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Ask Someone To Claim Your NBI Clearance Using the Authorization Letter

One reason why you can’t claim your NBI Clearance on the same day you applied is because you’ve just been tagged as “HIT”. There are a lot of reasons why you got that status but we’re not going to discuss that today.

Unfortunately, you will go home empty handed and wait for at least eight (8) working days before your NBI Clearance is released.

If you are a busy Employee, leaving your job for a day just to claim your NBI Clearance is not a wise thing to do.

Not unless you are scheduled for NBI Clearance Quality Control Interview, in which your presence is required for questioning.

If you happen to know someone who’s willing to claim your NBI Clearance on your behalf, why not do it? It will save you time. Plus, you don’t have to file for a vacation leave just to claim your NBI Clearance. Claiming another person’s NBI Clearance is simple. NBI Clearance Outlets allows another person to claim an NBI Clearance that he doesn’t own provided that he presents an Authorization Letter.

What is an Authorization Letter?

Authorization letter is a dated and signed letter, granting authority to another person to perform a certain task or transaction. Authorization letter is usually used for business purposes.

Authorization letters plays an important role in claiming another person’s NBI Clearance. It is a valuable requirement presented before the NBI Clearance Outlet releases the NBI Clearance to another party who doesn’t own it.

In writing an Authorization Letter for Claiming NBI Clearance, it must be polite and written in a positive tone. Make sure to state clearly the purpose of the letter and the important details such as:

  • Your Name.
  • Name of the Authorized Person.
  • The Date.
  • Some Personal Details about yourself and the authorized person (such as Age, Address and Contact Numbers).
  • Signatures (You and the Authorized Person).

There is no standard template for NBI Clearance Authorization Letter. It can be handwritten, typewritten or Computer printed text. But for the sake of formality and professionalism, we encourage that the NBI Clearance Authorization Letter should be computer printed.

Here in NBIClearance.Com, we try to make things easier for the NBI Clearance Applicants. We enjoy spoon feeding our beloved readers with information and practical tips. What we are going to do next is we’ll just give the Authorization Letter for claiming you NBI Clearance Template so that you won’t have to write a letter from scratch. Just make sure to change the following personal details.

February 14, 2016

Juan Dela Cruz
Block 7, Lot 12
Cauliflower Street, Dasmariñas Village
Makati City

To Whom It May Concern,

Good day!

I, Juan Dela Cruz, 25 years old, is writing to you regarding my NBI Clearance which is due to be claimed on February 15, 2013. I am giving Mr. Efren Reyes the authority to claim my NBI Clearance on my behalf. I have enclosed my Postal ID which will serve as proof of my consent on the said matter. Accompanying my Postal ID is Mr. Efren Reyes’ SSS ID as a proof of his identification.

If you have any questions about this transaction, you can contact me by at 09068796542. Thank you.


Juan Dela Cruz

Guidelines to be followed by the Authorized Person before claiming your NBI Clearance

  • NBI Clearance Applicants must observe proper dress code. Avoid coming to the venue wearing slippers, shorts and sando.
  • You must attach one of your Valid ID to your Authorized Person. Photocopies are not accepted, so please bring the original Valid ID.
  • Authorized Person must bring his own one (1) valid ID. Two IDs would be great. Government Issued ID’s are preferred.
  • Proceed directly to the releasing window and present the signed Authorization Letter, your Valid ID and the Authorized Person’s ID.
  • The NBI Clearance Releasing Personnel will release your NBI Clearance if no problems encountered relating to identity.

Please bear in mind that NBI Clearance Outlets are still cautious in handing out NBI Clearances to avoid future dilemmas and complaints. Therefore, make sure to submit the proper requirements.

Are you thinking about using Authorization Letter in claiming your NBI Clearance? Do you know someone who already did this? Did he succeed? Let others know your experience by telling us in the comment section.

Have a nice day!

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  1. Maureen Lumbao says:

    Hi! I was ask to claim my sister’s NBI clearance. Pwede ko po kayang e-present ang Police Clearance ko at Student ID kahit na graduate na ako last April 1, 2016?

  2. Josephine says:

    Good day ! Is it possible to ask them to send it thru LBC for I wasn’t able to get my Clearance due to busy sched. I’m currently working in Mandalayung but I applied my Clearance at Bulacan. Is that possible?

  3. Laly says:

    Can a representative process my NBI renewal? Somebody answer please.

  4. Reynald Adlaon says:

    My NBI clearance release was March 03 for I have a hit. I havent got the chance to get it and its now april 1st. Will I still be able to get it provided with my reciept?? Thanks!

  5. Sheena Melody says:

    Hi! Nkuha mo nba nbi mo? Same question kasi jan 20 skin pero d ko pdin nkukuha. If nkuha mo, may penalty b or may fee pa? Thank you.

  6. Renan says:

    Good day, pwede ko pa po bang makuha yung NBI clearance ko? nung March 05 pa po kasi yung releasing date pero hindi ko po nakuha kasi kaka start ko lang po sa trabaho last week. ipapa claim ko nalang po sana sa isang authorized person kung pwede pa pong makuha. salamat po!

  7. Emiko Ibanez says:

    Hi, can I still get the clearance even if the releasing date was last week?March 4, may work po kasi ako monday lang ang available time ko pag weekdays.
    Thank you.

  8. Anna Biolena says:

    Hi there, naka schedule nung monday afternoon ang husband ko sa city hall but he missed his schedule. We don’t have the receipt galing sa bayad center ( natapon po kasi namin accidentally) pero bayad na yung clearance. Can someone help me?

  9. Charmaine says:


    Ito din ang problema ko. Kailangan ko mag renew ng nbi pro outside ako ng Pilipinas. Panu mo bah na kuha sayu?

  10. Girlie Bombase says:

    Good day po,ask ko lng po how to get nbi(travel abroad) in Phil.if your out of the country.slamat po

  11. dhyne says:

    hi may tanung po ako, sa pagbibigay ng authorization letter ilang ID po pwede ko ibigay at anu yung valid ID na pwede?

  12. Emily says:

    I applied at Robison Otis could I claim it at another branch? How do I apply for a reprint/extra copy?

  13. Mel jane basa says:

    I applied via online for my nbi clearance today and they told me i need to come back feb.17..it says in ur site it is only 8days but why do i have to wait for 14days???????