sa malolos branch?

    1. Edison Bacurin says:

      Yes sir pwede, sa main or any branch .(NBI Main, or any of its satellite offices)

  667. Edison Bacurin says:

    Kung d nio kaya i print yung application form nyo este wala kayo printer tulad ko ehehe.. Click nio PRINT NOW then i-COPY nio ung URL (ex: then isulat nio or i save nio sa Email much Better..then Punta kau sa Computer Shop tsaka nio sya i PRINT gamitin nio ung URL na kinapy nio.. automatic lalabas yung application form nio :) gudluck

  668. Jerry says:

    panu po pag punta po ba Regcode lang or kasama na di un print out un form???



  670. alne lastica says:

    what if nag online application po ako tapos hindi po ako agad nakapunta, valid pa din po ba yung print-out application ko? o fill-up na lang po ulit ako through online reg.?? Thank you.

  671. Gilbert P. Antes says:

    ask ko lng po. kung 1st. time po ako sa online mgrerenew ng NBI CLEARANCE ko for TRAVEL ABROAD. Yun po b ay considered as a ”RENEWAL pa din” or ”NEW APPLICATION na?”

  672. marizel says:

    Sir,if makuha ko na ang regcode na pinil apan ko online. Pag pupunta nko sa nbi pipila ulit ba ako to get my priority #?or meron talaga nakalaan para sa mga taong nag fill up online?tnx po pakisagot.

  673. i neglected whether i was given the exact schedule/time when i should go to the office. i already have a print out as well as the reference #. says:

    i neglected whether i was given the exact schedule/time when i should go to the office. i already have a print out as well as the reference #.

  674. Rhoda Serenada says:

    what if tatlong beses ako nkapagsign ng online NBI Application, namali kc ung ibang details na natype ko…valid padin ba un dalawang mas nauna kong online i need to pay ol of dis? o idisregard ko na lng un 2 mas nauna

  675. jonpaul says:

    pano po ba proseso dto para makakuha ako nang nbi first time ko lang kase dto in online

  676. Adel says:

    Sa mga ku2ha ng form online just trust google,type nyu lng nbi clearance application form online.tpos mamili ka lng ng sakto sa hnahanap mo then click. . after follow mo nlang ang instructions and easy!

    sa mga magprint nman kpag ang pc na gamit nyu d nkaconnect sa server.just copy the URL sa notepad and save to ur USB.pwd kna mgpaprint anywhere as long as my INTERNETconnection.Hope nka2lung ako.

  677. Adel says:

    Thanks God,na naisip nla 2ng online application.mlaking bgay n2 pra sa ku2ha ng NBI CLEARANCE. . .npaka hustle kc kpag pi2la kpa.mbagal ang process dhil kulang sa staff or npakadaming pumila.hope mbago dn ang process ng RENEWAL at NEW,npa2nsin ko same lng kc eh!sna kpag renew ka na d na pi2la ksabay ng mga New applicants,dapat my pila pra sa renew lang tlga.TNX

  678. louise g. fuentes says:

    how to get a form?

  679. lenyl abetria says:

    how to get a new form?

  680. May Ann Esquillo B. says:

    i’d like to renew my nbi clearance online.

  681. joseph allen amoro mina says:

    kukuha po ako nbi clearance this is my first time pano po ba gagawin ko

  682. emmalyn salameda says:

    how do i get this form ?

  683. tumayao gloricel says:

    kuha poh aku nbi 1st tym kuh sa com .kuha nbi

  684. LOYDEN C. OCAMPO says:


  685. Jomielyn D. Sagara says:

    i’d like to renew my nbi clearance, thank you.

    1. mark says:

      Edi nonesense pala tong online online na to kung pag punta mo dun tsaka palang ibibigay sayo yung schedule ng pagpunta mo… napaka walang kwenta naman… mas okaynpa yung dati sa cariedo e… badtrip kayo! Wala pang sumasagot ng matino sainyo sa NBI…

    2. mark says:

      Badtrip kau.. lalong humirap…

  686. Armando B Sumagaysay says:

    Hi. Sir or Mam , I want to send my form there in the Philippines to NBI office .my form has been from Philippine consulate in Perth Western Australia and had been done filled it up ,and finished biometric with my wife and in witnessed of Australia federal police ,
    But I don’t know how to send a payment and how much it’s cost including postal forwarder coming back here in Australia ? Because I’m going to post office and they didn’t allow me to put a cash on my parcel . And I’m going to the bank to buy a check and they have not available check drawee in the Philippines , could I have your advice please ,thanks Armando

  687. billy Joe dantes says:


  688. maka albarn morales says:

    2 questions has left behind
    It didn’t indicated on where and when we will proceed/visit to any NBI satellite?

  689. Mark Anthony says:

    Gud pm, ask ko lng if may file ako thru online ngaun hapon, eh pwede ko n b ideretso bukas ang pagkuha ng nbi clearance? Dami kse ngssabi n wlang detalyadong araw o oras ng appointment sna maaksyonan at msagot po ang katanungan ko, maraming salamat

  690. ivor wesley mattocks says:

    hi, nice and easy to fill out the clearance form, but on reading more you did not send me an email confirmation, only the registration code

  691. AILEEN P. BANDIANON says:

    Ung online application po ba ay hndi covered ang clearance for abroad, kc may nkalagay po kasi na ung online application ay not valid for travel abroad, worried lng po kc work abroad po kasi ang concern q, at meron din po ba kau dto sa Cavite? Thank you very much po. Need your reply ASAP.

  692. Janice B. D omingo says:

    wala kcng confirmation bout wat time and day ang appointment ko .please help.

  693. Nida U. Nicolas says:


    How can i retrieve my online form registration for printing? Thank you!

  694. Reshielle V. Peñaranda says:

    Nbi Clearance

  695. arthur m orbillo says:

    its is a very simple step lang yan on line application…ako nga nag apply ng 10 feb.2014 pumunta ako ng 13 feb.2014 ayos na wait lang ako ng almost 45 minutes bingo i have my new NBI clearance..kayo lang naman ang nagpapahirap sa sarili niyo marami kayong bad comments agad bakit di niyo subukan muna… on line makikita mo naman ang guidlines nila para ka ring nag filled up ng form..ngayun hi tech na on line. pagkatapos mong mag filled up sundan mo lang ang instruction.. hanggang sa lalabas na yung REGCODE kupyahin mo lang o isulat sa kapirason papel after 2dys punta ka sa NBI pakita mo lang regcode mo ituturo ka nila kung saan ka pupunta but before that me chashier na nakaupo dyan dun ang bayaran…lumapit ka sa mga naka barong yun ang tunay na NBI mababait yun dun kasi ko lumapit…thank you very much sir..more power to NBI

    1. Hi Arthur says:

      since you have the latest good comment in here, ok lang ba na sa iyo na ako magtanong ng process? nakapag fill-up na ako ng online form ngayon lang. would you know kung kelan ako pwedeng pumunta sa NBI satellites, since hindi naman nagprovide ng schedule ‘tong site ng online application nila.? thanks in advance.. :)

    2. jen says:

      sir arthur m orbillo ask ko lng po after b n magfill up online pwd bng anytime k n lng punta s nbi office at kht san nbi office po b??? at talaga bng hnd pwd magonline mga nbi n for ABROAD ang purpose??? thanks i need ur reply sir ASAP tnx :)

  696. Janice B. D omingo says:

    nakapag send na po aq ng application form ng nbi ngayong araw na ito then gusto ko po malaman if what time po ang appointment ko para sa releasing ng NBI ko. reply po. thank you.

  697. RAY PEÑARANDA says:

    Sir, after i finished fill up, it shows my registration code and then when i click Print Application a new window open and says “Whoops, looks like something went wrong.”

    1. eric lote says:

      8′s the same to me, what we are going to do?

  698. Colita Pablo , Cantiga says:

    sana mabilis po ung pag kuha ng result sa NBI , panu po maLaLaman pag kukunin na ung NBI ??


    am for me po mas maganda po ung dati kinagawian walang hassle maayus,hindi na nagpapabalik balik pa.sana po ibalik na lang yung dati wala ng online kc po ngayun inonline nyo gumulo po tumagal ang pagprocess madami nagrereklamo pinapabalik balik pa ang daming hassle panu po yung mga seniur mga hnd marunung magonline.suggest ko lang poh sana ibalik na po yung lang po salamat po..

  700. Alejandro A. Uyanguren says:

    Magandang araw po. Pa check lang yong form na fill-up field. Doon sa “Spouse Address”, sa print form magiging “Birth Place” na…

    Salamat po!

  701. juan de la cruz says:

    parang useless din tong online system ng NBI, mabuti pa mag pila ng 5am sa NBI..

  702. Nadine says:

    Katatapos ko lang magfill up ng nbi clearance application..
    Panu po ba malalaman na pede na pumunta at san kukunin yung nbi clearance po?
    First time ko po kasi..

  703. eddo longakit says:

    bakit po hindi applicable for abroad… mag apply sana ako for abroad,meron bang ibang option para s amin.

  704. Jennifer Felipe Leyte says:

    thank u..

  705. rogelio says:

    hi morning I wloud like to apply a nbi clearance here in online but it says that undermaintance until now…I just wanna it come so I can apply..

  706. Johanna Pesical Caumban says:

    Good am. Puede po ba akong dalawang beses kumuha ng NBI Clearance isang For Local Employment at Abroad Purposes? Thank you

  707. mitch says:

    do we need to wait for the confirmation email to be sent out to our emails?

  708. jennifer imanil says:

    Paano naman po un nasa abroad na gustong mag appln ng nbi sir, ano po ba ang dapat gawin?

  709. jessica says:

    ano gagawin ko di ma print application ko!( whoops something went wrong) yan ang palaging lalabas kapag i print ko na… pls help po..kailanganng kailangan ko na po ang clearance ko..

  710. normalyn batangas says:

    ang hirap naman po mag apply online for nbi clearance

  711. normalyn batangas says:


  712. zusette says:

    how can i apply through on-line…i received my regnum but couldn’t print the application form? what should i do?

  713. Denise says:

    “Opps! something went wrong please contact your administrator” – Bakit yan po yung lumalabas kahit ok naman po lahat ng nakalagay?

  714. noah says:

    i like to aply

  715. aljon says:

    pano q to ma pri2nt ehh ang laging nalabas kapag ipri2nt na ehh ( whoops looks like something went wrong ) please help po reply asap

  716. Phio Reroma Fernandez Jr. says:

    thank you for the easy way …..

  717. jerick anthony says:

    thank you

  718. ROSEL PLACIDO says:


  719. ROSEL PLACIDO says:






  722. joy permejo says:

    pano mag register online

  723. ricardo a.belleza jr. says:

    matagal ba magrenew ng nbi

  724. GLENN REOYAN says:

    paano po hindi ko na click ung print at wala naman akong printer.uulit pa ba ako ulit magregister?

  725. Nelson J. Gumban says:

    Doble na ngayon ang problema ko sa pagkuha ng NBI clearance.1. Palagi hit kc may kapareho me pangalan na may kaso ngunit magkaiba nman kmi middle name.Naghihirap ako sa pag aayos to clear my name palagi sa kaso na hindi nman akin.2.Matagal ang processing.Sana po mabigyan nyo ng solution kaagad.Tnx,

  726. john cordero pamado says:

    congratulations NBI, this is the best idea. more power and God bless….

  727. jay says:

    lage nlng ako may hit even renewal lang. pano ba kailangan gawin dito? wala bang way para maayos to ng nbi? i mean wala ba silang record na dati ng hit un ang negative nman.

  728. Kris Bas says:

    mga paps sa hindi alam kung paano mag fill-up online click nyo lang yung blue link located sa ibaba ng local nbi clearance for local price lint o punta kau dito sa link ——->>

  729. NIKKI villarubin says:

    where can i get information on how to locate the nearest nbi satellite office?

  730. Leah Layones says:

    i filled up the application form but i dont have a printer. Do i still have to do the form again if i go outside to have it printed out? Or where can i retrieve the application form I submitted already?

  731. bryan prado says:

    pano po kung ung code ung dala lang dna ba pwd i open ulit un sa site at iprint un?oh gawa ulit ng bgo it i print?

  732. paul vincent lim says:

    i already did the online application kahit ung code lng b ipakita sa nbi main ok n un ask lng po salamat sa sasagot

  733. Felix R. Canonigo Jr says:

    How to apply NBI clearance online? ang hirap pumila

  734. Dean O. de Guzman says:

    this is one of the best way!

  735. Shery De la Victoria says:


  736. Dom says:

    Kung taga metro manila kayo, pinakabest na clearance center na puntahan niyo ay yung main office. 8:30 am ako nakarating doon, natapos ako by 10 am. Biro niyo, di ko na kinailangan pang pumila ng madaling araw, pero 1 hour and 30 mins lang nakauwi na ako!

    Nakakatulong talaga yang online application nila, 2 steps kaagad naiskip sa proseso. Diretsong payment na kayo agad sa step 3. Ihanda na ang eksaktong pera kung napapila ka sa kaliwa, pero kung sa gitna okay lang may panukli sila.

    After magbayad, diretso kayo sa third floor for picture taking and fingerprinting (biometrics). May makikita kayong mga arrow doon para sa pila ng may mga online application. Sundan niyo yung pila. Kung wala kayong naprint na form, okay lang yan. Isulat niyo sa likod ng resibo yung online code niyo habang naghihintay kayo sa pila. Once nasa dulo na kayo may mga nagaassist naman doon na tao sa pagupo sa ibat ibang biometrics booth.

    Kapag wala kayong hit, diretso na kayo sa printing dun din sa floor na iyon. Makikita niyo iyon habang nakapila ka. Ibigay mo lang yung form and receipt. Ibabalik nila yung receipt, then kunin niyo na yung clearance niyong bagong print dun sa printer.

    Ganun lang kadali! Sa mga nagtatanong kung bakit wala silang nakukuhang schedule kapag nagapply sila online, eh kasi wala naman talaga. Mga pahirap lang yun ng mga satellite offices. Kaya kung ako sa inyo, sa main nbi clearance center sa un avenue sa manila kumuha ng clearance. Para pumunta doon sakay lang kayo lrt1, yung pinakalumang tren. Baba kayo un avenue station. Diretsohin niyo side kung nasaan ang WHO. Malalaman niyong nasa nbi na kayo kapag maraming taong nasa labas ng isang gate ( exit yun hindi pwede pumasok doon, maniwala kayo doon sa mga tindera sa labas).

    1. Paeng says:

      Bro, alam mo ba kung sa main office lang ba ang online applications? Sa Las Pinas ko kasi balak mag-apply. Salamat!

  737. TODD BUEBOS says:


  738. Jennifer ortiz Molina says:

    paano ko makapag register online

  739. Jennifer ortiz Molina says:

    How to apply NBI clearance



  741. julius banque says:

    thnx,,,meron na akong NBI clearance …peru wala bang itong xpiration…i print out na,,meron na akong NBI cobe?

  742. julius banque says:

    ask? of NBI. i apply nbi clearance …wala bang expiration sa NBI clearance?,,,,kc makakuha na ako ng NBI print ko na?

  743. Cristalyn Mariño says:

    mam,sir pnu po naqkmli sa una nq paqqwa pdi pu ba qmwa uli ?? thanks
    naqkmli po kc sa unanq qwa ku .. slmat

    1. Doy says:

      You dont have to go back and change. If nakaprint kana ng application mo online, proceed to the nbi branch in your place. Pagnakapasok ka na sa picture taking area, there is a monitor and a camera facing you, they will ask you to check on your data then you can tell them to edit/change.

  744. DENISE NEPO says:


  745. marybeck hara says:

    pano po makikita ang file wala po kaming printer nakafill up na ko

  746. Icy says:

    Pnu kung nkapg-fill up n tpos ndi na-print edi another fill up ulit. Sana pdeng makuha ulit ung unang form with info and regcode pra m print sa ibng computer. Un lng po. Simple task lng yan sana masaiayos nyo po.

  747. Hayron Aplal sapalon says:

    Para po sa hindi pa alam kung saan mag-fill up ng online application, hanapin mo ito…………….
    the official NBI Clearance Online Application website here.

  748. ROSELLE says:

    paano ko mahahanap ang file konng nbi kahapon

  749. Albert B. Adriano says:

    Process made easier…. how about being able to save the on line application form on a flash drive …..if you do not have a printer at home ….in my case …I’m using a tablet….

    1. Paeng says:

      Download ka ng pdf converter. Cutepdf or kahit ano. Then macconvert mo yung document mo to pdf pag ginamit mo yung print function nung page. Tapos save mo sa flash drive mo.

  750. nonoy says:

    dapat tlaga ma print out mo para pagdating sa NBI main di kana mag fill up. google chrome gamitin nyong browser para alang problema..

  751. richard tores tanio says:

    saan po magre2gster parama submit

  752. Darwin says:

    What if i didn’t print the application form, but i got the reg code. Is it ok to go there without the printed form? I only have the reg code. we dont have printer kasi..

  753. danica palileo says:

    saan po magreregister para ma submit?

  754. Darwin says:

    What if i didn’t print the application form, but i got the reg code. Is it ok to go there without the printed form? I only have the reg code. we dont have printer kasi

  755. lyn says:

    pano po ito? nkapag process na ako pero bukas ko pa balak i-print hindi po ba maaring ma save muna ito sa aking computer dahil wala akong printer. salamat

  756. Joseph Fajardo says:

    In General Santos City, processing of NBI clearance is now 1 month! Before, it was just 3 hours! And they do not care whether you applied online or on-site; it doesn’t matter to them at all; you all have to wait for 1 month to pay for the clearance and subsequently get it!

  757. Ronald says:

    ask ko lang po ?! kung mag apply po ba kailangan ng sss #?

  758. What does the fox says:

    Wla naman specific date ehh kasi di naman yun naka indicate sa paper na ipprint mo. Gawin mo after print, punta ka nbi at mgpa sched ka…pagka sched mo na, saka mo bayaran.

  759. joan says:

    mam ng apply o kc q khpon tru online my specific date po ba n nka indicate qng hngngng kelan mo sya n pde bayaran??? o pag aplply mo dapat punta ka agad sa nbi to pay????

  760. What does the fox says:

    I just got mine today… by schedule na xa talaga..dun sa nbi office, di na masyado crowded kasi by scheduling na….sa mga di naprint, ung regcode lng importante.

  761. IRENE A. RIVERA says:


  762. naya says:

    mga taga NBI mas lalo nyo pong pinahirapan mga tao kumuha ng nbi.sana bago nyo inapply yang online registration sana pinag aralan nyong maige..sana ginaya nyo ang format ng dfa may pagpipilian na oras at date para hindi nagkakagulo at sana pwede itama yung mga na type na mali bago iprint…para hindi paulit ulit mag fill up ng form.kakalokah kayo!ayos ayos naman kubg pwede.lalo nyong pinagulo at pinatagal eh.ka badtrip kayo ah!

  763. Enrique Dela Cruz says:

    mam, pano po kung ndi agad nprint ung resgistration, paano po b ipprint o irretrive ung regustration.???

  764. mhae rocaberte says:

    mam paanu pu kung nakarami na ako ng register .. makakasira po ba un ?

    1. razel porras agsay says:

      Maam,paano kng registration code lng ippkta ko s nbi mkkha ko kya ang nbi clearance ko. Tnx!

  765. Ram Carasco says:

    Halos walang pagbabago… Mahaba pa rin ang pila… Aabutin ka parin ng buong araw para sa isang papel… Sayang ang oras at panahon… Salamat sa pagpaalala sa amin na kami ay nasa Pilipinas at kami ay isang Pilipino…

  766. Marissa R. Camaclang says:

    I just applied online. However, when i looked at the printout, there is a specific box (6) asking for my husband’s family name. There is no such question in the form. This led me to assume that I should have applied using my maiden name. I reapplied, this time using my maiden name. When the printout came, box 6 still did not carry my husband’s family name. Also, box 17 (birthplace of husband) gives the wrong information. There is no such question in the form that i filled up. Now, i do not know the impact my forms will have on my application.

  767. What does the fox says:

    Ako renewal nilagay ko kasi di naman first time ever kumuha ng nbi clearance..from local to abroad ako.

  768. What does the fox says:

    Kung nwala regcode, gawa kau ulit



  770. blessie says:

    how can i get the online form?

  771. Sarah says:

    ngayon ang tanong ko ay dapat bang kumuha pa ako ulit ng isa pang NBI clearance for travel abroad? anu ilalagay dun, renewal ba? kakukuha ko lang ng NBI for local employment eh ..

  772. Sarah says:

    nag-apply ako ngayon sa NBI at di siya kasing tagal ng inisip ko. 10:30a.m ako dumating, 1:30 p.m nakauwi na ko. Thanks God at di na ko pinabalik balik, within the day natapos ko siya. Rito kasi samin sa Marilao may separate line ang nakapag-online application na at yung walk in applicant lang. Pero mas mabilis pala talaga kapag nag-online apllication. Sa mga nag-online apllication na, dalhin nyo na lang yung printed form sa nearest NBI clearance office nyo anytime dalhin wala talagang lalabas na sched pagkatapos nyo mag-fill up ng online application form.

  773. What does the fox says:

    To those guys who have difficulty in ur online app, could u pls post what browser u are using??? Kasi baka sa browser nyo yan…mines working fine…

  774. What does the fox says:

    Hey sa mga nagtatanong jan about ur schedule, u may proceed to ur nearest nbi office, present to them ur printout, and they will schedule u kung kelan kau ulit babalik ..ewan ko kung mabagal pa rin, all i hope for is that, sana makahanap kayo ng fixer…hehe. babalik ulit ako bukas, tingnan ko kung mahaba pa rin ang pila. According to my cousin, hindi prioritized ang online applicants, wala separate lane ang online sa walk-in…thats the case of Pagadian branch, i dunno about the others…

  775. phoebe grace c. gonzales says:

    madali lang kumuha kaso kailangan magtyaga sa pila….

  776. jorina baniaga says:

    mahaba pa din po ba yong pila>??

  777. Metodius says:

    dpat dalawa ang NBI OFFICE dito saamin pra hndi na crowded ung mga tao na gusto mag apply.

  778. Metodius says:

    ganito ba kahirap mag apply ng NBI CLEARANCE? kung totoosin mas mahirap pato sa bansa natin.

  779. MJ says:

    How will I know when is the schedule date? Thanks.

  780. jayrwafu says:

    sa fairview kami apply.. kya cguro matagal…

  781. jayrwafu says:

    sa ngproblem sa printing :

    pede nyo maopen un print page sa ibang pc type sa browser :

    pag online… schedule ka 10 days + bago magpapix… boset

  782. Angelie l. Pitallano says:

    Naka pag register na ako online kaya lang Hindi ko pa na print saan ako pupunta para maprint ko yung application ko . Thank you

  783. Gio Robles says:

    I am already done filling up the application form. now, how would I know my schedule for personal appearance? anyone who can help? Thank you

  784. Maria Fe Reyna Tayoto says:

    bakit po kasama sa pila ng nag-online na ang walk-in?

  785. cam says:

    walang schedule nka lagay., kailangan ko ang NBI clearance next week!!!!!!!!
    4days na aqng naghintay sa sched!,.,.,. .plzzz poh basahin nyo. .kailangan lng

  786. Cristal Magboo. Resurreccion says:

    kaylan po kaya pwede makuha ang nbi kung sakali po magaply po ako ngayon.salamat po

  787. anna says:

    pwede ba ang philhealth number?

  788. skirtpants says:

    Bring the printed NBI Clearance Application code, the one you filled out in the NBI Clearance Website or the email confirmation you have received from them. . pero bakit wala akong narerecieve … dapat sana ginawa nila yung style ng sa DFA.. mabilis ang pagprocess dahil my date schedule..kung kelan mo gus2 .


    walang silbe yang online n yan pambihira di rin makapasok



  791. ssshhhtt says:

    mag open na lng kayo 24 hours khit twice a week. badtrip e. pipila ng madaling araw tapos hindi rin aabot sa cut off.

  792. Jam says:


    I wasn’t able to print the final copy of my NBI Clearance application form the pop up window is not working “Whoops, looks like something went wrong.” but I was able to take note of my Registration Code. What should I do?

    Thanks a lot!

  793. mark says:

    pano po ba mgapply ng nbi clearance for travel abroad

  794. jennifer says:

    hnd poh ako maka pag submit bt ganun tama aman ung nilagay ko information please reply poh need to get a n.b.i clearance

  795. Cadbury says:

    {“errors”:["The Birthday field is required."],”errors2″:{“bday”:["The Birthday field is required."]},”action”:”retry”} — That’s the error I got after trying to click the submit button, even if I had ENTERED MY BIRTHDAY on the designated field. I’ve tried to complete the form multiple times but I was getting same error. Don’t know what to do.

    It’s frustrating that they keep on advising people to go online even if their website is not working! Hope you fix this site asap and make sure it’s working before advising people to use the online staff..

  796. Walter Cipres says:

    i registered online using my fon.. hindi ko po na print ang eclearance. saan po at paano maretriece yung form.. ang nakuha ko lang po ay yung reg code. waiting for your reply ASAP. thank you.

  797. Aldrin says:

    Meron pa bang office sa Robinson’s galleria? And pwede pa bang mag apply ng bagong clearance doon? I lost my personal copy na kasi. Thank you!

  798. MERIAM says:

    is their any nbi online registration? thanks

  799. Lilian says:

    paano po kya kung ngkmli yung details n nailgay sa una, pd p po kyang baguhin at mgsagot ng bagong NBI clearance online?

  800. Rod Matienzo says:

    I’ve just tried it. I keep getting the error, “Opps! something went wrong please contact your administrator”. This is just on on first step, and am unable to proceed.

    Is there something wrong with the details I’ve filled in, or is there something wrong with the website?

  801. rosalynda d.rauh says:

    galing ako sa NBI kahapon,,para sana mag renew ng Nbi ng husband ko..pero wlang ngyari kc wla na daw clang renewal tapos kailangan da w mg online registrition..akala ko mdali lang kc mag fill up ka lang sa internet pagkatapos ibalik mo sa nbi pero hndi pala kc kailangan mo pang bumalik sa april 11 daw sabi nung lalaki sa nbi…..ang masasabi ko lang sa nbi na yan wlang kwenta..kc imbis mapadali lalong mapatagal…kailangang kailangan na kc nmin ung nbi na yan tpos hndi p nila tanggapin ang renewal….dapat sa taga NBI na ipatanggal kung ganun lang din ang sistema nila…HINDI MAAYOS ANG PAMAMALAKAD NG TAGA NBI,,, USELESS LANG KC DAHIL WALANG MANGYAYARI…NBI WLANG KWENTA..mas mabuti cguro na ereklamo cla sa TV,,,

  802. rosalynda d.rauh says:

    galing ako sa NBI kahapon,,para sana mag renew ng Nbi ng husband ko..pero wlang ngyari kc wla na daw clang renewal tapos kailangan da w mg online registrition..akala ko mdali lang kc mag fill up ka lang sa internet pagkatapos ibalik mo sa nbi pero hndi pala kc kailangan mo pang bumalik sa april 11 daw sabi nung lalaki sa nbi…..ang masasabi ko lang sa nbi na yan wlang kwenta..kc imbis mapadali lalong mapatagal…kailangang kailangan na kc nmin ung nbi na yan tpos hndi p nila tanggapin ang renewal….dapat sa taga NBI na ipatanggal kung ganun lang din ang sistema nila…HINDI MAAYOS ANG PAMAMALAKAD NG TAGA NBI,,, USELESS LANG KC DAHIL WALANG MANGYAYARI…NBI WLANG KWENTA..mas mabuti cguro na ereklamo cla sa TV,,,

  803. hanz says:

    hi,, po! paano po ba mag register ng nbi.. di po kasi ako marunong gumawa?

  804. Romeo C. Decena jr says:

    Tanong ko lang po..kailangan po ba ipa print ko pa yung.. nbi clearance copy ko? Sa tablet lng po ako nag register.. eh nai kansel ko na po ung application form ko pero po isinulat ko po yung REGCODE.. paano po ba yun?? Uulitin ko po ba ?

  805. Shereen B. Nepomuceno says:

    I followed the instructions stated above for online registration/application. When I present it to the NBI Tagaytay today, the Guard stationed at the gate told me to enlist my name in a paper with a scheduled date of February 20, 2014 despite the fact that I am an ONLINE applicant. I thought I could go directly inside since I pre-registered online. The instructions above are misleading people. Otherwise, advise the satellite offices of the proper instruction as it may not be cascaded properly or the instruction is not in sync with what they know.

    Thank you.

  806. guilmar pulido dayrit says:

    easy to acces…

  807. Ella Orfanel says:

    how to can i make any changes on my application information if I have already printed my application form?

  808. Ella Orfanel says:

    what is the validity of my online application?

  809. Nancy L. Bardinas says:

    please connect me to nbi applicatiom

  810. christina vera says:

    how to apply

  811. Lexa says:

    Bakit ganun yung mga katulad nmin na walang sariling computer sa cafe lang umaasa hindi kmi makapag print print ng hard copies kaya kailangan pa idaan sa usb eh kailangan direct ano ba yannn………….. ughh inis nmn

  812. OPLOK NA NBI ONLINE says:


  813. irene says:

    how to apply an nbi nclearance

    1. OPLOK NA NBI ONLINE says:



  814. OPLOK NA NBI ONLINE says:


  815. Jomar L. Layosa says:

    pano po makakuha ng nbi clearance online po?

  816. APRIEL G. APAG says:

    how to apply nbi online.

  817. Thalia Quintans says:

    Di maganda ang Online waste of time.

  818. Samantha Pasaol says:

    When mana kaha maayo. hasol na kaau man.


    Last week, I was already at NBI Main Cebu City. No more satellite office in Cebu City. Are you from the NBI Main Manila office, why don’t you visit us here in Cebu City so you will see the real situation where a THOUSAND APPLICANTS paying THIRTY PESOS is already THIRTY THOUSAND PESOS earned to be shared every day in Cebu City.

    Your suggestion is not possible here in Cebu as you had said, “I suggest magonline n lng kau kesa pumila kau ng pagkahaba haba.kc pagdating mo dun Step 3″. Ang STEP 3 dito is STEP 3 Months to come back.

    1. lang says:

      bkit pa ko pupunta jan sa cebu e nakakuha n nga ako dito sa NBI Main Manila sa napakaiksing oras thru online.Nag suggest at nagshare lang ako.

  820. lang says:

    isa pa I suggest kung malapit lng din nmn kau sa NBI main dun n lng kau pumunta.mejo dami pa problema sa mga satellite office’s nila.and mag online n din kau.

  821. lang says:

    galing ako kahapon lang sa NBI main.Dumating ako mga 8:30am nagonline kc ako.napakadali lng mga 10:00am nakuha ko na un nbi clearance ko.I suggest magonline n lng kau kesa pumila kau ng pagkahaba haba.kc pagdating mo dun Step 3 ka na agad kung online ka.pag walk in ka cgrado maghapon ka dun.


    Outside NBI Main Cebu City office , there are encoding business possibly owned by NBI personnel. We paid THIRTY PESOS (P30.00) WITHOUT OFFICIAL RECEIPT for the online encoding and printing (done outside NBI Office gate), and register our name of NBI Clearance applicat to be back after two (2) months.

    Previously, I woke up early morning and be at NBI Cebu at 4am and able to have my NBI Clearance by 9am of the same. Can we go back to the old system without registering online because we feel there are a lot of excuses why processing clearance are being on later dates.

    So, can say that Dumaguete City now is better off in processing NBI Clearance releasing on the same day?

    Can we also say some personnel of the Office of the Cebu City Mayor, BIR and NBI are now partners. They are doing business without paying business permit and taxes ?


    Hindi maganda ang systema ngayon na NBI online. Instead mapamadali ang proceso lalong tumagal. Imagine before dito sa NBI Main Office sa Cebu City, pag pumila ka nag alas 4am makuha muna ang NBI clearance on the same day. Ngayon na online site na tayo, pipila ka at pababalikin ka after two months.

    Akala ko, ma expedite na ang processing due to lesser human intervention (manual) lalo ito naging grabe sa Cebu City.

  824. angelito mariano cao says:

    i need NBI to my work

  825. tin says:

    di maganda ang nbi dito sa sta. rosa laguna nakalagay sa kanila ang i accomodate is 600 scheduled/ online applicants will be accomodated sarting feb 3…. nag register ako online ngaun pagdating sa nbi ayaw nila tanggapin ang online applicants scheduled lang.. pumila pa kami ng 3 in the morning tas 150 lang din ang kukunin nila sa naka pila… nag online pa kayo noh!!!!di rin naman pala asikasuhin!!!!!!

  826. kristine belen says:

    di rin maganda ang nbi clearnce online na ito, oo mg fill up k nga ipapa print mo din tpos ppunta k s nearest nbi s lugar nyo pgdting mo dun iischedule k din kung keln ka bblik ms mbuti pa pumila k nlng ng super aga kesa nmn iischedule k pa nila ms mhirap at sayang ang panahon lalo n kung kelngan mo agd

  827. Devimer says:

    Hi po..i just wonder bakit po dito sa cebu.why will it takes two months for the application?
    Ived been there po kanina and i was shock that my scheduled will be on april 20 2014 bakit po ito nangyayari? Kasi po itong nbi clearance eh kinakailangan po sa embassy at ito nlng po ang kulang.ibig sabihin po ba non eh maghihintay pa ako hanggang april 20 at sinasabi doon na walang kasigurohan na makukuha ko agad yong clearance ko on that day ibig sabihin po ba nito eh hihintayin ko po yon bago ko sipotin yong embassy po?sana naman po eh bigyan pansin ito marami pong tao ang nangangailangan.sana po matulungan nyo ako dito.salamat

  828. Prite says:

    If i done for online application for NBI and i have code and printing out document already. What can i do for the next step . Can i go to NBI office?

  829. michael latuna says:

    i have a problem with my registration,when im done typing on the 1st part and click” SUBMMIT” ito yung lumalabas,,,,,,,,,,{“errors”:["The Birthday field is required."],”errors2″:{“bday”:["The Birthday field is required."]},”action”:”retry”}will you please help me..thank you,.pero tama nmn yung type ko,,,anu po ba ang dapat gawin.

  830. tanong lang po sana ako just done fill up nbi clearence online na save ko na ang reg code tapus diko na print kasi tablet lang genamit ko . saan ko pwede makita yong form na fill up pan ko? or ok lang ba mag fill up ako ulit? salamat says:

    Sana po matulongan ako

  831. ras says:

    Can I pay on the day of my scheduled appointment? or do I pay first then fill out the form then go back to NBI?

  832. joel tumbaga says:


  833. Llechera says:

    im just done filling up my Nbi clearance online application ..So whats the next thing to do?diretso punta nalang po ba ako dun sa kuhaan ng nbi?

  834. Al says:

    wala po lumalabas pag pinipindot yung “print application” ang lumalabas is “Ooopss, something went wrong.” after getting the Reg code, when to go to NBI? tnx


    thanks a lot for making us apply our NBI Clearance easier…

  836. bryan says:

    pano ko po malalaman kung keylan ko ma kukuha ang NBI ko

  837. LilyPotter says:

    ung s ID PRESENTED, any ID?

  838. What Does the Fox says:

    pumunta lang dun sa NBI at magpa schedule :) parang wala lang din noh? hehehe


    pano po malalaman ang schedule ?

  840. ABIE says:

    di nga siya pwede for applicants who are abroad… :)

    **may ask lang sana ako sino makaka answer sa question ko…kung namali yung pag apply ko, pwede ba magfile ulit? kasi yung address ko nilagyan ko ng Barangay…dapat sana CITY lang…and yung name ng MOTHER ko, hindi MAIDEN NAME but MARRIED NAME na nya…


    thanks for this online application

  842. eujene says:

    paano naman po kung abroad applicant? nakakalito kasi eh!

  843. annabel ibanez says:

    pnu po mag fill up

  844. ABIE says:

    hindi pwede noelito….personal appearance

  845. noelito de leon says:

    pwde poh bang kpatid qo kumuha ng nbi qo

  846. ABIE says:

    Ay sorry, abroad applicants pala..kinabahan ako dun huh…so di pwede kung nasa abroad ka at nagfile ka ng online? i see…kaso lang nakakatakot na pagbalik ko na naman dun ay panibagong sched na naman ibibigay sa akin…
    Umayos yang mga taga NBI na yaaaan. Kung maka asta parang mga kung sino! Binabayaran kaya namin kayo, kaya umayos kayong mga tiga NBI huh…di masyadong pafeeling…paimportante naman kayo…
    Nakaka phobia magpunta sa NBI ang tataray ng mga tao. HINDI SILA FRIENDLY! Mabagal pa talaga ang processing hanggang ngayon, digital age kunwari…parang usad pagong naman…mas mabagal pa kaysa sa pagong… tsaka nagtataka lang ako bakit may cut off…diba dapat NO LUNCH BREAK? dapat more or less 400 a day ang ma cater nila sa mga regional branches eehh…bakit sa PAGADIAN CITY 120 per day lang…ang mga nakapila naman parang magpuprisisyon sa dami! UMAYOS KAYO TAGA NBI kakahighblood naman!

  847. ABIE says:

    ganon pa rin naman….bakit ang nakalagay dun sa notice* sa may ibaba ng application, not to be used for ABROAD purposes? so…ang online application is for LOCAL purposes lang??? useless naman.

  848. juan dela cruz says:

    pangit ang serbisyo ng nbi sa baguio. wala na silang maisip na magandang sistema para mapabilis at maayos ang pagkuha ng clearance. sobrang bagal at sobrang tagal.

  849. juan dela cruz says:


  850. Noeito E. De Leon says:

    how apply

  851. jakuRin says:

    I think di lang pla supported ng Firefox yung NBI Online Application Form kya lagi may birthday code error. … kasi nung nag try ako sa internet explorer nagtuloy-tuloy lang until na.print ko..Though option ko lang namn tong Online thing, pipila ako sa manual if hindi umabot sa cut-off, manghihingi nlang ako ng schedule pra di aq magpabalikbalik. . atleast di masayang ang araw ko. . Pero target q tlaga 1 day lang by hook or by crook. . hehe. . Fighting

  852. quality says:

    Bakit hanggang 300 aplikante lng ang tinatanggap dito sa quality control? Aa totoo napakapanget ng systema ng nbi walang kongkretong pila.. oo nga sabihin n ntn na may kapangalan ako at may kaso yung kapangalan ko.. kmsta naman ako , pagkahaba haba ng pinila ko nung january 23 pinabalik ako ng feb 10 para marelease. Pagdating kk dito pinapila na naman akk sa quality control dahil me kapangalan daw ako na may kaso.. wala na bang ibang option ang nbi para mapabilis ng konte ang pila sito? Sabihin na ntn nsgrwreklamo ako pero ilangbaraw ang hinintay ko para lang makakuha ng nbi na hanggang nayun wh walang makitang maayus na systema.. nbi gumising naman kayu jan sa opis nyo!!

  853. nikki says:

    san ung sched. para alam namin kung kelan ung sinasabing be on time

  854. arthur m orbillo says:

    Sir ask ko lang po if how long should i wait sa releasing ng NBI clearance ko wala kasing nakalagay sa REGCODE maraming salamat po.more power sa NBI sa wakas hinde na mahihirapan ang tao sa pagpila

  855. Virgel B. Maglasang says:

    How to apply NBI clearance online?

  856. jason dimaano says:

    ako naman po ay kukuha p lamang ng NBI clearance, pero sa mga nabasa kong mga comments parang nag dadalawang isip ako kumuha. ask ko lng po, pag pumunta b ako direkta sa main office makakahu b ako kaagad ng NBi clearance?

  857. Juan Dela Cruz says:

    dito ako cebu nag apply ako online nakakuha ako ng REGCODE pero walang schedule kailangan ko pa pala pumunta sa NBI para mabigyan ng schedule. April 3 ang ibinigay sa akin almost TWO MONTHS!!!! Ano yan upgrade or DOWNGRADE??? sistema nyo BULOK!!!

  858. Raine says:

    Ang sabi sa pinilahan kong NBI satellite, after mo magregister online, punta ka sa nearest NBI Satellite sa area nyo. Sila ang magbibigay ng day kung kelan babalik for prometrics and for the bayad. So yun lang.

  859. jessie villaraso says:

    hi good day!i havent print my online can i retrieved my online registration form..

  860. junelyn atega says:

    On the Online application, for married woman, the husband’s surname was not asked (that section was not available) but it would appear when you print the form and it would be blank, of course. How can that be fixed?

  861. Flordeliza T. Manlangit says:

    please give me a detail guide on how to apply nbi clearance online

  862. michelle says:

    how come i haven’t received any email confirmation? wasn’t able to print out the application since i was using my laptop, and no printer was attached to.

  863. caaig javier joel says:

    baka po pede maka hiningian ng schedule

  864. eduard says:

    ah bkt ganun, hindi ako hiningian ng schedule? panu ba ito wala pa rin dumarating na confirmation sa email address ko. panu po ito?

  865. Julie Ace Pabeloña says:

    After hitting the submit button, the pop up box appeared. When I hit the ‘Print Document?’ button, another pop up box appeared showing that something went wrong. Can I redo it? There’s also no schedule displayed when I completed it.

  866. mark says:

    bkit wala naman date of sched???kelan ung be there in time??

  867. Darryl John Bongalon says:

    di ko po kasi napindot ung print application. nakuha ko lang ung regcode. panu po yung gagawin ? pwede po ba ulitin ?

  868. Elino Labro says:

    ask ko lng po pano mkapsok o mag aply thr online?tnx poh!

  869. Elino Labro says:

    ask ko lng po pano mkapsok o mag aply thr online?tnx poh!

  870. jhong says:

    ask lang poh kung pano mag apply thru online maraming salamat poh

    1. anengjandi says:

      go to NBI website click clearance online registration.
      you can read Clearance procedure for your guidelines.

  871. JULIE says:


  872. JULIE says:


  873. junefer says:

    panu po ba mg.apply thru online sir

  874. Maricar Paquit Bendanillo says:

    How to fill up NBI Clearance Online

    1. anengjandi says: here’s the website to online application. :)

  875. Maricar Paquit Bendanillo says:

    online nbi clearance application

  876. flordivinia estolonio says:

    how to apply nbi clearance?

  877. jessica de jesus says:

    nkuha q na po unq c0de kaso d q na print unq applicati0n nawala aqad pan0 po un?

    1. gzel says: